Major 'Friends' Fan Selena Gomez Gushes Over Jennifer Aniston

  • Guest host Jennifer Aniston welcomed Selena Gomez, who gushed over the former “Friends” star and her character Rachel Green. Selena also divulged that after years of feeling like everyone seemed to be narrating her life for her, she finally took control and allowed herself to be vulnerable for her new album, "Rare."
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  • Its Novie
    Its Novie 6 hours ago

    Me too selena. Rachel is❤❤❤

  • Tyto Alba
    Tyto Alba Day ago

    honest question here, doesn't Selena wear wigs because of her condition(forgot the name of it)? Her hair here looks so natural. how could that possibly be a wig?

  • irene tonks
    irene tonks 2 days ago +1

    Hey when was Selena not famous...?

  • Amber Parker
    Amber Parker 3 days ago

    Wow she's really comfortable when Jen.. Cool

  • Yun Xi Chow
    Yun Xi Chow 3 days ago

    Seeing Rachel on the show literally makes me weep

  • Muna Rai
    Muna Rai 3 days ago

    I love you. I like you selena💕💞

  • Jose Guandique
    Jose Guandique 3 days ago

    Selena Gomez

  • Craig Mason
    Craig Mason 4 days ago

    Was Jennifer going to say party as in pizza party?

  • Mary LG
    Mary LG 4 days ago


  • Mary LG
    Mary LG 4 days ago


  • James Kral
    James Kral 4 days ago

    They had pizza together, it is so much fun! They met in a bathroom 🚽?????????

  • Michael Lebert
    Michael Lebert 5 days ago

    They're both amazing but Selena Gomez is just so Perfect, can't say perfect because nobody is but she carries herself so well, so beautiful...I know she's battling a health condition, i just wish her the best with that we need her on this planet as long as possible

  • Anya Adamyan
    Anya Adamyan 5 days ago

    jennifer aniston needs her own talk show

  • Selly VG
    Selly VG 6 days ago

    Women Beautyfll ♥️♥️♥️

  • Fahad Mohammad
    Fahad Mohammad 8 days ago

    Jennifer is more sexy than selena

  • TT
    TT 9 days ago


  • Maya Limbu
    Maya Limbu 9 days ago


  • Biagio Caccia
    Biagio Caccia 10 days ago

    i love you Selena

  • Enrique Parra
    Enrique Parra 12 days ago

    They're both so beautiful. I love Selena & Jen.

  • Pierre Goodman
    Pierre Goodman 13 days ago +1

    It seems like Selena is getting interviewed for the first time on network television... Never saw her so genuine and so vibrant...

  • B J
    B J 14 days ago


  • Richard amu
    Richard amu 17 days ago

    Selena 😇😍😘

  • Pravalika . Bilani
    Pravalika . Bilani 17 days ago


  • Jordon Smucker
    Jordon Smucker 17 days ago

    I love them BOTH!


    Just think about that!
    0:59 💘🎬
    👇 👇 👇 👇🖤

  • ccpr15
    ccpr15 17 days ago

    This is the real Jelena, Jen and Selena friendship 😁

    KISS FOREVER 19 days ago

    I absolutely LOVE Jennifer Aniston

  • Tina Sosa
    Tina Sosa 19 days ago

    Yikes after reading what Selena did with jens ex husband ! I SEE THE FACT SELENA IS TRYING HARD AND SO IS JEN LOL

  • SOMINNY Leggo
    SOMINNY Leggo 19 days ago +1

    Selena's dress looks like the dress that kpop idol sunmi wore😅

  • wendy gomez
    wendy gomez 19 days ago


  • Jose Guandique
    Jose Guandique 19 days ago

    Selena Gomez

  • raju pegu
    raju pegu 20 days ago

    Selenas beautiful voice

  • Selena Gomez Fan
    Selena Gomez Fan 20 days ago +2

    I'm so happy that she got her third #1, she looks proud and happy of it. Queen deserves everything

  • Amaya Wanigarathne
    Amaya Wanigarathne 20 days ago

    She’s an angel

  • Lia
    Lia 20 days ago +7

    this video should be titled “two girls being the biggest fan of each other for 4 minutes straight”

  • Robert lwins
    Robert lwins 21 day ago +1

    Two most beautiful people

  • Mehreen Raffi
    Mehreen Raffi 21 day ago

    I love Jennifer Aniston. She’s my role model

  • Abrar Tomlinson
    Abrar Tomlinson 22 days ago

    She is so cute and humble i am in love


    Honestly, it was good, but just not that good.
    1:55 🎥💞
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💚

  • Athena Eros
    Athena Eros 23 days ago +1

    selena gomez is so charismatic!!! i love her so much

  • Munmun Baruah
    Munmun Baruah 24 days ago +1

    Two goddess up there.
    Selena looks sooooooooo beautifulllllllllllll

  • Aamirah Mohangee
    Aamirah Mohangee 24 days ago +1

    Ouhhh, sisters. Their lives are similar, if you analyse it. ✨👑

  • G R
    G R 24 days ago

    i love this. i love them.

  • pc1231
    pc1231 24 days ago +44

    Marvel: “Endgame is this most ambitious crossover in history.”

  • Uzma Khannam
    Uzma Khannam 25 days ago

    Omg ah actually the Internet just resumed in paradise. Yepppi

  • Bhumi Gowda
    Bhumi Gowda 26 days ago

    Who else loves both Jen and Selena?

  • Ramon Cruz
    Ramon Cruz 26 days ago +3

    There’s something about Selena Gomez, she’s so poised and proper and just seems like such a good persons

  • Lachlan Guise
    Lachlan Guise 26 days ago +2

    I would just absolutely love to meet Jennifer. I love her so much! She’s such a gorgeous soul, so kind and caring! So much love for her!

  • Jisoo Kim
    Jisoo Kim 26 days ago

    Sel is the most precious thing in life. Such a strong & beautiful woman always love u my queen 🔥🔥

  • davn christ
    davn christ 28 days ago

    both of them are beautiful

  • Kool Kavin
    Kool Kavin Month ago

    “We were on a break”

  • Kool Kavin
    Kool Kavin Month ago


  • User In denial
    User In denial Month ago

    I swear they haven’t aged abit

  • Yamaré xx
    Yamaré xx Month ago

    I love Jennifer Aniston so much!!😭😭 she said CD😂😂😭😭😭😍😍😍

  • yesenia villanueva
    yesenia villanueva Month ago

    Está niña es hermosa!!! Talentosa y vale mil, se merece lo mejor!

  • Diego Mpfumo
    Diego Mpfumo Month ago

    Can Selena please go back?🥺

  • Mary Hinojosa
    Mary Hinojosa Month ago

    Love the interview. 2 great women admiring one another’s work.
    Its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice

  • Franciene da Silva
    Franciene da Silva Month ago

    Jenni is an amazing actress and a wonderful 👩🏼 woman. ❤️ 😍 😘

  • Mike taddes
    Mike taddes Month ago


  • phoenix
    phoenix Month ago +1

    1:01 epic😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • holy Robinson
    holy Robinson Month ago

    will be fe for Selena Gomez- her album it’s coming now

  • Richard Hernandez
    Richard Hernandez Month ago

    omgg my two fav ppl!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHGDHINWODJIENWIDHE8 ❤❤❤

  • Selly VG
    Selly VG Month ago


  • Hi, Moms! With Bianca

    Selena your a strong woman. Stay graceful beautiful.

  • Courtney G
    Courtney G Month ago

    The two most overrated celebs in Hollywood in one room. *Clicks out of video*

  • Arlene Etheridge
    Arlene Etheridge Month ago

    Didn't Selena sleep with Jen's ex husband? Like, while they were getting divorced?

    • Siham Ahmed
      Siham Ahmed Month ago

      Arlene Etheridge are you kidding me do you even know them personally ? Where did you get your information from?

  • T H
    T H Month ago

    Both are so beautiful

  • Mukul Mudgal
    Mukul Mudgal Month ago

    Looks like Selena had a blocked nose

  • lucy gluce
    lucy gluce Month ago +2

    That Selena girl has zero personality!😴😴

  • Tiera Cherie
    Tiera Cherie Month ago

    Is this after Selena basically hooked up with Justin T?

    • Siham Ahmed
      Siham Ahmed Month ago

      Tiera Cherie yes & she's happy with that 🙄

  • Provethio Altum
    Provethio Altum Month ago

    In conclusion: Selena has good genes bless her 💙😍

  • Chahat Singh
    Chahat Singh Month ago +1

    Awww selena is such a baby😍😍

  • Indu
    Indu Month ago

    What's that starbox?

  • Hasan Shaikh
    Hasan Shaikh Month ago

    Selena's voice sounds like it's shaking

  • Doctor Banat South Sudanses

    I love Selena Gomez so I don't know when I will see her but I wish to see how one day Selena she's more than in the actually Selena and Justin my biggest things to see in this world the biggest dream is to kiss Selena Gomez
    I'm play my Football those are two things I want from this life

  • Ayush Singh
    Ayush Singh Month ago

    Honest conversation

  • Caros Au Pair Journey
    Caros Au Pair Journey Month ago +1

    I love them together ❤️

  • Merasol Zapico Family
    Merasol Zapico Family Month ago +1

    Selena is more pretty and mature the way she talk but of course she always have that Baby looking face and smile I love You Selena may God Bless You.

  • Jackie N.
    Jackie N. Month ago

    They had Pizza at Jens house??? Dang!!!! Awwwww

  • Lui se
    Lui se Month ago

    Woman supporting woman! Bless both of them ❤️