ASMR | Layered Sounds // Whispering

  • Published on Sep 8, 2019
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    Layered sounds start at 3:10 !
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  • Katie Barrett
    Katie Barrett 7 minutes ago

    Layered video sounds are literally my fav

  • Kevin Sellers
    Kevin Sellers 8 hours ago

    I drink some protein mix awhile ago. Have a big bucket

  • The GeeFamily
    The GeeFamily 5 days ago

    16:50 and on 😴😴

  • GatheringMatter
    GatheringMatter 8 days ago +1


  • quinton_ queerton
    quinton_ queerton 9 days ago

    Hi why am I only know noticing gibi has muscles

  • Ykcin978
    Ykcin978 9 days ago

    Gibi your roleplay videos are great, but you need more videos like this.

  • Sylvia Adams Joplin
    Sylvia Adams Joplin 10 days ago

    Where do I get gfuel

  • Wolfgirlgrafite Aka WolfGirl101

    Like if you think Gigi should do a visco ASMR

  • SereNity
    SereNity 12 days ago

    imma down all the cans

  • Chris Harwood
    Chris Harwood 13 days ago

    This video game me the tingles for the first time high 5!!

  • Juampi San Miguel
    Juampi San Miguel 16 days ago +1

    An energy drink sponsoring slpeeping videos

  • Francesco Danza
    Francesco Danza 17 days ago

    Killa queen has already touched the scissors

  • Raven Kenz
    Raven Kenz 17 days ago

    Gibi VSCO!!! NOOOO sksksksksksksksksksk

  • Becca Viljoen
    Becca Viljoen 18 days ago

    Oof, I'm sorry, but I am not one for the wet sounds

  • ss 5
    ss 5 18 days ago

    I almost fell asleep guys 😁🥱🥱

  • EzMarz
    EzMarz 20 days ago

    Code Gibi 🗿

  • Annick XXX
    Annick XXX 20 days ago

    is it possible to have this one also on spotify? 😍

  • Jai Kundicevic
    Jai Kundicevic 20 days ago +1

    12:20 arts and crafts project in a warzone

  • Zeke
    Zeke 21 day ago +2

    This camera view and high setup is so cool I like it :)

  • StookySophie 24
    StookySophie 24 21 day ago +8

    Gibi: I use this brush to comb my wigs
    Me: what wigs do you mean to tell me that those other people in your video are wearing wigs? that’s weird. I always thought that that was there own hair. maybe their just embarrassed to show their own hair? **gasp** what if gibi’s wearing a wig right now

  • kassi alexa
    kassi alexa 21 day ago

    roses are red,
    people like twix
    the tingles start
    at 2:36

  • Shlok Jain
    Shlok Jain 22 days ago

    You are so cute

  • ohne Zucker
    ohne Zucker 22 days ago

    Sponcer sponcerd sponcerd lol

  • lost boy
    lost boy 22 days ago

    do they sell gfuel in stores or is it just an online thing?

  • Ron Cashman
    Ron Cashman 23 days ago

  • Sophie.jae
    Sophie.jae 23 days ago +1

    That one can of G Fuel is the caffeine equivalent to 7.5 cups of coffee 😂😂😂

  • Tracer Wolf101
    Tracer Wolf101 24 days ago +3

    Is it my headphones or does the left side sound lower than the other one?

    Just me?



  • N A S A
    N A S A 24 days ago +83

    Gibi: This video is sponsored by...
    Me: Honey!
    Gibi: Gfuel!
    Me: *surprised Pikachu face*

  • dankesthours182
    dankesthours182 26 days ago

    thanks for sharing your project with us
    really, really , great stuff.

  • Daniela Vazquez
    Daniela Vazquez 26 days ago +1

    Omg can u be quiet for a sec? I'm trying to enjoy the sounds. Damnit

  • Milk Strawberry
    Milk Strawberry 26 days ago

    Whenever I see you, you are beautiful.

  • db_liam
    db_liam 27 days ago

    Shoutout for the Teddy Fresh rep you are cultured Gibi ❤️

  • beastzander 77
    beastzander 77 27 days ago

    Another fist class plane video?

  • Hasan Halaric
    Hasan Halaric 27 days ago

    Any video without sponsors?

  • Georgia Greene
    Georgia Greene 27 days ago

    Votes to bring back the cork candle smfh😤👏

  • ShockSurge
    ShockSurge 28 days ago

    2:37 Oh no, I'm catching onto this one. Not getting me this time.

  • Kier B
    Kier B 28 days ago

    Anything that is supposed to give people Engadget just makes me sleepy where as sleepy stuff makes me more awake. Idk. Maybe it’s the adhd in me

  • Tuguldur Bayasgalan
    Tuguldur Bayasgalan 28 days ago

    Gonna build some LEGO while listening to this

  • John Jones
    John Jones 28 days ago

    10:34 also sounds like the old Batman theme song ba nananananana batman!

  • Scylla Ocean
    Scylla Ocean 28 days ago

    I feel like she’s behind me whispering some shit

  • Vianna Rosado
    Vianna Rosado 28 days ago +3

    When she said that the brush was from her wigs, I choked and then remembered the wigs of Daisy, Lorelei and others

  • Vianna Rosado
    Vianna Rosado 28 days ago


  • evangellic
    evangellic 28 days ago +1

    could we get the lead content on the cans?

  • Lena Carter
    Lena Carter 29 days ago

    It says she has no subs

  • Saraahhhxxx
    Saraahhhxxx 29 days ago

    my body began to trip because of to much tingles

  • Russel Maximo
    Russel Maximo 29 days ago

    Rocking that teddy fresh outfit

  • TheMusicMOA
    TheMusicMOA Month ago

    Wearing Hila’s shirt 👍🏻

  • 77 Reaper
    77 Reaper Month ago

    I can’t stand this not relaxing

  • Melissa Ares
    Melissa Ares Month ago

    Omg I love your vids Gibi

  • Melissa Turner
    Melissa Turner Month ago

    Make a video with pop cans in the future!

  • Alex Barreto
    Alex Barreto Month ago

    Does anyone know the exact name of the shirt she cuts up or a link to where you can find it? I checked forever 21's website.

  • roseadya
    roseadya Month ago


  • super noob
    super noob Month ago

    Sooooooo cute 😍

  • Aidan Hathaway
    Aidan Hathaway Month ago

    What if I use gibi and pewdiepie

  • Siko Nick
    Siko Nick Month ago

    Sept 7th launch zees app

  • Vabulous1
    Vabulous1 Month ago

    Omg, I actually got tingles for the first time in years!!!!

  • Krisitonic Platinum
    Krisitonic Platinum Month ago +49

    Gibi: * takes off choker * "hey it's me, Gibi"
    Me: *Doubt 100*

  • ShimoSamurai 14
    ShimoSamurai 14 Month ago

    Also I start the video and am like gibi get a sponsor that’s not trying to ruin your channel

  • ShimoSamurai 14
    ShimoSamurai 14 Month ago

    In the middle of asmr then I hear DO YOU HAVE TUBERCULOSIS. I’m like man two hours of asmr worth of relaxation and on-ramp ad ruined it

  • Ali Malekanian
    Ali Malekanian Month ago

    Fell asleep with auto play on :( next vid woke me up.