• Published on Jul 22, 2017
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a blacksmith from Norwich in the UK. I make fun things every day for my daily TheXvid videos! Lots of sparks, lots of hard work and crazy amounts of fun!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!
    I also do a live show, once per week (Saturdays approximately between 3-5pm EST)!
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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2017
    Norwich, UK
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  • Arwen Brimhall
    Arwen Brimhall 2 months ago +1

    Itโ€™s such a shame you put so much work into this new workshop and then less than two years later had to do it all over again in Montana.

  • Chris Lewis
    Chris Lewis 3 months ago

    When someone who makes swords and knives says, "Let me run you through..." I get curious about his intentions.

  • Archie Dodge
    Archie Dodge 10 months ago

    Porky Piggin it

  • Duane Miller
    Duane Miller 10 months ago

    well done chaps the new shop looks amazing!

  • Jamie Tickner
    Jamie Tickner 10 months ago

    Alec you need to get an Australian flag

  • Frankly
    Frankly 10 months ago

    Cinematic I think was the word you were looking for haha

  • x9x9x9x9x9
    x9x9x9x9x9 11 months ago

    As a crappy American I don't like a lot of british accents. I think its called the cockney accent I don't like its just grating on the ears and hard to understand for me. But Alec's accent in pleasant. Its that smart british stereotype accent you see in american movies. Also the glasses remind me of Kingsman which is one of my favorite movies. Random spiel over I like Alec's content and like him as a host.

  • mark verberne
    mark verberne 11 months ago

    i would like to order a cinnamon tent 4:00

  • d friendly
    d friendly Year ago

    You don't have to be crazy to be a blacksmith... but it helps.

  • Apodis
    Apodis Year ago

    I'm usually good with accents Alec but I can't place yours, where are you from mate?

  • Mr Murphy Piers
    Mr Murphy Piers Year ago

    Why not just stud out the entire wall and then use rockwool slab..?

  • Robert McMahon
    Robert McMahon Year ago

    Not to be too pernickety but it's only called a Union Jack while at sea. It's a Union flag whilst on land.

  • dan goheen
    dan goheen Year ago


  • Dixie Cup Fridays

    You should make something for your neighbors

  • payton Kaufmann
    payton Kaufmann Year ago

    Put the flag of the United States of America up on your wall

  • Edward Wardell
    Edward Wardell Year ago

    It is not called the Union Jack unless you are on a boat.

  • JC Bronson
    JC Bronson Year ago +1

    Youโ€™re the man!๐Ÿ‘Š Fantastic!

  • Theophilus Jedediah

    Well...yea! Sam...but i donโ€™t get why you cant just give us your mobile number so we can be in constant chatty contact? Are you too big for us lowly you tube fans now? Gee...ouch! My feelings are properly singed. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿคช

  • Frank George
    Frank George Year ago

    Alec do you have any recent videos I seem to be only finding your old videos on TheXvid

  • G.T. Jay
    G.T. Jay Year ago

    SAM!! Sharing the load :D.

  • Bertie Koch
    Bertie Koch Year ago

    How about a South African Flag? You got one?

  • Christopher Barrows

    Way to go. Love watching your progress.

  • Subaru Time
    Subaru Time Year ago

    7:10 just woke up too haha

  • none given
    none given Year ago

    "I don't want any strife..."
    Sir might I remind you that you make sharp pointy objects for a living? (As well as heavy blunt ones). I know this video was some time ago, but it just struck me as unusually funny for some reason.

  • Shane Reppe
    Shane Reppe Year ago

    YES YES YES! So happy for you with your "fantastic" (t-shirt quotes) new shop looking forward to all of the brilliant items and content from henceforth.

  • Seabass Gaddis
    Seabass Gaddis Year ago +2

    Would it still be possible to send you a flag. I have an Oregon flag and it would be absolutely fantastic if it could end up in your shop.

  • Neil Richards Ranga Pirate

    Love your work. Am addicted to your vids.
    Just a suggestion, maybe get your hands on a Canon DSLR for your vlogging like this episode. That way you can easily set your 'aperture' to roughly f8-f10 which will keep you in focus when you rock back and forth but stop the autofocus hunting for something to focus on. I'm sure as a vlogger and editor, this annoys you when going back through your shot list.
    Other than that, your enthusiam and vidoe/editing skills are bang on.
    Warm regards from oz (the convicts).

  • E Slim
    E Slim Year ago

    don't fear the echo !!!!!
    ps- the future can extent oxygen to a longer expansion
    >your "old videos" remind me of my "old videos".. change is a revolution.
    (you got a fan bro, im a enter and exit type of guy.. no welcome needed blah blah)

  • AdriS
    AdriS Year ago

    You need an hypercardioid microphone for reduce the echo

  • Will John
    Will John Year ago +1

    get yourself a Welsh flag.. and I suppose a Scottish and English one too!

  • Brad Miller
    Brad Miller Year ago

    Alec, I have really enjoyed your videos and watch them daily. I am not a forger, but I love learning new things and have watched your videos since Oct 2016. Anyway, I have been thinking about sending you a flag from where we live, the Amazon Jungle in Brasil. It would be from the state Amazonas. Would you have a place for it in your new workshop? And if so, what size would be best?

  • HoogbyRuligan
    HoogbyRuligan Year ago

    Sorry, if you want to kill echoes in mass, there are way better flags for this job!!!

  • Dan Gamble
    Dan Gamble Year ago

    I'm gonna stick by the whole HIGH DENSITY RUBBER MATTING under the things that go BANG and GErrrrrrrrrrTatTatTat etc. It'll probably be better for the neighbours in regards to the low frequencies resonating the entire building more than it will help the reflective high frequencies destroying your brain and emotional stability... But it will help.

  • Dallas Woiken
    Dallas Woiken Year ago

    Wish I could afford to send u a Canadian Flag. great work both of you

  • Geof
    Geof Year ago

    Alec, if you set up a live stream of your workshop, people would sit there and watch you all day long!! Good work pal.

  • Dave Stacey
    Dave Stacey Year ago

    Thank You Sam!!

  • Country Wood Creations NYWV

    Give it time, the shop will fill up. If you come into some extra cash, buy your steel in bulk. You might have the extra space for it :) My old shop was empty too, and within a yr, i had to start screaming about what a mess it was. If I can, make a suggestion, make some nice big assembly tables on casters wood or steel.. Worth their weight in gold

  • Ryan Schmaltz
    Ryan Schmaltz Year ago

    CANADIAN FLAG!!! fuck the Yankees, nobody likes them anyways

  • James Schaaf
    James Schaaf Year ago

    You need to insulate the roof, I've spent the day in a warehouse come eventing space near Brisbane, zero sound absorbing material on the walls but a fully insulated roof and there is zero boom. I took photos for your benefit.

  • Jason Davis
    Jason Davis Year ago

    With all the extra space, Sam could be building forges to sell! I'll be looking for one in January or February. Working on setting up my own shop - all inspired by Alec!

  • Bobby Melehes
    Bobby Melehes Year ago

    You should fly the Canadian flag in the kitchen to pay tribute to the one you had over the microwave in the old shop!

  • Kuma San
    Kuma San Year ago +1

    You need a PEACE flag, as there are to many wars in the world.

  • Sway
    Sway Year ago

    Pretty sure you are going to need to insulate the metal door in some way, which would help keep the neighbors happier as well.

  • Dรขntalo Paula


  • nicks98gtstang
    nicks98gtstang Year ago

    You should make a rolling wall that's sound proof, put it on casters, then you'll have extra sound reduction where you're working.

  • Megan Blitz
    Megan Blitz Year ago

    That would make it easier to make canister Damascus

  • Megan Blitz
    Megan Blitz Year ago

    He should put a bin under the belt sander to get powdered steel

  • Tiago
    Tiago Year ago +1

    It sounds dumb but I'd love to see metal working on things that don't end up crazy sharp. A shovel, or a rake, maybe a metal shield. Great work!

  • grenouille61
    grenouille61 Year ago

    You could make a big project with you neighbor for the inauguration of your workshop

  • OffPlanet
    OffPlanet Year ago

    in glad you have so much room now. enjoy it while it lasts though. it won't be big for long haha

  • JakeThePeasant
    JakeThePeasant Year ago

    Make a Damascus power hammer!

  • Jurjen v.d. Meij
    Jurjen v.d. Meij Year ago

    How about a shell/cover for your MacBook!! That would look awesome!!!!

  • thomas scott
    thomas scott Year ago +1

    Happy to see patriotic people in Britain especially support for the United States, stay based!

  • James Evans
    James Evans Year ago

    To Sam ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Neil Hunter
    Neil Hunter Year ago

    Made my first knife out of a Alan key this weekend love watching your vids inspiring

  • MrBillbo911
    MrBillbo911 Year ago

    With the size of the shop, it is now apparent you need a Follow Focus. Kinda distracting now without it.

  • VegetaFH1
    VegetaFH1 Year ago

    I understand your pain Alec

  • Phantom Force
    Phantom Force Year ago

    You should totally forge a chandelier to hang from those high ceilings, maybe one that runs on gas and actually works, or just a decorative spirally piece.

  • IronHorse Forge
    IronHorse Forge Year ago

    Claps for Sam!!

  • J Llew
    J Llew Year ago

    So much room for activities!

  • Kenny Moats
    Kenny Moats Year ago

    Sam is my hero!

  • Ben Temchine
    Ben Temchine Year ago

    I have worked in radio for a long time and have de-echoed my fair share of rooms. A crucial consideration is to make sure sound doesn't bounce back and forth. Start sticking wedges into your panels, aiming them in different directions. You want to mix absorption with redirection.

  • Gib Clark
    Gib Clark Year ago


  • brewster 21
    brewster 21 Year ago

    I'd go higher with the solid steel pipework and all the way over to the wall much safer and neater. suspended from the ceilng. workshops coming on nice though and bone dry too.

  • maxst2
    maxst2 Year ago

    Def need panels off the roof, can be just simple heavy fabric... like a flag ;)

  • Jason Benjamin
    Jason Benjamin Year ago

    Send him a dickbutt flag

  • David Hamilton
    David Hamilton Year ago

    Big round of applause for sam ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Elwyn Harris
    Elwyn Harris Year ago

    do you have a welsh flag yet Alec?

  • Darth Tasty
    Darth Tasty Year ago

    @Sam Fowler You are a gentleman and a scholar

  • suggsy1992
    suggsy1992 Year ago

    Alec your videos are on fire! Haha pun intended. Keep the AWESOME vlogs coming!

  • suggsy1992
    suggsy1992 Year ago

    Big props to sam!!!

  • Darth Tasty
    Darth Tasty Year ago

    Cheese Factor 3000 FTW

  • Max Martin
    Max Martin Year ago


  • Nick Bernhoft
    Nick Bernhoft Year ago

    the fact that you named it the Steele Grinder made me very happy.

  • Brent Rayner
    Brent Rayner Year ago

    Have you ever thought about putting some thin high density rubber acting as a gasket between your floor and Power Hammers? I would think that if you went 1/4" or so that it wouldn't impact your hitting power to any big degree but for the cost would probably drop the vibration factor down a bit. But alas i'm not a scientist so who knows haha

  • Chong Jones
    Chong Jones Year ago

    My best friend's name is Sam and am a firm believer that everyone should have one. Glad to see you got a hold of a Sam yourself. Cheers๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • DoubleD1978
    DoubleD1978 Year ago

    If everyone on this planet had a little more consideration for your "neighbors" it would be such a better place. Well said Mr. Steele.

  • Torsten Werner
    Torsten Werner Year ago

    I am happy that my echo has not been killed and still responds to "Alexa". ;)

  • Craft time with Kevin

    Your doing good berry happy for u I to just got my black smith shop done last week

  • m m
    m m Year ago +1


  • Gavin Sinn
    Gavin Sinn Year ago

    Where is the Alec and Sam fan fiction at

  • Xavier P
    Xavier P Year ago

    The reason you still have an echo is in part because of the high ceilings. If you put industrial grade acoustic foam made for large rooms it will help a lot

  • Darren Flavelle
    Darren Flavelle Year ago

    Question: Why do you cut and restack your damascus rather than fold, draw out, and refold the steel? just a preference? or for time's sake?

    • PJ #
      PJ # Year ago +1

      Darren Flavelle easier to clean the surfaces for a good weld, I seem to remember him saying somewhere before...can't remember which vid

  • John Racela II
    John Racela II Year ago

    I know that you put down some roll-out floor covering ( I assume it is for traction) but have you thought about any type of acoustic floor covering? It would need to be fire resistant and that might be hard to find.

  • Daniel McCullum
    Daniel McCullum Year ago

    A tip for quieting echoes in a large bay my friend: Fiberglass on the walls. The fiberglass absorbs the sounds and channels it through the other fibers. A hood of a car, or an old canoe used as decoration, but made of fiberglass, serves as both decoration and sound absorption. You can even paint some of your flags on the old car hoods. Just a thought friend

    • Daniel McCullum
      Daniel McCullum Year ago

      Alot of the DMV's in the states hang fiberglass as acoustic insulation, and it literally quiets hundred of people in a space the same as you have.

  • Appliantologist
    Appliantologist Year ago

    Have you tried using an omni-directional mic yet?

  • Who said that ?
    Who said that ? Year ago

    If you want to sound proof the workshop a bit you need to cover all the walls with Rockwell not just small sections , and next build a Damascus dust collection system for your grinding room

  • Tom Sullivan
    Tom Sullivan Year ago

    Extra space means it's time for more machinery

  • micheal elrod
    micheal elrod Year ago

    does sam work for alec

  • Double Dare Fan
    Double Dare Fan Year ago +1

    Make a movie!
    "Alec and Sam's Excellent Adventure!"

  • RSH21
    RSH21 Year ago

    Wow that echo is really bad.

  • Terence Summers
    Terence Summers Year ago

    with my work as a cinematographer

  • Duke of all Trades

    You're just an enormous kid with a blacksmithing workshop. It's pretty neato.

  • Queen Titan
    Queen Titan Year ago

    put some dirt in there on the floor!!!! that will help with the echo!!!! serious though, the floor is going to echo as well, and I'm not just referring to the vibration of the tools. I'm not a black Smith, but i imagine most floor coverings that would help don't do well in a firey place like yours

  • jake devillier
    jake devillier Year ago

    Have you considered putting down some of those floor mats that are for work shops? Should help with the echo and also is easier on your feet.

  • mavos1211
    mavos1211 Year ago

    Alec I live about 15 mins from your old workshop. Would you consider renting it out and perhaps selling me some tools to get started as a complete newbie?

  • Jesse Price
    Jesse Price Year ago

    want to congratulate you both on an out standing job on the new shop. I'm just starting out and I've learned loads of information from you guys. wish you the best of luck

  • Genicee
    Genicee Year ago

    I hope you get around to fixing office lights. No hurry just looks funny

  • wackogracko
    wackogracko Year ago +1

    5:23 Alex Steele branded Yeti cups in the near future?!?

  • Ikke
    Ikke Year ago

    Greets from the Netherlands๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ˜‹