Jem and the Holograms (2015) - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Jun 15, 2016
  • It's truly, truly, truly pathetic. One of the worst adaptations ever has to be seen to be believed. How does the Jem and the Holograms movie compare the 80s cartoon?
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  • Taylor Zeus
    Taylor Zeus 18 hours ago

    Literally at 5:38 I rolled my eyes so hard I got so dizzy I threw up and then the actual move me made me throw up even more

  • Mats F.
    Mats F. Day ago

    Best movie of the year in the Bizarro world.

  • thematrixdll
    thematrixdll 2 days ago

    16:57 I think NC tried to tell us something here

  • Kirk Bupkis
    Kirk Bupkis 3 days ago

    Holy fuck this movie is so stupid it hurts.

  • Bryson 101
    Bryson 101 3 days ago

    Dont drink the cool lade

  • Zack Van Delinder
    Zack Van Delinder 4 days ago

    I was convinced this movie was made by someone who hated the source material and millennials and made this as a hit piece on both

  • Ethan Lynch
    Ethan Lynch 6 days ago +1

    Sinergy looks like echo from earth to echo

  • SoulOfaLiar
    SoulOfaLiar 7 days ago

    Wait, no. Pokémon Indigo League did NOT exist solely to sell toys.

    It existed because of the theme song.

  • SoulOfaLiar
    SoulOfaLiar 7 days ago


  • InvestedGman
    InvestedGman 8 days ago

    9:18 Only Dsp Wish that would happen but we all know that won't never happen.

  • Lily Fraser-Gray
    Lily Fraser-Gray 8 days ago


  • Alex Dusfraine
    Alex Dusfraine 8 days ago

    This movie is so terrible, I couldn't finish watching the review.

  • Bill Jacobs
    Bill Jacobs 9 days ago

    And then Tamara kept the wig...

    RANJIT P 9 days ago

    I have never saw this Movie But is the worst.

  • Game Shark
    Game Shark 9 days ago +1

    Never rely on a chart to make your movie or the people who love charts

  • Sian Waller
    Sian Waller 10 days ago

    The casting is terrible

  • Jason Tate
    Jason Tate 10 days ago

    Honestly I love "The Phantom Menace". I would be proud if I were in a video talking about the movie. I'm not the only one who loves the prequel movies as much as the originals and Sequel. I really don't understand the hate the prequels get.

    • Bill Jacobs
      Bill Jacobs 9 days ago

      Ugh, fine, I'll take that gauntlet and...admit that I don't hate the prequels either. Especially Episode 1. I think the criticism stems from two directions; one, on a technical level, it does have flaws with pacing and fluff. From the other direction, it does have stuff that is just annoying, and by "stuff" I mean "Jar Jar Binks". So it has things to bother both snobs and the casual movie goer. That said, it had some good action, some good acting (Liam Neeson is pretty awesome in most things), the effects were good, and honestly, I think there just might be a little bit of impatience with people getting so upset at the scenes of talking. I get bored if people are talking about nothing at all, or dragging out conversations, but movies were people discuss plans and big issues, that's fine--those are interesting conversations. If you don't like more than 2 minutes of talking, you might have ADD.

  • Batatek
    Batatek 10 days ago

    I would so watch Malc.

  • Tor Nordmark
    Tor Nordmark 12 days ago

    That entire "Everything falls into perfect harmony" thing just reminded me of this quote.
    “If you trust in yourself. . .and believe in your dreams. . .and follow your star. . . you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy.”

  • RummyKun
    RummyKun 12 days ago

    I'd watch Malc

  • Jan Bittner
    Jan Bittner 13 days ago

    Am I the only one who read the title as Jew and the Holocaust?

  • BollyBibby
    BollyBibby 13 days ago

    I never even watched the show and just the clips of the movie from this review were insulting to me

  • raegsempai
    raegsempai 16 days ago +1

    This video is so creepy

  • Dawn Breaker
    Dawn Breaker 17 days ago

    This movie predicted the energy used in Pokken Tournament

  • Lovible Zero
    Lovible Zero 17 days ago

    but didn't Jem's dad owned Starlight? what happened to the foster children? did their home burned down? didn't Jem use the earrings to transform? wasn't Synergy inside a holographic abandoned movie theater? why didn't they use some songs from the original Jem? I'M SO CONFUSED!

  • BigBoomer101
    BigBoomer101 17 days ago +1

    Can't wait for the sonic 2019 movie to come out so you can insult it. Unless its ok or actually good

  • Raphael Simard
    Raphael Simard 18 days ago

    Amazing!! Thanks Critic!! 😊

  • manuel turza
    manuel turza 18 days ago

    22:26 kimber just got the raditz treatment

    ITS METROID MAN 18 days ago +1

    Nostalgia Critic movie make that real please

  • Moracha !
    Moracha ! 18 days ago

    Thank god it’s not Rebecca Black!

  • Rachael Curran
    Rachael Curran 18 days ago

    what is jem

  • Two Face
    Two Face 19 days ago


  • Laura Celestini
    Laura Celestini 19 days ago

    How can you do that? I mean... transforming a brilliant, rich music businesswoman that changes herself into a brilliant, cool rockstar thanks to a brilliant, cool super hologram computer... into a sad, adolescent - with a sad mini robot that talks about her father - who becomes famous with TheXvid!!! BLOODY HELL! And Rio... what happened to the poser, ken-like man who betrayed Jerrica without shame?? He was disturbing, but not as this movie!

  • Nath G.
    Nath G. 21 day ago

    "Thanks for watching! If you're still reading this we regret to inform you that we have nothing else to add, but know that your dedication to the show more area of text will always be remembered in our hearts."
    GODDAMMIT DOUG, you can make me cry from hitting a button on TheXvid.

  • Archie Buchan
    Archie Buchan 21 day ago +1

    Navy seals, moments before shooting Osama Bin Ladin,
    “You fucking pigs can’t kill our ideas”
    “The only thing going through your heads are gonna be a bullet ,goat-fucker”
    Molly Ring-“that’s it, that’s is. Osama, hit a C note”
    “Oh, what the hell Mrs Ri-“
    “HIT A C NOTE”
    *Everyone hits a C note*
    “I’m sorry for killing so many of your citizens for no valid reason”
    “I’m sorry for calling you a goat-fucker”
    “I love you, bros”
    *Everyone hugs*

  • Becky The Epic Nerd
    Becky The Epic Nerd 22 days ago

    I want to be director i have the charts!!!
    Well that makes you CHART MAN

  • Erif The fox
    Erif The fox 22 days ago

    I disguise my self as an over positive fox wears a top hats and hate over positivity

  • Starman Gaming
    Starman Gaming 23 days ago +1

    You know, I'm betting every fan of the original show of Jem, including myself, understand why fans of Teen Titans hate TTG, like how I do. Hell, some of the worst episodes of TTG actually go out of their way to insult fans of the original show and its critics, similar to how this film almost mocks fans of the source material.

  • Bogdan Goranov
    Bogdan Goranov 24 days ago

    It's Christmas day of 2018. Can we please get some money for the Nostalgia critic as a reward for watching this thing from begining to end? I see only fragments and I still feel dirty.

    KING GOONCH 25 days ago

    This movie is just a crappy knockoff of earth to echo

  • Jordan Dill
    Jordan Dill 27 days ago

    they lie about this shit being better than 'let it go' an to me it FUCKING HILARIOUS because in 2013 you couldn't go ANYWHERE without hearing that damn song or trailers for that movie but in 2015 i NEVER once was a trailer for this movie as god as my witness i NEVER EVER knew this shit existed until i watched this so yeah here's Frozen

    and here's you

    Jem & The Holograms

  • Candace Cherry
    Candace Cherry 27 days ago

    Saw the movie hated it

  • varego Gothi
    varego Gothi 28 days ago

    Pretty girls with insecurities trying to be stars, thats it

  • CT-1999
    CT-1999 28 days ago

    Just Image if BB-8 didn’t have the piece of the map to luke Skywalker and the only piece he did have was synergy’s map. The Resistance would be completely screwed and The Last Jedi would never come to light. A better alternative if I do say so myself.

  • TurboWaitress
    TurboWaitress 28 days ago

    Can you phrase your comments in the form of a chart?

    GOKU.X Z WARRIOR 28 days ago

    This is still better than nutcracker in 3D

    DEATH EX 28 days ago

    nickel back is great

  • Valdemire Kreshnov
    Valdemire Kreshnov 29 days ago

    A friend of mine said that when he was in High School, a bunch of people came to his school for a video. They came to his class and said, "When we hold up the drink you like, please Cheer as loud as you can. When we hold up the drink you hate, Boo as loudly as you can."
    He said he saw the video some time later on TV. It turns out, it was a media company running a political ad for a Rhode Island Democrat. They edited to look like they were holding up a picture of the Democrat where they'd "cheer excitedly" and when they held up the photo of the Republican, they "boo'd loudly."
    People always do crooked ass stuff in order to push their agenda's. In this case, it was to upsell Jem.

  • Dial 7 Productions
    Dial 7 Productions Month ago

    Perhaps review a good adaptation like Josie and the Pussycats?

  • XMania Beyblade
    XMania Beyblade Month ago

    It is like Hannah Montana and Echo has a baby

    • XMania Beyblade
      XMania Beyblade Month ago

      I like this vid because I’m a big fan of rob scallon

  • Fussy Puss
    Fussy Puss Month ago

    Your video at the beginning was more accurate to the cartoon than the movie!

  • Fabbu Jossy
    Fabbu Jossy Month ago

    Thankz Doug ! Loved ir when you introduce to " The Misfits", AND when The logo of the real, great and Kick-Ass band appeared , your " you wish", deserves a thousand "likes".

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly Month ago

    Why the f$#k is Molly Ringwald in this movie? And Juliette Lewis? Were they kidnapped? Was this produced by Kim Jong Un? So many questions.

  • The Void Looks Pretty

    7:01 We don’t need any help with that; they already do.

  • Amerr Syarif
    Amerr Syarif Month ago

    I cant stand this.

  • Darth Terminus
    Darth Terminus Month ago

    Good job, people. Good job.

  • Arthus850
    Arthus850 Month ago

    *Critic*: This is like asking people to make videos saying why they love Star Wars and the suddenly editing it to look like you're talking about The Phantom Menace"
    I disagree with that. The Phantom Menace for all its faults is still an enjoyable movie. Not even The Last Jedi would be an appropriate comparison. This is like editing the videos to look like you're talking about The Holiday Special.

  • Zwelithini Masuku
    Zwelithini Masuku Month ago

    I accidentally paused on exactly 0:06 and I was impressed by the dedication on Doug's face:D DOUG!!! Do Mamma Mia 2 dude!! PLEASE!!!!

  • Jack Wolfe
    Jack Wolfe Month ago

    6:24 ... OMFG i lost it at the pen gag... I didnt not expect that

  • StarMan X360
    StarMan X360 Month ago +1

    Seriously, someone take a scene, any scene, with the character Erica/ Erika/ however it's spelled and play 'devil in disguise over it'

  • Audrey Varner
    Audrey Varner Month ago

    This is one of the funniest reviews yet! Thanks for making me laugh

  • bmaster461603
    bmaster461603 Month ago

    Funny thing is. You’re a millennial took walker haha

  • Chibi Prussia
    Chibi Prussia Month ago

    25:19 Bohemian Rhapsody actually did that, and you can hear them at the Live Aid concert part of the movie.

  • Brione
    Brione Month ago

    Chris Pratt and The Rock were in this movie? I’m just going to need a corner so I can cry.

  • The Algerian
    The Algerian Month ago

    The humming to patch things up scenes are really embarrassing to watch.

  • Марина Ирина


  • Nick Butler
    Nick Butler Month ago +1

    Look A gem 💎 well not really but look

  • chickenismyhero
    chickenismyhero Month ago

    down with this bullshit movie, everybody needs to watch jiz and the mammograms on yt, its a way better version of the 80s original where Jem becomes a drag queen who runs a brothel and gives abortions. I honestly consider that a better sequel than this bullshit. I have no idea why they did not have a focus group with actual jem fans for this movie tho, it would've been ripped apart, they truly just shat out a movie for the sake of doing a live action money grabber. I'm glad it flopped, it was deserving.

  • Frederick McCain
    Frederick McCain Month ago

    This is painful, not the review, the Critic is doing great, but holy hell the scenes from Jem are just terrible.

  • SweetTooth_FTW
    SweetTooth_FTW Month ago

    Now I know what their budget went on this film, the toy line I mean synergy

  • BowtiesandBatarangs
    BowtiesandBatarangs Month ago +1

    This video probably has more views than those two weeks of Jem! XD

  • Lord Solaire
    Lord Solaire Month ago

    I actually know this series by a french youtuber called "Mister Grenier" I believe which Nostalgia Critic already did a collaboration before, and so, I know where the "Jem and the holograms" fan's rage comes from :
    -it doesn't respect the story
    -it doesn't respect the characters
    -it doesn't even respect the style of the original ("charm" and music)
    It's like they only took the name and that's all...

    Et à tous les français, ça ne me dérange pas du tout si les Misfits tuent Jem et ses amies cette fois.


  • Prussia and soviet
    Prussia and soviet Month ago +1

    wElL tHe ChArT sAyS

  • Marroemin
    Marroemin Month ago

    after clicking off this video i got an add for gems

  • Ulysses Fontaine
    Ulysses Fontaine Month ago

    A gem can be surprised what a moose can do.

  • DisneyGeek 8477
    DisneyGeek 8477 Month ago

    I only like it for the music

  • The Alpha Nerd
    The Alpha Nerd Month ago

    Fucking Josie and the Pussycats was better and smarter than this bullshit!!!!!!!

  • Arson Hole
    Arson Hole Month ago

    Fun fact: The original title for this movie was "White Trash: The Musical".

  • Reuben Savona-Holmes
    Reuben Savona-Holmes Month ago +1

    I called 1800 JEM SHIT and got a four drunk actresses in a bar

  • Mathias Voorhees
    Mathias Voorhees Month ago

    7:02 I think so, especially as a man born in 1968.

  • Alexandru von Carstein Zarovich

    This was almost as worse as Twilight and had actual lore in it!!

  • Lucas Liso
    Lucas Liso Month ago

    How about a review of Spice World (from 1997) ?

  • Antonio and Vanessa

    “Erika is gonna turn them into the Jonas sisters” Lol

  • Julien W
    Julien W Month ago

    My best part : 20:55 Squirrel!

  • Dogmatic Bongo
    Dogmatic Bongo Month ago

    This hole vid toke more talent than it toke to make food fight

  • ElephantsLover
    ElephantsLover Month ago

    Is her dad asian?

  • Cashagon A.
    Cashagon A. Month ago
    Something that affects you and all of ther internet.

  • Allan Tampubolon
    Allan Tampubolon Month ago


  • FilmFanaticX
    FilmFanaticX Month ago +1

    Let's just have a moment of silence for Fantasy Island, the next TV show being "adapted" by Blumhouse.

  • Cailín -w-
    Cailín -w- Month ago

    can someone make an hour loop of the beginning thanks
    it's for research purposes

  • PurpleZombie
    PurpleZombie Month ago +1

    I love the animated series. It's repetitive but I remember the songs and characters better. Even the comics are better!

  • anthony alfaro
    anthony alfaro Month ago

    This Jem movie really sucks

  • Jason and new Jason Genovese

    This may be dumb but bohemian rhapsody ( movie) did this better

  • neo jeo
    neo jeo Month ago

    I saw the Misfits once, they sucked.

  • Vera Reibel
    Vera Reibel Month ago

    What's with the curtain thing, and why are they so tired? So many questions...

  • Vera Reibel
    Vera Reibel Month ago


  • Andrew Monske
    Andrew Monske Month ago +1

    20:57 "ha ha ha ha guys look, a squirrel"
    "omg a squirrel!!! my life is complete!!!"
    ha ha
    ha ha ha

    "ah thats great... omg a rock!!!"

  • Dragonlord the king of dragons

    Wait wait what Jem is short for Jericho? Edit: Also that live action the last airbender movie joke is hilarious and wow the fan thing is just wrong and so low

  • scottpilgrim920
    scottpilgrim920 Month ago +3

    I'm not even a Jem fan, but if I were, I would probably hate this so much!!