We Match Our Looks To Our Mood Rings • Ladylike

  • Published on Feb 21, 2018
  • "This is my 4th costume change today, I'm exhausted!"
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  • Kearsten Dennis
    Kearsten Dennis 13 hours ago

    Why is Kristen always so close to the camera 😂😂😂

  • Jennifer Adams
    Jennifer Adams 5 days ago

    Can I just say that I'm completely addicted to watching your videos ladies....you are all so much fun to watch and I'm so jealous that you guys have like the best jobs and workplace ever....keep the videos coming ladies...you are all truly beautiful...love u all

  • bellaaa
    bellaaa 7 days ago

    kristins first outfit was SO CUTE

  • S.M _Rosé
    S.M _Rosé 8 days ago

    Kristen should wear that first outfit again !! (The overall one) It’s so cute !
    They’re so stunning~

  • Linda the Hermit
    Linda the Hermit 12 days ago

    I had one back in the 70s, when they first came out.

  • Doris Barkler
    Doris Barkler 14 days ago

    I'm not sure they would make it in a zombie apocalypse.

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 14 days ago

    I had a mode ring when I was second grade

  • Tiddles Jr
    Tiddles Jr 17 days ago

    I am bi and I swoon towards girls but I think I swoon even more for Jen😂😂😅

  • doge queens
    doge queens 17 days ago

    Kristen seems to be feeling like a watermelon cuz she keeps being pink green and black

  • Jayden tango Tang
    Jayden tango Tang 18 days ago +1

    Find fish
    VffAsswsxsccecdcdcddvvfvf. Fggbgbbggbbgbgbvfvfvdvfvffbbggbgnngngngngnhnhnhnhnhnhnyhgbtbfvfvffgvffbmjmjhmggbfishccddcs xs x. D fc. F fix sxdvdawxawxexsscdecededcedcedcdecedecddcecdedceredvvdedvevrdevdvrdevevdvdeedvvevd4dv4fv4vd4dvdv44dv4vdd4vr crvcrfvvfrfrvv4fvrrfvfbrfrbrfvvfrvfrf

  • Sofia Watkins
    Sofia Watkins 18 days ago +1

    Lol when u find out its the temperature that changes them! My siblings destroyed my childhood real quick 😔

  • Groovy teen of 1969 Flower power

    My mom had a mood ring in 80s

  • Thomas Lai
    Thomas Lai 19 days ago

    I think what they should have done was check their rings every hour/half hour and then change their outfits based on that particular colour, spare them all the changing.

  • Cat Cake
    Cat Cake 20 days ago

    I heard black and blue and thought instantly to Backstreet Boys 😂

  • LuciLaife 123
    LuciLaife 123 21 day ago

    Devin and Jen: *talking about pooping in public restrooms while putting makeup on*
    Plot twist: *theyre putting makeup on while pooping in public restrooms*

  • Whisper Playz
    Whisper Playz 21 day ago

    10:54 i see you Jeffree star liquid Lip stick. I see you 👀

  • ツNoodle_does_doodles

    where gonna look...
    S O O O O O O G O O D

  • Paige Coyle
    Paige Coyle 26 days ago

    I have an antisocial mood ring it’s always black

  • Emmie Varela
    Emmie Varela 28 days ago +1

    I love the friendship duo of JEN AND DEVIN!! They are my favorite and they are so so funny!!!

  • Kelly Peres
    Kelly Peres Month ago

    As a fellow Asian I can completely relate to Jen wanting a clean butthole 😂

  • MrAngieomar
    MrAngieomar Month ago

    I was born 2007 and I'm only 11,I know I'm young.😇😇🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Kaitlyn Tilley
    Kaitlyn Tilley Month ago

    Lady tested
    lady hated

  • Pix Routhorn
    Pix Routhorn Month ago

    I remember rainbow fish!!!!

  • Priscilla Cooper
    Priscilla Cooper Month ago

    3:48 oh we're gonna look sooo goood AHAHHAHAHA

  • -dont read this- Puppies

    I hope y’all weren’t on yalls period

  • Aidan Thomas
    Aidan Thomas Month ago

    I hollered when Jen said she looks like a duck 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chaotic Evil
    Chaotic Evil Month ago

    wear rainbow

  • Damaris Dee
    Damaris Dee Month ago

    Yasssssssss Jen get it girl.... u looked sooo fuckin good!!

  • Lynnea Clark
    Lynnea Clark Month ago

    Kristen is annoying to me

  • Shrek turds aka Leila

    Kristen is a mood

  • Shrek turds aka Leila

    Which color is tired

  • Shrek turds aka Leila

    Black and Teal pls

  • Beach_ Squad
    Beach_ Squad Month ago


  • Kristen Montgomery
    Kristen Montgomery Month ago

    Kristen l love your blue black outfit

  • rainbow unicorns
    rainbow unicorns Month ago

    Girls on their period with mood swings that would be a nightmare

  • Ava Tripicchio
    Ava Tripicchio Month ago +1

    Kristin keeps the camera so close to her face lol !(no hate)!

  • Itz_ Rosii
    Itz_ Rosii Month ago

    11:46 there's a Pero Like vid playing!

  • Florine de Lint
    Florine de Lint Month ago

    omgg yaaaassss ive had those hahah

  • Jin * Miyeon ARMYLAND

    I want one

  • Robyn Wall
    Robyn Wall Month ago +1

    Imagine doing this during your period

  • Hilda Alvarez-Strang
    Hilda Alvarez-Strang Month ago +2

    The blue top looked fantastic on Jen.

  • Unknown 1739
    Unknown 1739 Month ago

    0:40 i love jen

  • Mya Rivera Official

    Is it me or am I turning crazy because when Devin put her finger back down from showing her ring turning to Pink I literally saw it go straight to light green did anyone else see that like if you did

  • Kiara Lopez
    Kiara Lopez Month ago +1

    I’m so stressed, that my SKIN is black...

    It’s been a rough week, pls send food and cuddles

  • Mossyshine
    Mossyshine Month ago +1

    I am a woman that finds most of these women attractive (Mainly Jen)...

  • Cherrie- Berrie
    Cherrie- Berrie Month ago

    We’re do u get the rings ????

  • Alyssa P
    Alyssa P Month ago

    i legit choked on my crackers seeing Jen's yellow lips 10:55

  • Cate Benschoter
    Cate Benschoter Month ago +1

    Woof to Freddie's hair

  • Ansley Foust
    Ansley Foust 2 months ago

    Kristen's first outfit looks soo good on her!

  • Sara Puckett
    Sara Puckett 2 months ago

    1:47 the scream in the music scared the shiz nic out of me XD I thought someone in my house screamed lol 😅😂

  • Abby Marie
    Abby Marie 2 months ago

    Jen is my sprit animal 😂😂

  • Lindsey Kelley
    Lindsey Kelley 2 months ago +2

    okay but this was an AMAZING LOOK for kristin honestly, so cute

  • Haile Davis 888
    Haile Davis 888 2 months ago

    3:19 love that!

  • Maxx Hill
    Maxx Hill 2 months ago +1

    8:39 this is hilarious
    LMAO 🤯

  • Kawiee Panda
    Kawiee Panda 2 months ago +1

    Fuzzy duck
    Anyone okay just me

  • Happy Cat
    Happy Cat 2 months ago +1

    Mine would be all black

  • the hair harrington
    the hair harrington 2 months ago

    Jen and Devin are best friend goals.

  • Jenny Zheng
    Jenny Zheng 2 months ago +1

    9:04 deven's ring was orange and like some other colors!!!

  • Chewie Merkee
    Chewie Merkee 2 months ago

    Anne is pretty.

  • Joe Morgan
    Joe Morgan 2 months ago

    Did anyone else see the slight yellow at 9:04?