Sunday League Football - NO SLIP UPS

  • Published on Apr 1, 2019
  • Welcome back to Sunday League Football, it's cup quarter final time as we hope to seek out another Cup Final day this season!
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Comments • 308

  • The3starballers
    The3starballers 4 months ago

    Big josh

    • The3starballers
      The3starballers 4 months ago

      Are the players that haven’t scored for palmers

  • Heeazz
    Heeazz 5 months ago

    Where'd all the original players go ? Knowlsey, toogood i stopped watching for a while And came back too a completely different team apart from nick . Can someone tell me what happened to them?

  • Pepbirch7
    Pepbirch7 5 months ago

    Shaun big josh foxy tony

  • C-R Riggs
    C-R Riggs 5 months ago

    Come on lads, ive binge watched the whole season in 2 days - could really use you doing all those games in hand in a day or two to give me something more to watch. Joking aside great content, Tommy Tom Tom is rock solid.

  • Andrew Stevens
    Andrew Stevens 5 months ago

    This channel is an absolute treasure.

  • Fortnite Brothers
    Fortnite Brothers 5 months ago


  • Daniel Foster
    Daniel Foster 5 months ago

    Where’s knowlesy

  • Chris Wheeler
    Chris Wheeler 5 months ago

    I cant take over i got to warm up, then smokes lol

  • Adam Skiba
    Adam Skiba 5 months ago +1

    Good to see Charlie got his 1st goal for the 1st team he is a really good player, and I have left a liked just for Shane's moment of failure haha

    • ChazzaV
      ChazzaV 5 months ago

      Adam Skiba thank you Adam appreciate that mate 👍🏻

  • Brad Davies
    Brad Davies 5 months ago

    When’s the WCOFAAGN!!

  • Joe Phillip Wickham
    Joe Phillip Wickham 5 months ago

    The 4 players not to score are the 4 with 0 goals

  • da'quan from the block
    da'quan from the block 5 months ago

    I head Palmers FC is a feeder for Scunthorpe United, or nah?

  • Sean Schollaert
    Sean Schollaert 5 months ago

    Big Josh, Foxy, Shaun...and tony?

  • oT Kurve
    oT Kurve 5 months ago

    Big josh hasn’t scored I don’t believe 🤔

  • Matt In Full Vision
    Matt In Full Vision 5 months ago +2

    The best team in Sunday League. Also miles better than Hashtag United

  • RobJaskula
    RobJaskula 5 months ago

    Nick rounding back into form! Looks like he's lost a pound or two.

    • RobJaskula
      RobJaskula 5 months ago +1

      @Palmers FC 😂😂 wearing my Palmers quarter-zip top all the way in Texas today!

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC  5 months ago +1

      Peak physical fitness he likes to call it

  • marcus cook
    marcus cook 5 months ago

    everyone slating Lewis need to grow up. what a bunch of pathetic melts

  • 6runolima
    6runolima 5 months ago +1

    Why is true Geordie in goal for them

  • Gem Jones
    Gem Jones 5 months ago

    How did this team get the the quarter finals? 😂😂😂

  • Glen Huntley
    Glen Huntley 5 months ago

    Dawn!!! The opponents keeper is a right UNIT!

  • Alex Whitehead
    Alex Whitehead 5 months ago


  • Jaya Terima
    Jaya Terima 5 months ago

    Big Josh
    and Shawn

  • Scott Johnston
    Scott Johnston 5 months ago

    lewis was a bit of a wanker this game tbh

  • Scott Hala
    Scott Hala 5 months ago +1

    How could you dislike this video but if you like smiv gets more money to do more on the road😉😉😉 (FOOTBALL)

  • Brett Hodgson
    Brett Hodgson 5 months ago

    Lewis a class player? Never works hard and misses more shots then Mohammad salah

  • Reece Clark
    Reece Clark 5 months ago

    Smiv how do you think you’ll cope with sin bins being introduced for dissent only next season?

    • Reece Clark
      Reece Clark 5 months ago

      Palmers FC it’ll certainly take some time for them to learn, as a ref I think once players learn and realise how bad dissent can be at the min it won’t be required come 5 years time

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC  5 months ago +1

      Not well 😂

  • Popcarpi
    Popcarpi 5 months ago +1

    Wheres Connor??

  • I’m a man Who’s just bought a house

    7:59 nah that’s just disrespectful. 4 nil up and you’re taking the piss

  • Finley Davies
    Finley Davies 5 months ago

    Tony, Shawn , Wayne , foxy

  • Stourbridge Baggies
    Stourbridge Baggies 5 months ago

    Nick scores.
    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Smiv: can he get 100?

  • # 1
    # 1 5 months ago


  • tea time
    tea time 5 months ago +1

    i want tommy to have my kids.

  • Jake Barnden
    Jake Barnden 5 months ago +1

    I think tommy Tom tom

  • Tyson Doolan
    Tyson Doolan 5 months ago

    Smiv foxy big josh and Shawn pretty sure that’s the 4

  • Scott Fisher
    Scott Fisher 5 months ago

    Big Josh, Tony, Foxy and GK Shawn have NOT scored a competitive goal for Palmers yet

  • Eder Alonso
    Eder Alonso 5 months ago

    Am I the only one that got flash backs when reading division 3 names

  • jacob benson
    jacob benson 5 months ago

    I must of been watching palmers grow for the past 4 years or something but I’ve seen the views sky rocket to averaging 100k views but this season it’s about 60k and tbh not to get to personal but this is probably the time you need the money from the views the most with you now having a daughter now any reason why I put it down to audiences getting older and growing out of TheXvid but I can never be sure

  • Jack W
    Jack W 5 months ago

    Was their goalie The Big Show?

  • I smoke rocks Joe rogan

    That team made a quarterfinal?

  • Dan Jameson
    Dan Jameson 5 months ago

    No need to let the keeper take the pen imo

  • hudu
    hudu 5 months ago

    Beat of a beating here, but well done to a 4th division side for making it to the quarter finals.

  • Leon Hulson
    Leon Hulson 5 months ago

    Wow that was a dead game

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC  5 months ago

      Can only play what’s in front of us, hopefully more competitive games not too far away

  • GIbbo 93
    GIbbo 93 5 months ago

    We want a Treble winning season! #ComeonyouPalmers

  • TipsForKicks •
    TipsForKicks • 5 months ago

    Let nick get to 100 ffs

  • C
    C 5 months ago

    loving the massive divot in the middle of the pitch

  • Willie Hannon
    Willie Hannon 5 months ago

    That commentary is fuckin class. Thank you you Matt

  • TheSh00k
    TheSh00k 5 months ago +1

    Who gets too 100 first? Nick or Bill

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake 5 months ago

    Can’t stand Lewis, makes playing Sunday league shit, gobby little bitch

    UPTHE MANOR 5 months ago +1

    How tall is charlie?

      UPTHE MANOR 5 months ago

      @ChazzaV fair enough

    • ChazzaV
      ChazzaV 5 months ago

      UPTHE MANOR 5ft5 My man

  • SF M
    SF M 5 months ago +4

    Love Nicks attitude, he’s on his road to 100 and still celebrates Jack scoring the penalty he won👌🏻

  • Thomas woodley
    Thomas woodley 5 months ago

    Foxy big josh Shaun and Tony

  • Jeff Stanley
    Jeff Stanley 5 months ago

    Shaun, big josh, pep & gonzo are the 4 who hasn’t scored a goal

  • james johnstone
    james johnstone 5 months ago

    Brad, Shaun, Blossy and Joey?

  • Andy Pope
    Andy Pope 5 months ago

    Wayne Shaun luke

  • Caine Frankham
    Caine Frankham 5 months ago

    Spelt social wrong

  • Cannot Game
    Cannot Game 5 months ago

    Is it just me or does Lewis run wierd

  • Joost den Houdijker
    Joost den Houdijker 5 months ago +1

    5:18 loving that editting smiv

  • Thom Williams
    Thom Williams 5 months ago

    Where can I buy this “Book Of Tommy” asking for a mate x

  • Thomas Egan
    Thomas Egan 5 months ago +9

    Shane really has improved so much since his early days, much like Elliott, he has really settled in!

  • Vucid
    Vucid 5 months ago

    Tony, Josh, Shawn and Foxy 🐐