50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #118

  • Published on Dec 29, 2018
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Comments • 820

  • First Name
    First Name 10 months ago +299

    *0:00** same reaction when I got notified!* 😂

  • That Little Gryffindor

    November 14th is my birthday 0-0"

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez Month ago

    His name still in da dominoes pizza name..(Domi)noes

  • Bathin Nate
    Bathin Nate Month ago

    Alot of yall need to listen to fact #7 lmao

  • Alan Wilson
    Alan Wilson Month ago

    I shouldn't have drank during #5. Nearly choked.

  • Lance Kane
    Lance Kane 2 months ago

    Do any of you notice that Fact #16 is blurred

  • Pickituppickituppickitup pickituppickituppickitup

    Bwaaaaaa stutututu bwaaaaa

  • waitwhat ?
    waitwhat ? 6 months ago +1

    #2 is just like the song "pina coladas"

    CRABSTYX 6 months ago +1

    So no1 was literally that pina collada song?

  • hahasmiles310
    hahasmiles310 6 months ago

    Rent a Mourner is now a dead business. (as of 19th march 19)

  • Christoffer Gommesen
    Christoffer Gommesen 7 months ago

    We only burn the flag when it touches the ground, we don’t go around and just burn our flag

    [GM]ARENA 7 months ago

    You were never wrong about the Philippines Internet connection. Watched this video with a lot of buffering. I'm here in the Philippine Island.

  • gnomer man
    gnomer man 8 months ago

    8:24 the lady in the middle looks like trump

  • Jonathan Kruger
    Jonathan Kruger 9 months ago

    That thing about FIFA proves that sports can Change the World

  • Mic Mac
    Mic Mac 9 months ago

    In brightest day,
    In blackest night.
    No evil shall escape my sight.
    Let those who worship devil's might,
    Beware my power.
    Green Lantern's light.

  • Dennis Wilson
    Dennis Wilson 9 months ago

    Sooooo...why were the mummies blurred out?

  • jasper silence
    jasper silence 9 months ago

    I'm like "wtf is squeaking?"..paused it twice to figure it out😂😂😂

  • Tracy Fanged
    Tracy Fanged 9 months ago

    Me as a Filipino when I fact #31 came: Stop reminding us that we have terrible wifi! T-T

  • Mr.Knight The Detective
    Mr.Knight The Detective 10 months ago +1

    0:26 you butchered the names Matt...

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark 10 months ago

    What the actual hell was that Devour Frozen Foods ad I just saw though

  • Dsmiley G
    Dsmiley G 10 months ago

    What's the point of having the picture if you gonna blur it out

  • Meggie McGuire
    Meggie McGuire 10 months ago

    Was gonna make an 'Escape' joke...but I see I've been beaten to it by a few weeks...Many, many times.

  • Dale More
    Dale More 10 months ago

    Number 2.....Do you like piña coladas....just saying

  • Rose_Gamer
    Rose_Gamer 10 months ago

    #22 he was also the first black president.

  • Acn 269
    Acn 269 10 months ago

    If the Danish flag ever touches the ground, it must be burn as it is no longer worthy. Bonus fact; Danneborg is a common birthday decoration. Small paper Danneborg on plastic sticks are placed on front of houses and smaller one are placed on cakes. It even hangs as a guirlande.

  • Lipton McGhee
    Lipton McGhee 10 months ago

    10:44 sounds like Hamon but okay

  • Ray Gagnon
    Ray Gagnon 10 months ago

    I seen the fialed toy from that vido.

  • Ray Gagnon
    Ray Gagnon 10 months ago

    What if a human live 1 inch from the 2nd best internet place and they live in the worst internet place? Do they have the best internet in the nation?

  • Darrel Ballard
    Darrel Ballard 10 months ago

    Gorge washington did not want to be pres. but they said no one else had enough respect to pull it off. sorry just jager talking

  • Jewel Kat
    Jewel Kat 10 months ago

    You play wit dem balls like it's fifa

  • W R
    W R 10 months ago

    #15 Sylvester Stallone underwent hypnosis to create the story of Rocky.

  • jksmasknz
    jksmasknz 10 months ago

    If no. 2 ever happened to me. I wouldn't trust anyone ever again. Especially not myself

  • Rock rhino
    Rock rhino 10 months ago

    Why do explosions look like trees

  • uttam boruah
    uttam boruah 10 months ago

    Hey matt, your videos are seriously some of the best online but at 2:25 you made a small mistake. 14th november is celebrated as children's day in india because it is the birth date of India's first prime minister pundit jawaharlal nehru

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams 10 months ago

    November 14 is my birthday!

  • Jake4 _YT
    Jake4 _YT 10 months ago

    I can agree with the slow internet in Philippines.

  • Allan Edwards
    Allan Edwards 10 months ago

    No Globe Trotter love for B16?

  • Captain Jack
    Captain Jack 10 months ago

    The Eiffel tower guy did that twice

  • NavilNDG
    NavilNDG 10 months ago

    Aayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Singaporeans where u at

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 10 months ago

    Whale of knowledge is the smartest of the smartest whales yet yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  • Money Marv
    Money Marv 10 months ago


  • Tyro
    Tyro 10 months ago

    So there isnt even a sign off message or is it because I have youtubes suggested videos blocked?
    I come back to this channel and see that there's been a drop on quality cause of no thank you message or even sign off

  • Misty Hohaia
    Misty Hohaia 10 months ago

    Yaeee. Fact time 😀

  • Jax InTheBox
    Jax InTheBox 10 months ago



  • Miles Gill
    Miles Gill 10 months ago

    Think you should do a facts asmr

  • Jesus Chavez
    Jesus Chavez 10 months ago

    Maatt!!!.. I luv u broo plzz be safe man💙💪

  • The Blazing Volts
    The Blazing Volts 10 months ago

    5900 facts so far 2oow


    Wanna hear mine Australia has a dog and a cat on its map

  • Damion Baker
    Damion Baker 10 months ago

    I wish I got even 1 mbs on my internet. I'm normally capped at about 150kbs

  • Carter Pewterschmidt
    Carter Pewterschmidt 10 months ago


  • miichxllx
    miichxllx 10 months ago

    1:35 you lost the chance to say "oh yes, time to get those holy SHOTS" lol no? okay

  • Anxiety & depression
    Anxiety & depression 10 months ago

    6:23 now that’s just horrible

  • ボロ from EU
    ボロ from EU 10 months ago

    So overall Russia is grater than the USA, Washington only got 100% votes, Putin got 146% :D

    ICEyROW 10 months ago

    I've been watching your channel for 5 years now❤ keep it going!

  • Agent Elixir
    Agent Elixir 10 months ago

    It's takes 2 hour watching story of Mahabharat in 2019

  • Anne choi
    Anne choi 10 months ago

    Yes indeed Philippines has the slowest internet

  • Ashfire Moon
    Ashfire Moon 10 months ago

    The unhappy couple is like the 1979 song by Rupert Holmes but without a happy ending XD

  • Ben Paxman
    Ben Paxman 10 months ago

    Who's been around since the time when there were only 4 50 facts videos 😂 it's grown so much

  • Zein Luke
    Zein Luke 10 months ago

    31 9:44 that is why I'm only watching your vids at 360p resolution. Still, love you vids Matt.