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Memes that are from my dreams | offensive meme | | try not to laugh offensive |

  • Published on Jan 15, 2022

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  • Ur new Father
    Ur new Father 4 months ago +180

    This channel never fails to supply us with quality memes, its amazing how theres never been some kinda burnout, its all funny. Keep up the great work, yall know imma be back soon

    • aaaaaaa
      aaaaaaa 4 months ago

      @Curb your Soul sisisiisis

    • Hopa Hopa
      Hopa Hopa 4 months ago +1

      69th like

    • Curb your Soul
      Curb your Soul  4 months ago +9


    • Ur new Father
      Ur new Father 4 months ago +1

      @EliMator oh lol thanks, have a great day my dude

    • EliMator
      EliMator 4 months ago +2

      @Ur new Father I was joking lmao, but I'm the beginning you spelled never wrong. I was mainly joking tho so don't worry

  • BigRed27
    BigRed27 4 months ago +4

    The fact that I understand the Pringles, sponges, and glove one at 6:55 says a lot about me...

  • The One
    The One 4 months ago +22

    I’m pretty sure Derrick “ruining” the party was planned because who lets a dude get drunk before the party started AND let the someone sit in front of the house drunk or not

    • My Nguyen
      My Nguyen 4 months ago +1

      Or maybe they just didnt care about him

  • Pain
    Pain 4 months ago +39

    I love that you always pick the legit funny ones, especially when u compare against other meme videos others make, keep that up 🏆

  • Kevin zz
    Kevin zz 4 months ago +4

    6:35 made me cry so hard 😂😂😂😂

  • Adam
    Adam 4 months ago +10

    9:30 Master chief, mind telling me what you’re doing in that cosplay bar?

  • W. A. T. E. R.
    W. A. T. E. R. 4 months ago +49

    These memes are officially hydrated but the first three had me busting out laughing

  • Bianca J.
    Bianca J. 4 months ago +10

    The mesothelioma takes me out every time. I first watched this video when I was high 7 hours ago and I came back to this video just for that one bit. I almost choked I laughed so hard at that guy's head entering the washer machine while narrating a mesothelioma lawsuit commercial.

    • Tyler
      Tyler 4 months ago

      Does anybody have the link to the original?

    • Justin Boom
      Justin Boom 4 months ago +1

      Bruh I just died

  • 10k before 2023??
    10k before 2023?? 4 months ago +5

    Thanks for all the amazing work you put into your videos, It really makes my day better❤

  • Pacey Sinclair
    Pacey Sinclair 4 months ago +10

    The GOAT of “Try not to laugh” is back!

  • Rowan Raetz
    Rowan Raetz 4 months ago +20

    6:31 is probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Good find!

  • Matthew
    Matthew 4 months ago +7

    2:12 Got Me Good ☠

  • Script 45
    Script 45 4 months ago +4

    This channel keeps making good meme content videos that I enjoy and don't find that offensive. I always end up with at least 5 long laughs before I calm down. Thank you, Curb your Soul.

  • Richard Farsang
    Richard Farsang 4 months ago +31

    As a heavy tea-drinker, that made me cry 3:41

  • clayson frederickson
    clayson frederickson 3 months ago

    I don't know how many times I've watch someone answer their microwave, but it gets me everytime.

  • youtuber355
    youtuber355 4 months ago +6

    6:29 was the head in the washing machine for me........ that shit had me in tears 😅 😂 🤣

  • MemeJam
    MemeJam 4 months ago +6

    These memes are so funny that i'm still laughing even after the video is over 🤣

  • DarthLuka07
    DarthLuka07 4 months ago +1

    9:26 when he posed, I saw all the pain, all the memories that we Spartans share.

  • Juggy
    Juggy 4 months ago +3

    2:12 Derreck’s a nice guy, feel bad for having his buzz killed by coincidence

  • Dewor YT
    Dewor YT 4 months ago +45

    0:38 is just my absolute favourite 🤣

  • absolutelynotJacob
    absolutelynotJacob 4 months ago +6

    The thumbnail made me feel a emotion that doesn't exist yet

  • Eyezenn
    Eyezenn 4 months ago +11

    “Friendly fire will not be tolerated”

  • J
    J 4 months ago +48

    Why tf didn’t she tell Derrik in the first place tho?

    • Beaunails
      Beaunails 4 months ago +2

      And wouldn’t he see all the cars in the drive way? And it’s his birthday? Wouldn’t he put two and two together?

    • Cory's World
      Cory's World 4 months ago +1

      @Scorp delord And top of that he's drunk. Of course it's a party.

    • Scorp delord
      Scorp delord 4 months ago +6

      it was 100% her fault that she didnt tell her, like im not the first one to show up to my birthday partys either when we even planned it, and then not telling someone its a surprice party when they obvisly allready started eating/drinking which will confuse just about eveyone thats its a surprice party

    • Ruboi
      Ruboi 4 months ago +7

      Honestly felt like it was her fault

  • Michael H
    Michael H 4 months ago +6

    Most of the mainstream meme channels have overused unfunny memes but you are different homeboy, you and Large Cat are funny as hell

  • Beanster
    Beanster 4 months ago +1

    9:27 whoever didnt salute at that is just uncultered

  • Goodveganvibes
    Goodveganvibes 4 months ago +7

    1:23 that star shaped ice cube tray hit different man

  • Bodhi Griffin
    Bodhi Griffin 4 months ago +2

    6:29 made me spit milk all over my computer

  • Adam Pasvantis
    Adam Pasvantis 4 months ago +3

    Derik may have been drunk but I feel like dad knew already

  • Budget
    Budget 4 months ago +13

    Bro no cap, I watched every single one of your vids and damn, I enjoyed every minute of it.

  • Nomadic
    Nomadic 4 months ago +10

    4:22 My dude has no filter 💀

  • Preston Yahn
    Preston Yahn 4 months ago +1

    the washer one is the best meme i have ever seen

  • Project StanY
    Project StanY 4 months ago +3

    0:32 LOL

  • Araragi
    Araragi 4 months ago +7

    This channel never fails to supply us with quality memes, its amazing how theres never been some kinda burnout, its all funny. Keep up the great work, yall know imma be back soon

  • MentalCatBoy
    MentalCatBoy 4 months ago +1

    is it just me or can i just not tell when a meme has ended and when a new one has started?

  • He_Said
    He_Said 4 months ago +1

    These are high quality memes

  • YT Forrest
    YT Forrest 4 months ago +5

    Finally, good memes that arent just painfully unfunny animal videos

    CHUNGUS_WITH_A_MUSTACHE 4 months ago +2

    0:38 Bro just wanted a hug

  • .
    . 4 months ago +2

    9:00 the correct way to do it is by using a blender

  • Pistle 99
    Pistle 99 4 months ago +2

    speaking for all meme vids, how hard can it be to normalize thode audio levels

  • Spiritbox&Xbox
    Spiritbox&Xbox 4 months ago +10

    0:53 bro I go to MSU as well and the staff dont give af sometimes lmao, i see dudes with whole feasts walk out of dining halls

  • Loren Avalos
    Loren Avalos 4 months ago

    how do you find such great funny videos keep it up man (:

  • Satan Panties
    Satan Panties 4 months ago +1

    Sees Master Chief: *salutes*

  • Ray Hester
    Ray Hester 4 months ago +1

    Think about this....
    A dinosaur died millions of years ago and turned into oil. A massive company and thousands of workers burned that to produce electricity. For that electricity to be used to turn snow into water then from water into ice to be thrown back onto the snow.
    Also to be used to watch hentai but let's not think about that for a moment.

  • Nate The Great
    Nate The Great 4 months ago +3

    dude, i cant even, man wanted to be master chief when he grew up, and not only did he do it, but he probably gets paid more than me while doing it

  • Kel Rowland
    Kel Rowland 4 months ago +5

    6:30 funniest thing I have seen in years!
    Take not the Mark of the Beast!

  • Noah Henderson
    Noah Henderson 4 months ago +5

    "girl was put in a cage"
    "Wump wump" ie wah wah
    Ok but take a second. Forget about the memes. The fact that this exists, that so many people probably share this attitude? Holy fkkin hell. We are a doomed species

    • Ita Lillo
      Ita Lillo 4 months ago

      @capricious bro tf, you're a sociopath if you actually think that way

  • Smellyplays
    Smellyplays Month ago +1

    7:26 the Bat Man in the back ground 😂

  • christopher hernandez
    christopher hernandez 4 months ago +3

    3:56 is true for me

  • Sophia Vecchiarello
    Sophia Vecchiarello 4 months ago +3

    3:53 where do you get that music?

  • NFN
    NFN 3 months ago +2

    This thumbnail is gold!

  • ICE
    ICE 4 months ago +1

    0:40 my dude was like you wanna catch these hands

  • バブル
    バブル 4 months ago +2

    derrick is a good guy

  • Pc_legend138
    Pc_legend138 4 months ago +2

    0:13 shortened from 3 centimeters to 2 1/2 centimeters

  • rock3rzz
    rock3rzz 4 months ago +1

    2:20 the best 😂🤣

  • Tsukuyomi  Lol
    Tsukuyomi Lol 4 months ago +2

    I can’t stop with these videos I swear! They’re the only thing making me laugh all day

  • BoblosIzKool
    BoblosIzKool 4 months ago +1

    That second one 🤣

  • Tylerx8
    Tylerx8 4 months ago +1

    didnt laugh once i want my nine minutes and fourty one segements of time in this world back

  • Astonishingly Cloudy
    Astonishingly Cloudy 4 months ago +1

    I tried so hard to scroll past this but I was laughing too hard

  • AmericaMan
    AmericaMan 4 months ago +2

    was nearly crying to at the thumbnail alone

    BRITE AL 4 months ago +1

    Dude on the thumbnail looks like he's about to sell me air

  • General Hanz Von JerryYT [Long Live Ukraine]

    0:48 my dude just turned into fkn rocky for a sec

  • stage2scoob -
    stage2scoob - 4 months ago +1

    Left handed salute at the end lol

  • Cheese Boi
    Cheese Boi 4 months ago +2

    Beautiful thumbnail

  • musteren
    musteren 4 months ago +1

    0:39 my dreams be like

  • Mr. Koffee
    Mr. Koffee 4 months ago +8

    Derrick is such a chad, dear god.

  • Ars Goetia Shlomoh
    Ars Goetia Shlomoh 4 months ago

    Bro the fucking last meme caught me off guard with master chief

  • The rock
    The rock 4 months ago +6

    3:21 holy fking smokes,my cut insane,shout out to my barber dawg

  • The dwarf The first
    The dwarf The first 4 months ago +1

    Well it’d be nice if it ate the stuff from my *wet* dreams so I dont have to change my sheets

  • Pyro Maniac
    Pyro Maniac 4 months ago +2

    These memes are so offensive they are going to be illegal jokes in the coming years

  • Quentin Ford
    Quentin Ford 4 months ago +2

    Bruh the last one reawakened childhood trauma

  • HT10
    HT10 4 months ago +1

    I already failed on the first one

  • Timmyshok
    Timmyshok 4 months ago +1

    8:45 says the person who took their phone on a waterslide

  • No one
    No one 3 months ago +1


  • SeymoreThe Disappointed

    Oh thank god, for a second there I thought my emergency panty rice was at risk

  • Yoel Hanma
    Yoel Hanma 4 months ago +1

    Lol the Chinese one though

  • hue
    hue 4 months ago +1

    2:12 i'm like derrick in a way....

  • Goated-_-Dank
    Goated-_-Dank 4 months ago +1

    At 0:11 is my guy wearing underwear like that caught me off guard 😂😂

    GIGA CHAD 4 months ago +9

    this is a certified OBAMA classic

  • cornmeal
    cornmeal 4 months ago +6

    I feel like if you had a good enough voice to do and character money and talent the cosplay Bar would be fun

  • Beta Prime
    Beta Prime 4 months ago

    reach into the dream world and pluck out a meme

  • Eshan Allam
    Eshan Allam 4 months ago +6

    Thank you for the wonderful memes

    MPABTW 4 months ago +2

    I was doing good until 2:55

  • LaundryBasket69
    LaundryBasket69 4 months ago +5

    This channel is so underrated

  • Ametys 007
    Ametys 007 4 months ago

    refering to the thumbnail of the video: *Memes thak make your haircut look like closing curtains*

  • Six
    Six 4 months ago +2

    Yup I wasn't kidding when I said "I bet Curb your Soul dreams of these memes"

    BETTER BY THE DAY 4 months ago +1

    That ending tho...

  • EagleGames95
    EagleGames95 3 months ago +1

    hey ima need that last one for research purposes

  • LightenedUpPro
    LightenedUpPro 4 months ago +1

    2:57 my faviorite part :DDDDDDD

  • Amaze_man
    Amaze_man 2 months ago

    That first one was pretty slick

  • Atlas Beatbox
    Atlas Beatbox 3 months ago +1

    If you can tell me the name of the song at 2:55 i'll give you random luck

  • Elmo
    Elmo 4 months ago +2

    Funny meme…..

  • The Last Straight Guy
    The Last Straight Guy 4 months ago +4

    3:53 now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time...

    • OnlyWantFries
      OnlyWantFries 4 months ago

      @Who thanks

    • Who
      Who 4 months ago +1

      @OnlyWantFries it’s a orchestral version of the sad piano song. Edit: it’s For the Damaged Coda Orchestral

    • Adam Duarte
      Adam Duarte 4 months ago

      The song is for the damaged coda or as it was widley known as 3 years ago, evil morty's theme. Its an orchstrated version of it.

    • OnlyWantFries
      OnlyWantFries 4 months ago

      @PolishedPuppet Pretty sure the teacher caught him on cool math games

    • OnlyWantFries
      OnlyWantFries 4 months ago

      what's the the song in it I recognize but I cannot remember where from

  • Orlando Rolando Mota Del Campo

    That is genius

  • Caleb Piekarczyk
    Caleb Piekarczyk 4 months ago +1

    3:30 it should have been ShitFit not PoopFit

  • Yuji Itadori
    Yuji Itadori 4 months ago

    The last meme was fanominal

  • Your joke but worse
    Your joke but worse 4 months ago +1

    The last one ended me

  • Mya Himode
    Mya Himode 4 months ago +1

    I wanted to try the british and the tea thing but im in a car

  • NoNameMcGee
    NoNameMcGee 3 months ago

    Johnny Sins is my favorite actor too 🤣

  • Abby
    Abby 4 months ago +2

    3:58 I haet when they do that 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😭