Junk Food

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Comments • 80

  • matstapat120
    matstapat120 8 hours ago

    i live on cinamin toste kronch.

  • Rob Rob
    Rob Rob 9 hours ago

    At you ok

  • Maisie Mikoluk
    Maisie Mikoluk 9 hours ago

    So relatable

  • Brayden Winter
    Brayden Winter 10 hours ago

    1:16 thank God my parents don't watch this

  • pig puncher
    pig puncher 10 hours ago

    I see the face on the bread 1:54

  • Spurkey
    Spurkey 10 hours ago

    1:07 she kissed your tongue

  • Ferdinand Rodriguez
    Ferdinand Rodriguez 11 hours ago

    i eat sugary cereals like the krave chocolate cereal

  • Robert Sessions
    Robert Sessions 11 hours ago

    I like apples

  • VallenTM
    VallenTM 11 hours ago

    Guys pls don't eat junk, I'm writing this comment in the toilet..😥

  • Joey Levenson
    Joey Levenson 11 hours ago

    I like whole wheat hotdog buns..

  • Mayo Naise
    Mayo Naise 11 hours ago

    luv your vids(really funny)

  • addyn ad
    addyn ad 11 hours ago

    If your channel gets deleted...please dont forget me🥺

  • Alleypoop18 With Edgar
    Alleypoop18 With Edgar 11 hours ago

    Lemons have left the chat

  • Toxicbloom the breloom
    Toxicbloom the breloom 11 hours ago

    Ah yes,

    Enslaved diabetes.

  • Pablo Barrera
    Pablo Barrera 11 hours ago

    adam had a green hoodie but then he had a RED hoodie ......... so explain

  • Tori Pratt
    Tori Pratt 12 hours ago +1

    I love bagel bites too.

  • Jason Zhang
    Jason Zhang 12 hours ago +1

    James, you are the Odd1sout. You like the crust.

  • I'm A Fluff Ball
    I'm A Fluff Ball 12 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the Milktank on the milk jug? Pokémon related.

  • Jacob Snyder
    Jacob Snyder 12 hours ago

    You missed a really good pun
    Penut butter and james sandwich

  • spiderdoge gaming
    spiderdoge gaming 12 hours ago


  • Erica Black
    Erica Black 12 hours ago

    i love mmms to

  • Elizabeth Moya
    Elizabeth Moya 12 hours ago

    I love MMMM's to!

  • Sandra Bustamante
    Sandra Bustamante 12 hours ago

    My parents sometimes let me get sweets and candy

  • Some Potato
    Some Potato 12 hours ago

    I legit got a carrot ad before this vid

  • Bobthedestroyer 01
    Bobthedestroyer 01 12 hours ago

    I've been eating candy the whole time he was talking

  • Elaina Mills
    Elaina Mills 12 hours ago

    Ima make an fan art of you...

    Edit: it’s gonna be AWESOME

  • Precy Marabuto
    Precy Marabuto 13 hours ago

    Hey James, I got bad news, some one copyrighted u. He has the same name and his video is called sooubway part 5 2020, check him out, he copy righted u

  • Nicole Lind
    Nicole Lind 13 hours ago

    When he said "it bloody worked ok " was he acting like grade A under A

  • lucky freedy Ortiz
    lucky freedy Ortiz 13 hours ago +1

    Hi I like yoou

  • Kingduq Duque
    Kingduq Duque 13 hours ago

    Not mine but it’s just funny

  • random deppresed gay person

    Hotdog on bread

  • Jinah Slania
    Jinah Slania 14 hours ago

    'And it bloody worked mate'
    Me a TF2 Fan : *oMG sNipEr*

  • Stacy Mitchhart
    Stacy Mitchhart 14 hours ago

    Me : takes test-
    My last 2.5 brain cells : 3:14

  • Nathan McNulty
    Nathan McNulty 14 hours ago

    make a vid about gaming and sonic!

  • Charles Knight
    Charles Knight 15 hours ago


  • Pure Siins
    Pure Siins 15 hours ago

    1:14 is that a Gorillaz reference? Ya know Del? Nvm I’m probably going crazy.

  • Anthony Laird
    Anthony Laird 15 hours ago

    I need healthy food

  • Chubbynub YT
    Chubbynub YT 15 hours ago

    I know how to cook and im 8years old

  • JT Taylor
    JT Taylor 15 hours ago

    There’s a 🤨mm Candy store

  • rainbow cat! foreva
    rainbow cat! foreva 15 hours ago

    Aww im sorry.Hey but im like your young friend i always would eat a lot of suger.The thing i ate most as a kid was pizza

  • Lucy Falcone
    Lucy Falcone 16 hours ago

    My brother drank gasoline.

  • gacha life
    gacha life 16 hours ago

    5:16 puse on 5:17 it's HALLARIOS

  • Nancy Orozco
    Nancy Orozco 16 hours ago

    I thorw up lighter orange and pineapple be i was little kids

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 16 hours ago

    The whiter the bread, the sooner your dead. So eat wheat and keep sweet.

  • Gamerboijuice
    Gamerboijuice 16 hours ago

    Doooooooood on that table with "HEALTHY" food there was PUFFERFISH EATING CARROT there

  • Potato Ken Ken
    Potato Ken Ken 17 hours ago

    I like plain cereal

  • tijani bouch
    tijani bouch 17 hours ago

    and take care of pufferfish eating carrot

  • #Mustifizierte for Life

    He was like : i heard that some of you are taking white bred with the hotdog meat. im like : i life in Germany . . . James :well i know youre poor.😅🍖 i Love yooooouuuuuu

  • TheRebulted
    TheRebulted 17 hours ago +1

    cant keep hiding the truth

  • erica Strickland
    erica Strickland 17 hours ago

    That is not a true saying but what is your parents real name

  • Yuletzyc ff Ruiz
    Yuletzyc ff Ruiz 17 hours ago


  • xXčłä¡rea -WøłfiXx

    You don’t respect your dad Anymore??!

  • ashley valencia
    ashley valencia 18 hours ago


  • RayMation
    RayMation 18 hours ago

    Shop:soo what did you want?
    James:I want MM bar
    Shop:the what?

  • Production Production's

    He still has TheXvid video's to make!

  • Robert Stallworth
    Robert Stallworth 19 hours ago

    Wheat bread taste like dog shit

  • Ada Gezicioglu
    Ada Gezicioglu 19 hours ago

    James:we don’t even have DENTAL
    Me:At least you not gonna get BRacEs

  • Annoying Lolbit
    Annoying Lolbit 19 hours ago

    My mom:what candy do you want?

    NAHUEL DELEON 19 hours ago


  • Naomi
    Naomi 20 hours ago

    petition to make mm pronounced MMMMMM!

  • Esther Ndegwa
    Esther Ndegwa 20 hours ago


  • Dog lover 2,000
    Dog lover 2,000 20 hours ago +2

    I’m doing this thing where I make a sentence out of the first word I hear every minute.
    Here it is
    1:00 but
    2:00 the
    3:00 skittles,
    4:00 I
    5:00 expensive
    6:00 why
    7:00 ADAMMMM

  • Tony Mellado
    Tony Mellado 20 hours ago


  • Jake Fielder
    Jake Fielder 20 hours ago

    He’s not a good person but I don’t want to die

  • Ayema yeets on your man


  • PopPlaysGaming
    PopPlaysGaming 20 hours ago

    Todays video is sponsored by…



  • Cooper Reid
    Cooper Reid 21 hour ago +1

    (Pause at 6:47 ) James:Puts the AUgH Pufferfish meme in the fridge
    Me:That's funny.😏

  • Dylan's Gaming Channel!

    4:58 You got the price tag the wrong way round it goes £ then 100. Just pointing it out

  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez 21 hour ago

    2:08 hentai artists be like

  • Cas Pai
    Cas Pai 21 hour ago

    You only have one body, so you should take carrot

  • Brian Corvello
    Brian Corvello 21 hour ago

    6:50 Not to dis on anyone who loves carrots, but I'm pretty certain the most popular food in the world (vegetable or otherwise) is rice, given how widely its used in Asia.

  • Michael roblox 2
    Michael roblox 2 21 hour ago

    What is we have over 9000 bodies?

  • Pepper Panda
    Pepper Panda 22 hours ago

    James: car and people are the same. Me: your right cars have traffic too

  • Brian Corvello
    Brian Corvello 22 hours ago

    My mom was the same. She had to make my brother and I eggnog milkshakes to convince us to eat eggs!

    Wheat bread is okay. Rye, on the other hand...

    ADILENIE ROMERO 22 hours ago

    James: Candy

  • neelesh singh
    neelesh singh 23 hours ago

    When u said "this video is sponsored by-"
    Raid shadow legends came in mind....
    I could've unsubscribed instantly ._.
    But no i love you dude

  • Clarie Crystal
    Clarie Crystal 23 hours ago

    James: I wasn't allow to eat sugary cer-
    me: *cant hear because of the crunch of sugar-coated cornflakes in my mouth*

  • Adrubb Adventures
    Adrubb Adventures 23 hours ago

    I like the crust on bread too...

  • Atiana Contes
    Atiana Contes 23 hours ago

    Mmms are good