• Published on Aug 13, 2019
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    When Chance first watched Stranger Things on Netflix, he was instantly hooked. He was in LOVE with the show, and every day at school, he would ask all his friends and classmates if they were watching. It was his favorite thing to talk about!
    When he heard that season two was coming out, Chance decided that the only thing better than watching Stranger Things was be to actually be ON Stranger Things. While he didn't consider himself the best actor in the world, he grew up watching his sister act and be amazing on stage, and he wanted to follow in her footsteps.
    So, he went online and looked at every website he could find to see if there were any casting calls for Stranger Things extras. He searched and searched, but he couldn't find anything online. He signed up for two casting apps - Project Casting and Casting Taylor Made - and he submitted his information. He did everything he could to land an audition, but he was slightly discouraged when he didn't immediately get a response.
    One day, in the middle of class, he received an e-mail notification on his phone. He couldn't believe it - it was from the casting agency! When he got out of school and checked the e-mail, he started to totally freak out - he had been selected as an extra for Stranger Things! He called his mom and they both celebrated through texting.
    When it was time for Chance to appear on the show, he could hardly contain his excitement. He had a fitting for his costume, and he was dressed in a special outfit for the scene. When he walked into the room for filming, he could hardly believe his eyes - he saw Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Sean Astin, David Harbour AND Winona Ryder! Some of his favorite actors from his favorite TV shows were all standing in the same room as him!
    Chance ended up dancing the background of the Snow Ball dance scene, and it was such a cool experience. He has so many awesome memories from working on set, and when he looks back at that day, he can hardly believe it when he says, "I was in a Stranger Things episode!"
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  • Kaylee Cooney
    Kaylee Cooney 36 minutes ago

    This is so fake

  • SkylarFilms 3
    SkylarFilms 3 2 hours ago

    I think I seen you on there bc when el and mike are standing in front of each other I think I seen you and this girl dancing together in the corner

  • Arturo Encinas
    Arturo Encinas 2 hours ago

    0:31 BRUH MOMENT

  • Akin Rodriguez
    Akin Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    I'm watching stranger things snowball '84 season 2! Right now!!I'm watching our for him!!!

  • paint wolf
    paint wolf 5 hours ago

    So are you will

  • Love-Dorki xoxo
    Love-Dorki xoxo 15 hours ago


  • Maddy Betsill
    Maddy Betsill 16 hours ago

    is this Noah?

  • Life With Val
    Life With Val 17 hours ago

    He was probably mike ( taller one )

  • Tammy Huynh
    Tammy Huynh 19 hours ago

    What character are you

  • gelle bean
    gelle bean 21 hour ago

    Yo Stranger Things os amazing and then of got in I would frggin cry I don't think your aloud to to meet Mills or Finn or any of them... just seeing them would be amazing

  • A r c h e r
    A r c h e r 22 hours ago


  • liljimen06
    liljimen06 Day ago

    Me-*goes looking for him in that scene*

  • Kamila Tuber
    Kamila Tuber Day ago

    If season 2 is coming out, why is it made in 2019

  • Zineb Raqi
    Zineb Raqi Day ago

    Wow you're lucky

  • RoyceDaVoice
    RoyceDaVoice Day ago


    That isn’t right...

  • just yee t
    just yee t Day ago

    Fun fact:
    In my school play
    I was the cloud yet i sang

  • Aly Darmody
    Aly Darmody Day ago

    Ur so lucky, i’d love to meet the Stranger Things cast, must’ve been amazing

  • arcquie
    arcquie Day ago


  • The Gacha Freaks 101

    Fake 🙄

  • Ryan Buck
    Ryan Buck Day ago

    i was in spongebob

  • Fun To Use
    Fun To Use Day ago +1


  • ScaryQueen 626
    ScaryQueen 626 Day ago

    I mean like it is scary and all but I probably cannot watch it

  • TitanicMegalodon
    TitanicMegalodon Day ago +1

    Great job :D

  • Audrey Willett
    Audrey Willett Day ago

    He played will?!?!

  • INVERTA blae
    INVERTA blae Day ago +3

    This guy: I got on on stranger things
    My teachers when I audition: who’s the fat kid?

  • eclipse 251
    eclipse 251 Day ago

    Stranger things season 1 was awesome but season 2 sucked

  • Stephanie Morales

    So ur playing on stranger things as will?

  • F4K3 giovanny
    F4K3 giovanny Day ago

    He was wil

  • F4K3 giovanny
    F4K3 giovanny Day ago

    So he was noah

  • Edgyz
    Edgyz Day ago

    Guess what nobody cares!!

  • morgan Cooper
    morgan Cooper Day ago

    This is a nice story

  • beefs edits
    beefs edits 2 days ago

    “Gurgle” is gonna be the name for google In the future..

  • Paul Gerard Tan
    Paul Gerard Tan 2 days ago +8

    Who do you like the most
    1. Mike
    2. Will
    3. Lucas
    4. Dustin
    5. Eleven
    6. Joyce
    7. Nancy
    8. Jonathan
    9. Steve
    10. Robin

  • Paul Gerard Tan
    Paul Gerard Tan 2 days ago

    I was in stranger things s2

    Im one of the demodogs

  • Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim


  • • Mousse •
    • Mousse • 2 days ago

    You unfair

  • DonaldHipsterTrump_YT

    Yeah, we should belive it right? No. I. won't.

  • Elu X
    Elu X 2 days ago

    1.wake up
    2.i was in stranger things
    3.i cried
    Now read 2,1,3

  • Hamburger 123
    Hamburger 123 2 days ago

    Who were u?
    What episode?
    What season?

  • Gacha_Honey
    Gacha_Honey 2 days ago

    I think I saw you in the episode. 😋 I’m not sure, I need glasses.

  • Root Beard
    Root Beard 2 days ago

    I wish I could have been on stranger things
    The only roles I've had was a wolf and a leprechaun even though I'm over 5 ft

  • Galaxy Ashley
    Galaxy Ashley 2 days ago


  • Skylar Wall
    Skylar Wall 2 days ago

    I want to me them

  • Skylar Wall
    Skylar Wall 2 days ago +1

    I love that show I live in Georgia show I’ve been to the places I love Dustin in stranger things . Who’s your favorite character

  • Kupkake Krazy
    Kupkake Krazy 2 days ago


  • Anya Hawari
    Anya Hawari 2 days ago

    He sounds like Noah

  • Gabriel Ordones
    Gabriel Ordones 2 days ago

    Where’s the truth?

  • Pedro Sepulveda
    Pedro Sepulveda 3 days ago +1

    Favorite top 5 characters in stranger things:
    1: Dustin
    2: Alexi
    3: ....
    4: ....
    5: ....

  • Funtime Jessie nunan {dog}

    On stranger things they don’t were make up

  • Anda Mihaela
    Anda Mihaela 3 days ago

    Is this video about Noah Schnapp❤❤❤

  • yesica amador
    yesica amador 3 days ago


  • gisselle lopez
    gisselle lopez 3 days ago


  • Pinecone Animations
    Pinecone Animations 3 days ago

    Imagine if he got a main character

  • History Boy
    History Boy 3 days ago

    This inspired me to apply to be an extra for Civil War movies, since I’m a re-enactor. Thanks!

  • Janine George
    Janine George 3 days ago

    I got to see Finn wolf hard I even got to hug him he smelt really good and after I left I legit started crying

  • quitted bubbles
    quitted bubbles 4 days ago

    im a simple person, I see stranger things related, I click.

  • Malachi Barnes
    Malachi Barnes 4 days ago

    Well who were u ?

  • Red
    Red 4 days ago +2

    Yeah this didn’t happen