McGregor accused of NEW assault in Dublin, Jason Knight praises Artem Lobov, Conor-Khabib feud

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
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    - Conor McGregor has been accused of an alleged assault on a man in Dublin. According to a report by the Irish Mirror, McGregor was involved in an altercation on April 6 at the Marble Arch Pub in Drimnagh (Dublin) after a man approached Conor and mocked him for his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov - McGregor then allegedly punched the man in the face -- Irish Police have confirmed they are investigating an incident which took place at a pub in Dublin on April 6, they also confirmed no arrests have been made regarding the incident.
    - Jason Knight speaks praises Artem Lobov after their bareknuckle bout at BKFC5
    - Anik & Florian discuss Artem Lobov vs Jason Knight BKFC bout
    - UFC veteran Ross Pearson retires after 10 years in the UFC
    - Jack Hermansson replaces Yoel Romero to face Jacare Souza at UFC Fort Lauderdale on April 27
    - UFC to host a press conference on April 12 in ATL featuring: Kevin Lee, RDA, Cejudo, Moraes, Jon Jones, Thiago Santos, Amanda Nunes, Holly Holm and more
    - UFC athletes make final preparations ahead of UFC 236
    -Michael Bisping reacts to McGregor's latest assault allegation

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Comments • 780

  • faisalhaider007
    faisalhaider007 15 days ago

    What Jones is to DC
    Khabib is to mcTapper....

  • ShaggyGrn MadMax
    ShaggyGrn MadMax Month ago

    Yes its 2019 people are high minded and easily offended, sad

  • Anang Panggeng
    Anang Panggeng Month ago

    You are cool and hard work king guy

  • Andres Jimenez
    Andres Jimenez Month ago

    The russian fucked you up ! Hahahaha

  • Hector Acres
    Hector Acres Month ago

    too muts damats in tiss bare knuckle tsampionship

  • lofalta -meir
    lofalta -meir Month ago

    mctapper was lucky i wan't there!

  • OoRakeeoO
    OoRakeeoO Month ago

    STFU less brain damage than MMA or boxing gloves, and Pauline never fought bare knuckle so his shots are going to be missing all night long, those boxing gloves are fucking bigger than fists. These reporters need to stfu and go fight bare knuckle to understand. You can live with scars but not with brain damage

  • awful truth
    awful truth Month ago

    Yup, Khabib took Conor's soul, and now Conor's ego can't rape enough women, or punch enough drunks to fill the void that 'has been' left. Good riddance to the fool, and I hope his woman takes him for everything! (she deserves it for putting up with all his nonsense)

  • Al M S
    Al M S Month ago

    Artem Lobov and Jason Knight made me a fan after the fight for reals ill watch more fights from both of this guys

  • HyPa _
    HyPa _ Month ago

    5:30 looks like chucky

  • Vasko Dimitrov
    Vasko Dimitrov Month ago


  • Vasko Dimitrov
    Vasko Dimitrov Month ago


  • Vasko Dimitrov
    Vasko Dimitrov Month ago


  • Kwasje Titty
    Kwasje Titty Month ago

    Damn Jason and Artem fucked each other up

  • Martin Drotár
    Martin Drotár Month ago

    I dont like Conor.



  • your neighbor
    your neighbor Month ago


  • your neighbor
    your neighbor Month ago

    some of you commenters sound like old man mc cain

  • jonbon jones
    jonbon jones Month ago

    No money is worth this shit. RIP all of them, coming soon to a theater near you, lol.

  • Venerable Wyrm
    Venerable Wyrm Month ago

    I would kill McGregor with my bare hands. I can't wait to see him...

  • the king does what the king wants

    This bare knuckle boxing is bullshit these guys look like they've been beat to fuking death for chump change I won't watch or support that shitt ever

    • Dark Magician
      Dark Magician Month ago

      You're uneducated on the sport if you feel that way but you're entitled to your opinion. Remember that it's brain damage that's harmful in the long term, not swelling and cuts.

  • Duke Gallagher
    Duke Gallagher Month ago

    McGregor definitely in the right. Worlds full of social media mongs. Hope he snapped his idiotic jaw.

  • NuclearQuantumLasers PewPewPew

    Why no mouth guard?

  • judo for life 2008
    judo for life 2008 Month ago +1

    Life will get you soon or later . Pussy magnaget.

  • judo for life 2008
    judo for life 2008 Month ago +1

    Idiot . You a idiot magnaget

  • Victor Mendoza
    Victor Mendoza Month ago

    Anyone see the crowd fighting 2:10 2:17 lmfao

  • kiezer sosay
    kiezer sosay Month ago

    I agree with florian but artem said we don't have to worry about CTE in we have to consider he is correct...
    Go max!
    Go izzy!

  • Jazz Bands
    Jazz Bands Month ago

    Click bait put those photos in preview. Conor can’t go for a crap without it being news. Leave him b.

  • Blue Sea
    Blue Sea Month ago

    Ireland police don’t give a rats ass you about a little punch up,

  • ART Ificial Studio
    ART Ificial Studio Month ago

    Conor is done :/ as one of the people who believed in him. man its sad.

  • DurdyClaude
    DurdyClaude Month ago

    Bare knuckle fighting is not worth it for the fighters.......lock up that crazy leprechaun...

  • Sergio
    Sergio Month ago

    Fucking idiots!!! Bare knuckle fights jajajaja... Not enough brain to do anything else... Fight with swords...that would be cool!!!

  • Dan Ked
    Dan Ked Month ago +1

    Irish mirror😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shawn Seal
    Shawn Seal Month ago

    This guy, even with the authorities actively building a Case for at minimum Sexual Assault, if 10% of the shit that's come out about it holds true, it will be a full blown Rape charge, followed by a layup Conviction, I don't know how corrupt the Ireland Judicial System is prone to be.. but if theres Potential for swaying a judge, or police evidence in need of tampering, I'm guessing this dude got around 100 Million reasons for a cop to turn a blind eye, or an old judge, with 9 smokin hot youngins on his arm. sitting front row, next to Dana at conors next fight.. all the money in the world dont mean a thing if your stool gettin pushed in nightly by your new cellmate, 370lb Dagistani guy

  • Kael Arceo
    Kael Arceo Month ago

    put mcgregor to this bare knuckle fight... lets see how good he is.

  • PostApocalypticSure

    What in the fuck is Kenny talking about?
    Bare knuckles are in fact safer, you instinctively throw lighter without gloves to preserve your hands. 4oz gloves do very little - if anything - to protect the fighter on the receiving end of a punch. Elbows, shins, and knees are all significantly more damaging and each one of those body parts is "bare" in an MMA fight.
    I thought he'd know better.

    ARK MUSIC Month ago

    Some athletes can't handle side effects from the juice . Connor needs to let his hormones balance out. Jeez

  • Saitama
    Saitama Month ago

    damn conor really is a criminal lol he should play as the joker


    People underestimate professional boxers fighting mma fighters!
    Boxing is an art and takes years to master. Artom will get deleted in his next BKFC

  • Dylan Beckner
    Dylan Beckner Month ago

    McGregor out here doing his own thing and someone gets jealous and starts talking shit to him... dude deserved to get his ass whooped. Dont throw stones if you live in a glass house, and dont talk shit if you have a glass jaw

  • Angelique Cantrell
    Angelique Cantrell Month ago

    He beat him up bad

  • bluntXsmoke bluntXsmoke

    Paulie ain't built for the bare knuckle game.

  • Sanka Perera
    Sanka Perera Month ago

    I already feel sorry for Paulie

  • kpridezzang
    kpridezzang Month ago

    Lock this coke head up already

  • Herman Li
    Herman Li Month ago

    What the fuck is Conor doing with himself he’s a total fucking mess

  • Red Beard
    Red Beard Month ago

    Fucking hell that is way to much damage! Knight sounds fucked!

  • gogo kp
    gogo kp Month ago

    jason is the man

  • Medhat Hamisoo
    Medhat Hamisoo Month ago

    Brain 🧠 damaged

  • Medhat Hamisoo
    Medhat Hamisoo Month ago

    Brain 🧠 damaged

  • Medhat Hamisoo
    Medhat Hamisoo Month ago

    Brain 🧠 damaged

  • Eight Point Star
    Eight Point Star Month ago

    How is it that irish have such flat noses.

  • Quantiz Hamilton
    Quantiz Hamilton Month ago

    This guy

  • Kaz Daz
    Kaz Daz Month ago

    😂😂 the Russian battered you !😂😂😂
    Y wud any1 rub salt on such a deep wound ??😂😂
    McChicken suffers from PTSD and needs professional help .

    FRANKYHUNTER Month ago

    chi fa sto sport (chiamiamolo sport ), STANNO PROPRIO FUORI DI TESTA. A FASSE MASSACRA LA FACCIA. BO !!!

  • Shree Krishna
    Shree Krishna Month ago

    Horrible faces at 5:28. Dude! This fight has changed the design of their faces.

  • mickey dickey
    mickey dickey Month ago

    In ju-uuuu-uu-unnee! Hahha

  • Rowdy Elite Hater
    Rowdy Elite Hater Month ago

    get a few champion Gypsies signed,now that would be interesting.

  • MrTrainerGuy1
    MrTrainerGuy1 Month ago

    All the people saying "This shouldn't be allowed" Why? Because more blood in one fight look at Becky her fights weren't bloody, you all sound like the guys back in the day crying about MMA "its to brutal" "OMG so bad" blah blah blah people will do it anyway at least they can make money and evolve it over time just like MMA.

  • Peter Cameron
    Peter Cameron Month ago

    Naive commentator

  • MrTrainerGuy1
    MrTrainerGuy1 Month ago

    Yes I put this up hours after it happened on different pages but nothing... ha several days old news

  • yo mama
    yo mama Month ago +1

    Bare knuckle 4 life!

  • Jamil Emambux
    Jamil Emambux Month ago


  • steerheadcattle
    steerheadcattle Month ago

    Perfect! Now that’s entertainment!

  • Holyhallie
    Holyhallie Month ago

    I love watching bare knuckle fight championship. if ya don't like it, don't watch it. Dam Mom!

  • Anton P
    Anton P Month ago

    Who gives a fuck about Anik n florian's opinion??

  • Chef Riel
    Chef Riel Month ago

    BFK can be dope but it has to be short career based which by their rules is sort of how it is. Only thing is fighters returning to compete again to be champion would be a problem. If you haven't read the rules it's a set number of fighters (8 heavyweights in their debut) in a knock out style tournament. So; first fight, semi finals, champion bout, winner takes all. So really it's not like you stay champion and defend your title. So you're not fighting anywhere near as much as MMA fighters or boxers. In this format, they hold the tournament on a set date, fighters are chosen, winner takes all. However, it is brutal to watch. Fighting is a spectator sport and idk if there are enough people willing to watch that amount of damage being done to another person for it to become a success in the same light as MMA or Boxing. We'll see though.

  • Klazyo
    Klazyo Month ago +1

    Fame comes with a price my dudes if you are not humble you will suffer .

    • Kaz Daz
      Kaz Daz Month ago

      Agreed . And its gonna b big time .

  • Jim Morgan
    Jim Morgan Month ago

    People know Conner the pub champ is easy money.

  • Pauleddu Urgentinus

    Mc gregor is a murder

  • jesus
    jesus Month ago

    ears you are no fan

  • Jim Morgan
    Jim Morgan Month ago

    Conner is an unhinged child.

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong Month ago

    Artem will mess up Paula easy!

  • Destero
    Destero Month ago

    So it's proven, Khabib is still in his head!

  • Hoptoit
    Hoptoit Month ago

    They could at least let the fighters wear mouth guards ffs

  • Christopher Hale
    Christopher Hale Month ago

    I honestly wish Florian would just Shut his Fuckin Mouth... What a Cunt


    McTapper's beating up average Joe's.. Cause that's the only fights he knows he can win.. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Jim Morgan
      Jim Morgan Month ago

      He's the pub champion. He's going to the pub across the road to become champchamp.

  • Hero Lee
    Hero Lee Month ago

    No fight is worth losing all that teeth. Big L.

  • The Casual Bandwagoner

    Just my opinion but 16 oz gloves 4 oz gloves no gloves getting punched in the head just isn't healthy

  • Ricky Sutherland
    Ricky Sutherland Month ago

    Artem is the real goat 🐐

  • AzBboy
    AzBboy Month ago

    Cant even get respect in his own hood haha Ireland is tired of conor maken em look like outta control teenagers.

  • Larry Medina
    Larry Medina Month ago

    He didn't Hv a mouth piece?

  • Larry Medina
    Larry Medina Month ago

    Good for u Jason.

  • Johnsy Deppo
    Johnsy Deppo Month ago

    sorry for caps, didn't realise :)

  • stephen allenbaugh
    stephen allenbaugh Month ago

    Kenny is an idiot. Paulies hands will break and he wont hurt Artem fast enough before Artem puts his lights out. Paulie has nowhere near the heart of Jason Knight.

  • Beth
    Beth Month ago

    0:52 Was scrolling through the comments and I thought Nick Diaz was talking.

  • Nate Taite
    Nate Taite Month ago

    I mean dont go around starting fights with actual fighters? I mean if I was Conor I'd whooped dude's ass too, like who the fook is he anyways? Just some broke dude talking about another man's victory. Lol

  • Hernán Montero
    Hernán Montero Month ago

    Savages , how much they make? Bnf

  • jake Williams
    jake Williams Month ago

    Click baiting mother fuckr

  • brain eater
    brain eater Month ago +1

    Never thought khabib effect would go this far for connor

  • Chris M
    Chris M Month ago +1

    Time to put the Irish Burger King out to pasture.

  • sammycinnamon
    sammycinnamon Month ago

    Not sure about this bare knuckle stuff. It seems a bit too much, like prison fights. Can see things going wrong sooner rather than later. Also, the still they keep showing looks like artem is giving jason a tittie Twister

  • Non violent Anarchist

    I predicted this when he fought mayweather ,mayweather has control Conor is a dud

  • rfyaaful
    rfyaaful Month ago

    look at this (1:00)... how many more fights he will have in bare knuckle league? 1 more and hes DONE. u will spend more money or plastic reconstruction than you made... Fuck this...

  • John 66 mustang
    John 66 mustang Month ago

    Dudes getting paid

  • The Truth
    The Truth Month ago

    I heard the loser gets 36,000

  • Tyrone James
    Tyrone James Month ago

    You'll take less damage in BKFC apart from losing a couple of teeth and soon to be weak wrists its a lot safer than say boxing or ufc as its the gloves causing all the brain damage

  • Vincero Viktor
    Vincero Viktor Month ago +1

    If I were Connor I would have smashed him to with no regrets, got lots of money! Fuk him! 👊

  • Darts Incidents and Moments

    Perhaps Klitschko's ''jab and grab'' style could help you in bare knuckle and not take too much punishment?

  • Devin Mounce
    Devin Mounce Month ago

    Paulie isn’t ready to get cut up like that! Artem is going to make him miss 12oz gloves!

  • Will Rodriguez
    Will Rodriguez Month ago

    Holy shit!!!... His faces look great😁👍