GameStop Girl be Playin' Games

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • Found a Gamestop that had a cute employee and of course nothing happened with that and everyone lived happier ever ever.
    *Looking through comments on my wall post to give credit to the girl that suggested this title for this vid. Will update it here once I find it.
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  • sunflower TTV
    sunflower TTV Day ago

    She grabbed he’s balls 😂😂💀

  • SixEyeSassquatch


  • Nate Dawg
    Nate Dawg Day ago

    Girl gamer=wifefu 🤩

  • mandyalfred
    mandyalfred Day ago

    you looove flirting with the devil bruh LMAOOO

  • Originito
    Originito Day ago

    She Touched His Dick

  • Rosalyn Royston
    Rosalyn Royston Day ago

    Imagine the hubbie watching his videos and seeing this one like brooooo that's gonna be hella aux

  • FeyWinter Fox
    FeyWinter Fox Day ago

    Stories like this and they wonder why you are single LOL!! This stuff is like landmines!

  • Itz Pillowz
    Itz Pillowz Day ago +1

    She grabbed his D##K!! 😂

  • Tobin Stewart
    Tobin Stewart Day ago

    Hold up if this story legit though where the ring at

  • Priest Morrison
    Priest Morrison Day ago

    AWESOME story!!!

  • Petey on Piptendo

    Their holding the Switch the wrong way! Illegal!

  • Geekyanime Guytwo

    teach me a lesson right now maybe I should change my ways

  • Tony Jr Newman
    Tony Jr Newman Day ago

    First guy looks like tsm myth

  • Eggy Boi
    Eggy Boi Day ago

    This channel has really gone down

  • WHUH?
    WHUH? 2 days ago

    *Yup just waiting for that titled video “(title) - ft. Young don’t the sauce god*

  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith
    Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2 days ago


  • Truck Taxi
    Truck Taxi 2 days ago +1

    Anything past 2 a.m. is no longer plutonic -- I don't care if you're knitting sweaters.

  • saeliew
    saeliew 2 days ago

    my partner does the same pattern of "baby i will change", worship the floor i walk on and then goes back to their trifling (not slobby) ways, but I don't believe in cheating. if I ever want to separate, i'd do it like a decent human being.

  • The Destroyer 123
    The Destroyer 123 2 days ago

    3:17 im clicking off the video

  • Legitimate
    Legitimate 2 days ago

    Don’t you hate when you hit next vid and you have to watch double the ads?

  • Mcnight Smith
    Mcnight Smith 2 days ago

    Yo I want her ig so I can smack them cheeks
    Come on swoozie sharing is caring

  • AdvancedGP
    AdvancedGP 2 days ago +6

    tbh giving her permission to pick you up was a bad and non-logical move.

  • FizzyGaming
    FizzyGaming 2 days ago

    Your a Trinidadian wot Same ere boi

  • AussieMik12
    AussieMik12 2 days ago +2

    Swooz, boi, the only way these girls play these games so long is when someone plays along as the opponent. Don’t make yourself the opponent, yo.

  • the._.introvert._
    the._.introvert._ 2 days ago +1

    This girl be lurking around in the comments

  • thetuerkgamer Girgin

    Did you inintentionaly make a jojo's reference with the tumbnail?

  • King Six
    King Six 2 days ago

    Swoozie these girls what you be doing

  • Vytukas Jakubonis
    Vytukas Jakubonis 2 days ago

    No joke, swoozie is one of the few youtubers, that didnt let fame get to there head, becouse he used to upload amazing funny videos, and he still does upload amazing funny videos, so salute to Swoozie! 💪

  • Michael Forde
    Michael Forde 2 days ago +1

    Swoozie, I honestly feel like you allow yourself to get into these situations JUST to have a video to upload 😂 She said she cheated 3 times, and you STILL allowed yourself to be in a house with her, late at night, when her husband is out of town. Not fishy at all 🐸 ☕️

  • Joel Manjo
    Joel Manjo 2 days ago


  • Sammie Savoy
    Sammie Savoy 2 days ago

    Did she spank Swoozies butt--

  • Isaac Rangel
    Isaac Rangel 3 days ago

    Slim thicc gamestopgirl let go also what happened to call a duty girl?

    • B9d 7
      B9d 7 2 days ago

      The paper the bread the cheddar!

  • Diego Gonzalez
    Diego Gonzalez 3 days ago


  • Draguns
    Draguns 3 days ago

    Since I’m trans I just use video games with voice chat to test how well my voice passes lmao

  • Tiny Tim
    Tiny Tim 3 days ago

    love the vids keep them up please

  • mr_ sheepy
    mr_ sheepy 3 days ago

    Thanks swoozie you helped me be confident and I asked my crush and she sead yes

  • Thor Ocean
    Thor Ocean 3 days ago

    Yo he’s a ssaavvvv

  • _.KnvgCulprit_. Channel

    So we gonna ignore her staring at him the whole car ride🤣🤣🤣🔥👌🏽

  • fier killer
    fier killer 3 days ago

    What's the best interview you have ever seen

  • Kxrina
    Kxrina 3 days ago

    im out here endin peoples careers💀

  • MagnumNova
    MagnumNova 3 days ago

    Bro, I went to gamestop to buy halo 5 guardians.
    (on release date keep in mind)
    And it wasn't anywhere around so i asked the
    G A M E R girl in the front.
    Me: Yo y'all got halo 5???
    Her: oh yeah, do you want that for
    Xbox or P S 4 ??
    My mouth drops in disappointment, i was triggered xD but the other chick next to her corrected her abt it.

  • Horus Hyperion
    Horus Hyperion 3 days ago

    So many red flags man like it good thing u give people benefit of the doubt but god forbid one of these dudes is legit killer and shoot u for this

  • Horus Hyperion
    Horus Hyperion 3 days ago

    2:21 wait this happen to another black animator on youtube forgot his name but the girl was short thicc latina and guy was white.( It was BlackSen )

  • Jean-Paul Miller
    Jean-Paul Miller 3 days ago

    Lemme guess she touched your

  • Tide Girl
    Tide Girl 3 days ago

    Just me

  • Tide Girl
    Tide Girl 3 days ago


  • Daniel Romo
    Daniel Romo 3 days ago

    Oh yeah mr krabs

  • ice cold
    ice cold 3 days ago

    Swoozie your videos are the best

  • Lil Demon
    Lil Demon 3 days ago

    And u ain’t hit nigga u gay Riley voice

  • mr wolfboy
    mr wolfboy 3 days ago

    You committed a robbery without anyone knowing it including your slef😂😂 also your videos are always funny thank you for making our day better

  • fancydeadpool50 _
    fancydeadpool50 _ 3 days ago


  • yugi muto
    yugi muto 3 days ago

    why do you talk in that accent

  • TheGranter
    TheGranter 3 days ago

    All three of you in this situation are pathetic.

  • TheGranter
    TheGranter 3 days ago

    The fact that she's sitting there with you in the first place is sketchy but you went through with this? You're the fuck up in this situation.

  • Lifegoeson100
    Lifegoeson100 3 days ago

    Too pretty for jail lol

  • Lillyheart Warrior
    Lillyheart Warrior 3 days ago +1

    I dare you to make video without girls

  • Like My Name 105
    Like My Name 105 3 days ago

    It’s so true

  • ThePsalms
    ThePsalms 3 days ago

    Swoozie what is wrong with you man

  • Meme Child
    Meme Child 3 days ago

    Sooo she touched your nuts?? That's when u know she a hoe

  • GrimGhost999
    GrimGhost999 3 days ago

    You kind of a bad person man. Like, I'm no saint, but I tell it like it is and don't hang out with married women 1 on 1. Also, as a grown man to another: why feel shame/embarassment ever? Tell the dude everything, what's it gonna feel, ackward? He'd appreciate it more than sneaking with his wife. You seem sketch, BurgerKing-on-Xbox 360 kinda dude, sneaking around and whatnot. "Game recognize game, and you lookin kinda unfamiliar" -Riley Freeman

  • Karla Woolfolk
    Karla Woolfolk 3 days ago

    Hold on why in relationships the guy has to leave,and what about if the guy paid for the house

  • The SRK
    The SRK 3 days ago

    swoozie the snoop dog of youtube

  • Lil baby
    Lil baby 3 days ago

    Me when I touch Belle Delphine bath water 0:10

  • Yunggleezy
    Yunggleezy 3 days ago

    Where tf are you

  • Miss Luna
    Miss Luna 3 days ago

    100% Facts. 😅

  • howdyboy casey
    howdyboy casey 3 days ago +2

    "i love how he buys a ps4 game 1 week and later he buys a xbox game lmao"

  • Bryan Keovo
    Bryan Keovo 3 days ago +3

    She been "soul" searching, she been searching for some D fam I'm dead

  • Upmost Dust
    Upmost Dust 4 days ago

    Manually breathing am I

  • Donavan Server
    Donavan Server 4 days ago

    Im glad swoozie is posting more videos

  • ¿Jack?! ?
    ¿Jack?! ? 4 days ago

    Swooz I know you seen dis new Aladdin

  • Keith Woodhouse
    Keith Woodhouse 4 days ago

    What a ho

  • potato fox
    potato fox 4 days ago


  • mARTa Kyam
    mARTa Kyam 4 days ago

    Watch the road Kim

  • AnAchorAfire
    AnAchorAfire 4 days ago

    my thing is.... lol why you still entertained them for that long ??? lol

  • Fake DAT
    Fake DAT 4 days ago

    I hate when dudes want a gamer girl. Overrated to me

  • Yt-SoopBoiz
    Yt-SoopBoiz 4 days ago +1


  • Nikko Peko
    Nikko Peko 4 days ago


  • Trevion Whitaker
    Trevion Whitaker 4 days ago


  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones 4 days ago

    She whispered that playing games with him gets her wet.

  • Dr Pepper
    Dr Pepper 4 days ago

    You give great advice on relationships

  • WhoIsCoty
    WhoIsCoty 4 days ago

    She a HOE

  • GavCat Morgan
    GavCat Morgan 4 days ago

    The game he picks is Rdr2

  • Suthern Savage
    Suthern Savage 4 days ago


  • Robert Brooks
    Robert Brooks 4 days ago

    So you steal game informers lol

  • John Jr Moraine
    John Jr Moraine 4 days ago

    How does he make his videos??

  • Playa Ana
    Playa Ana 4 days ago

    Lmao I love these videos! They’re such life lessonssss

  • Parker Fulginiti
    Parker Fulginiti 5 days ago

    I went to went to bjs brewery near my hotel that I stayed it

  • Parker Fulginiti
    Parker Fulginiti 5 days ago

    Sorry just want to know

  • Parker Fulginiti
    Parker Fulginiti 5 days ago

    Do u live in Fort Myers

  • Bethel Peprah
    Bethel Peprah 5 days ago

    Did you realize swoozie is so funny🤔🤣

  • Tiffahni A. Harris
    Tiffahni A. Harris 5 days ago +1

    The frame in the car afetr she crossed the line... i am crying unhealthily rn jpgorfhbikxzl

  • SirBearingtonOfLondon

    I'm a girl and no one do that to me. Well, mostly because I sound like a dude so XD.

  • Ken Williams
    Ken Williams 5 days ago


  • Ty
    Ty 5 days ago

    Dudes who own a Xbox and a PS4: no biggie
    Me: Hold on

  • ryukenb2k
    ryukenb2k 5 days ago

    It's their NOT dere. I love chocolate people how we talk. We could speak correctly. Fuck dat shiiiiit. Ya'll tripping

  • ryukenb2k
    ryukenb2k 5 days ago

    Wheres sawyer. He is at the store picking up his super power Soy energy and his favourite juice cuck soda. This little bitch is a undercover sperm toilet cock carousal riding queen. Her special ability is pump and dump literally. Her pussbox knows no limits. Its depth range is infinite.

  • Patricia Keyes
    Patricia Keyes 5 days ago

    Agree that BJ's food quality is sht!te. Totatly overrated. May as well go to Denny's or iHOP.

  • TikTok but on crack
    TikTok but on crack 5 days ago +1

    Good vid bro! Shoutout from Puerto Rico!

  • ThingsThatGoBomb
    ThingsThatGoBomb 5 days ago +1

    5:31 that number is at&t assistance

  • AniMati 78
    AniMati 78 5 days ago

    9:25 Awww his face I feel so bad!!!!