Headie One - Voice Of The Streets Freestyle (Part 2) W/ Kenny Allstar on 1Xtra

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • Tottenham's own Headie One steps up for his VOTS freestyle!
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Comments • 301

  • Jack Pantrey
    Jack Pantrey 3 hours ago

    I can do anythin i put my mind to & count yourself lucky if u aint on the t shirt coa we tried to.

  • damienbaigent
    damienbaigent 2 days ago

    The kids niiiiiiice

  • Jack Pantrey
    Jack Pantrey 5 days ago

    Turnt! Turnt turnt turnt turnt turnt turnt turnt turnt

  • Morgan Noel
    Morgan Noel 6 days ago +1

    whats this instrumental pls

  • CBlackley 1996
    CBlackley 1996 6 days ago


  • Underground Essentials

    Name of beat?

  • Michael Barker
    Michael Barker 6 days ago

    Headie or not😅

  • Chin Gigante
    Chin Gigante 7 days ago

    Him and dimzy always so calm lol

  • Tony Kelly
    Tony Kelly 8 days ago

    Please get Headie to make that into a song that beat is too cold🥶🥶

  • Black Out
    Black Out 13 days ago +1

    This is sick wtf

  • Ozzie Gun
    Ozzie Gun 13 days ago

    “ I’m seeing armed jakes at stupid o clock” 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Ozzie Gun
    Ozzie Gun 13 days ago +3

    “I’m tryna get me on the Forbes list” 🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Gareth Clark
    Gareth Clark 13 days ago +2

    That beat is too cold🤦‍♂️🥶🥶 Headie needs to make a song with that beat

  • Xeh
    Xeh 13 days ago

    Look at those eyes

  • Matthew Jinks
    Matthew Jinks 16 days ago

    This is actual flames suck your mudda

  • Michael Arcilla-Burrows

    This is hard man

  • Mr. Cannon
    Mr. Cannon 16 days ago +9

    I’m in Boston MA. USA. And I felt that...@snkxswm

  • Eromosele Bello
    Eromosele Bello 17 days ago

    Make sure you are listening with an iPhone earpiece... it gives full sounds box, base blaster, and make it surrounding

  • Matheo 0121
    Matheo 0121 17 days ago


    AK VENOM 19 days ago

    Look how stoned he is though looool

  • N3YL0Nno.9
    N3YL0Nno.9 20 days ago

    Am I sick, or do you lot get the feeling that Headie and Kenny have been abit intimate together loool

    • N3YL0Nno.9
      N3YL0Nno.9 17 days ago

      @Isaac dehora I know, it was just the mad hints g. Prob not lool

    • Isaac dehora
      Isaac dehora 17 days ago

      it called respect guy

  • zacster oj
    zacster oj 20 days ago +1

    We’re gonna find you I heard SHH SHH X2 🤧

  • Terlz
    Terlz 20 days ago

    Santan dies in top boy

  • from the 46
    from the 46 20 days ago +2

    My fellow Americans are missing out

  • Tafadzwa Hove
    Tafadzwa Hove 21 day ago +3

    Can anyone tell me what Beat this is, it slaps differently Jheeze

  • InsaneShoTzHD
    InsaneShoTzHD 21 day ago


  • Joao Mutindi
    Joao Mutindi 22 days ago


  • BIG RG
    BIG RG 22 days ago

    HEADIE ONE 1⃣ 🏆 IS 2 MUCH!!

  • Breadboycaspar
    Breadboycaspar 22 days ago +1

    Shelled it down whilst sitting down😳🤯

  • fee lo Green
    fee lo Green 22 days ago

    What's this beat

  • Shea Mcg
    Shea Mcg 22 days ago +1

    Jeeez this is frosty

  • Tee King
    Tee King 22 days ago

    headie 1 wrong name should be headie 4. That's one big coconut🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Blackfibba Fibba
    Blackfibba Fibba 22 days ago

    This is actually shit jesus wheres the talent??

  • YN A
    YN A 22 days ago

    This kids a pagan

  • YN A
    YN A 22 days ago

    Fuck i

    GRM DAILY DRILL 23 days ago

    Don't miss this tho #gangshit thexvid.com/video/MZPmPjrBJs8/video.html

  • CEO Mo
    CEO Mo 23 days ago

    Freestyle my arse

  • Carsten Tonnies
    Carsten Tonnies 23 days ago

    Headie one, 💯certi OG!!!

  • Souls
    Souls 23 days ago


  • Bigbenunknown 9030zz
    Bigbenunknown 9030zz 23 days ago


  • For the Streets
    For the Streets 23 days ago

    Apple Music ??

  • Callum Diack
    Callum Diack 23 days ago

    Mad work rate off this guy 🐐

  • L H
    L H 23 days ago +2

    Headie athletic with his flow 🔒

  • Jonos Abdulssmed
    Jonos Abdulssmed 23 days ago

    Lol u can tell he never put no work in cb4

  • Y2OnTheBeat
    Y2OnTheBeat 23 days ago

    Those Piano's

  • Riaz Montana
    Riaz Montana 23 days ago

    Had to like before it even started

  • Glanced
    Glanced 23 days ago

    Headie one is heading the right way

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 23 days ago

    Headie One always comes too cold ❄

  • SayLess DoMore
    SayLess DoMore 24 days ago


  • Tyler Jordan
    Tyler Jordan 24 days ago


  • MrNoosey
    MrNoosey 24 days ago

    Rate Headie but this was dead. His previous freestyles much better.

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov 23 days ago

      H O get sverified by me 👌🏿 ☑️☑️☑️

  • Fresh Prince
    Fresh Prince 24 days ago

    Like = Headie one's bars
    Comment = the dope instrumental

  • Umair
    Umair 24 days ago

    This how many ppl think headies the goat

    ARIA NIAKO 24 days ago +3

    Naaaaaa I don’t think mandem have realised how cold headies word play is. “I love my juvie and he love me too, the second I tell shh he shoot”

  • RoyalSoundsOfficial
    RoyalSoundsOfficial 24 days ago

    Pure talent right there! Respect 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sonny Buonanno
    Sonny Buonanno 24 days ago

    Heads turning into a goat fr

  • Montiso Network
    Montiso Network 24 days ago +1

    I’m actually shocked he’s still killing everything he drops on, more time rappers fall off way before this point

  • Yung Andy
    Yung Andy 24 days ago

    Need this on Spotify Ken

  • liam Keeler
    liam Keeler 24 days ago


  • A D A M A D A W O O D
    A D A M A D A W O O D 24 days ago

    Shelled it