Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
  • Everyone’s favorite Ellen won’t be using her daytime voice in this one. Relatable, Ellen DeGeneres’ first stand-up special in 15 years, streams December 18, only on Netflix.
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    Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 901

  • Audrey Shoults
    Audrey Shoults 6 days ago

    I love it!

  • Debbie O
    Debbie O 6 days ago

    Funny is relatable!

  • ThisIsErdoS
    ThisIsErdoS 10 days ago

    Song is Shades by The Knocks, if anyone is curious - GREAT BAND, HELL YES

  • Sandi Bjarnson
    Sandi Bjarnson 13 days ago


  • Jayn Siregar
    Jayn Siregar 13 days ago +1

    I watched it n not really funny, don't get me wrong bcos I do love Ellen, but honestly it's boring

  • Vineet
    Vineet 15 days ago

    Damn this bombed big time. Could have hired a better writer. Netflix is not going for that again. Ellenshow is great though as usual.

  • winona sanders
    winona sanders 16 days ago

    did she break her neck?

  • Dina M
    Dina M Month ago

    sounds annoying

  • Twiddle Bee
    Twiddle Bee Month ago

    That was fantastic ! thank you Ellen ! and Netflix ! Loved it ! 💖
    🎈 ~ :)

  • Tammy Kirk
    Tammy Kirk Month ago

    She talk about how much money she has alot

  • Iris Rodriguez
    Iris Rodriguez Month ago

    Ellen looking like Odell with a hamstring injury singing happy B-Day LMFAO

  • Karl Childers
    Karl Childers Month ago

    her name should be Ellen degenerate

  • Dawn Soso
    Dawn Soso Month ago

    This is genius.

  • William Brown
    William Brown Month ago

    to all her fans: watch the special. note how she addresses and interacts with common people. notice how if it isn't about her she isn't interested. watch her face when her fans ask her anything that isn't about her.

  • mondler&bechloe
    mondler&bechloe Month ago

    Help!! Just watched the special. I didn't get the ladder joke! I wanna get it!

  • sik lan Wong
    sik lan Wong Month ago

    Standing table Ellen fullfill power ka ,

  • teeobi
    teeobi Month ago


  • Annika Geshe
    Annika Geshe Month ago

    What happened to her stand up? i went back and they changed it to 10 mins ask Ellen, instead of the whole standup?

  • LilBitOfEverything
    LilBitOfEverything Month ago

    Just saw it... Love Ellen but that stand up was trash... Mediocre at best...
    Rarely any jokes... Little puns here n there... Sorry Ellen... Stick to your talk show where the jokes are written for you to read and memorize...

  • Chem Student
    Chem Student 2 months ago

    Just watched it on showbox ..it was awesome

  • Lyuboslav Ivanov
    Lyuboslav Ivanov 2 months ago

    I mean boring ... you really have lost it gurl ... that's why the show's rating is dropping as well ...

  • Jimmy JAMES
    Jimmy JAMES 2 months ago

    2 words: Not relatable. This was terrible. She is probably the most boring comedian. She had to put in her social justice crusade at certain points talking about “we just need to just respect everyone’s feelings and treat everyone with respect and kindness”. I was hoping to hear a joke or two not be lectured on equal consideration of people’s feelings. Pass it on terrible comedian and she’s not that nice of a person. Especially since she treated Katy perry like a piece of meat. This special was a lecture to everyone on how you better do as I say and not sprain your mind and how I am a great person. Hey I’m great and nice and I can say nice things and say how we need to help those who are less fortunate and if I’m saying it to a group I will hear “sweet, you are such a great person!” If I say hey who cares if you’re gay I got better things to worry about and take responsibility and save your money and your feelings aren’t going to make a difference. I would then here, “that’s not fair, think about how your words hurt

  • gooni goo goo
    gooni goo goo 2 months ago

    I dont know if I should refer to Ellen as Sir or Ma'am .

  • gooni goo goo
    gooni goo goo 2 months ago

    yawn. was not at all funny. I felt very uncomfortable watching this for 5 min..was just plain terrible.

  • nicole albors
    nicole albors 2 months ago

    I like the joke about the lesbian day time it's not a good time for lesbian to do a show i laugh 😂 so loud and look at my girl and say to her so I can't go out because I am bisexual 😂 she started laughing so hard to

  • LauJ O
    LauJ O 2 months ago

    She is funny and all but the audience is just so annoying, they clap every 2 words that come out of her mouth, and they cheer for so long like every 3 minutes, it's really annoying.

  • Joleen Ray
    Joleen Ray 2 months ago

    I just watched this special on Netflix!! Oh my God it was funny!! Ellen did a spectacular job writing this! It is AMAZING!!!

  • Ra Jr
    Ra Jr 2 months ago

    This was hard to finish. The amount of awkward silences made me feel bad for her. I'd just say stay away from standup because she can't be as unfiltered as she'd like.

  • Bogart1980
    Bogart1980 2 months ago

    Is she a lesbian?

    • Flivver !!
      Flivver !! 2 months ago

      Yes. And she's married too

  • Jeffrey Desir
    Jeffrey Desir 2 months ago

    She's back baby!

  • Zimmy
    Zimmy 2 months ago

    Aaaaaand, it was awful

  • sorel edwin suarez
    sorel edwin suarez 2 months ago

    too sweet for me

  • Jackson Rees
    Jackson Rees 2 months ago

    Absolutely fucking awful

  • Edvin Kingston
    Edvin Kingston 2 months ago +1


  • no yes
    no yes 2 months ago

    i never knew steve jobs did a comedy special

  • Ms Sunshine
    Ms Sunshine 2 months ago

    I am watching this now. It’s so good to laugh at funny things where there’s no cussing or rude/crass stories. I’m laughing so hard at everything.

  • Krayzie Roach
    Krayzie Roach 2 months ago +1

    There was one thing that made me laugh for 1 second and nothing else was funny. Most of the audience's reactions are them cheering of parts of her career. If you want to hear people cheer about a person "bragging" of what they've done then you may like this.

  • Andrew Pollock
    Andrew Pollock 2 months ago

    Couldn't even get through the trailer! Lol Netflix: well don't worry about Daredevil being cancelled cause we're releasing an Ellen stand up special. The next cancelation will be my Netflix subscription.

  • the chi chi
    the chi chi 2 months ago

    Shit. She will throw maybe a Trump joke to be different like everyone else

  • nicoandthelegends
    nicoandthelegends 2 months ago

    can’t wait for all the lesbian jokes

  • Kidney Donor
    Kidney Donor 2 months ago

    I love Ellen.
    You can help me friend out, he needs a kidney. Check out donor4luis.com

  • Tyler Stevens
    Tyler Stevens 2 months ago

    Calm down people just be glad it’s not Amy Schumer.

  • Bobby
    Bobby 2 months ago

    She has never been funny. Elementary school jokes. Funny is rickles, dangerfiled etc..

  • Edward Grijalva
    Edward Grijalva 2 months ago

    This was very enjoyable 👏🏽

  • Mike
    Mike 2 months ago

    Dumbass liberal.

  • asalafanclub
    asalafanclub 2 months ago

    I didn't laugh at all..

  • عباس السوداني

    هذا رجال لومرة احتاريت

  • MUNDOM316
    MUNDOM316 2 months ago

    This Netflix special was just awful. Ellen really should just stick to with the talk show. There’s something that just bugs me about comedians that say “uhh” or “umm” almost after every punchline. If you didn’t catch it go back and watch that shit again and every time she says “uhh” take a shot and see if you’re not hammered by the end of the show. Now try the same thing with a real stand up comedian (like Dave Chapelle) and I guarantee you’ll still be sober.
    Some of her jokes were good enough for a chuckle here and there but that’s about it. She abused the gay jokes a bit too much, like that was her crutch to stand on. Just not good at all. But I’m sure her followers will have something to say about what I said so bring it on

  • Lps music
    Lps music 2 months ago

    She is so talented

  • Deacon Frost
    Deacon Frost 2 months ago

    I want to warn every parent: this is homosexual propaganda, do not allow your children to view this

  • thatkenyannigga
    thatkenyannigga 2 months ago

    I honestly tried to watch this train wreck of corniness. She’s still not it chief

  • bilio dayssimo
    bilio dayssimo 2 months ago

    i like this dickless dude

  • Darek
    Darek 2 months ago +1

    That was supposed to be funny?

  • Dwain Wilson
    Dwain Wilson 2 months ago +1

    Why is she dressed like a skater?

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool 2 months ago +3

    First of all I am a big fan of Ellen and The Ellen Show.... But this was by far the worst stand up show I've ever seen.

  • Adil Khalid
    Adil Khalid 2 months ago

    where do I find her blue top?

  • Vegas Mendoza'
    Vegas Mendoza' 2 months ago +1

    It was uncomfortably not funny.. After the 3rd punchline I cut it off and watched The Good Place for the 23rd time

  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez 2 months ago +1

    I still love Ellen but this was so boring. Sorry Ellen don't hate me if u reading this.

  • Evelyne Pereira
    Evelyne Pereira 3 months ago

    I love Ellen!!!

  • swagstar132
    swagstar132 3 months ago

    Better than Amy Schumer that’s for sure

  • bongo fury
    bongo fury 3 months ago

    Why is it so important to her that people can “relate” to her? Could it be her incorrect lifestyle is catching up to her?

  • Tropi Cano
    Tropi Cano 3 months ago

    I guess anybody gets a comedy special even when they aren’t funny interesting

  • G. Moore
    G. Moore 3 months ago

    She's good. Very funny.

  • Martin Carstensen
    Martin Carstensen 3 months ago

    After I saw the show and confirmed how glorified she really is I wonder how well she takes criticism...

  • Dizzle
    Dizzle 3 months ago +1

    Her HBO special was way funnier. Belly laughs. I remember laughing so hard. You can even hear the audience dying from laughter. This new show doesn't live up to that at all. She should have went back to the drawing board. Some of the jokes are funny, but not belly laughs. More like a chuckle here a giggle there. I was disappointed. I expected more after 15 years. That's a lot of time to come up with some really good material

  • T C
    T C 3 months ago +1

    Carpet muncher :p

  • T C
    T C 3 months ago +7

    Anyone else notice that she had to hire the audience to laugh at everything....

  • Lps music
    Lps music 3 months ago


  • La diabla
    La diabla 3 months ago +2

    Dude I watched this and all I could notice was how big her ears are and I couldnt keep looking at them

  • Salini Renu Gopal
    Salini Renu Gopal 3 months ago

    Watched it and loved it.. her dance moves were👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Coach Ronald
    Coach Ronald 3 months ago +4

    I'm a fan of Ellen and of a bunch of stand up comic like Russel, Fluffy, Dave, Noah and more. But, if I will compare it to Sandler's come back special to Ellen's I'd say Sandler's better than Ellen's. I fell asleep during the 1st 15 min of Ellen's special. I feel like I'm watching The Ellen Show. Jokes are corny and there were dead airs as if she's thinking of what's next. I think she has to sharpen her saw. No hate, but just an observation. I still love her ❤

  • V. Lilianne
    V. Lilianne 3 months ago +3

    i love ellen but this wasn't that great honestly

  • Evelyn Barrera
    Evelyn Barrera 3 months ago +4

    This is basically like a TedTalk about her life with a few jokes here and there. I still like her though.

  • Lois Loves Cheese
    Lois Loves Cheese 3 months ago

    Ellen is just so so so amazing urrgggghh

  • Bret .Maverick
    Bret .Maverick 3 months ago

    I guess if you fill your audience with women that go to your talk show it'll be a hit. Just wasn't funny. So I only watched 15 minutes of it.

  • Vlad Sicoe
    Vlad Sicoe 3 months ago

    I love her stand ups. Her humor doesn’t have any vulgar words or insults, and she’s still funny.

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 3 months ago

    Its time to take womens rights away

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 3 months ago

    No more Votes for women

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 3 months ago

    Take Womens rights away now

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 3 months ago

    What a gross human. lets be everything my biology told me not to do

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 3 months ago

    Why is she so ugly

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 3 months ago

    What the fuck is she wearing

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 3 months ago


    WILLIAM GILLESPIE 3 months ago

    I actually watched it and it’s hilarious! She’s still got it!

  • Armando Delgado
    Armando Delgado 3 months ago

    She's great I could not stop laughing

  • kagoon0709
    kagoon0709 3 months ago

    So watching it

  • Jermaine Brown
    Jermaine Brown 3 months ago

    I don't really watch her show except for excerpts I've caught over the years on youtube, and I'm someone who typically likes "dirty" comedy, but I have to say this was actually pretty damn funny. I laughed out loud at many parts. She's just so good at what she does you can't help but laugh. An interesting side note, if you know who Deon Cole is (quite the polar opposite of Ellen), has cited her as one of his major influences.

  • Hilda sauceda
    Hilda sauceda 3 months ago

    Ellen you are a funny, nice and beautiful so Merry Christmas and a happy new year 😜🤩🤗 it will be nice/fun to see you.

  • daylite34
    daylite34 3 months ago

    I don't get all the criticism I thought it was fantastic. Ellen has always been clean and pg13 what were people expecting?

  • buzzikea
    buzzikea 3 months ago +1

    Just saw it on Netflix, nice way to populate gay in our world. listen, being gay is not okay, it's a mental disorder and you do not have to tell everyone you have this. The audience is 80 percent fat women, most likely feminist, who ask questions like "I gave a birth to a kitten, what does it mean?". Transvestites are on youtube trending page, men act, dress, and talk like women, when the heck did that became a normal behavior. The only normal gay I've seen so far is Oscar Martinez from "The Office". The world is fucked even more now. Now hate this comment!

  • alaya bhalla
    alaya bhalla 3 months ago

    Tiffany haddish needs a goddamn Netflix special

  • rockstar062473
    rockstar062473 3 months ago

    Should have listened to male friend...after major plastic surgery and millions of dollars earned. Not relatable.

  • guillaume m
    guillaume m 3 months ago +1

    Not the best from Ellen 😬

  • Sharon 92075
    Sharon 92075 3 months ago

    Ellen is hilarious, but, I wish Ellen wasn't a lesbian and didn't promote the gay lifestyle and causes! I am an evangelical Christian, and the Bible is very clear on homosexuality, adultery and premarital sex. They are sinful in God's eyes.

    • Sharon 92075
      Sharon 92075 2 months ago

      Hi +Flivver !! The stakes are pretty high, and eternal life hangs in the balance!
      "...at the name of Jesus every knee will bow,...and...every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.... Philippians 2:10-11 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

    • Flivver !!
      Flivver !! 2 months ago

      +Sharon 92075 how bad i want to argue on this conversation but not at the same time. you sound like a nice person with wrong opinion or a opinion which im against to it. and my words isnt gonna change your mind or something. so its better if we both drop it

    • Sharon 92075
      Sharon 92075 2 months ago

      +Flivver !! Before I became a Christian I thought the Bible was a book of fairy tales. Now I believe the Bible is the Word of God.
      God has provided a textbook for life, the Bible.
      God loves you!

    • Flivver !!
      Flivver !! 2 months ago

      *Sigh* as if he was your neighbor or something. Who wrote this Bible?? Who heard him saying that???

  • Phyllisha Hart
    Phyllisha Hart 3 months ago


  • David De Marchi
    David De Marchi 3 months ago

    So unfunny. She really harps about being a victim. Also she’s kinda a braggart.

  • Raines
    Raines 3 months ago

    Thank you Netflix! It’s great!

  • Esmeralda Elliott
    Esmeralda Elliott 3 months ago

    Loved it!

  • Triop
    Triop 3 months ago +2

    I'm lesbian.

  • Matt Hauck
    Matt Hauck 3 months ago +1

    Terrible standup, I love Ellen! But this was weak!