There's Always a Bully

  • Published on May 30, 2018
  • Don't let the bully win. Keep chasing your dreams, even if that is making TheXvid videos or animating cartoon butts.
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Comments • 8 281

  • thewalrusclown
    thewalrusclown Year ago +4233

    you should TOTALLY switch out your YT icon for the butt one next april fools day

    • Arely Ramirez
      Arely Ramirez 5 months ago

      Why hasn't it happened -_-

    • Da unicorn
      Da unicorn 8 months ago


    • Ava Ashley
      Ava Ashley 8 months ago

      When i clicked the like button on this comment it turned from 4k likes into 4.1k likes
      O my 😁

    • BagellPower23
      BagellPower23 9 months ago

      not as a threat , _butt_ I know your *FACE* so please no or ,do it you're American so you have freedom of free

    • Jessica Parks
      Jessica Parks 9 months ago

      thewalrusclown p

  • ShadowJester
    ShadowJester 7 hours ago

    You are amassing Alex

  • Epic Life
    Epic Life 2 days ago

    No matter how you look I like you who you are

  • Myron Mays
    Myron Mays 5 days ago

    Your face is beautiful

  • Denise McGowan
    Denise McGowan 6 days ago

    Report a bad comments and The mean ones

  • Thomas Smeltzer
    Thomas Smeltzer 6 days ago

    Your face is byoutefle

  • Scared Crow
    Scared Crow 11 days ago

    You're face is just... too beautiful. That's why they are horrible to you

  • Yeanette Jimenez
    Yeanette Jimenez 13 days ago

    Alex. Clark is the best you have a awsome

  • Roblox legend73687
    Roblox legend73687 15 days ago

    people bully me on roblox they meanie

  • Domi Nate
    Domi Nate 19 days ago

    When I started TheXvid people started to not bully me as much

  • Dario Zurita
    Dario Zurita 21 day ago

    Alex you shouñd have told the guy my date likes me

  • Max McGraw
    Max McGraw 22 days ago

    Hey I feel you man I have been to catilina before and it’s a beautiful place

  • Dalia Brooks
    Dalia Brooks 22 days ago

    How to deal with bullies:

    Use a butt for your social media icon

  • Kryston
    Kryston 29 days ago

    U encourage me to start again :D Thank u for this vid

  • iSmartfone
    iSmartfone 29 days ago

    Ur face and but is beatiful ha ha

  • iSmartfone
    iSmartfone 29 days ago

    I feel so sorry for u alex

  • Jumping Fan
    Jumping Fan 29 days ago

    If it worked out for Alex then thats good. I would make a snippy comment about how maybe this video was more of a brag than an inspirational video.. But hey i wanna law down some truth to help everyone instead.. And be glad for Clarks sucess.. Plus ma dud you are a handsom guy.. Just smillin all the time is great.. Now to the truth.. Jesus Christ is the truth.. Having the gospel is most important in overcoming EVERYTHING. Its soo important and im glad to share that life giving message... Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again.

  • Amani Mungai
    Amani Mungai 29 days ago

    ur butt will look nice because Alex Clark studios is an amazing group of artists

  • pazit zetoni
    pazit zetoni Month ago

    Dont feal dad

  • Mateus Neumbo
    Mateus Neumbo Month ago

    I love your videos put me in one

  • Nishita Bhowmik
    Nishita Bhowmik Month ago +2

    *You are beautiful.*

  • Royal Studios
    Royal Studios Month ago

    Actually Alex your good looking, and your videos lite up my day! 😊 We love you 😍

  • PolarBro
    PolarBro Month ago


  • Meme Master
    Meme Master Month ago

    Your face is fine don't worry if anything keep doing it and do what you do. great video!!!!

  • Neil Conway
    Neil Conway Month ago +1

    you look awesome, Alex, don't let anyone push you around, you look okay, your cool, and thousands of people love you

  • Noah & Nola’s Nook

    Your butt your butt in your face is Bo weird weird

  • Sniper_gang22 _
    Sniper_gang22 _ Month ago +1

    Alex is a beautiful baby

  • Sylvia Banda
    Sylvia Banda Month ago

    Hey Alex is Gabe Edgar Soctt you all love videos you will have always wanted them to the end of your life but I gotta was your way to get back into the world with me and I wanna make sure that I am gonna you were left out of your way back and you will be blessed to have a wonderful weekend with her so much I thank goodness for her your friend your mom was a very very good day thank goodness 😅 you and all goodBye

  • Rebel Fleet Trooper

    You're real and cartoon face look beautiful! Don't worry! :J

  • Autumn & Yura Productions

    Yo I think ur face is great! Humanity can be big pile of crud sometimes. Don’t listen to those bullies!😸👍

  • Tyson Whiteside
    Tyson Whiteside Month ago

    Dont feel bad! I think ur face is fine!

  • Halvard Bødalen
    Halvard Bødalen Month ago

    The easiest way to get rid of bullies is to hire security guards.

  • Halvard Bødalen
    Halvard Bødalen Month ago

    He threatened you. I think you could have called the police of you wanted to.

  • Over the garden wall james minetoons

    You should just have fun

  • DuckBoy
    DuckBoy Month ago

    Yea, but nowadays you can say it’s harassment to defend yourself😂

  • JulianO Nieto-Mora
    JulianO Nieto-Mora 2 months ago

    Do not listen to thes guys you are the best guy ever

  • Lynda Lawrence
    Lynda Lawrence 2 months ago

    Thank you for talking about your but it's so funny and I subscribed

  • ultragann bro
    ultragann bro 2 months ago

    You're the best

  • dynamite raids
    dynamite raids 2 months ago

    your awesome keep doing this

  • Pixie Plays
    Pixie Plays 2 months ago

    I like your art

  • Soap Sjh1974
    Soap Sjh1974 2 months ago


  • I is gaming dogo
    I is gaming dogo 2 months ago

    Alex your ausome and you look great

  • Ari Roytman
    Ari Roytman 2 months ago

    I like your face

  • Wall Crush Cartoons
    Wall Crush Cartoons 2 months ago

    Your face is beautiful

  • Natasha Pineda
    Natasha Pineda 2 months ago +1

    When I first saw your face I was surprise because it was not what I imagined.But I have now gotten used to it,and I love your videos

  • Jason Fetzer
    Jason Fetzer 2 months ago

    Negative people thrive on negative emotion. Best way to treat them is with a smile. :D

  • Anthony Trujillo
    Anthony Trujillo 2 months ago

    Your face is not bad

  • Joey Kilgannon
    Joey Kilgannon 2 months ago

    Same problem! People always making fun of me for my anxiety. Btw I've been to Catalina Island and ik exactly where you're talking about 😂 Great vids and keep up the good work 👍

  • The Shelby Show
    The Shelby Show 2 months ago

    You are handsome

  • Michael Friedman
    Michael Friedman 2 months ago

    Their just jealous :p

  • Heidi McLendon
    Heidi McLendon 2 months ago

    ;-; I feel like this when the haters comment

  • Lucien Kelly
    Lucien Kelly 2 months ago +1

    Ur beautiful

  • Elisa Pineda
    Elisa Pineda 2 months ago

    Your face is a awesome

  • Shailene Smith
    Shailene Smith 2 months ago

    I've always been bullied.............

  • Tøp Hat
    Tøp Hat 2 months ago

    i love you

  • Denard Lewis
    Denard Lewis 2 months ago


  • Rebecca Chavez
    Rebecca Chavez 2 months ago

    I think you look just fine

  • Jake -PLAYZ7388
    Jake -PLAYZ7388 2 months ago

    Do itttttttttttt🙉🙉

  • Jovi Lopez
    Jovi Lopez 2 months ago +1

    I like your Pictures

  • T.G.I.F Sydney Diane
    T.G.I.F Sydney Diane 2 months ago