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  • Faith Dorey
    Faith Dorey 2 hours ago

    "Sam looks like a lady"
    My brain: dodo dodo dude looks like a lady dodo dodo dude looks like a lady!!🎶

  • Faith Dorey
    Faith Dorey 2 hours ago

    They all did really well on the fruit still life

  • Issac Whocares
    Issac Whocares 4 hours ago

    If Zach got back into practice and got proper supplies and stuff he could be amazing at surreal art

  • Emiley Rose
    Emiley Rose 23 hours ago

    Ok can we all just agree that Eugenes good at everything he does

  • Sophia Clarke
    Sophia Clarke Day ago

    i think before we all watched this we new who picked this out.....

  • Cassie Smith
    Cassie Smith 2 days ago

    She’s such a good teacher

  • Allison Owens
    Allison Owens 2 days ago

    zachs outlook on art is so unique he’s my favorite haha

  • Deonna Martin
    Deonna Martin 2 days ago

    It was funny when Zack was like are going to see dicks then like Eugene was like 👀 I hope

  • Jay-Jay Ratliff
    Jay-Jay Ratliff 3 days ago

    I would pay so much for Keith's drawings lmao I love them!! Especially the fruit guys haha

  • feistyskies
    feistyskies 3 days ago

    Her voice is so soothing

  • J Z
    J Z 4 days ago

    Ned‘s is like a piece of modern art

  • i’m a clown
    i’m a clown 5 days ago

    i relate so hard to keith’s barn drawing story but his turned out so good so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Aaryan Kumar
    Aaryan Kumar 5 days ago +1

    I wonder that when someone is drawing those kinds of stuff and if the model is male, what if they get some HARD thing which was at first soft?

  • Aaryan Kumar
    Aaryan Kumar 5 days ago +1

    I just wanna say, all of them waster paper, they did just that. Except one of them

  • Hannahanimallover
    Hannahanimallover 6 days ago

    "this is a Eugene led video" me: you gay son of a gun

  • Korndiddy is my daddy

    I love Ned’s fruit drawing 😂

  • Barrie Reid
    Barrie Reid 6 days ago

    the banana is hot

  • candiidoggie
    candiidoggie 7 days ago

    im gonna cry eugene's is really good

  • Alice Drake
    Alice Drake 8 days ago +2

    Did anyone else notice the tan lines on the banana man's legs 😂😂😂

  • Frank-Gavin Moratalla

    I have fond memories of my life
    drawing class with Marjan Hormozi,
    and there were actual naked models.

  • רפאל כהן
    רפאל כהן 8 days ago +2

    Three accent marks!
    The bang sound couldn't be more timed!

  • Downright Delinquent

    Eugene's concentration and will amaze me.

  • Anny Paola
    Anny Paola 8 days ago +1

    Mile’s face : “they dont pay me nearly enough to do this “

  • TheOnionQueen
    TheOnionQueen 9 days ago

    This is just Jojo Pose but Try Guys.

  • TheOnionQueen
    TheOnionQueen 9 days ago

    Eugine darling. You are a mistake.

  • Shan Marie
    Shan Marie 9 days ago +1

    I'm so sad that she asked Eugene to compliment himself and he gave himself criticism instead. But, I love that is friends chimed in to tell him what was great!

    DPWFG 10 days ago +2

    I actually heard my art teacher's voice yell "no smugging!" When Keith started to smug the shadow...

  • Ianian M.
    Ianian M. 10 days ago +4

    Nobody's talking abt how nice the teacher is?? She literally finds the beauty in everything??

  • Alice Price
    Alice Price 10 days ago

    Art is Subjective. There is no being "bad" at art because that's not what art is about, it's about passion and expression. I've worked in Creative Expressive Therapies and it's a thing I used to see all the time, someone being even scared to do art because they'd been told they were bad so they were ashamed. Don't ever be ashamed of what you create, but also Keith you have more talent than you seem to think. Don't be so hard on yourself ❤

  • my favorite kind of cheese is che.beebo.ese

    I feel like all the guys are secretley gay (other than Eugene)

  • Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton 11 days ago

    Eugene somehow rises above everyone else

  • Big Oof .-.
    Big Oof .-. 11 days ago

    She is so positive and I'm all for it !! 🙌🙌👏👏

  • Bess_E
    Bess_E 12 days ago

    Okay but Keith’s was soooooo good!!!!!

  • Alrica Neshama
    Alrica Neshama 12 days ago

    And some of us just have ZERO talent.
    Practicing changes nothing.

  • Maya Levy
    Maya Levy 12 days ago

    This woman is so encouraging

  • Jennifer Blake
    Jennifer Blake 12 days ago

    We need a travel version of that teacher for daily life.... you missed that deadline at work but it’s actually a good thing, it’s a learning experience that will improve your future time management skill at work, it’s good.

  • Archer Green
    Archer Green 12 days ago +2

    When Ned started to change personalities at the start I got serious jazza paspartou vibes XD

  • The Andreas Channel V2
    The Andreas Channel V2 12 days ago +1

    Zach: Arhgh

  • Bella Tucker-Sandoval
    Bella Tucker-Sandoval 12 days ago

    ned and keith were my faves, thats thatt

  • Shadøwfly {Mikaël The Chicken Wings}

    Am I the only one who did see all the style improvement in theirs clothes since the video about it ??
    I feel concerned that 2 peoples noticed.

  • Lucy Hall
    Lucy Hall 13 days ago

    The banging outside was timed PERFECTLY with Ned’s speech 😂

  • Slap Stick
    Slap Stick 13 days ago

    *Rages because I can't draw the head of the stick figure right*

  • Grace Weiler
    Grace Weiler 13 days ago +1

    She’s so encouraging 🥺

  • Astrid Lauchengco
    Astrid Lauchengco 13 days ago

    9:09 Zach's "why" sounds like mad calm CEO lol

  • Astrid Lauchengco
    Astrid Lauchengco 13 days ago

    9:09 Zach's "why" sounds like mad calm CEO lol

  • Ellen Wiesner
    Ellen Wiesner 13 days ago

    Eugenes like I am better then you!! 😂

  • CallMe Keilly
    CallMe Keilly 13 days ago

    I want to take art next year but I will probably be the worst drawer there also I heard the teacher doesn't teach anything T^T

  • NeverSatisfied
    NeverSatisfied 14 days ago

    12:27 love that laugh

  • Stariato
    Stariato 14 days ago

    I feel bad because they didn’t get her angles good

  • Raven The Wendigo
    Raven The Wendigo 14 days ago

    Dammit Eugene why are you so good at everything 😂

  • Z. M.
    Z. M. 14 days ago

    I love Rebecca! She’s so positive ☺️

  • JD F
    JD F 14 days ago

    As a university art student, I just want to say for those who might not know, if this were a real drawing class with a live model and they were making these comments, they would be kicked out before the class even starts. Respect is always important, but especially when there is someone who is willing to share their body in the nude for us to learn, they deserve our utmost respect. Thinking of nude models in ways that objectify them is really ignorant because these aren't objectively sexy Abercrombie style models who who just pose for a living. These are often people who are artists themselves who want to support young artists on their journey. They are not always extremely confident with their bodies. They just know that drawing from observation, studying someone's anatomy and having this experience is very important for their artistic growth. I have seen lots of penises and guess what? I don't remember any. It's not the point. These are usually very short, timed gestural poses. If you focus on drawing the penis or any other area in detail, it's because you really want to. Great twist at the end though, with the fruit costumes! I hope they will all go to an open live drawing class with a model sometime. :)

  • Pete Wentz from My Chemical Romance

    I have went to art school for three years and never learned this. Only measuring. :(((

  • Uku Holidays
    Uku Holidays 14 days ago +3

    0:38 of COURSE this a Eugene led video

  • Amelia C
    Amelia C 15 days ago +1

    Why is Eugenes so good at everything!!!

  • Sakshi singh
    Sakshi singh 15 days ago +2

    Eugene always bringing the other guys to try shit he's really good at himself lmaoooo. I love him.

  • Thảo My Cao
    Thảo My Cao 15 days ago +8

    eugene: as someone who's never taken a formal art class
    also eugene: came out with the best drawing
    i not even suprise

  • Kardinaalilintu
    Kardinaalilintu 15 days ago

    I really liked Keiths final piece. The linework was great!

  • Mika Ella Esguerra
    Mika Ella Esguerra 15 days ago

    wow can everybody agree with me that Sam looks so gorgeous?

  • Noah Yamit
    Noah Yamit 15 days ago