Highlights: Korea Republic 0-1 Qatar (AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019: Quarter-Finals)

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
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  • Yan Cernocky
    Yan Cernocky 8 days ago


  • Ros diana
    Ros diana 21 day ago +1

    1:50 This Is Onside..

  • Saya
    Saya 22 days ago

    Good Luck Qatar I'm from Qatar I'm so Worried About Qatar I Think Korea Is Lossing

  • OTOP AngThong
    OTOP AngThong 23 days ago

    KOREA REPUBLIC loes Qatar

  • 구름
    구름 Month ago

    충격적인 패배

  • Đỗ Nguyễn Nhật Vinh

    I love Qatar. From Vietnam .

  • Hulagu Mongke
    Hulagu Mongke 2 months ago

    Half of team Qatari players are either born in overseas or naturalised quickly by Qatari football team.Unfair practise similar to French team

  • Joysmith Roses
    Joysmith Roses 3 months ago

    Korea son tegulung anjing

  • 아세라공주
    아세라공주 4 months ago +1

    korea goal is not offside
    qatar buy oil money cash and supply rebate referee money

      SUNGMIN PARK 2 months ago

      it is offside because they checked var

  • Lệ Thuỷ Trần
    Lệ Thuỷ Trần 4 months ago +2

    Korea's achievement in the 2002 word cup is only the aid of the referees 👌👌

  • Cương Dương Bình
    Cương Dương Bình 4 months ago +1

    qatar just know long shot :)
    korea very good

  • Modi riding elephant🐘
    Modi riding elephant🐘 4 months ago +4

    SK is the only team that gave toughest competition to Qatar.

  • Crack Andres
    Crack Andres 4 months ago

    I am glad that Korea was eliminated! ^^

  • Đỗ Nguyễn Nhật Vinh

    Thank you Qatar.

  • Timothy Portarvirdi
    Timothy Portarvirdi 5 months ago

    south korea was better qatar got one luck shot he did not even look up he just shoot it

  • 서성우
    서성우 5 months ago +3

    Fucking korea

  • 강두날
    강두날 5 months ago

    카타르 잘했다! 우리나라는 한번 이렇게 당해봐야 정신차림

  • Uruguay y Nigeria
    Uruguay y Nigeria 5 months ago

    Lol Paraguay Colombia Argentina have just raped the Qataris and they scored five goals on Qatar
    CONMEBOL >>>>>>> AFC

  • Tình ae cậu ấm vinh 0911877850

    안녕하세요 1 2 발음 테스트나요 그래 잠수 없어 저랑 오빠에게 좋게 앉아 빨리

  • Flipbook. VN
    Flipbook. VN 6 months ago

    Too much young buffalo in japan

  • Mahendra AKS
    Mahendra AKS 6 months ago

    Hampir timnas Asia timur tengah kalau main suka ngulur waktu apa takut kebobolan itu adalah cara main yg bodoh

  • newds s
    newds s 6 months ago +1

    Congratulations Qatar from Malaysia

  • Đại Nguyễn TV
    Đại Nguyễn TV 6 months ago +1

    Korea Big Fuck Shit

    • Daniel C
      Daniel C 6 months ago

      Vietnamese fucker

  • Weiii Zzz
    Weiii Zzz 6 months ago

    Vắt mui trưa sạch ma thắng hàn quốc

  • sindhya issac
    sindhya issac 7 months ago


  • sindhya issac
    sindhya issac 7 months ago


  • supper vlogs man
    supper vlogs man 7 months ago


  • kingman 43
    kingman 43 8 months ago

    Yeah congrats Qatar

  • kingman 43
    kingman 43 8 months ago +1

    Memorable night of my team

  • 서성우
    서성우 9 months ago +2

    Fucking korea

  • a u t i s m
    a u t i s m 9 months ago

    Played like shit ya

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh 9 months ago +1

    South Korea = Losers

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh 9 months ago +1

    South Korea land of ladyboys and plastic surgery. Go Qatar!

  • 엥?
    엥? 10 months ago

    Why do Japanese quarrel with Koreans?

  • おばたの偽お兄ちゃん

    The world's most liar and coward country Korea

  • Aazib ABDULLAH
    Aazib ABDULLAH 11 months ago

    Life went on, and Qatar would go on to Defeat Japan and take it home.

  • Imperio Español-Jolodano
    Imperio Español-Jolodano 11 months ago +1

    Menos mal que Qatar tiene a ese entrenador Catalán y Español, Félix Sánchez Bas, él si que sabe manejar a esta selección.

  • hồi ức
    hồi ức 11 months ago


  • L S
    L S 11 months ago +1


  • jack bang
    jack bang 11 months ago +3

    Hahaha what a losers congrats Qatar from Spain

  • にっしーふぁんふぁん

    I was

  • psb똘똘이
    psb똘똘이 11 months ago +1

    2023년제발 아시안컵 우승을 기원합니다

  • jorge c.a
    jorge c.a 11 months ago

    Thanks qatar

  • LT-48
    LT-48 11 months ago

    Someday, Korea Republic is gonna be champion of AFC Asian Cup.
    It can be any time.

  • 2000 Subscribers With No Video

    I respected Japan and China, but this video made me completely lose it. They are assholes sometime, but I thought they are respectful. :/

  • 2000 Subscribers With No Video

    I love how when Famous players like Messi(only once), Sergio Ramos, Ronaldo shouts and talks to referees, they never say anything. However, when Korean players “shout” to the refs, they make such a big deal.
    As a Korean born in America, I faced racism before but this? Disgraceful to the fucking humanity.

    • 2000 Subscribers With No Video
      2000 Subscribers With No Video 11 months ago +1

      Moo Moo
      영어 못하시나봐요... 제가 그렇게 쓴것도 아닌데 ㅋㅋㅋ 미친새끼. 지랄좀 작작해

    • 2000 Subscribers With No Video
      2000 Subscribers With No Video 11 months ago +1

      Moo Moo
      영어도 못하는 미친새끼가 지랄떨고있네... ㅋ

    • TheGreat JHP
      TheGreat JHP 11 months ago

      Shut up YANKEE

    • MOO A
      MOO A 11 months ago

      뭔 개같은 소리하고 있네ㅋㅋ 라모스 호날두 메시가 심판한테 아무 지랄을 안한다고?

  • Bunda Aira
    Bunda Aira 11 months ago

    I think Korea is

  • Grence Harvey Basa
    Grence Harvey Basa 11 months ago

    wow beat GER in WC but lost to QAT. gg to qatar congrats for the championship

  • 大橋ミクロ
    大橋ミクロ 11 months ago +2

    I am so sorry
    I love Korea 🙂 I respect Korea!! Please ignore the Japanese who are arrogant.

    • 大橋ミクロ
      大橋ミクロ 11 months ago

      Thank you for understanding.

    • 해킹
      해킹 11 months ago


    • MOO A
      MOO A 11 months ago

      🇰🇷🤝🇯🇵 i respect japan

  • bara park
    bara park 11 months ago +6

    It's not offside

    • Phạm Văn Rạng
      Phạm Văn Rạng 4 months ago +1

      bara park,VAR never lies,like Korean match against Germany in WC,lmao.

  • Hảo Cù
    Hảo Cù 11 months ago +24

    Fighting southkorea💪💪 don’t care about bad comments Vietnam always support southkorea team🇻🇳❤️🇰🇷

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee 11 months ago +3

    absolutely not offside, awards for refs & AFC

  • 박진평
    박진평 11 months ago

    congratulations Qatar. You all deserve to win.

  • Nes Morales
    Nes Morales 11 months ago

    Fucking rigged. You could tell that from the beginning. This game just further showed it. I wouldnt count that as offside. And then the penalty when japan was about to get a draw at least. That is just shameful
    But hey Qatar is hosting the world cup, lets make them champs right? At least for once

  • Ko kwon
    Ko kwon 11 months ago

    아.. korea😭😭 horrible game

  • 우노
    우노 11 months ago +10

    Sorry for those rude japanese😢
    Please ignore them. They are just uneducated
    I love Korea and japan love korea❣️❣️❣️

    • TastyTarco
      TastyTarco 11 months ago

      thank you

    • Azure Much
      Azure Much 11 months ago

      Sorry about rude Koreans too. We have our own fair share of ignorant people
      I love kind ordinary Japanese people like you. from Korea.

    • 리미티드
      리미티드 11 months ago

      hey...japanese Can't you see these comment? You think we a fool? stop lie. just fuck off

    • bye0
      bye0 11 months ago


    • MOO A
      MOO A 11 months ago


  • Banteng Widyantoro
    Banteng Widyantoro 11 months ago

    Congratulations Qatar. From Pluto 😉

  • Blessing Botembe
    Blessing Botembe 11 months ago

    What's happen if you win the Asian cup

  • Juan Vargas
    Juan Vargas 11 months ago

    Lol who kicks their teammate? 1:16

  • 손나은
    손나은 11 months ago +7

    카타르 상대로 내용면에서 압도 했던 팀은 한국 밖에는 없었다.