Plane Engine Falls Apart Over The Ocean

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • This is Weekly Dose Of Aviation #2
    Links to sources:
    Plane Engine Falls Apart - erikhaddad/status/963545018890821632
    Helicopter Hits Power Lines -
    Prop Plane Startup Goes Wrong -
    Planes Collide On The Ground -
    Folding Plane Wings -
    Plane Avoids Storm -
    Boeing 787 Assembly - pBudtWBiBWqn/
    Parallel Landing at SFO -
    B787 Autopilot Tries To Keep Plane Stable in Turbulence -
    This is of course heavily inspired by Daily Dose Of Internet -
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  • lucaas
    lucaas  2 months ago +720

    Looks like you guys enjoyed last week's Weekly Dose of Aviation - so here's week 2!

    • Erick F
      Erick F 14 days ago

      U stole fitzes intro get reported

    • No Name
      No Name 26 days ago

      Even f22s and f35s have folding wings.

    • Dumb Comment
      Dumb Comment 29 days ago

      you should just use the title as Weekly Dose Of Aviation AND REMOVE THE DAMN MUSIC

    • Edward Hayes Cunningham
      Edward Hayes Cunningham Month ago

      Very silly and misleading how you reversed the image of the engine with no cover to make it appear as if it was on both sides of the aircraft. Totally stupid.

  • GuineaPig !!
    GuineaPig !! 7 hours ago


  • SpaceArf
    SpaceArf 16 hours ago

    2:00 fuck, North Korea at it again???

  • Gökçer Alp
    Gökçer Alp 19 hours ago

    Couldn't you find a worse music so you could kill us instantly instead of slowly beginning with our ears!

  • SASP
    SASP 22 hours ago

    0:55 when you press ctrl+e and forget to press ctrl+ .

  • Bogdan Chebotar USA

    Porsche 2006 ?? 1:09

  • VloggerHeath
    VloggerHeath Day ago +1

    1. That is the airport I use
    2. I was on the other plane.

  • Isaac Anaya
    Isaac Anaya Day ago

    Wii song Cool


    Storm over Africa lmao

  • Brooklyn’s Back ally

    I clicked on the video thinking it was daily dose of internet

  • Gabriel Morla
    Gabriel Morla Day ago

    I wish I was in those planes

  • Scard4Life
    Scard4Life Day ago

    1:00 Me taking off in gta 5

  • Mechpro2558
    Mechpro2558 Day ago

    Just a normal Ryanair flight

  • retikulum
    retikulum Day ago

    One like for the elevator music

  • Sizyhah
    Sizyhah Day ago

    Name of music in this video?

  • Dylan Dylan
    Dylan Dylan Day ago

    Music its not good

  • Cole Neves
    Cole Neves 2 days ago

    2:30 skerrt

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 2 days ago +1

    Plane Engine Falls Apart Over The Ocean
    ---The Affirmative Action Channel

  • Alex Stark Official
    Alex Stark Official 2 days ago

    The parallel landing was continental?

  • oldbank32
    oldbank32 3 days ago +1

    Good video mate

  • xH3xXur
    xH3xXur 3 days ago +1

    You copied daily dose of interest

    • Stacks
      Stacks 15 hours ago

      Bro he has his channel in the description 🤤🤯

    • Probe Magic
      Probe Magic 2 days ago

      You copied 1 million plus middle schoolers. You copied all of their shit content.

  • Rob BasicModelling
    Rob BasicModelling 3 days ago +1

    Love the music! :)

    HÄMŽÄ RÄŠHÏĐ 3 days ago


  • Fire Hydrant
    Fire Hydrant 4 days ago

    Yes I love daily dose of internet.. oh wait

  • PillCosby
    PillCosby 4 days ago

    Music by: Kip Dynomite

  • StonesFanatic 4Life
    StonesFanatic 4Life 4 days ago

    I can't speak for the person filming that engine falling apart mid flight.. But I would have totally SHIT MY PANTS!!

  • Muh. Raffi
    Muh. Raffi 4 days ago

    1:25 Fucking Isra-hell

  • Jeannie Boczkowski
    Jeannie Boczkowski 4 days ago +1

    Music is called Wii shop channel theme.

  • So Kitamura
    So Kitamura 4 days ago

    that's not the fails

  • White Ruthenia Mapper

    I saw the rains down in Africa!

  • Victor Rebollar
    Victor Rebollar 5 days ago

    He is coping daily dose of internet

    • Stacks
      Stacks 15 hours ago

      Victor Rebollar he has his channel link in the desc

    JOHANIXPROX 26X 5 days ago +1

    *MUSIC* pls

  • James Weber
    James Weber 5 days ago

    Two words for the guy at 0:50, wheel chocks

  • Knott Reel
    Knott Reel 5 days ago +1

    The captions and the music reminds me of stuff old people do when they make their first video for their grand kids.

    • Karla May
      Karla May 4 days ago

      Knott Reel glad I am not the only one 😂

  • ClawJimblob
    ClawJimblob 6 days ago

    2:46 held together with one screw

  • Reigate Robot
    Reigate Robot 6 days ago

    Best soundtrack on the internet

  • I love JBL
    I love JBL 6 days ago

    Whats the name of the intro music

  • K R
    K R 6 days ago +6

    Ok, ladies and gentlemen, free drinks the rest of the flight!

  • Jim Taylor
    Jim Taylor 6 days ago

    ..stoopid-arsed music and idiotic commentary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jaack lewis
    jaack lewis 7 days ago +1

    Bruh, i'D be screaming, '' EMERGENCY LANDING THE ENGINE IS FALLING APART!'' xd

  • 1996
    1996 7 days ago


  • GoldenEGG 10
    GoldenEGG 10 7 days ago

    I like the silly music 🤪

  • Davidski
    Davidski 7 days ago

    Some serious convection brewing up that African storm cell, looked amazing, I loved the cheesy elevator music as well.

  • LilPerm
    LilPerm 8 days ago


  • Va B
    Va B 9 days ago

    Love the musical theme

  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas 9 days ago


  • because it's not right

    Horrendous music

  • MC banana man US
    MC banana man US 9 days ago

    What is this bgm?

  • Bảo hoàng Đinh
    Bảo hoàng Đinh 9 days ago

    2:24: We know that, they even have their own video.

  • Doxie Lain
    Doxie Lain 10 days ago

    You give both credits and links! I like you.

  • Lolz of Blitz
    Lolz of Blitz 10 days ago

    I think I may have been on that united flight

  • Hi there
    Hi there 10 days ago

    Please fire the person responsible for the stupid background music. Sounds like a juvenile video game.

  • Someguy
    Someguy 10 days ago

    Plane engine cover: *IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT*

  • IV Lizard IV
    IV Lizard IV 10 days ago +1

    Just copying Daily dose of internet smh

  • visible. spams LT
    visible. spams LT 10 days ago

    What’s the music

  • SleepyChan ツ
    SleepyChan ツ 10 days ago +1

    Is that ryanair landing!?

  • Jack
    Jack 10 days ago

    Music sucks... hands down.

  • Charles Williams
    Charles Williams 10 days ago

    the music is really catchy when drinking white claws

  • Shyams_spicy_memes
    Shyams_spicy_memes 12 days ago

    very reasuring

  • Nick
    Nick 13 days ago

    Crappiest muzak ever. Poo.