All-Electric F-150 Prototype: Tows 1M+ Pounds | F-150 | Ford

  • Published on Jul 23, 2019
  • We’ve confirmed we are bringing an all-electric F-150 to market. Now, we’re showing you the capability you asked for by having it tow more than 1 million pounds.* This is Built Ford Tough.
    *The F-150 battery-electric prototype is towing far beyond any production truck’s published capacity in a one-time short event demonstration. Never tow beyond a vehicle’s towing capacities. Always consult the Owner’s Manual.
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    All-Electric F-150 Prototype: Tows 1M+ Pounds | F-150 | Ford
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  • Fenrirsen
    Fenrirsen 16 days ago

    So, how long until they break down?

  • Jay ThankYou
    Jay ThankYou 16 days ago +5

    What a car company using a gimmick to sell its trucks. Do what Top Gear done to there Hi Lux to an F150 to impress us.

  • Christopher Rinker
    Christopher Rinker 16 days ago

    Where are your hard hats?????

  • MicroScaleGarage
    MicroScaleGarage 16 days ago

    LOVE MY F150

  • ThatEquine Pilot
    ThatEquine Pilot 16 days ago

    Yet somehow that 10k tow strap doesn’t break 😂

  • Kissen Shangpliang
    Kissen Shangpliang 16 days ago


  • yeron
    yeron 16 days ago +7

    I want to find out how much charge left after it pulls the train?
    who agree 👍👍👍

  • Ezra begin
    Ezra begin 17 days ago +1

    Ford tough 👌

  • smart one
    smart one 17 days ago +38

    Impressive...until you do the math and realize a Prius can do the same thing. Nice try Ford.

  • Nanoryu
    Nanoryu 17 days ago


  • Liemciemdk89
    Liemciemdk89 17 days ago

    Build it and I will get in debt for it

  • Tom Miller
    Tom Miller 17 days ago +2

    Big deal.... let's see how long it takes to come to a controlled, highway speed panic stop.

  • Panic killzz
    Panic killzz 17 days ago

    I like fords but that would have never been able to with that little toe strap , screw electric

  • Brian Hambright
    Brian Hambright 17 days ago

    Like to see this done on the road

  • T
    T 17 days ago

    Congratulations on the new vehicle, I'm hoping for at least 100kwh battery

  • V1Gibby
    V1Gibby 17 days ago

    The downward force is 1M+ but the actual horizontal force required to pull it is much less because it is in rails.

  • Javier Santos
    Javier Santos 17 days ago Electric F150...OMG....😀

  • V1Gibby
    V1Gibby 17 days ago

    This is way less cringe than the real people not actors version that Chevy did. Well done.

  • Jose Naranjo
    Jose Naranjo 17 days ago +19

    Everyone: omg that tow strap must be the strongest tow strap around.
    Engineering Explained: Actually that’s only a 2 thousand pound strap. 😅

  • jerry Arunga
    jerry Arunga 17 days ago

    Why u cancel ford focus rs 😰😰😰

  • Brian M.
    Brian M. 17 days ago

    im disappointed that ford would sink to a chevy style commercial. let me guess...those aren't paid actors?

  • Graham Watson
    Graham Watson 17 days ago

    My Taco could do this....

  • Creig Mac
    Creig Mac 17 days ago +6

    I like Ford, though these sort of videos are sorta cringe inducing.
    Good they are doing the hybrid thing though. Looking forward to that.

  • Adrián Redondo
    Adrián Redondo 17 days ago

    Prototype? We need this F-150 on the americans roads yet!

  • Martín Solórzano
    Martín Solórzano 17 days ago

    por fin ford entiende que el futuro es eléctrico.

  • C G
    C G 17 days ago +3

    her being an engineer knows this isn't impressive lol

  • Rohan Singh
    Rohan Singh 17 days ago

    But can it push 1+ million pound???

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad 17 days ago +1

    Two Asians test America's best selling truck 4:59

  • charles wyall
    charles wyall 17 days ago

    5:00 I think they missed the high five 😂

  • George Toy
    George Toy 17 days ago

    How to did the back not RIP off

  • dodgechargercrazy
    dodgechargercrazy 17 days ago

    Any truck can do this and if you can left 2k pounds you can do this without help and if you know physics you can make it move with the weight of a golfball

  • Craig Alberhasky
    Craig Alberhasky 17 days ago

    Not much call for a pickup truck to pull a train with a rubber band. More impressive would be that truck hauling down the highway for 400 miles at 75 mph on one charge and then pulling into a charging station for a 15 minute recharge.

  • The Investor's Mind
    The Investor's Mind 17 days ago

    What ratchet strap is that? Can you get them at Walmart?

  • jordy king
    jordy king 17 days ago +1

    I mean it’s impressive and all but it’s still on wheels and on a level surface. And I kinda curious how they got them to stop and even move with there being no air hooked up to them thus unlocking the air brakes. Just saying...

  • See Gotcha
    See Gotcha 17 days ago

    Just a copy of Volvo's.

  • MTFDelta420
    MTFDelta420 17 days ago

    Where can we buy those tow straps @Ford

  • Cardboard Sliver
    Cardboard Sliver 17 days ago

    Chevy: We DrOppED A TooLbOx iN tHe BeEd. IT baD!
    Ford: we pulled a million pounds with a battery powered truck.

  • ThatFNGuy
    ThatFNGuy 18 days ago

    Ford demonstration are better than Chevy commercial change my mind

  • handheld gamer78
    handheld gamer78 18 days ago

    Mr Tesla would be happy with this truck 👍👍

  • Michael Burt
    Michael Burt 18 days ago

    At the end of the day you are moving a million pounds with a truck. Very impressing

  • American Detail Pros
    American Detail Pros 18 days ago

    It's on a flat yea it can be done .. I'd like to see it pull uphill or uneven. Terrain

  • Valeria Liset Rodriguez Arcos

    Send an Eraptor to my house asap!

  • Dellano Bernard
    Dellano Bernard 18 days ago

    This is what I like to see better than the new c8 Corvette

  • Larz
    Larz 18 days ago +7

    Just seeing that there was zero tire spin tells you that pretty much any other pickup could do the same thing.

  • 1976 ford Pinto
    1976 ford Pinto 18 days ago

    But will the cab fall of if it’s t-boned

  • Brandtsen Moore
    Brandtsen Moore 18 days ago

    It’s a cool truck But I’m not into electric trucks

  • Ethan Garcia
    Ethan Garcia 18 days ago

    I bet that’s as far as you can go and have to recharge

  • Everin Malpica
    Everin Malpica 18 days ago

    Release Date?

  • BlackStallion 180
    BlackStallion 180 18 days ago

    My 98 Chevy could do that in two wheel peel

  • rob blumrick
    rob blumrick 18 days ago

    I love the gimmick! I'm sold! But Ford is going to have to include the optional outer sound system to make it as loud as a V8 with a muffler delete in order to sell it to a lot of guys.

  • Colin Smith
    Colin Smith 18 days ago

    CaN yUo LiFt It AnD PuT bIg TiReS oN iT???!!!!

  • ProjectPompeii
    ProjectPompeii 18 days ago

    So, you can pull something with basically no friction to the surface its in contact with? Good job.

  • Fernando Rocha
    Fernando Rocha 18 days ago +3

    This eletric F150 is prototype. Ford F150 is winner in sales in USA since 1977

    • Larry Richelli
      Larry Richelli 17 days ago +1

      Just shows how many people want a little toy truck to run to the store in!

  • Zittam xd
    Zittam xd 18 days ago

    Ford cares about reliability? That’s why they use so many cheap plastic parts right?

  • J D
    J D 18 days ago

    Let's see it pull a weight sled with only 29,000 pounds on it. Won't do it. Physics is a science, marketing is a scheme.

  • Mason
    Mason 18 days ago

    Don’t ruin the best truck by making it electric😑

  • keith .adams
    keith .adams 18 days ago +1

    Orange tow strap best tow strap

  • BWMerlin
    BWMerlin 18 days ago

    So when can we expect a ute that isn't the size of a F-150?

  • Randall Huston
    Randall Huston 18 days ago

    While the truck may or may not be able to pull 1 million pounds I have a hard time believing that tow strap is able to perform that task without some help.

  • hsvkidusa
    hsvkidusa 18 days ago

    An engine start button on an electric vehicle.... Ok then

  • Pauldanne Lachica
    Pauldanne Lachica 18 days ago

    So EV is not a joke now?

  • The little Gecko
    The little Gecko 18 days ago

    Where can I get that tow strap

  • Crozbyguy
    Crozbyguy 19 days ago

    I own the strap.

  • Legend17
    Legend17 19 days ago

    I believe any truck can do it. It doesn’t have to be electric. Just a good new solid truck.

  • Carlife2003
    Carlife2003 19 days ago


  • Israel Reyes
    Israel Reyes 19 days ago +1

    Cool, but let's see it go uphill.

  • ScarPredator01
    ScarPredator01 19 days ago

    At least keep diesels

  • Moa Vic
    Moa Vic 19 days ago

    Okay ford now do it not on the rail.

  • Lorm -
    Lorm - 19 days ago

    Atleast it isnt as cringy as the chevy commericals

  • dalton jordan
    dalton jordan 19 days ago

    I’m not a ford man but that looks sick

  • The Woodsman
    The Woodsman 19 days ago

    I dont see chevy doing that
    Only proves Ford is superior

  • Colesterdude
    Colesterdude 19 days ago

    Can someone do the math and see if when the Toyota Tundra pulled the 300,000lbs space shuttle on tires if that adds up to he more weight then this ford pulled?

  • Derek Anderson
    Derek Anderson 19 days ago

    That's not 1 million pounds. It might only take 10,000 pounds to get a stationary item moving on a flat surface and at that point the math doesn't add up. Pluse a 1 mil pound tow strap? Or chain? Either way a single pull strap or chain wont hold 1 mil pounds.

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man 19 days ago

    I’d believe this if I could see the whole train the whole time and all the trucks loaded in plus going to the store and recording buying the strap all the way to the site

  • Youssef Laabichi
    Youssef Laabichi 19 days ago

    Do u really need to tow 1 million lb in real life !? For that price tag ???