• Published on Jan 6, 2021
  • The video you've all been waiting for! Telling my little sister, Katie, I'm pregnant, and what an emotional moment it was. Thank you angels for all of your love and support, we are beyond excited to be bringing Baby Swift into the world! Lots of love always x
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    STEPHANIE TOMS Year ago +3098

    katie is just the purest soul man, i love her

    • alex pusey
      alex pusey Year ago

      hi x

    • Kami Tenchi
      Kami Tenchi Year ago +2

      @Rei5sy really?

    • Rei5sy
      Rei5sy Year ago +1

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    • DylnB
      DylnB Year ago +1

      Please stop. She didn’t cure cancer

  • The Norris Nuts
    The Norris Nuts Year ago +691

    Ohhhh this is so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hannah Reynolds
    Hannah Reynolds Year ago +878

    ‘I’ll be a mum and a grandma, take over from mum’ has me literally sobbing. The bond you both have is so precious ❤️ thank you for sharing it with us

    • Eve Ryan
      Eve Ryan 9 months ago +1

      Literally balling my eyes out 😭

    • riajawn
      riajawn 11 months ago

      Made me wanna cry so bad

    • Donna-Marie Hope
      Donna-Marie Hope Year ago +1

      That's where I lost it x just the purest ❤

    • lu luu
      lu luu Year ago

      same here

    • sannio komi
      sannio komi Year ago

      Where’s your sweater from?! 🤍

  • Lucy Flight
    Lucy Flight Year ago +1506

    This is genuinely the sweetest video on the internet 🥺 congratulations again beautiful 💘

    • Megan Thursby
      Megan Thursby Year ago

      @BRUH she’s not worse than James Charles

    • alex pusey
      alex pusey Year ago

      hi x

    • Kaneki-zyX
      Kaneki-zyX Year ago

      This girl is worse then James Charles OMG

    • Kaneki-zyX
      Kaneki-zyX Year ago

      @BeefBoss93 true

    • Kami Tenchi
      Kami Tenchi Year ago +2

      @gar beal I have no idea. Duck lips are so weird and wobbly

  • Hannah Lewis
    Hannah Lewis Year ago +506

    Oh gosh Katie’s face when she realised, combined with the music... I switched from laughing to sobbing with tears in seconds x

  • Kate Murnane
    Kate Murnane Year ago +2595

    Katie is honestly the most amazing woman. I cried AGAIN! xx

    • alex pusey
      alex pusey Year ago

      hi x

    • Username
      Username Year ago +1

      why are you talking about yourself in the third person

    • Noleen Mitchell
      Noleen Mitchell Year ago +6

      I agree katie i cryed with katie😭😭😭 when elle told her she's pregnant her reaction was so sweet.iv'e watched it againx

  • Ella Yates
    Ella Yates Year ago +488

    “ I’m going to be a auntie & a grandma, I’ll take over for mum “ omg I was sobbing😭😭😍 your going to be an amazing auntie Katie♥️

  • Hannah Bloxsome
    Hannah Bloxsome Year ago +298

    Katie is just the purest soul “I’m going to be a mum and grandma” 😭🥰🥰❤️

    • Nuria Borges
      Nuria Borges Year ago +4

      When sweet Katie said that I could stop crying if you really take in how she feels about being supportive to her sister and trying to fill other shoes 💜
      The bond they have is so amazing

  • Jaimee Maclean
    Jaimee Maclean Year ago +177

    I dont think katie has a single bad bone in her body, she is so beautiful inside and out. You must love her so much ❤️. Congratulations to you all xxx

  • Natalie Jane Thayre
    Natalie Jane Thayre Year ago +83

    My heart wasn’t ready - sobbing . Katie is honestly the most beautiful woman . She’s got the purest heart . When she said I’m going to be a mum and a grandma 🥺🥺

  • Samantha Harvey
    Samantha Harvey Year ago +488

    Omg my emotions can’t handle these videos, so heartwarming 😭❤️ Katie is the sweetest ever x

  • Lauren Olivia
    Lauren Olivia Year ago +14

    When Katie says “I’m going to be an auntie, a mum and a grandma”. I just wanted to give her a huge huge cuddle ♥️

  • RockWith T
    RockWith T Year ago +80

    I cried. When she finally heard. You can see in her face. She was instantly emotional xx

  • Simi Kaur
    Simi Kaur Year ago +18

    the mum part, made me bawl my eyes out. You two are so so strong and your mum will be so proud of you elle, she’s always watching over you x

  • Girl Going Global
    Girl Going Global Year ago +20

    I can't stop crying. The moment when Katie realises is just magical! What a beautiful video you can keep forever!

  • Life with Malamutes
    Life with Malamutes Year ago +313

    This is hands down my favourite video you have ever shared. Tears streaming!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Libby Thompson
    Libby Thompson 10 months ago +14

    Im rewatching this video after the announcement of baby boys birth and it is still the purest, sweetest video ever. Congratulations again

  • Emma M
    Emma M Year ago +228

    literally the best pregnancy reveal i've ever seen.

  • Christie Mulholland
    Christie Mulholland Year ago +17

    Katie is so pure. Everyone needs a sister like her ❤️

  • The MegaWrights
    The MegaWrights Year ago +2

    This is quite possibly the purest, most beautiful video we have seen in forever. It brought so many wonderful happy tears to our eyes. What a lovely relationship the two of you have ❤️A huge congratulations to you and Connor on your pregnancy ❤️

  • Abbie Louise
    Abbie Louise Year ago +31

    I've literally seen this about 10 times but still cry everytime :)

  • Lucy LuLu2
    Lucy LuLu2 Year ago

    Such a genuinely beautiful video. I am so SO incredibly happy for you

  • Melinda Massella
    Melinda Massella Year ago

    I am so happy you two have each other. This baby is going to be so incredibly loved.

  • Tori Pittwood
    Tori Pittwood Year ago

    I am also pregnant and absolutely balling my eyes out at this video 💗 you too are absolutely beautiful and your mum will be so proud of you ladies x

  • Lily F
    Lily F Year ago +1289

    How brave was Elle when Katie said she was going to “take over for mum”😭🤍👼🏼

  • Karla Thorne
    Karla Thorne Year ago

    Oh my!! I haven’t cried for a while and I sobbed watching this!! Congratulations Elle xxx

  • Sanna Jonsson
    Sanna Jonsson Year ago

    Your baby is so lucky to have such amazing people in their life!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Katie Phillipson
    Katie Phillipson Year ago +1

    Aw Katie had me laughing at the start and then sobbing when you told her 😭❤ so happy for you Elle ❤

  • K
    K Year ago +68

    Omg when she said she was gonna be an auntie and a grandma to “take over from mum” my heart broke. She’s genuinely so sweet 🥺🤍

  • Gee Esler-Box
    Gee Esler-Box Year ago +313


  • Alex Robinson
    Alex Robinson Year ago +2

    I literally went from laughing my head off at Katie trying to guess what you were saying, to crying within 1 second 🥺😭 so so happy for you all! 💖

  • Chloe McLean
    Chloe McLean Year ago +115

    Katie’s face when she realised what you were saying 💕💕💕 she is the most beautiful girl

  • Valentina Fyorh
    Valentina Fyorh Year ago +1

    Your sister is such a beautiful soul xxx congrats again ❤️

  • Holly Crisp
    Holly Crisp Year ago +1

    This made me cry like a baby! Katie's reaction was amazing. She will be an amazing auntie!xx

  • CC Clarke Beauty
    CC Clarke Beauty Year ago +522


  • Elizabeth Batinova

    I was feeling so very low today and this video made me so, so happy. You re both wonderful! 💖

  • Paula Christina
    Paula Christina Year ago +1

    This had me in FLOODS of tears! Congratulations x10000000 💗💗💗

  • Tracy Waring
    Tracy Waring Year ago +1

    I love all your family so much , you are all so loving and inspirational xx

  • Chelsea Skyler X
    Chelsea Skyler X Year ago

    Elle you're the most amazing person in the world & the best sister!! Your mum is so proud of you!!! Congratulations you deserve it all!!!! Xxx

  • amygee
    amygee Year ago +502

    When Katie said “I wonder what Mum would be thinking now” and “I’m going to be an Auntie, Mum and Grandma, to take over Mum” and you could see the emotions hit Elle but she composed herself, that’s strength!🥺❤️

    • E L
      E L Year ago +2

      I legit cried hard at that part

    • Hayley Dixon
      Hayley Dixon Year ago +1

      This comment ♡

    • Katie Clayton
      Katie Clayton Year ago +4

      That’s the bit that got me 💔😭

    • Carly Pickard
      Carly Pickard Year ago +16

      I thought the same thing,I know Katie doesn’t like upsetting her so Elle really tried not to cry alot 😩😩😭❤️

    • Sadie cable
      Sadie cable Year ago +20

      amygee that was hard to watch when she composed herself🥺

  • Diamond M
    Diamond M 3 months ago

    The specific moment when she realized what was being said was so endearing ♥️

  • Aimee Andrewartha

    Wow this has me in all the feels 🥺🥺🥺 you girls are blessed to have eachother in this life❤️

  • Sasha Ebbutt
    Sasha Ebbutt Year ago

    This made me cry with happiness, congratulations 💗

  • natalie m
    natalie m Year ago

    wow how did i go from laughing so much to crying 🥺 elle you've made me cry with every single vid of this series but i'm here for it

  • Rachel Hazelwood
    Rachel Hazelwood Year ago +1022

    when she said “i’m gonna be a grandma” i can’t cope 😭 what a PURE soul🥰🥺

    • Locksie
      Locksie Year ago

      @zalika .s their mum passed away so she's saying shel step in for their mum x

    • Beth Sullivan
      Beth Sullivan Year ago +2

      That but was to much and then seeing Elle reaction to what she said ahhh too much

    • zalika .s
      zalika .s Year ago +4

      @Chelsie Smith I'm crying again so pure 😭😭😭

    • Chelsie Smith
      Chelsie Smith Year ago +6

      @zalika .s she said she’s going to take the role as grandma as they lost their mum last year x

    • zalika .s
      zalika .s Year ago +1

      I'm a new subscriber could you please explain why she said she's going to be a grandma? I couldn't understand what they were saying through the crying thanks

  • Lara Saunders
    Lara Saunders Year ago +2

    i love this so much and wishing the best for your family, all prayers!

  • Holly I
    Holly I Year ago +82

    I got to the bit where Katie said “I’m gonna be a mum and grandma” and I had to turn it off, I lost my mum myself and this video is beautiful xx

    • Jamie Rysdale
      Jamie Rysdale 10 months ago

      I lost my mum too, I’m only 15 and it made me think about how when I’m older I haven’t got my my mum here with me

  • Amber Clark
    Amber Clark 10 months ago +3

    The purest of videos I’ve ever watched. When Katie said “I’m going to a Mum and a Grandma” I was sobbing and still am ❤️❤️

  • Lauren
    Lauren Year ago

    Omg, I’m blubbering uncontrollably ❤️ this is so special!

  • Keeley Lucraft
    Keeley Lucraft Year ago +430

    One minute I’m laughing hysterically at Katie saying ‘I am 24’ the next I’m sobbing uncontrollably when she’s says ‘I’m going to be an auntie, mum and grandma’ how precious! Congrats all xx

    • Becky lousie
      Becky lousie Year ago +1

      Yurp hahaha I know j felt like I was pregnant Haha xx

  • Laura McGrail
    Laura McGrail Year ago +2

    This made me cry, I love the bond between you and Katie, and her genuine reaction. I'm so happy you made this video to share with us all xxx

  • Cathy Abril
    Cathy Abril Year ago

    I love you beautiful ladies so much.. I’ve never felt so attached emotionally to a group of people in my
    Life. We all love you girls, and con of course.. but you girls are so special. Just so special. I’m a mom of 4 and I just feel this maternal love and feel so proud of you both. You truly are incredible girls ❤️

  • HannahSpekyLouise

    This is the most beautiful video I have ever seen, congratulations to you both, and congratulations to beautiful Katie becoming an auntie 💜💜

  • The Organic Yorkshire Rose Sarah Fisher

    So, so beautiful! I cried my eyes out, you guys are so cute ☺️ 💕

  • Beth Boast
    Beth Boast Year ago +1313

    You can literally see Elle trying to be strong when Katie says about their mum, literally just want to grab them both and squeeze them 😭😭

  • Sam.
    Sam. Year ago +25

    The minute she realised what Ellie said she paused and immediately had a flash back of their Mum their Family and everything they have been through also with much sadness that their Mother couldn't be here to witness this special and precious moment the two of them are having. This is Lovely.

  • Elisia Federici
    Elisia Federici Year ago

    so much genuine love and emotion in this video! sending so much love xx

  • Strxberrii
    Strxberrii Year ago

    Your sister is soo sweet, I’m so happy for you Elle love ya :D

  • Miya Corbin
    Miya Corbin Year ago +5

    Katie's reaction has me in tears! So pure! She is going to love that baby endlessly!

  • Siân Ceri
    Siân Ceri Year ago +611

    “I’m gonna be a grandma, take over for mum” oh my god that HIT me 😭🥺🕊

  • Tom Word
    Tom Word 3 months ago

    Beautiful reaction, I’m so so happy for you Mama and you Auntie.

  • Tay L'wrenn
    Tay L'wrenn Year ago +1

    literally in tears this was such a sweet moment. Congratulations to the both of you!

  • Lydia Day
    Lydia Day Year ago

    Omg I cried my eyes out watching this! What a beautiful video, Katie is such a beautiful soul♥️

  • Carly East
    Carly East Year ago +1

    This gave me actual goosebumps when Katie realised 🥰 what a beautiful moment xxx

  • Claros1983
    Claros1983 Year ago +189

    Can we take a minute to appreciate how hard this must be for Elle... not having her mum with her whilst pregnant. I truly believe she sent you this beautiful gift and for that she will always be with you 🙏🏼

  • Erin X
    Erin X Year ago

    This whole video and Katie’s reaction is so special ♥️

  • Jessie
    Jessie Year ago

    I'm not crying, you are 🥺 so beautiful, these little moments are everything. So happy for you Elle & Connor ❤️Katie will be an amazing auntie!! 💕

  • Hayley Murray
    Hayley Murray Year ago

    I've watched this twice and sobbed both times 💗this is so beautiful xxx

  • Skye Allan
    Skye Allan Year ago

    Katies face OMG, she is so lovely!!! made me cry her reaction was beautiful x

  • lil xdreamer
    lil xdreamer Year ago +1197

    Katie not knowing what you were saying was the most precious thing ever 😂😂😂💗💗

  • Abbie Donaldson
    Abbie Donaldson Year ago +7

    I’ve just gone from hysterically laughing to sobbing real quick! 😭

  • Jenna Devlin
    Jenna Devlin Year ago +1

    "Take over for mum" this shredded my heart and tears fell off my cheeks. What a beautiful kind heart and thoughtful true soul katie is ❤

  • Muakib
    Muakib Year ago

    This is so beautiful.. I love my sister and I shed a tear watching this 😭😭😭

  • Lesley Ann❤️
    Lesley Ann❤️ Year ago

    Oh how beautiful. I laughed then cried my eyes out. Beautiful Katie xx

  • Laura Knight
    Laura Knight Year ago +337

    ‘Ill be a grandma, take over for mum’ I’m an absolute mess 😭 we all love Katie!! She’s gonna be the best auntie in the world xx

  • Niamh Forkin
    Niamh Forkin Year ago +1

    i was not prepared for this😭 sobbed my little heart out this is so beautiful and pure! I can’t wait for the day when I can share something like this with my sister x

  • Rosemarie Wheeler

    I literally cried with you girls this was so sweet and definitely the purest of love I loved this moment

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Year ago

    Oh my goodness, tears were shed! Love the bond you have with your sister, you can just see how close you are. Bx

  • Alex Merrie
    Alex Merrie Year ago

    This is probably my most favourite announcement video out of the three! Love Katie so much! 🤍

  • Gillian
    Gillian Year ago +2

    The shock in her face when she knew what you said was priceless. What a lovely thing to capture x

  • Jess Lyon
    Jess Lyon 8 months ago

    This is literally the most beautiful moment! 💖💖

  • Therese Luella Eriksen

    This is the most precious video on TheXvid 🥺 So happy for you and your little fam! Blessed 🌈 Ps. I cried SO hard

  • Rebecca Spencer
    Rebecca Spencer Year ago

    You two have the most amazing bond. I literally cried!!

  • Becky Flateau
    Becky Flateau Year ago +230

    When she said I’m going to be a mum and a grandma I really saw you try so hard to hold yourself together for her, you’re so strong. Congratulations auntie Katie

  • ann hammond
    ann hammond Year ago

    Aw Katie is so adorable, she will be an amazing auntie. Lover her she is so genuine xx

  • Kelley Tobias
    Kelley Tobias Year ago +1

    pure love! many blessings to you and your growing family

  • Abbey Blake
    Abbey Blake Year ago

    That was so emotional! You girls are so lovely xx

  • Hannah Forbes
    Hannah Forbes Year ago

    Her reaction was just beautiful 💗 love Katy so much X

  • Erin
    Erin Year ago +560

    “Take over for mum” wow 🥺🥺😭😭 You’re reaction to her saying that too 💕💕

    • Suzanne Hare
      Suzanne Hare Year ago +8

      This is when I fully wept with them 😭 so lovely 💕

  • World in 2 hands
    World in 2 hands Year ago +11

    This has brought me the most happiest of tears 😭😭 literally crying my eyes out....Katie will be the best aunty ❤ xxx

  • Danielle H
    Danielle H Year ago

    I LOVE THIS LOL!! Made me have tears and I don’t even know you guys personally

  • Alice & the boys
    Alice & the boys Year ago

    I’m crying my eyes out this is so beautiful and you are the nicest family!!

  • Alexaa Aguilar
    Alexaa Aguilar 11 months ago

    I’ve watched this video 100 times and I still ball my eyes out 🥺💘🙏🏼

  • Nicky Mc
    Nicky Mc Year ago +389

    “I’m gonna be an auntie, and a mum and a grandma” got me balling my eyes out. Katie has such a sweet soul. Bless you all ♥️

    • Emma 1 9 9 2
      Emma 1 9 9 2 Year ago +1

      Omg I know that had me crying 😢 what a beautiful soul Katie is xxx

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei Year ago +8

    Oh gosh Katie’s face when she realised, combined with the music... I switched from laughing to sobbing with tears in seconds x

  • soph whitmore
    soph whitmore Year ago

    This is the sweetest video, I was not ready to be sobbing like this 😭❤️

  • Jacky S.
    Jacky S. Year ago

    Most genuine and beautiful reaction I have ever seen ♡

  • Elissa Poli
    Elissa Poli Year ago +1

    Katie's reaction when she realised what you said really got me! And how she said she will take over for your mum

  • Ruby King
    Ruby King Year ago +219

    That hit hard - Katie ‘I’m gonna be a auntie, mum and grandma. To take over from mum’ she is just the purest of humans and I absolutely balled my eyes out 😳🥺🤍😭

    • raymay 90
      raymay 90 Year ago

      She is just the sweetest. It must be such a bittersweet time for everyone but what light to 2021 this little one will have 😍

    • Donna Clark
      Donna Clark Year ago

      Yep me too

  • Kathi Klinger
    Kathi Klinger Year ago

    you can feel so lucky to have such a lovely sister ! sending lots love for you both ❤️