Have You Ever Given It Up To An Unworthy Man?

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
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  • Tribe Benjamin
    Tribe Benjamin 12 days ago

    the Bible refers to the men who sleep around as whoremongers and women as harlots. They both are deserving of hell if they do not repent.....at the same time though you can't change the fact or stigma that women will look worse than a man for sleeping around vs men who sleep around...... because even though both are condemned, you only hear stories in the Bible about a woman's virginity being cherished, not a man's. Thats why if a woman was caught not to be a virgin during her marriage she could be stoned to death, it didn't work the other way around. Clearly a woman's virginity holds more value than a man's.
    After all that's how the serpent beguiled Eve to have sex, thus committing adultery against God and Adam.

  • Tribe Benjamin
    Tribe Benjamin 12 days ago

    Hey this don't only apply to women. It applies to men too. I'm a Christian and a group of girls at my. workplace just wanted to have me as a quick buck, but I wasn't having that. Know most you dudes would clown me, but I know my self worth(I know this sounds lame coming from a dude, but its real) lol

  • leggosmodro okdo
    leggosmodro okdo 18 days ago

    Let's be real, ain't shit gon change but the condoms

  • African Girl
    African Girl 19 days ago +1

    lol. what makes a guy or a girl a freak¿

  • Trial ZeeZ
    Trial ZeeZ 22 days ago

    The poon poon is made of gold until it needs some digging then any bum ass dude can get it😂😂😂

  • R Wood
    R Wood 23 days ago

    Every female I fucked was worth the nut 😭😭🤷🏽‍♂️

  • R Wood
    R Wood 23 days ago

    If you lay down and get the pipe why is the dude the blame 😭😭😭😭

  • R Wood
    R Wood 23 days ago

    Where is Corey Holcomb when you need him!💯

  • mzhotniz86
    mzhotniz86 23 days ago

    People have to make their own decisions with their bodies and learn what works for them and what doesn't. Unfortunately, that comes with pain and heartache majority of the time you take that risk. Men need to stop judging womans worth based on their vaginas... Stop objectifying women as if they dont have any other purpose but to look cute, keep quiet and get fucked. Stop talking about the mileage as if it actually affects every vagina the same negative way. Women have to stop judging men based on what they think he does or does not bring to the table. If he doesnt bring anything to YOUR table then he doesnt want you. Whether he has money or not, a man will straighten up for the woman he wants.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 24 days ago

    lol wth was Envy talking about

  • Jordyn Marie
    Jordyn Marie 25 days ago

    I definitely have SMH. Shit, my first ever guy was UNWORTHY and I stayed with him for almost 6 years. *eye roll*

    • Je Diique
      Je Diique 23 days ago

      @Jordyn Marie Kiss me??

    • R Wood
      R Wood 23 days ago

      Jordyn Marie who fault was that 😭😭

  • GR8119
    GR8119 25 days ago

    Every girl got a "friend" she gives it up to from time to time. She just aint gon' tell YO ass 😂😂😂 Her friends are the ones who slip up in convo and say whats good.

  • Sheltop
    Sheltop 25 days ago


  • Liz and Khrys
    Liz and Khrys 25 days ago

    Yee be shittin on um 😂2:09

  • Tracy Blake
    Tracy Blake 25 days ago

    Apryl violated the code.... I have had bumb penis...Just maturity.....

  • Gracie Gracious
    Gracie Gracious 25 days ago

    You might want to block off a few hours or days for the discussion of mismanagement of the penis. CTG you know I think you are the hottest man on earth but your role as a consultant on managing poom pooms is misplaced. This is a role for women.

  • Ebony Erachi
    Ebony Erachi 25 days ago

    Enjoy the moment, that's all I have to say. If you lay down with someone, that makes them worthy. Don't blame the sex just because shit doesn't work out afterward's.

  • 9BeastKing
    9BeastKing 25 days ago

    I think most females suck at choosing partners especially at younger ages. So I think most women have.

  • Koke Fran
    Koke Fran 25 days ago

    this is funny, you women think yalls VJAYJAY is gold..it is just a hole

    • mzhotniz86
      mzhotniz86 23 days ago

      Niggas be paying for that hole though lol. Crazy shit. If its just a hole, then im sure yall men wouldnt mind just fucking another man in the ass then.

  • SlimGee
    SlimGee 25 days ago +1

    Yee can dish but can't take

  • Mind YourOwn
    Mind YourOwn 25 days ago

    Ladies the only man that actually deserves your vagina is the man who marries you aka your husband. Otherwise you asking for heartbreak, STD's and children out of wedlock/to be a single mom. Get your mind on making your dreams and goals in life become reality and wait for God to send you your husband. Otherwise you selling yourselves short beinf out here giving your precious body to someone who didn't think enough of you to put a ring on it first. Guys today will take your vagina, and then go get someone else's vagina and then someone else's and leave you upset, hurt, confused, and potentially with a baby he don't want and or possibly an STD even. It's not worth it. You're valuable. Know your worth. If they aren't giving you a ring then don't give them amyour vagina.

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 25 days ago

    I did to the unworthy woman. She was a waste.

  • Miguel Grant
    Miguel Grant 25 days ago

    So why wouldn’t you look at it as a mistake....?

  • James Williams Junior
    James Williams Junior 25 days ago

    Man, cthagod is annoying

  • Louis Murphy
    Louis Murphy 25 days ago +1

    Why don't these c@@ns clowns talk about how Kamala Harris gave up that Vagina to Willie Brown to step up in power in Califorina?

  • Linda Ann  Oliver
    Linda Ann Oliver 25 days ago

    Yes I did I’m guilty I get the chills just thinking about it But however I have grown and matured lol

  • Mia Mia
    Mia Mia 26 days ago

    I’ve married and unworthy man...Mistakes you make when you are young.

  • Louis Vuitton
    Louis Vuitton 26 days ago

    Where my friendzone victims at

  • Raul Hernandez
    Raul Hernandez 26 days ago

    Yes cause y’all some hoes

  • Piper Super Cub
    Piper Super Cub 26 days ago

    Absolutely disgusting degenerates

  • Joseph Brooks
    Joseph Brooks 26 days ago

    ASIAN EYES= CURSE FOR INCEST...LOL thexvid.com/video/2d2JF5xM4QM/video.html

  • Joseph Brooks
    Joseph Brooks 26 days ago


  • B U
    B U 26 days ago +1

    Of course they do? Just like you give your body trash food or destroy it with alcohol and your fat and unhealthy. The truth is people really don't care about themselves until it's to late.

    • mzhotniz86
      mzhotniz86 23 days ago

      I was waiting for this comment ...as im biting into a piece of cake lol. But yeah on a spiritual and emotional level this is true as well. Gotta be careful who you swap spirits with

  • HipHop Wild
    HipHop Wild 26 days ago +1

    Dame Dash Gets Exposed For Being Gay By Choke No Joke thexvid.com/video/zQ_-MMxLrRM/video.html Lil Uzi Vert Gets Kicked Off Stage By Security Team at Gunna Concert. ( Must Watch ) Click Link.

  • Christopher Prescod
    Christopher Prescod 26 days ago

    Um...did thst white girl caller use the N word with the quickness and nobody checked her on air about it?

    • Rocco TA
      Rocco TA 26 days ago +1

      what is the N word?, please explaing and describe to me, im not american. im want to know.

  • Tasyaus Norseman
    Tasyaus Norseman 26 days ago +13

    24 and still virgin!:! Where my virgins at lol?

  • Mrs Waters
    Mrs Waters 26 days ago

    🙋🏾‍♀️ I got a story about bum penis. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Doodle Bug
    Doodle Bug 26 days ago

    Not even wasting my time on the rest of this bum ass shit. ✌

  • Doodle Bug
    Doodle Bug 26 days ago

    Literally what person man or woman hasn't let an unworthy pos experience them? Dumb question.

  • Schatez Lady
    Schatez Lady 26 days ago

    Been their and done that, I've learn to respect the power of the ponpon and myself💯💯♥️♥️

  • Paul Glenn
    Paul Glenn 26 days ago

    ...and I've had some women who weren't exactly clean and wholesome, and a crap screw on top of it. Het over yourselves, not all pussy is gold.

  • BigDawg34 Atlanta
    BigDawg34 Atlanta 26 days ago

    Society has put pussy on a pedestal...

  • Loiky Meiki
    Loiky Meiki 26 days ago

    the reason why most women are not married at late 20s or 30s is that us men know you being through many men. This just the truth men want to have fun with many women and marry a clean virgin lady or ladies. secrets of men thoughts in their head. Men don't won't their babies to out out of where alot of D _ _ ks being in you. POINT BLANK !!!!!!

    • Loiky Meiki
      Loiky Meiki 23 days ago

      @mzhotniz86 sorry it's just facts. men are jerks and users until they get their new tight untouch gift.

    • mzhotniz86
      mzhotniz86 23 days ago

      A completely Ignorant thought process, but thanks for your honesty. I always wonder why men care so much about the mileage of women, seeing as how men get praised for running though several women. Nothing that you said is actually scientifically based, but its understandable how an insecure man would think like this

  • Alexis J
    Alexis J 26 days ago

    Who does Yee " date"?

  • Becca Hollingsworth
    Becca Hollingsworth 26 days ago

    For 20 yrs cause he got me knocked up to hide his double life.

  • Becca Hollingsworth
    Becca Hollingsworth 26 days ago

    It must be golden cause ERRYBODY WANTA WATCH.

  • enfomy
    enfomy 26 days ago +1

    This is just another promotion of patriarchy and a reinforcement of the cultural shaming women experience for practically every decision they make concerning their bodies. Framing the discussion as a who is deserving or not is degrading to men and women. The question of which relationships and decision are good or bad is between you and those who actually care about u, not between u and the general public (who are just judgmental assholes). There are no mistakes, only lessons. And everyone is deserving of love. It’s just that some relationships aren’t the type of symbiosis the individual wants or needs, meaning it doesn’t work, not that it is wrong.

    • mzhotniz86
      mzhotniz86 23 days ago

      Best & wisest comment on here hands down! People have to make their own decisions with their bodies and learn what works for them and what doesn't. Unfortunately, that comes with pain and heartache majority of the time you take that risk. Men need to stop judging womans worth based on their vaginas... Stop objectifying women as if they dont have any other purpose but to look cute, keep quiet and get fucked. Stop talking about the mileage as if it actually affects every vagina the same negative way. Women have to stop judging men based on what they think he does or does not bring to the table. If he doesnt bring anything to YOUR table then he doesnt want you. Whether he has money or not, a man will straighten up for the woman he wants.

  • Dorris Kysaundra
    Dorris Kysaundra 26 days ago +1

    Yep. Now I'm a Lesbian

  • Reg Jones
    Reg Jones 26 days ago +1

    I have seen females that have had sex with guys that can’t even buy them a burger 🍔!

  • illwill704
    illwill704 26 days ago +1

    Yee still pretending to be in a relationship with her lesbian ass

  • illwill704
    illwill704 26 days ago

    corey holcomb > charlamagne

  • me me
    me me 26 days ago

    Yes I have 6 of the 5 men I have been with was undeserving

  • Ruth Frank
    Ruth Frank 27 days ago +2

    I can't believe this is even a topic for discussion 🙄what message is this sending to young women

  • Tukeaveli Beatz
    Tukeaveli Beatz 27 days ago +1

    Brah... If she gave the pussy, whoever got it deserved it.. point fuckin blink.. only reason they say "didn't deserve it" is cause it probably was some weak ass sex... Ironically that's a treat if it's off the strength of friendship

  • Rocco TA
    Rocco TA 27 days ago

    is friki friki frki fridays!!! lol dumb N

  • Rocco TA
    Rocco TA 27 days ago +1


  • Dick Tator
    Dick Tator 27 days ago

    Facts but deserving naaa

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H 27 days ago +1

    Charlamagne a down low nigga. I wouldnt be suprised when gay rumors start droppin.. smh, disgrace

  • Hanif The Beast Robinson
    Hanif The Beast Robinson 27 days ago +1

    These niggas cant get ratings unless they talking about sex.

  • kim thomas
    kim thomas 27 days ago +5

    IF MEN WERE home being fathers AND husbands, And BOYS were mapping out career plans, taking up a trade, or learning stocks this would NOT be a TOPIC!! #stayfocused #oncareer #andeverything #elsecomeslater

  • Khan Hossain
    Khan Hossain 27 days ago +1

    Becky said the N word lmaoo

  • Shivan Anirudhra
    Shivan Anirudhra 27 days ago +2

    Well given all the single mums running around in America I'd say this happens alot

  • West Bury
    West Bury 27 days ago +1

    5 ward naw sunny side 🛴🛴🛴

  • My Opinion
    My Opinion 27 days ago +1

    In this day and age, iI didn't think there were but a few discerning "ladies" out there!
    What a question. 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Uptown 2525
    Uptown 2525 27 days ago +1

    A crackhead or two!!!!!😭😭😭😭

  • Bushido Brown
    Bushido Brown 27 days ago

    Unworthy/useless are choice dudes to most females. Scientists have found random male DNA in the brain of females - DNA of males that were of no relation to them. What this means is that every male they have sex with (whether 10, 100 or 1000), every one of those dudes leave a genetic mark on them, which stays in the brain of these females until the day they die. Imagine a female narcissist that has sex with other narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths. It would explain much of these females behaviors.

  • Plucus21
    Plucus21 27 days ago +1

    Should be titled "How many unworthy men have you gave it up to?"

  • MilCore Futbol TV
    MilCore Futbol TV 27 days ago


  • Fear ye the night ripper
    Fear ye the night ripper 27 days ago +1

    Eminem Said charlamagne is dead and his remainings are scattered like inte house scary movie of marlon wayans

  • Delisa Fisher
    Delisa Fisher 27 days ago

    yes and that motivates me to keep it to myself for the 4yrs 8mths. i don't mind

  • Fill-Up Banks
    Fill-Up Banks 27 days ago

    The real question is; have you ever given dick to a chic that didn’t deserve it?

  • Justin Pettway
    Justin Pettway 27 days ago

    Did you ever give the d to women that don't deserve it. Value your seed

  • GlobalProfitSharing
    GlobalProfitSharing 27 days ago +2

    I'm a very selective man when it comes to my women. You gotta be very high standard to get this dick of mine. I don't sleep around because most of these bitches are fishy trash. This is why I have maintained superior health, no kids, no drama, no spousal support, and no false allegations against me from unethical trashy feminist women.

  • Raythell Jordan
    Raythell Jordan 27 days ago

    I definitely shouldn't have fucked with my babies mother! Disaster from the start.

  • Jermaine Flowers
    Jermaine Flowers 27 days ago +2

    How many kids do you pop out before you decide to pick a better man?