i only ate MINECRAFT FOODS for 24 hours!!! lmao

  • Published on Oct 3, 2017
  • lmao so I decided to only eat foods available on minecraft for a whole day and you are not prepared for what happens in the video! mushroom stew, whole chicken, pumpkin pie and so many more weird foods... don't forget to subscribe!
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  • ORLY SF2007
    ORLY SF2007 Day ago +1

    Your funny don't say dat

  • MyronZac
    MyronZac 2 days ago +1

    How do you feed yourself. xD. Good vid.

  • Christo lorenzo985
    Christo lorenzo985 3 days ago +2

    Raphael holding cookies "Cookies are the only things to craft in Minecraft." *WAIT THAT'S ILLEGAL*

  • Margueritte Nabangaba
    Margueritte Nabangaba 4 days ago +6

    Wait night time and day time looked the same 😐


  • malik 79
    malik 79 4 days ago +5

    No one really comented on this back in 2017

  • cherrylyn mallari
    cherrylyn mallari 5 days ago +5

    Please guys give him thousand likes please guys!!!

  • cherrylyn mallari
    cherrylyn mallari 5 days ago +3

    Im gonna support you stilll

  • Destind Mk2
    Destind Mk2 5 days ago +5

    You can drink water in Minecraft

  • ProXim Onyx
    ProXim Onyx 6 days ago

    Your vids are AWSOME

  • Prashant Chimariya
    Prashant Chimariya 7 days ago

    He is also cutting by the wrong side of the knife

  • Melissa Finnegin
    Melissa Finnegin 7 days ago +3

    Am i the only one who watched this like 10 million times?

  • it's Choco
    it's Choco 9 days ago +3

    How is it difficult minecraft has hundreds of food

    Well almost

  • Phann_ Gaming
    Phann_ Gaming 10 days ago


  • Kaidan Inkster
    Kaidan Inkster 10 days ago

    I like this whole 24 hour thing because Raphael always says something like gordon Ramsey is fires and it gets repeated like 20 times before it’s the lunch faze TRUE COMEDY

  • MeyGaming 123
    MeyGaming 123 11 days ago +1

    Is it really a hole chicken! I thought you photoshopped it😂😂

  • RedRice94
    RedRice94 11 days ago +3

    Raphael: uses vegetable stock to be minecrafty
    water: *am I a joke to you?*

  • RedRice94
    RedRice94 11 days ago +1

    0:54 right. cuz you don't need to craft bread. when you break obsidian, you get a piece of bread.

  • RedRice94
    RedRice94 11 days ago +2

    if he had waited 2 years he could have eaten berries

  • PotatoGames 2006
    PotatoGames 2006 11 days ago +5

    The comments are made by people under 11

  • Olivia Tveter
    Olivia Tveter 12 days ago +5

    Can he go a video without saying Gordon Ramsey

  • Kika Tomato
    Kika Tomato 14 days ago +4

    Its Amazing (゜o゜;

  • Lucky The Ink Cat
    Lucky The Ink Cat 14 days ago +7

    You should re-do the challenge but you have to find foods in MINECRAFT before you can eat them, you will have 10 minutes to gather food for that time, whatever you have that is edible you can have, i'll be nice and let you have cooked food.

      PINEAPPLE 11 days ago

      Your making him copy Derek gerard

    • not foxy'nt
      not foxy'nt 12 days ago +1

      So you are making him copy another youtuber

  • Can I get 1000 Subs?
    Can I get 1000 Subs? 15 days ago +5

    Salt does exist in Minecraft but it’s quite hard to get in vanilla survival as you need sodium and chlorine blocks mixed on a lab table!

    • RedRice94
      RedRice94 9 days ago

      @KT7rocks •_• Jr why are you so *salty* about this lol

    • KT7rocks •_• Jr
      KT7rocks •_• Jr 9 days ago

      RedRice94 whatever my school doesn’t teach about *salt* I don’t know how I didn’t fail Spanish

    • RedRice94
      RedRice94 9 days ago

      @KT7rocks •_• Jr what?? I'm failing in science and it seems interesting!

    • KT7rocks •_• Jr
      KT7rocks •_• Jr 9 days ago

      RedRice94 *smh*

    • RedRice94
      RedRice94 10 days ago

      @KT7rocks •_• Jr schools. I am kind of interested in it though.

  • Can I get 1000 Subs?
    Can I get 1000 Subs? 15 days ago +3


  • Ethan Chiles
    Ethan Chiles 15 days ago +2

    He put the milk first

  • Freak-o Mania
    Freak-o Mania 17 days ago +8

    Who went back to this video in 2019, and said "Creeper, aw man"?

    -Cause I will fucking strangle you.-

  • Destiny Demon
    Destiny Demon 17 days ago +1

    raphael why the hell do i fangirl every time i watch your video youre adorable man

  • KT7rocks •_• Jr
    KT7rocks •_• Jr 18 days ago +7

    *Theres no egg and mushroom sandwich or cookie cereal why am I watching this?*

    • Naomi Kolela
      Naomi Kolela 9 days ago

      @andy alsamane I Didnt Even Right It. It Made Me Do That. And The Reason Why It Didnt Right It When I Commented The First Time Was Because I Was Replying To The Person Who Commented In The First Place.

    • andy alsamane
      andy alsamane 9 days ago

      Naomi Kolela then why didn’t you write the name of who you were talking to like you’ve done

    • Naomi Kolela
      Naomi Kolela 9 days ago

      @andy alsamane I Wasn't Talking To You (Not Trying To Be Rude)

    • andy alsamane
      andy alsamane 9 days ago

      Naomi Kolela im not a fan of his videos but i do like some on his videos, so I’m kind of a fan

    • Naomi Kolela
      Naomi Kolela 9 days ago

      What's The Point Of Being Here If You Don't Like Him Anyway?

  • Gacher life Story’s
    Gacher life Story’s 21 day ago +4

    Bruh I was similar I used to hate nuts hate them! Now I just question my life why I like them now when I didn’t use to

    • mario bros
      mario bros 15 days ago

      Thats cause when you grow up you get different tastebuds bro

  • the mistakery
    the mistakery 22 days ago +4

    That is not how you make scrabbled eggs lol

  • CallMe DemiGod
    CallMe DemiGod 23 days ago +2

    I’m still watching this i watchedbthis since I was 6

  • SimpleCaster
    SimpleCaster 23 days ago +5

    Top 10 Chefs that Gordon Ramsay fears to critizize

  • Cupcake First
    Cupcake First 23 days ago +4

    I think you are really cool that's my opinion though

    • Destiny Demon
      Destiny Demon 17 days ago

      your opinion is 200% valid he is the best

  • Mirose Faris
    Mirose Faris 24 days ago +1

    Why do you play with food your really dumb

  • lets roll cookies
    lets roll cookies 24 days ago

    What me and Raphael have the same shirt the Taylor Swift one like if you have it too

  • Josiah Titus
    Josiah Titus 25 days ago +3

    8:28 this man said he ate So mUcH ChiCkEN
    Reality: took one bite

    • I I
      I I 18 days ago

      Josiah Titus oh ok

    • SimpleCaster
      SimpleCaster 18 days ago

      He just ate it off-camera.

    • Josiah Titus
      Josiah Titus 20 days ago

      It’s just a joke srry tho :)

    • I I
      I I 23 days ago +2

      Josiah Titus he cutted part of the video

  • Marsmello From mastercraft

    6:54 this literally smell like as-

  • Shaun The meme god
    Shaun The meme god 25 days ago +5

    4:00 English man invents cookie creaps(idk how to spell it)

  • RIX3R Gaming
    RIX3R Gaming 26 days ago +11

    Where's that poisonous potato?

  • I love clownfish
    I love clownfish 26 days ago +4

    You forgot one thing...


    • Catat Goo
      Catat Goo 25 days ago

      I love clownfish this video was made before that was a thing :/

  • Creeper 862927
    Creeper 862927 27 days ago +4


  • Corrine Bugayong
    Corrine Bugayong 29 days ago +5

    11:00 huwatt da HEKK hahahaha I thought it was legit a watermelon and I was like why is he using watermelon as a bowl hahahaha then he started mixing hahahahaha

  • Hannah LeTexier
    Hannah LeTexier 29 days ago +2

    I don’t like watermelon either

  • Hazel Nut
    Hazel Nut Month ago +5

    Omg I watched this so long ago!!! I love you and wish you the best💕

    HYPEX GAMING Month ago +5

    Raphael: 4:01
    everyone: *WAIT THATS ILLEGAL*

  • Nicole Tan
    Nicole Tan Month ago +3

    I’m late but hi Raphael ‘trash’ Gomez 🤣 (no hate)

  • Totoro Chan
    Totoro Chan Month ago +2

    So many 9 year olds complaining here, *yOu cAn’t eAt MuShrOomS iN mInEcRaFt, BuT yOu CaN eAt MuShRoOm StEW*

    • Robintheslveon
      Robintheslveon 18 days ago

      Totoro Chan im 9 and this is really true it annoying
      They think he’s really going to just bite a mushroom

  • Břeđa MçIņeřnëy
    Břeđa MçIņeřnëy Month ago +4

    To me that mushroom stew looked sooo good

  • Ron Dee
    Ron Dee Month ago +2

    Did you say a bad word

  • Collects GT
    Collects GT Month ago +1

    U cant eat mushroom in minecraft but u can eat mushroom stew

  • Uhan Do
    Uhan Do Month ago +6

    You can't eat eggs in minecraft

    • Kagune Bleach
      Kagune Bleach 26 days ago

      But you can eat dirt in minecraft it will give you full hp and you'll never have hunger

  • Joyce's Love
    Joyce's Love Month ago

    I injoyed your video

  • Brute Asura
    Brute Asura Month ago +3

    It was only 13 minutes 😑

    • Acid Metal
      Acid Metal 28 days ago

      Brute Asura so?

    • Brute Asura
      Brute Asura 29 days ago

      @Hazel Nut And If Mental Disorder exist, Then you won't know what Mental Disorder is

    • Brute Asura
      Brute Asura 29 days ago

      @Hazel Nut I'm also Not an Insect finder, Well you just slide to me in the First place, so why don't you shut up you're mouth little guy

    • Brute Asura
      Brute Asura 29 days ago

      @Hazel Nut Nice story you wrote Lmao

    • Hazel Nut
      Hazel Nut 29 days ago

      Brute Asura I see you have changed your comment to something even more distasteful, very well not everyone knows about mental disorders but I personally do. I won’t go into context about that topic but this is no time to be using harsh and inappropriate words, in my opinion it looks like it’s actually *you* who needs help. I have glasses and one eye is sensitive to light so there is something you may enjoy, something you won’t is that you are a complete moron who is thirst for drama, it’s disgusting. I am not a guy, I don’t play video games instead I study at my high school trying my best to do something right in this world. So there you go, you are and idiot with no self control whatsoever.

  • The Mendes Army
    The Mendes Army Month ago

    I don't like watermelon and I don't know why.

  • Diamond Launcher
    Diamond Launcher Month ago +2

    milk before cookie!?!?!! IM DONE

  • Izyani Shariff
    Izyani Shariff Month ago +2

    Rapheal that not in minecraft food !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moría Lucena
    Moría Lucena Month ago

    Did you know where I live which is Atlanta there is cookies cereal 🥣

  • Aidan’s World
    Aidan’s World Month ago +2

    We need to get him 10k more likes if we do nice👌🏻

  • chaibi mouheb1234
    chaibi mouheb1234 Month ago

    YOUR GENIUS YOU REALLY NEED 9999999999999999999999999999999999LIKES AND SUBS

      HYPEX GAMING Month ago

      There are not even that many people on earth oh wait aliens

  • XxLilly__GachaxX
    XxLilly__GachaxX Month ago +1

    Aww don't cry I'm here for you :)