NVN London Garage Tour! £2.5M Supercar Lineup

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • What's in the bay today? Here is a full garage tour of all the supercars that are in NVN London this week!
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  • Belal Moosa
    Belal Moosa 4 days ago

    The only thing I bought from this video is your watch Mr JWW “AP Diver” thanks for showing it 💪🏽

  • Mail
    Mail 15 days ago

    What are the environmental costs with the chemicals / liquids / electricity and plastic waste?

  • Rob Buglass
    Rob Buglass 18 days ago

    Ah cracking content fella , keep going !

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 20 days ago

    That lusso is a V8 turbo not a V12.

  • Adrian Georgescu
    Adrian Georgescu 27 days ago

    I would seriously LOVE to work for you....please

  • Sparky Rih
    Sparky Rih Month ago

    've always wondered, how much weight does PPF add to a car?

  • David Forgash
    David Forgash Month ago +1

    Why is Topaz and NVM London not PPF’ing Shmee’s cars? Is Topaz better? 🤔

  • LaGantoise
    LaGantoise Month ago

    A gloss/mat black Porsche logo sticker to put on top of the current bonnet logo would be nice.

  • Daniel Sinyatkin
    Daniel Sinyatkin Month ago

    love the workshop, doesn't compare with anyone else

  • johnny depp my inspiration

    Doee someone in the world have a 80m lineup????? I want to see that lineup

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans Month ago +2

    3:50 "Enjoy that Ferrari V12" - except that's a LussoT, which is a V8...

  • Mitchell Steindler
    Mitchell Steindler Month ago

    Person: constantly does important things very busy
    Viewers: why don't you do the thing I want

  • Tony Negus
    Tony Negus Month ago

    James, are you going to show us you working on Bruno Senna'a, Senna??

  • Christopher Klanica


  • James Corder Jr
    James Corder Jr Month ago

    Is that Shmee's GT4 Lusso?

  • A. Nonymous
    A. Nonymous Month ago

    Valkyrie Content?

  • Masked
    Masked Month ago

    Hey I need your help and the viewers please!!! I can get a car allowance from work for 650 pounds a month. This has to include my insurance for the car and road tax.
    It needs to be a car which will pay off in 5 years
    not be a convertible
    less than 40k miles
    basically somthing which I can get with 650 a month for 5 years probably around a 35k car
    I don't mind paying 1k for the insurance.
    Fuel and congestion charge are company paid so not a factor.
    I really don't mind any car the range rover velar or somthing would be nice. Or a bmw 530e
    What would you recommend

  • rutger weerdhof
    rutger weerdhof Month ago +2

    I’m sure you would be much more happy with a first production run of the 991.2 GT3 RS. Because a friend of mine has one. It means it doesn’t have the opf filter. The second production run and the 991 speedster do have the opf filter, So they sound less good...

  • airobyou
    airobyou Month ago

    jaw dropping garage🤩🤩🤩

  • Juni TGOD
    Juni TGOD Month ago

    I wanted to see that EVO Spyder so bad 😭

  • Nishchaiy Dakhane
    Nishchaiy Dakhane Month ago

    James is just fantastic 💯👌🏻

  • Eric van der Meer
    Eric van der Meer Month ago

    Cool series James, keep them coming!!

  • yark mates
    yark mates Month ago +1

    nice wall indeed Mr JWW , much better having the foliage in the workshop :)

  • OLD
    OLD Month ago +2

    Your progression with NVN London is insane.

  • Justin Isaacs
    Justin Isaacs Month ago

    Sweet factory for cars 👌

  • alan cornelious
    alan cornelious Month ago

    Hi James , & Good Morning ,Your Looking Well ,& NVN London Looking Busy😱Or Is That The Boss Is There Timing,
    Love Your Guy's T-shirts ,Nice Design, And They All Scrub Up Well ,?Must Be For The Filming Of The Video🙌,
    All The Cars ,Are Looking Bad ASS,Sick ,,,That SVJ , Rolls Royce's Warth ,Cool ,As F!!k,& The R8 Audi 8 ,Sick Colour Man!!
    But ???Where The 😎 Sunglasses,😂 Well The Place Is Looking Good James!And Thanks To The Workers , For Let Us See Them Working!!👀👀Right !!!! Well Regards To You & Your Family C U James !!See You Again Workers.

  • Bill Granddaddy
    Bill Granddaddy Month ago


  • Bas Nauta
    Bas Nauta Month ago

    WoW what a cool spec. GT3 RS good taste👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • Emba Kub Motoring EKM
    Emba Kub Motoring EKM Month ago +1

    NVN has gone to become an incredibly stunning facility.

  • Senshi Bat
    Senshi Bat Month ago

    RR -vraie élégance that etch is very nice. wait Zagato shooting brake ?

  • ShootyGames
    ShootyGames Month ago

    So close to half a million subscribers! 👏

  • James Pugh
    James Pugh Month ago

    Epic amount of cool cars.

  • Kyle P
    Kyle P Month ago

    Excellent garage tour, thanks!

  • Inner Hammer
    Inner Hammer Month ago +2

    Get a Rosso Fuocco 812 GTS some time in the future.

  • Ivan Sheehan
    Ivan Sheehan Month ago

    Dig the new series! Given the unique access you have to see these cars side by side, would be fun to end each episode with your pick of the one you’d take home!

  • Yorkiepoocharlie
    Yorkiepoocharlie Month ago

    Good stuff!

  • Neil Patching
    Neil Patching Month ago

    Thanks James👍👍

  • NCB
    NCB Month ago

    Aaaahhhhh.... 'al-can-ta-ra'.

  • Tall Drink
    Tall Drink Month ago +1

    The black on black GT3 RS did it for me.

  • john darby
    john darby Month ago

    Great vid James , bring on the rs6

  • jeebus2121
    jeebus2121 Month ago

    I'm not sure I have a bank account adequate to view these videos. The paint on the 812 is more money than I've ever seen.

  • Steve Daire
    Steve Daire Month ago

    Fantastic video mate, am I the only person that thinks that Zagato Shooting Brake is a bit “emperors new clothes” ? I really do think it looks like a dogs dinner from the back.

  • mark758573
    mark758573 Month ago

    Excellent work again Mr JWW for content and NVN. You have some lovely cars going in to NVN. You're going from strength to strength.

  • Joey De Ridder
    Joey De Ridder Month ago +8

    Do you also clean the interior on cars, if so can you maybe make a little video about it!?

  • TheVapingCripple
    TheVapingCripple Month ago

    3:25 Aston Martin Zagarto still coming in or still there for storage. Epic to see. Love the workspace and the camera work is on another level.

  • retrostu1
    retrostu1 Month ago

    Such an impressive set up!

  • Steve Bryan
    Steve Bryan Month ago +1

    think i could just watch videos of Porsches all day

  • Tony Lawton
    Tony Lawton Month ago

    hahahaha quick look busy the boss is watching .....

  • N F
    N F Month ago

    Awesome, that gt3rs and huracan evo are my favs!

  • TheNaximilian
    TheNaximilian Month ago

    Love the walk around vidz!
    The Gt3rs looked amazing🥰
    Keep doing these tours!!

  • AL91
    AL91 Month ago +1

    James has to touch and poke everything he's talking about...😅

  • Keith W.
    Keith W. Month ago

    business a booming!

  • HotRod John
    HotRod John Month ago +1

    Hey thanks for the video , great work as always...🤔lol I remember when you first got the garage... Its good to see it doing well...

  • Jeff DeArmitt
    Jeff DeArmitt Month ago +23

    Talks about the brilliant V12 then 4:22 :)...That's a V8, mate!...

    • Jeff DeArmitt
      Jeff DeArmitt 17 days ago

      @Dumitru Cristian I know, but I figured he would, too...& know which was in his shop...just a gentle ribbing...

    • Dumitru Cristian
      Dumitru Cristian Month ago +3

      u can get it with a v12 aswell

  • Jesse Stedman
    Jesse Stedman Month ago

    I’m saving every penny I can get so I can get my hands on a RS6 in the States

  • inadapte74
    inadapte74 Month ago +2

    That speciale is stunning! Wish you still had your grey one!

  • Wingcommander Walton
    Wingcommander Walton Month ago +141

    3:33 “quick do something the boss is here”!

  • MexiqueInc
    MexiqueInc Month ago +1

    Facility definetly looks on point with a group of the best automotive titans sitting over there !🇲🇽

  • Mr Right
    Mr Right Month ago

    Gt3 RS looks a bit too much like the Gt2 RS for my liking..... 🤔 for me, those wheels are associated with the GT2 RS and should not be on anything else. And yes I do know they were 1st put on the 918 before you all get 🍋 on me.

  • thejonathanrath
    thejonathanrath Month ago

    One thing not often acknowledged - you’re funny as h$ll mate 😂