Pixel 4 XL Teardown! - Why does Google's Phone Snap?

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Today we are going to take apart the Pixel 4 XL and review it from the inside. The Pixel 4 XL Broke in four places during my durability test. All along the frame next to the antenna lines. Obvioulsy this isnt ideal when you are buying a phone that is supposed to last a few years. Check out the Pixel 4 XL durability test here: thexvid.com/video/yyqNR6W_MUQ/video.html
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  • Aya SAR
    Aya SAR Day ago

    Can you do durability test on LG Q60.

  • Guess What
    Guess What Day ago

    Can you assembl a phone with components of different phone
    Like Display from one phone , speaker from another and others
    from another phone etc
    You have a room for teardown phones

  • iiam CÀŁƏB
    iiam CÀŁƏB 2 days ago

    Google doesn't give a SHIT about their phones.

  • SSaini
    SSaini 3 days ago

    Could have been done with out all the attacks on the device. Nice tear down nonetheless

  • Menthu Bakha
    Menthu Bakha 3 days ago

    Same story as every year, garbage hardware great software

  • tanjinpang
    tanjinpang 3 days ago

    7:29... "leaking balls"... if not because of subtitle, I thought I'm watching p0rn...

  • War Diary -New-
    War Diary -New- 4 days ago +1

    2:26 epic joke !!!

  • FaZe maSon #lit
    FaZe maSon #lit 4 days ago

    My fucking guy best youtuber in the game

  • Yutika MSP
    Yutika MSP 4 days ago

    “Don’t do drugs kids”
    - jerry 2019
    And can someone make me a playlist of jerry saying “like a little LEGO”

  • Kevin Fogarty
    Kevin Fogarty 5 days ago

    I chose pixel 4 over Samsung simply because of Samsung's bloatware. Double calendar, double photo storage, double everything. Google pixel is clean, easy to use, no shuffling around of programs. Samsung has great screen but I'm not ready to become part of Samsung's ecosystem.

  • Stale Potato
    Stale Potato 5 days ago

    so the 4xl snapped, what abt the pixel 4 regular?

  • Hana S
    Hana S 5 days ago

    Is Jerry Seth Everman’s twin?

  • Ben the slacker
    Ben the slacker 5 days ago

    Oneplus 7 t

  • Pipin _
    Pipin _ 5 days ago


  • Vęñøm kįłľæř

    Its 2019 and google pixel cant make their newest phone bezel and chin smaller

  • Taquan Grimes
    Taquan Grimes 6 days ago

    Pixel dropped in value and apple keeps recycling the same design and selling it to y'all.🤣😂😭 I don't sell my phone's so value dont matter but selling me the same design 3 years in a row do.🤣😂😭

  • the Laura family
    the Laura family 7 days ago

    Whats a pixel 4?

  • Aleksio
    Aleksio 7 days ago

    0.5x BE LIKE:

    Scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

  • Harrison McCall
    Harrison McCall 8 days ago +1

    your vids are one half to ASMR another half wast of time.

  • GaryZun Gaming
    GaryZun Gaming 8 days ago

    i think you should try soaking any water resistant phone before a tear down just to see how well it does. or maybe just splashing would do.

  • Ben Hawthorne
    Ben Hawthorne 8 days ago

    Damn Zack, 0:03 and you've already torn it down. Wait, what do you mean you haven't disassembled it yet?

  • Mikael Andersson
    Mikael Andersson 8 days ago

    The Google Pixel 4 is a severly overpriced budget phone.

  • Christopher Haib
    Christopher Haib 9 days ago

    Like a little lego...😁 i love that

  • the bamboozler
    the bamboozler 9 days ago

    4:55 made me cringe

  • Kumar Vikash
    Kumar Vikash 12 days ago

    2 weeks....that's what it takes

  • Jon S
    Jon S 12 days ago +3

    "When people are asked what they would like improved on their next smartphone, I would say most mentioned battery life, more storage, or better cameras, so, Pixel went ahead and added some radar" lmao

  • Michael18751
    Michael18751 13 days ago +2

    2:23 Yikes

  • balaji balakrishnan
    balaji balakrishnan 13 days ago

    Samsung m30s show

  • Felix Lopez
    Felix Lopez 13 days ago

    Epstein comment awesome man!!! 🤣

  • Roshan More
    Roshan More 13 days ago +1

    2.10 ...RIP headphone users

  • Mangalytical
    Mangalytical 13 days ago

    4:53 =gold

  • unrefusableoffer
    unrefusableoffer 13 days ago

    please do audio books

  • Jplay
    Jplay 13 days ago +1

    has anyone ever noticed there's so many qr codes inside the phone.

    • P SD
      P SD 8 days ago +1

      Probably inventory management at the factory. Smaller than normal barcodes

  • Chris Cabrera
    Chris Cabrera 14 days ago

    Good ASMR

  • Sahil Sawant
    Sahil Sawant 14 days ago

    oneplus 7t pro video please

  • Mohammed Ibrahim
    Mohammed Ibrahim 14 days ago

    Legend has it that Jerry is still unsnapping connectors..

  • Victor X
    Victor X 15 days ago

    Thanks to this video, I found out where the NFC antenna on 4 XL. I thought it is not working on my device. :)

  • Darciukas
    Darciukas 15 days ago

    "You should wait for it to drop value, which for Pixels should be about 2 weeks" I'm dying XD

  • joseph medel
    joseph medel 15 days ago

    Dont do drugs kids
    It made me laugh.

    RIT HEAD 15 days ago +1

    Can I have a phone instead of u destroying it plz 🙃

  • Lord Kermit
    Lord Kermit 15 days ago

    Can you make a durability test on the Samsung a10e and Epstein indeed did not kill himself

  • Shomrat Khan
    Shomrat Khan 16 days ago

    Pls give me one phon.

  • bob the dolphin 69 pro

    Pixel 4xl shame on it

  • Me Still
    Me Still 16 days ago

    Like a little lego

  • Swaggaboa
    Swaggaboa 17 days ago

    RIP Epstein

    DHANUSH 17 days ago

    Jerry please make video on REALME X2 PRO Flagship killer!

  • Jonathan Francisco
    Jonathan Francisco 17 days ago

    4:55 WTF

  • TimBo
    TimBo 18 days ago

    Is the plastic that goes completely around the phone part of the antenna system?

  • Ajit Mishra
    Ajit Mishra 18 days ago

    Please make s10 plus teardown video and check front camera and rear camera "ois"

  • Steven S
    Steven S 18 days ago

    How hot do you heat the back glass up to?

  • Skoot and Heem
    Skoot and Heem 18 days ago

    Yall Get my channel to 1k pls

  • Phoenix591
    Phoenix591 18 days ago

    Very disappointed in amount of plastic , but at least the battery is replaceable without breaking things so in a few years that's an option.
    Mostly bought it for the software, a nice clean Android with 3 years of actually getting security updates every month and not whenever the manufacturer gets around to it (LG at best updated the H918 every 3-4ish months and the US996 every 6 (both V20, one of their flagships) and getting major Android updates too.
    The battery in actual use seems fine for me, but I drive, so car charging is an option and when out and about or work I watch maybe 10 minutes of video and do light web browsing. Get home with 30-40% (without car charging) and do my heavy video watching while charging.

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep 18 days ago

    It snaps because of the snapdragon 855

  • James Samuel
    James Samuel 18 days ago

    Transparent edition of Google pixel 4 XL.....😂😂😂

  • razgriz 121
    razgriz 121 18 days ago

    Sir jerry, can you do a tear down on phone called realme x2 pro?
    I want to know if the cooling system trully exist in it.

  • Owen Dieterle
    Owen Dieterle 19 days ago

    TBH I don't love how big the top bezel is. Like the went for the notch but i feel like they shoul've gone for a pop-up camera or some other solution instead of the bezel

  • Twitch.GreenLyfe
    Twitch.GreenLyfe 19 days ago +4

    Are you the person that tells us to fasten our seatbelts in the airplane? Lmao

  • Keeth Franc Malcolm
    Keeth Franc Malcolm 19 days ago

    Jerry please try MI a3. Please. ❤️

  • Wolffe Crowe
    Wolffe Crowe 19 days ago

    If it had a wide angle lens and wasn't so flimsy I might CONSIDER buying it. But the lack of a headphone jack and fingerprint sensor would be annoying.

  • Manjunath D
    Manjunath D 19 days ago

    Can you do test on realme X2 Pro ?