AMD Ryzen 5 3600 vs. 3600X, Is The 'X' Worth It?

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600 vs 3600X, Is The 'X' Worth It?
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Comments • 1 116

  • Pingman
    Pingman Day ago

    Isn't the 3600x meant to be 4.4ghz?

  • Green6uy
    Green6uy Day ago

    Knocked the 50$ off with amazon points so I ain’t tripping..

  • Lee McLaren
    Lee McLaren 3 days ago

    Perfect video. Just exactly what I needed to know. Thanks

  • Valera Asedorov
    Valera Asedorov 3 days ago

    Thank you for review. There is literally no reason for 'X' to exist. Just messing up with customers perception SMH.

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton 5 days ago

    So how do you get the the 3600x to boost to the advertised 4.4ghz?

  • Logan Braveheart
    Logan Braveheart 8 days ago

    AMD tried to pull a fuckin' cash grab LOL I'll stick 2 the 3600

  • Kohaku
    Kohaku 10 days ago

    All the benchmarks are for 1080p - do you think 3600X would be worth for 1440p (WQHD) gaming?

    • Udo der Unförmige
      Udo der Unförmige 8 days ago

      I think the 3600 and the 3600X would perform even closer there, because 1440p puts more load on the GPU.

  • FranzGaming - Official
    FranzGaming - Official 11 days ago +2

    Wtf "1 fps for 50$ what the hell bro" i go wth ryzen5 3600

  • Lemuel Francisco
    Lemuel Francisco 11 days ago

    Ty men

  • Puremindgames
    Puremindgames 12 days ago +1

    I got a Spire with my 1600, I can just get a 3600, slap that on and boom 3600X

  • Mostafa Abdel-tawab
    Mostafa Abdel-tawab 12 days ago

    Does the 3600 have a vega 11 ?

  • Luis Schweigard
    Luis Schweigard 12 days ago

    What do you think of the Ryzen 7 3600x compared to the Ryzen 5 3600? I can't decide if the higher price is worth it - Octa-Core for the future?

    • Luis Schweigard
      Luis Schweigard 9 days ago

      @Totino's Pizza Rolls
      that was a great answer!
      Im a Software Developer who also likes heavy gaming (Battlefield 5 and similar), so if its in my budget, i'll Roll with the 7.
      Thank you, Kind Stranger!

    • Totino's Pizza Rolls
      Totino's Pizza Rolls 9 days ago

      It's hard to justify a 8 core 16 thread cpu for gaming. Even the i7 4790ks and 6700ks are holding up in 2019 in many games (albiet with a overclock). If you play any intensive games that do benefit from 8 cores, or you do a lot of cpu heavy productivity, or you just like the 8 cores and have some spare cash, go for the 8 core.
      But I don't think you'll be left in the dust in 3 years because you "only" got the 6 core. Maybe in 4-5 years the 8 cores would show a little more fps and less stutter, but at that point I would just upgrade to the latest cpu anyways.
      If your the person to get buyers remorse, and if you can afford it, I would get the 8 core.

  • Justin Crediblename
    Justin Crediblename 12 days ago

    here's the deal:
    Ram: 160
    Motherboard: 220
    CPUs: 250/200
    Total: 630 vs 580, about an 8% savings.
    The PS3 emulator requires some serious horsepower. it could definitely be worth it to get a more expensive ryzen so that it performs closer to a legitimate console

  • Eduardo Asenjo Rodriguez
    Eduardo Asenjo Rodriguez 12 days ago +1

    I was searching about the difference... And here it is. Thank you for this amazing video + analysis. You have a new Like + new Subscriber

  • Just ClickBait
    Just ClickBait 13 days ago +1

    my 3600 was worth it from 1700x no more stutters in games and that alone was worth it

  • Pieter Rossouw
    Pieter Rossouw 13 days ago

    Got the 3600 under a BeQuiet low profile cooler (ITX case). 4.25Ghz stable all core at 1.4V... It's amazing that this level of performance is so affordable.

  • Pieter Rossouw
    Pieter Rossouw 13 days ago


  • Damir Čotić
    Damir Čotić 14 days ago

    It's not that the 3600x is bad, it's that the 3600 is unbelievably good for that price. Also the 95/65W TDPs are meaningless, only purpose was to add a better cooller to the x variant so the money spent feels more justified. Ofcouse you can get a muuuuucchh better aftermarket cooler for 50$ so... yeah

  • 1q3er5
    1q3er5 14 days ago

    can you run 4.2 on all cores on a 3600x?

  • Nostalgic Gameplays
    Nostalgic Gameplays 16 days ago

    I'm getting the 3600. No X!

  • Арам Арм
    Арам Арм 17 days ago

    Все будет ок

  • GamingReality '81
    GamingReality '81 17 days ago

    I got a problem : my pc is R5 3600X , mb Gigabyte AB350 gaming 3 , ram Kingston HX predator 3000 mhz 2x8gb , cooler MA410p rgb ,gpu Sapphire rx 580 8gb , psu Sama Armor 750w 80+ modular , 2x1tb WD Caviar blue , 1ssd transcend 220gb ( part.C ) . My bios is updated 7 days ago to F41b . But yesterday I bought my new cpu cooler , and after reinstall and cleaning my pc , I started my pc bu there is " No Signal " and red led light on mb for cpu !!!! What could be a problem , if I have a latest bios version ????? Please , someone help !!!!????
    I tried with one ram stick , with reset cmos , with removing battery over 5 min. , but nothing helped !!!! ( I had no proplems with R5 2600x and older bios version )

  • Andros Forever
    Andros Forever 17 days ago

    Got a 3600 for 189! pretty happy with that

  • Rw Nourse
    Rw Nourse 18 days ago

    Question for Steve. With all the seeming difficulties with the new 3000 series cpus would I be better off waiting a few months or just upgrade to a 2700X

  • U563 Rick
    U563 Rick 18 days ago

    Great video thanks 👍

  • Alpine Bass
    Alpine Bass 18 days ago

    on amazon Prime day the 3600x was cheaper than the 3600, damn right i bought 1 !

  • SuperGianluka88
    SuperGianluka88 18 days ago

    Guys cannot get 4200 Ghz... I have got 3600 with MSI B450 gaming plus running my cinebench shows 3900 Ghz... any tips?

  • Stan Baxter
    Stan Baxter 19 days ago +2

    Steve, I think you missed the marketing point of the 3600x. It exists primarily to increase the price and profitability of the R7-3700X. Without the the 3600x, the natural price point of the 3700x would be around the $300 point.

  • paloi paloi
    paloi paloi 19 days ago

    hi hardware unboxed, can share me the rig spec starting at 7:49 ?

  • peter king villagonzalo

    Please make a video for the best motherboard while overclocking these processors.

  • Yukina's Bass
    Yukina's Bass 20 days ago

    So many people bought 3600 It got snapped in the market. I went online and physical store, they dont have it. out of stock... :/
    bought 3600X

  • Thomas Dekker
    Thomas Dekker 20 days ago

    If i would oc my 3600 will it perform similair or even better then the stock 3600x?

  • No0dLz
    No0dLz 21 day ago

    Basically, for the price of a 3600X, you get a 3600 + extra cash for a somewhat decent and still better CPU cooler than the stock one.

  • Raistlin Majere
    Raistlin Majere 22 days ago

    How 3600 will be with Gtx 970 and 16 gb? Now have i5 3570 8 gb, full hd monitor. Have money only on upgrade without videocard :) Ua

  • David Hamburger
    David Hamburger 22 days ago

    So, here's a different question: If I could get an open box 3600x for the same price as a 3600, would it be worth it? Based on your reviews of the 3600, I already bought that. But now they have a couple of open box 3600x available for the same price. I'm probably not going to do much, if any, manual overclocking. But I am using a Hyper 212 cooler, instead of stock anyways. There is no restocking fee. So all I'm really investing is the hour or so travel time each way, plus subway/bus costs of under $5, plus the time to take out and replace the CPU. Plus, I assume that the 3600x will have a higher resale value when/if I eventually upgrade, although perhaps not all that much, if the general consensus is that it's not worth the extra.

    So, what do you think? Thanks!

  • Echiiru
    Echiiru 22 days ago

    can someone tell me whats cpu cooler is this 7:49 ???

  • Eric Cheung
    Eric Cheung 22 days ago

    Thanks for the review. I'm glad I bought the 3600.

  • Dave Lo
    Dave Lo 22 days ago +1

    Would it be worth it for £18 difference here in the UK?

    • Honethite
      Honethite 22 days ago

      Put that £18 towards a solid tower heatsink with a 120mm fan, grab that 3600 instead. The whirring of the Wraith Stealth or Wraith Spire at full load would drive anyone nuts.

  • PatrickDerGroße Nr1
    PatrickDerGroße Nr1 23 days ago

    Well, its obviously a better binned chip that runs the same frequencies with lower voltage and makes overclocking with lesser voltage possible.
    Is it worth 50 bucks? That's for everyone individually to decide if its worth it for him.
    Just let me say this, i build my own computers since ivy bridge came out, so since ca. 2012.
    I upgraded 4 systems over the years, AMD and Intel and there was always a common nominator when dealing with x or k models. Every time you are about to step into the territory of reaching the CPU's end of life, like 2 or 3 years of age of the CPU and you feel its lacking in CPU intensive games or applications and it is a non or k modell, there comes a feeling that you should have invested the smaller margin because you can feel you miss something.
    Not having that feeling of having saved at the wrong point is worth the 25%, i think personally.
    Sorry for my english. Have a nice day! :D

  • Liam O'Brien
    Liam O'Brien 23 days ago

    So don't get the 3600x or 3800x?

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 23 days ago

    I don't think testing under full load is the best way to see performance with this. Can you try a benchmark that does burst tests? The way precision boost works should perhaps highlight more of a difference in this sort of scenario.

    • Ryan C
      Ryan C 22 days ago

      @Hardware Unboxed Looks like the overdrive just isn't that good, maybe it needs reworking. Do you still have these to test? Can you check to see if the 3600X is in fact better binned and allows for higher Infinity Fabric speed? Keeping 1:1 generally offers more performance. Can you test overlocking the IF between these two and report? Perhaps that could be one of the main determining factors in choosing the X along with the HS and tiny performance difference.

    • Hardware Unboxed
      Hardware Unboxed  23 days ago

      Your theory can be disproven by the benchmarks on this video. Compare margins for short and long benchmarks.

  • Markk.N
    Markk.N 23 days ago

    best possible mobo for 3600 + ram ? thx guys

    • Desi Vortex
      Desi Vortex 21 day ago

      Ram 3000mhz or above , Mobo msi b450

  • Mark
    Mark 23 days ago

    2600 now $150 and 3600 now $200....Is the 3600 worth $50 more money? That's the question I have.

    • Vini PRAION
      Vini PRAION 22 days ago

      Yep, ~+20% performance for something 33% costlier. You have more performance per dollar with the 2600 of course, but I would definitely go for the 3600

  • Vadim Kriat
    Vadim Kriat 23 days ago

    what build is better?
    ryzen 5 3600 - rtx 2070 or ryzen 7 3700x - rtx 2060 for revit and rendering???

    • WolfishStorm499
      WolfishStorm499 22 days ago +1

      Good luck with your build man.

    • WolfishStorm499
      WolfishStorm499 22 days ago +1

      Which ever has the better price to performance is what I would go with.

  • ShoxArronX
    ShoxArronX 24 days ago +1

    Si vienes a ver quetal es , recomendado

  • Anti Rästa
    Anti Rästa 24 days ago

    a guy in my local forums posted a picture of his lapped Ryzen CPU. said the temps dropped dramatically and can run a stock CPU by a Dark Rock big cooler with no fans on it. want to try it out and see what the good old CPU lapping does to this new stuff?

  • Mr. Freibier
    Mr. Freibier 24 days ago

    Invest the 50€ more for the GPU

  • paul sanz
    paul sanz 24 days ago

    How would the b450 steel legend work running this? would love a video from you guys

  • David
    David 24 days ago

    Ryzen 5 3600 + GTX 1660 Ti or Ryzen 5 2600 + RTX 2060? For gaming.

    • WolfishStorm499
      WolfishStorm499 22 days ago

      Which ever has the better price to performance.

  • ZuluMachine Travels
    ZuluMachine Travels 24 days ago

    wow this is very useful

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 24 days ago

    Does anyone know the all core boost and and single core boost for the 3600 and 3600x?

  • Kevin Arzola
    Kevin Arzola 24 days ago +1

    2080ti and you bench on 1080p? What’s the point of that?

    • Antonio Popoaski
      Antonio Popoaski 22 days ago

      When testing CPUs, they need to put the better GPU avaliable, and lower the resolution to make a "CPU bound" test. The CPU is responsible for sending the frames to the GPU and them the GPU renders the frames and send to your screen. Try it for yourself, if you put a lower resolution and lower the graphics, you'll see how the %%% CPU usage incrases a lot.

      If the test was made in 4K, all the work would be on the GPU, and there would be no difference between the tests.

  • Aggnog
    Aggnog 24 days ago

    No, it isn't. Saved you 9 minutes.

  • Anders Mårtensson
    Anders Mårtensson 24 days ago

    For gaming, the 3600 is the obvious choice over 3600X, 3700X, 3900X. Better to save the $$$ towards a better GPU or faster memory.

  • Raymond Will
    Raymond Will 24 days ago

    Found 3600 for $199 and if its your first purchase on Google Express with JULY20SAVE you get $20 off.

  • Sawa
    Sawa 24 days ago

    Спасибо) тоже выбирал между 3700х , 3600х и 3600. В итоге понял - 3600 лучший вариант - цена \ производительность. Пойду прошивать BIOS на X470.

  • Вова Н.
    Вова Н. 25 days ago

    Just got my 3600, replaced 1600 on 370 board. Got fps increase in CS go fps test map from 320 to 490! ( 1080ti)

  • poekimalu
    poekimalu 25 days ago +1

    I know the answer but I watched the video anyway

  • johan Döden Edgren
    johan Döden Edgren 25 days ago

    3600, 3700x,3900x and 3950x only ones in lineup that should sell.

  • Geizderf
    Geizderf 25 days ago

    Is this the same case with 3700x and 3800x?

  • Hazim Jamli
    Hazim Jamli 25 days ago

    Better save that money for a better aircooler

  • Gallant Fatco Razy
    Gallant Fatco Razy 25 days ago

    Guys,, is it ok if i use 3000mhz (8x2kit) ram for my ryzen 5 3600 build ?

  • Blackhawk Venom
    Blackhawk Venom 25 days ago

    I know it wasnt your intent, but I used this video to compare the 2600 to the 3700x.

  • Chandler Maillard
    Chandler Maillard 25 days ago

    Unless you're an idiot, the answer is "no" without even having to watch the video. Duh.

  • Franky Four F*cking Fingers

    Is there a possibility that it will turn out just as it was with zen+ when people were saying that X it's just waste of money and there's no difference but as time has passed and bios being updated X became really great option for gaming with PBO?

  • 96donov
    96donov 25 days ago

    Thank you for the updated benchmark results !!! amazing work !!

  • stageselectca
    stageselectca 25 days ago

    4:55 the 3800x??

  • Zonned Comfyshortz
    Zonned Comfyshortz 25 days ago

    So you get a slightly better cooler for 50 dollars more... you could just buy a better one for that.

  • Pets of Warcraft
    Pets of Warcraft 25 days ago

    What fan was installed in the case at the end? I like it!!!

  • Clarito resdiano
    Clarito resdiano 25 days ago

    Price has been changed lets ceck
    i5-9600K, R5 3600X, R7 2700, R5 3600, R5 3400G, I5-9400F, R5 2600, R5 1600

  • Rodrigor Muniz
    Rodrigor Muniz 25 days ago

    It seems the spire coler boxed with the X part doesn't have the copper base cooler anymore. If thats the case, AMD didi a really crappy move there. I Wonder, do you need something as extreme as a water cooler to get like 5 to 10 degrees less heat on the 3600+stealth, or will a CoolerMaster H412R ( be enough to get better temps ?

  • Berk Tepebağ
    Berk Tepebağ 25 days ago

    Stock cooler is too bad for 3600. BF5 is around 85C, under full load with Prime95, ironically temps reaches 95C... Other than that, if you are willing to use Ubuntu (or practically any l/unix distribution) it is better to stick with Intel for now. Even for installation I had to disable all the options at Bios... After installation ubuntu 18 seems fine, but Chrome keeps crashing without any reasons.

    • Berk Tepebağ
      Berk Tepebağ 24 days ago

      @Clarito resdiano Also crashed in windows 10, few minutes ago, seems like something wrong with chrome. Impossible to say if it is related with ryzen or not.

    • Clarito resdiano
      Clarito resdiano 25 days ago

      it seems chrome need update

  • AirsoftAddicted
    AirsoftAddicted 25 days ago

    Those CPUs are insane .... and 3600 is simply best all around CPU you can buy right now.

  • andy lambert
    andy lambert 26 days ago

    Great video Mate !!

  • Wonka0998
    Wonka0998 26 days ago

    I guess the 3600X is just if you want to give some love to AMD so they can keep going... There's just no other reason