Anthony Joshua on losing to Andy Ruiz, the rematch and his legacy

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
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    Mike Costello meets with Anthony Joshua ahead of #JoshuaRuiz2 to reflect on his defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr and reveal how he's been preparing for the rematch.
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  • alexia welham
    alexia welham Month ago

    Anthony Joshua👌🔥😘

  • Craig Ellish travler

    I'm blaming my skipping that was my first time skipping mind Josh. Because I wasnt well on lock down for numerous thing and skipping was not one of them. Congratulation on u big win. Sorry for the long message my name Stan I got no planning never will go no where. Ask Eminem

  • Eddy otu
    Eddy otu Month ago


  • Karate Chris
    Karate Chris Month ago

    Camera angle showing balls.

  • Karate Chris
    Karate Chris Month ago

    OK, just heard the same question and the same response. Not natural. Don't blame AJ for that but blame the media.

  • dan taylor
    dan taylor Month ago

    Wonder if Wilder could be this eloquent with language?

  • Din Amri
    Din Amri Month ago

    lege. much respect.

  • wreckim
    wreckim Month ago

    Right from the end of the Ruiz I fight, Joshua didn't fake it about losing; he didn't blame the ref, and say he wanted to continue and the ref took it from him. He knew he lost. In retrospect, that was the first step, right there, where he began to rebuild. What an awesome dude, and a great champ.


    GG JOSHUA knew you could do it fuck the haters.

  • صخر الجبلي
    صخر الجبلي Month ago +3

    “ pray to the gods” no. Only one God, the God Of Abraham and everything that exists.

  • realist m
    realist m Month ago

    Great interwiev keep it up💯

  • W Pierson
    W Pierson Month ago

    4th round K.O!! #AndNew

  • Al.R.N
    Al.R.N Month ago


  • johngray2000
    johngray2000 Month ago

    Good LUCK sir..

  • Gillani G
    Gillani G Month ago

    The camera angle us to show the AJ has no balls. I see no nut lumps!

  • Abstrkkt
    Abstrkkt Month ago

    This interview is crazy awkward.

  • Donald Rockett
    Donald Rockett Month ago

    He hasn't learned a thing. If he comes trying to knock Andy out(which AJ usually does on the inside) it is going to play perfectly into Andy's game. AJ has to stay behind the jab and just stay at distance and try to win a points fight. But he obviously hasn't learned a thing. He is going to go in there against the man with a much better chin and try to KO him and is gonna get hurt. When Andy gets hurt he recovers so fast. When AJ gets hurt it takes him rounds to recover and Andy won't let him off the hook

  • thork'N Dude
    thork'N Dude Month ago

    in other words. he's taking Ruiz serious this time around, right? top British fighter < not the top American fighter

  • Illuminated7
    Illuminated7 Month ago

    WTF 46% tax!!!!!!!!
    Wow I love America!!!

  • Chekka T
    Chekka T Month ago

    Everyone talks until they get the KO ...Mike Tyson

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo Month ago

    Concentrate on boxing ur not a life guru philosopher ffs

  • Michael j
    Michael j Month ago


  • Eddie B
    Eddie B Month ago

    I did have concerns about Joshua but he looks very relaxed. I hope he outboxes Ruiz then knocks him the fuck out in the later rounds. I think Ruiz losing weight is detrimental but Joshua losing weight as in getting rid of some of his bulk will improve him , he'll be quicker and will still retain the power, after Wilder, he's the biggest puncher in the division and he also throws hard combinations, something Wilder does not do. Can't wait for this. First time I've had jitters since Benn Vs McClellan. This fight huge. Biggest heavyweight fight since the 90s, that's my opinion

  • slasaus1
    slasaus1 Month ago

    Ruiz is good but i believe i can beat him the second time around... really? With a bit of imagination u can even say ruiz let aj recover in rounds 4 and 5 to ko him again. AJs defense and distance management suck... the chubby kid will get on the inside again, he will vary his punches, 3,1:1 still good odds in my book.

  • slasaus1
    slasaus1 Month ago

    LOL Andy Ruiz beat Joseph Parker... i compared aj vs parker and ruiz vs parker and got them both 6-2 after 8... slight advantage to Ruiz the way he dealt with parker.

  • slasaus1
    slasaus1 Month ago

    LOL 4-2 3-3... the chubby kid syndrome even affected the jury... 4-2 5-1 to Ruiz would have been fair and square.

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton Month ago

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  • Potus Forus
    Potus Forus Month ago +3

    His corner failed him between rounds. He asked them point blank, “What did he hit me with?” to which his corner replied some cliché like “Stay in there and get your legs under you.” Though to his credit Joshua’s legs were jelly. That first shot spelled the beginning of the end. What he should have said was he hit you with a combination xyz... but alas it seemed Ruiz was too fast and the corner was too slow to adjust... Joshua was out there alone..: wounded... exposed... Ruiz had his corner, the arena and confidence to spare in his corner... He pounced seeing his goal in sight... It was epic. Kudos to Mr. Joshua for taking the L like a champ. I look forward to seeing his adjustments and wish for him the best. 🌍✌🏼🖖🏼

  • Mr Green
    Mr Green Month ago +2

    It's such a shame that no one seems to talk or remember the fact that this guy has crazy power too just like Deontay Wilder..AJ has 21 knockouts on his resume from his 23 fights so far as a pro..that's not normal

    • MajorTom
      MajorTom Month ago

      Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow.

  • Alfred Hurtado
    Alfred Hurtado Month ago

    He loss the fight in this interview

  • Dawid Zbikowski
    Dawid Zbikowski Month ago

    Joshua looks stressed

  • alex bergquist
    alex bergquist Month ago

    He was having a mental breakdown

    • ZReiCe
      ZReiCe Month ago

      you were having a mental breakdown after ruiz lost lol

  • Mollywhopp
    Mollywhopp Month ago

    Problem is???he knocked you out after you put him on the floor!!!you just won a round.!.bang bang...sorry aj your over with guys Attitude it’s the wrong one

    • okow tina
      okow tina Month ago

      Anthony "I don't know how to score a boxing match" Joshua

  • Frieslick14
    Frieslick14 Month ago +1

    Quality interview. 👌🏻

    • okow tina
      okow tina Month ago

      Radio don’t know how to position a camera 🙄

  • gjh
    gjh Month ago

    Am I the only one who keeps looking between his legs trying to figure out his size?
    Sorry, it's not me, it's the camera angle! 😁

  • Dank City
    Dank City Month ago

    Check out our day in the life series with the champ, Andy! Get caught up before he defends his belts and brings them back from Saudi Arabi December 7th

  • Point Fighter
    Point Fighter Month ago

    I wanna see Ruiz lose just because he was born in the US and is saying he is the champion for Mexico. If he just claimed he was the American champ I would be on board. Joshua is of African decent but at least he claims the UK. Haters in 1 2 3 4. lol

  • Mark Lanahan
    Mark Lanahan Month ago

    Ruiz beat Parker.

  • Amadey
    Amadey Month ago +1

    Joshua is over. ANs stand for camera to small.

    • dan taylor
      dan taylor Month ago

      @Amadey Sure it's not Wilder running? Give me a top ten fighter Wilder has faced since Fury.

    • Amadey
      Amadey Month ago

      @dan taylor I think AJ is scared to fight Wilder and Fury. I will call him champion if he can beat those guys. He own some belts, bit only because that they play cowards game doing everything to stay far from Wilder and Fury.

    • dan taylor
      dan taylor Month ago

      @Amadey Depends, how many belts does Fury have? How many does Wilder have? AJ holds the cards again now, it's up to Twiglet legs and Gypsy boy to step up now.

    • Amadey
      Amadey Month ago +1

      @dan taylor how long he can stay away from Wilder and Fury?

    • dan taylor
      dan taylor Month ago

      REally? So who holds all the belts?

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko Month ago

    Best interviewer by far

    • TIm Smith
      TIm Smith Month ago

      No, interviewer should have asked him about that punch on the right temple.

  • Nevius
    Nevius Month ago

    He lost to much weight and he doesnt look heathy at all HES A DEAD MAN WALKING!

    • TIm Smith
      TIm Smith Month ago

      It’s all long arms and long legs and small head on top.

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy Month ago

      Joshua really has big legs. What an athlete.

    MMA PREDATOR Month ago

    Great interview, great questions keeping the interview flowing.

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy Month ago

      AJ needs to stop talking in philosophical bollocks riddles and grow a pair and fight. I've never seen anyone as dormant

  • Martin Roskilly
    Martin Roskilly Month ago

    Great interviewer, I must admit I really enjoy just listening to AJ. He is an intelligent man. I wish him well but there’s something in the back of the mind that Andy can do this again. We will see. Both men are great people. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko Month ago

      Aj because he was found out to be just a weightlifter juice head bum

  • C Phillps
    C Phillps Month ago

    If I beat Ruiz in Saudi Arabia, I WILL NOT fight Deontay Wilder next and will DUCK Wilder for the rest of my career.
    - Anthony Joshua

  • C Phillps
    C Phillps Month ago

    This guy is terrified to fight Wilder .....

  • C Phillps
    C Phillps Month ago

    AJ is a pussy and a coward. Dude turned down $80M in September 2018 against Wilder So he could make $7M fighting a washed up has been named PEDvetkin
    He then comes to America, can’t get a Testosterone Exemption and gets castrated in front of millions by one of Al Haymons B-level heavyweight

    • okow tina
      okow tina Month ago +1

      Chanclany Joshua going to get wrecked again lol

  • danni ragu
    danni ragu Month ago

    Omg he got lot pressure

    • okow tina
      okow tina Month ago

      Ándale amigo. Good luck

  • Jake K
    Jake K Month ago

    Radio don’t know how to position a camera 🙄

  • matoscu
    matoscu Month ago

    Anthony "I don't know how to score a boxing match" Joshua

  • MrFinisher111
    MrFinisher111 Month ago

    1. Y DENY 50MIL +50/50 SPLIT on casino revenue of the night
    2. Y did u tell wilder NOT to come to the Parker fight,No, and retaining order if so, more security.
    3. Y don't you fight Tyson fury?
    4. Admit klitchko was 2years retired and no tune up fight, and was revived, Y not admit you shud be a body builder on steroids
    5. Admit to QUIT in the RUIZ fight
    6. Admit to telling wilder u didn't fight at Wembley n Sept, then you do just that against POVETKIN, for 25mil less money then the 50m guaranteed, OR JUST TELL THE WORLD UR AN AVERAGE FIGHTER, AND NEED TO EARN THE STRAPS THE RIGHT WAY, and proclaim Wilder the REAL CHAMPION, but recognize DDD will be #1 soon very soon

  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy Month ago

    in my opinion, AJ wins by knock out.

  • Jonny King
    Jonny King Month ago

    It's about timing and Milly seconds it's about getting hit and taking it on chin and not giving up all prep in the world if he gets hit and under pressure again same will happen makes no difference who his sparing partners are nutritions are FUCKIN sports sycilygy all best camp money can bye the be all and end all if he gets hit again and hasn't learnt to fight going forward and use his hight reach to advantage same out cum bye from the king j

  • Jonny King
    Jonny King Month ago

    Was ther one reason why you lost he asked AJ derrr ye dickhead he got FUCKIN twatted and git hurt and give up simple as that he did give up and he knows that Deep down and Ruiz going in confedance knowing he has already knocked him out simple again wtf all stupid questions he got caught and git smashed up simple stop the reason and EXUSES and lets just see what happens this time goodluck to both men fucking boring now all the talk FFS just get the fight over I really do hope AJ DOES WIN I REALLY DO BUT CANT LISTEN TO NO MORE TALKING BYE

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy Month ago

      I feel that Joshua have improved so much since that loss

  • BpE
    BpE Month ago

    So basically Joshua just now wanting to learn how to box. Hahaha. #AndStill

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton Month ago

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  • tonytigervarley
    tonytigervarley Month ago

    AJ needs to stop talking in philosophical bollocks riddles and grow a pair and fight. I've never seen anyone as dormant

  • Suba
    Suba Month ago

    Joshua really has big legs. What an athlete.

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester Month ago

    Aj because he was found out to be just a weightlifter juice head bum

  • Diran Nerus
    Diran Nerus Month ago +2

    He’s upset. And mix emotions there. Doubt is creeping.

  • Darnell Rouse Jr.
    Darnell Rouse Jr. Month ago

    Man, that one left hook he keeps referencing was the LAST punch in a CLEAN three punch combo. He keeps acting like it was some fluke punch. You got touched bro. I hope you have a better showing in this fight.