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  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • DanPlan Merch! Ahh big hype:
    Here's Part 1 of zombie apocalypse:
    Part 2:
    Animator: Jay - DoomBoy_
    Coloring: Mona - dearmona_
    Guest: Pantsless Pajamas-
    This video is a LONG coming. Part 3 of our zombie apocalypse series. Our animator Jay slaved away for a long time to get it done. A lot of thanks to everyone involved in this video, from PJ for joining, all the way to Mona for coloring. I apologize for not posting last week, it's finals season in UBC and I didn't manage my time properly. Also I'm sorry for promoting our merchandise 2 videos in a row, I'm just afraid of what's to come in the future. Anyway, enjoy our zombie biting survival video!
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Comments • 11 688

  • juice jucie
    juice jucie 6 hours ago

    So this comment is after hearing both sides of the story now I just don't know who to side for😓

  • Bryan Gonzalez
    Bryan Gonzalez 11 hours ago

    Stephen noooo 😭😭 😭😭 😭

    OOFER POOPER 20 hours ago

    Dan talking to himself and beating himself XD I WAS DIEING OF LAUGHTER ummmm nvm ;-;

  • gacha gaming
    gacha gaming 20 hours ago

    Stephan is weird when nice and not murderous

  • Flamingo fan
    Flamingo fan 22 hours ago


  • Mojojito
    Mojojito Day ago

    I think that there will not be continuation of this ...

  • Skye Anderson
    Skye Anderson Day ago

    😂 Stephan Hugs
    Pj *vomit 🤢🤮🥴🤛🏻🤛🏻👊🏻
    Dan ...

  • I Gots The Caution

    Long live Stephen.

  • Tony Rivera
    Tony Rivera Day ago

    It’s all talking about hugs ;-; LMAO

  • jennifer simmons

    Hosuh is best boy.

  • Tokoyami
    Tokoyami 2 days ago

    Toga but with pink hair 0:02

  • aariz
    aariz 2 days ago

    rip danplan

  • doodle dude gaming!
    doodle dude gaming! 2 days ago

    I hope Pj and Stephen come back for a part 4

  • Denise Belcher
    Denise Belcher 2 days ago

    Were Stephen ever gives HUGS

  • I Need Friends
    I Need Friends 2 days ago +1

    I know some of these are old comments that don’t know the whole story, and I don’t want to just stir the pot, but stop fricking attacking Daniel. Stop saying Daniel “doesn’t care about Steven.” Stop saying that “it’s clear to see now that Daniel only thinks of Steven as an employee.” Dan is having fun, he cares about them, Steven honestly ALSO sounds like he’s having fun, and cares about them. It’s sad to think that this won’t happen anymore over a misunderstanding.

  • JazzySP
    JazzySP 2 days ago

    Rip Stephen

  • Phoebe Pyrpyri
    Phoebe Pyrpyri 3 days ago +2

    Danplan isn't over

  • Phoebe Pyrpyri
    Phoebe Pyrpyri 3 days ago +1

    Dan please apologize to Stephen. I want to see Hosuhs perspective.

  • Polipoh_ BG
    Polipoh_ BG 3 days ago +3

    Everyone in the comment section, Stop hating on Daniel,No one is sure about what really happened...
    You don't know who lied...(IF someone lied I'm not telling that someone is a liar)
    You don't know the truth...
    So stop assuming that its Daniel's fault.I'm not taking anyone's side.because also I myself don't know the truth.I'm just telling *EVERYONE* to not hate daniel

    • Kozi
      Kozi 3 days ago +1


  • Crafty Z Crafty O
    Crafty Z Crafty O 3 days ago +3

    i am oficialy not like stephen anymore

    • Kozi
      Kozi 3 days ago

      i agree dans vid rly changed things

    • About Me
      About Me 3 days ago

      Why? He was putting so much effort

  • Tago Mx
    Tago Mx 4 days ago


  • Fuzuki Nazumi
    Fuzuki Nazumi 4 days ago +1

    I miss this...

  • NavyStorm
    NavyStorm 4 days ago

    It's not the same without Stephen..

  • LiterallyEverything
    LiterallyEverything 4 days ago

    There are so many people attacking Daniel without having seen his side of the story. I don't want to choose sides. I think Stephen and Dan were both at fault, and there was a lot of miscommunication between the two. The biggest issue here seems to be the "fans" who turn on a person they used to like so much. This culture of "cancelling" or "exposing" people is really upsetting to me. TheXvid used to be a place where I could come to escape the toxicity of the world, but now it seems like everyone is out to get each other. Dan, Stephen, if you read this, I sincerely hope you can make amends privately because you seem to have been genuinely happy with each other in the past. To everyone else, please just be kind. Don't make your judgments until you have heard both sides of the story, and even then, please treat everyone with respect.

  • Zoe Harris
    Zoe Harris 4 days ago

    Did no one else see "evil plans fire all animators" at 11:40?

  • Ashley godoy
    Ashley godoy 4 days ago

    By the way, can you still watch the videos the same way?

  • nora T
    nora T 4 days ago

    And this series will never be finished

  • Jesus Luna
    Jesus Luna 4 days ago

    I just went through the newest comments of this video and not one has mentioned 11:39
    Idk who is right or wrong but maybe the animators were trying to say something. Just speculation ofc.

  • Marc Garza
    Marc Garza 4 days ago

    I thought they said a dong

  • Olivera Tosic
    Olivera Tosic 4 days ago

    11:14 "You Try getting beat up for 6 hours!" 0_0

  • Olivera Tosic
    Olivera Tosic 4 days ago

    11:19 "In Really getting tired of your crap Stephen" -_-

  • Firewolf shadow
    Firewolf shadow 4 days ago +1

    And can you guys make more I want to know what happened to DJ if she's still alive ☹

  • Rowan Jones
    Rowan Jones 5 days ago

    This is really sad to watch...

  • FireDragon3dc
    FireDragon3dc 5 days ago +4

    RIP zombie happy stephen

  • ivanie ortiz
    ivanie ortiz 6 days ago +1

    I don't care who is right or wrong, I just wanted them to make up and find common ground and keep being the great channel it always was to me.

  • Jumsiah Sos
    Jumsiah Sos 6 days ago

    Bring the chanel back pls

  • Inanimate.
    Inanimate. 6 days ago +1

    8:02 Ey yo is that a Jojo reference?

  • ayotaliaa _
    ayotaliaa _ 6 days ago +5

    Anyone here after Dan's vid??

    I'm gonna miss these videos. Regardless of whose "wrong" or "right" I wish them all the best..

  • Athena Animates
    Athena Animates 6 days ago

    3:52 The hair colour of Hosuh and PJ are swapped for one frame

  • Yesi Henriquez
    Yesi Henriquez 6 days ago

    I dont whant danplan to end but i hope Daniel will feel better and also I hope Stephen will do better as well let's not forget about hosuh i hope is doing good

  • Ana'ira Muirés
    Ana'ira Muirés 6 days ago


  • Jaoofy
    Jaoofy 6 days ago

    Southern Accent Guy: Tell me the truth right now!
    Ad: *_Collage is the way into the middle class_*

  • Fro Bro
    Fro Bro 6 days ago

    7:23 *YES*
    And 10:28

  • Sergio Felipe
    Sergio Felipe 6 days ago


  • 蓝莓ShortĆake
    蓝莓ShortĆake 6 days ago +1

    Anyone else watching old Danplan videos after Daniel's 'big' speech

  • SquagoonClone
    SquagoonClone 6 days ago +1

    Stephen: Yes of course Daniel anything you say. You know, your just so good at this hosting thing, I bet you could get us through this entire game. Don’t worry.
    I thought of this as a joke at first, but now it has so much more meaning

  • Scooby Snacks
    Scooby Snacks 6 days ago

    Me watching this seeing how amazing and how hard he is trying to be the best he can be is sad, do your best Stephen

  • Raesang Dalu
    Raesang Dalu 6 days ago +1

    Yo. Read the desc. Afraid of what's to come in the future?!

  • Lance Burns
    Lance Burns 6 days ago

    5:48 Dan having a chat with himself

  • Spendog
    Spendog 7 days ago +2

    This comment section is very pro Steven

  • Jussi
    Jussi 7 days ago +1

    it's really sad that we will never see the last part...

  • christ Bishop 30
    christ Bishop 30 7 days ago

    See u Steven

  • Mikah L
    Mikah L 7 days ago

    Why r u playing Me not me but the yter Me

  • Bridgette Warren
    Bridgette Warren 7 days ago

    All 10 moments Hosuh acts like Stephen in my opinion
    1 - Daniel: Can you survive the Zombie Ap...
    Hosuh: ATTACK (Hosuh isn't the kind to interrupt people who are talking but Stephen would have no problem doing it)
    2 - Hosuh: WHY DIDN'T DANIEL GET INTERIGATED (this one is here because if you listen closely, something hits a table. It could be a cup but it could also be Hosuh slamming his fist on a table which is something Stephen has done once or twice)
    3 - Hosuh: The truth is we've been out there... (it is here due to his confidence and faces 2 things that are a part of who Stephen is)
    4 - Hosuh: Stephen, the truth is they don't like hugs. (Hosuh normally isn't the kind to joke when they didn't finish explaining Stephen might though)
    5 - Hosuh: I don't believe you. You are lying... (Hosuh is serious about this stuff and he doesn't talk like a robot Stephen)
    6 - Hosuh: Alright, you have our word. What do we need to do? (Why is this one here? BECAUSE HOSUH FUCKING AGREED TO KILL A MAN MUST I SAY MORE!!? STEPHEN MAYBE BUT HOSUH DEFINETELY NOT!!!)
    7 - Hosuh: Now we have trust from both sides. We have 2 cards we can play. (even PJ is asking why Hosuh is acting like Stephen)
    8 - Hosuh: I'll charge in from the side and tackle 1 of the surgeons, I guess. (harming a human being is not who Hosuh is only Stephen would do that)
    9 - Hosuh: Let's cause hamic, better video. (he shaved his hair similarly to Stephen's hair)
    10 - Hosuh: THE FOOD YOU'VE BEEN EATING IS HUMAN MEAT!!! (Hosuh would put it in a MUCH less alarming way but Stephen enjoys seeing people go crazy)
    I apologize for any spelling errors. Remember, this is my opinion. Don't get mad at me.

  • Bridgette Warren
    Bridgette Warren 7 days ago

    (2:38 - 6:04 and 8:16 - 8:20) - PJ hates Dan
    (6:04 - 9:16 maybe from 6:04 - 9:30) - Dan gets beat up
    (6:12) - PJ tells the people to get off Daniel
    (9:35 - 10:56) - PJ trys to help Daniel
    (10:54 - 10:56) - PJ beats up a guy trying to turn Daniel to soup
    (Me in the past) - I sense a love story here
    (Me in the present) - I decide people should do a PJ x Daniel

  • Bridgette Warren
    Bridgette Warren 7 days ago

    Hosuh: ...based on every zombie movie...

  • Bridgette Warren
    Bridgette Warren 7 days ago

    Daniel: You hear a bunch of people murmuring
    Stephen: PJ USED TO MURMUR
    Daniel's thoughts: Mother Fudger how did you know PJ was back
    PJ: YEES
    Stephen's thoughts: WHAT!!! HOW IS PJ STILL ALIVE!?!?

  • Nonoy Aris
    Nonoy Aris 7 days ago

    0:53 is that Jaiden animations

  • Cerry Mamoop
    Cerry Mamoop 7 days ago

    I smiled so much during this video (during Stephen parts), I now appreciate Stephen so much.
    Dang it, Dan

  • Free drugs And hugs
    Free drugs And hugs 7 days ago +1

    This will never be the same without Steven