• Published on May 23, 2022

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  • Kimi95
    Kimi95 2 years ago +4511

    00:00 - Jason Jones - UK - "Pillowtalk"
    1:42 - Fernando Daniel - Portugal - "When We Were Young"
    3:45 - Stevie McCrory - UK - "All I Want"
    5:30 - Mitchell Brunings - Holland - "Redemption Song"
    7:33 - Kevin Simm - UK - "Chandelier"
    9:32 - Mateusz Ziolko - Poland - "When a Man Loves a Woman"
    11:28 - Craig Ward - UK - "Always a Woman"
    13:15 - Jolan - UK - "Wishing Well"
    15:05 - Lukas Vincler - Czech Republic - "Say Something"
    16:04 - Israel Allen - UK - "And I'm telling you I'm not Going"

  • Fabulous 51
    Fabulous 51 4 months ago +446

    Fernando Daniel from Portugal is simply stunning! That's the best The Voice performance that i've ever heard!!

  • Rural Girls
    Rural Girls 2 days ago +6

    Amazing 😁🤩

  • Tute
    Tute Year ago +172

    That redemption song cover was simply AMAZING. Heard it thousand times and still gives me chills.

    • orensish
      orensish 16 days ago +3

      I guess they didn't let him sing "how long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look"

    • mark
      mark 24 days ago +2

      One of my favorites! RIP Bob Marley…

    • LemonNation
      LemonNation Month ago +7

      That one guy in the crowd at the end going "wow!" will never not be funny and relatable xD

  • Jannes Martinez
    Jannes Martinez Year ago +1415

    The man who sang "When we were young" gave me goosebumps

    • Evan Lary
      Evan Lary 17 days ago

      it made me cry

    • Chris
      Chris 18 days ago

      Its all about the base playing my friend ;)

    • kashiaroundtheworld
      kashiaroundtheworld 29 days ago

      Me too... he's great

    • Francisco Perez
      Francisco Perez Month ago

      The 1st one had me like " damn son " then the 2nd i started crying

  • Sqrley L.
    Sqrley L. 2 years ago +2032

    Fernando "When we were young" performance is spectacular. Hauntingly grabs your soul and takes you flying.

    • Bob Jamaica
      Bob Jamaica 11 days ago

      there was literally no single bad note sang in that performance

    • Beatrice Darcy
      Beatrice Darcy 16 days ago

      I literally cried

    • Steven Navarro
      Steven Navarro Month ago

      @Peremious Flameheart she damn near fell in love dawg

    • llawma
      llawma 2 months ago


  • Part of the Game
    Part of the Game Month ago +103

    Fernando hits every note and makes you feel the words and not just by listening.

  • zsazsa amestica
    zsazsa amestica 3 months ago +14

    Me encanta Jen, siempre le da al show un toque especial. Demás está decir que todos los participantes tienen un talento increíble, hay que nacer con esos dones para cantar así!!! Bendiciones a todos😉

  • Rita Fernandes
    Rita Fernandes 4 months ago +72

    Beautiful, vozes magníficas, sem palavras.

  • Kani Fuker
    Kani Fuker 6 days ago +3

    Lukas from the Czech Republic - what a voice.

  • Ben Haynes
    Ben Haynes 2 years ago +306

    Fernando Daniel singing "When we were young".
    I have watched the performance only a few times, but I can't even read a book without his voice on rotation in my head.
    His rendition is so pure, he worms his way into your subconscious (in a good way).
    The speed of which he turned the judges chairs combined with their intense concentration on the contestant speaks volumes.

  • Christian
    Christian Year ago +1698

    The first guy is the best representation of the phrase dont judge a book by its cover

    • Brad Beard
      Brad Beard 8 days ago

      This guy is incredible. Who is he?

    • Jordan Crabbe
      Jordan Crabbe 14 days ago

      Check out Paul Potts ;)

    • Artistic Skillz
      Artistic Skillz 15 days ago

      @The Great Skink Priest that had me rolling 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Runic64
      Runic64 23 days ago

      He looks like a kind bloke but have a heavy asf voice

    • nicolai halvorsen
      nicolai halvorsen 2 months ago

      I really dont like that The judge says «is that him»

  • Adam Estrada
    Adam Estrada 4 months ago +123

    The guy who sung when a guy loves a woman really sounds the original version. Fabulous. Spectacular!

    • Kalydo Blood
      Kalydo Blood 29 days ago +1

      yeah was my favourite here

    • Piete Koo
      Piete Koo 4 months ago +1

      First guy has a hint of Rod Stewart in his voice.

  • Jose Matias
    Jose Matias 4 months ago +19

    Voz música e poema excelente ❤️

  • Ilija
    Ilija 3 months ago +63

    Stevie McCrory "All I Want" was absolute PERFECTION! Goosebumps all over my body, really good singer.

  • Line S. Leite
    Line S. Leite 2 months ago +2


  • TheMCSavage
    TheMCSavage Year ago +53

    7:33 Kevin Simm poured his soul into that song. They're all really good but that one stood out.

  • Troy Mason
    Troy Mason Year ago +89

    @1:42...This guy sings with incredible natural feeling behind that beautiful voice.
    @3:45...Just, Wow! Great rendition
    @5:30...I am convinced...Bob Marley has come back to spread his beautiful message of love through this young man's incredible voice.

  • Rita Lopes
    Rita Lopes 4 months ago +3

    Voz Linda 😍

  • claudia rodrigues
    claudia rodrigues 4 months ago +32

    Maravilhosos, amo, amo estas músicas

  • koyasat hall هۆلی كۆیه‌سات hemn sherwan mhamadamin

    Fernando "When we were young" performance is spectacular. Hauntingly grabs your soul and takes you flying.

  • Mark Bickerton
    Mark Bickerton 4 months ago +18

    There were no bad ones here, but the entry from Poland was head and shoulders above all the others. That really was outstanding!

  • ClaudiaS
    ClaudiaS 4 months ago +29

    Meus Deus este quarto candidato faz a gente chorar de emoção 👏😢💐🇧🇷

  • Susana Rodrigues
    Susana Rodrigues 2 years ago +237

    Fernando Daniel🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹grande voz, orgulho enorme deste grande cantor👏👏👏👏

    • Desiree White
      Desiree White 3 days ago

      He is now a coach on the voice this season

    • André Anjos
      André Anjos 2 years ago +7


  • Steven Faults
    Steven Faults Year ago +49

    Mateusz Ziolko

  • Rudi Dibra Guldemir
    Rudi Dibra Guldemir 3 months ago +23

    So happy for these shows, they make us realize how many talents are there worldwide, and they also make the judges think how lucky they are to be in the business, with all these people around 😊

  • Надя Штангеева

    Stevie McCrory, Kevin Simm, Mateusz Ziolko, Israel Allen - действительно лучшие, то исполнение, что на уровне с оригиналом !!! 👍💯👍💯👍💯🔥💋🔥💖🔥♥️💥💔💝💘💥✳️❣️❣️❣️✳️🇺🇦✳️

  • Filipe Cruz
    Filipe Cruz 4 months ago +49

    o Portuga é simplesmente sensacional!

  • paisley Kelley
    paisley Kelley 2 years ago +1754

    OMG, the guy singing Bob Marley's song brought tears of joy to my eyes not to mention the goosebumps.

  • Enjoy & Nature
    Enjoy & Nature 4 months ago +13

    Lukas Vincler has a great voice. The interpretation of "Say something" gave me goose bumps.👏

  • Adriano Moreira
    Adriano Moreira Year ago +50

    Quando Tom Jones aplaude, e de pé, é pq o cara é brabo!!!

  • Heather Coleman
    Heather Coleman 2 months ago +3

    Fernando and Stevie....back to back amazing 👏 auditions ....voices are so beautiful 😍

  • Jonny
    Jonny 4 days ago +9

    Mateusz Ziolko - Poland - "When a Man Loves a Woman" - Completely unique.

  • LM
    LM 14 days ago +12

    can we talk about the first guy who covered Pillowtalk?? I have goosebumps he's so good

  • Abo Elias
    Abo Elias 3 months ago +17

    All of them are amazing but the person who sang "wishing well" his voice is WOW.

  • Enter Nation
    Enter Nation Year ago +16

    Mateusz Ziolko this guy is a legend .

  • Mabel Lopez
    Mabel Lopez 4 months ago +3

    Me encanta.... pase el tiempo que pase... siempre serán los mejores

  • Alone
    Alone 2 years ago +226

    So nice when someone gets an early chair turn, you can literally see their confidence boost as they’re singing. Any additional turns after that just adds even more confidence.

  • Joker
    Joker Year ago +13

    Mateusz has a powerful voice!

  • willy gomes
    willy gomes Month ago +2

    Seleção top, parabéns

  • Yah boi Ed
    Yah boi Ed Year ago

    Top 9 still gives me goosebumps 💕🔥✨

  • Sunita Fisher
    Sunita Fisher Year ago +7

    🌸 I will always love Kevin Simms voice, amazing 🤗 💕✨

  • RC 83
    RC 83 3 months ago +19

    When Tom Jones gives the “this guy can sing” smile to himself like he did for Steve McRorie you know you’re good

  • Tonny
    Tonny 3 months ago +1

    Mitchell Brunings guitarists are soo good. the vocals and instrumentals mix perfectly

  • Edmund Sookermany
    Edmund Sookermany 8 days ago +1

    The guy from Poland was the REAL DEAL!! With whenva man loves a woman unbeatable!!! 😁😁

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 2 months ago +2

    My favorite part of this video is the 12:57. She recognize the talent of the man but she also knows she cant help her maybe because of their style difference but telling the other coacher to get him and celebrating them turning around for him like a family. That is some eye watering scene right there. I also like the "When we were young" guy.

  • David killian
    David killian 4 months ago +6

    Jason Jones is amazing the first singer I saw him sing few times before show he got brill voice like always 🎤

  • Jennifer Bayes
    Jennifer Bayes 7 months ago +5

    I love the guy who does "All I Want" not only because he has an amazing voice but also because you can tell he FEELS every word!!! Gotta love that passion!!! ❤

    • Jennifer Bayes
      Jennifer Bayes 7 months ago

      @INDIGO it's just the truth. I like auditions that make me FEEL something. They don't always have to go big. As long as that passion is there. And thank YOU!!! 😊❤

    • INDIGO
      INDIGO 7 months ago +1

      THIS is the BEST advice any Singer should receive! Thank you Jennifer.

  • Nem Aparecida
    Nem Aparecida 4 months ago +2

    A virada mais da'hora gente foi pra esse cara.😔❤💖😍

  • nudnikjeff
    nudnikjeff 4 months ago +11

    3:45 Stevie McCrory makes me cry every time. THE BOMB!

    • Dustin Berends
      Dustin Berends 4 months ago

      he sounded like he been hurt.. it was so good

  • N1Z1O Nz
    N1Z1O Nz 2 years ago +50

    Que voz merecem ser aplaudidos de pé 👏👏

  • Oscar Herberto Miño
    Oscar Herberto Miño 2 months ago

    Me encanta el talento de esta gente

  • Tanya Petro
    Tanya Petro 3 months ago +1

    Omg the guy who sang When a Man Loves a Woman he's AMAZING!!!

  • Brenda Seager
    Brenda Seager 11 days ago +4

    You never realize the amount of amazing singers until you watch these competitions, and it’s wow, beautiful, and amazing. They had to work so hard to get recognized for their talent. So marvellous us to have such a variety of talent.

    GEORGE OHEKURU 12 days ago +3

    The guy that sang Bob Marley's Redemption Song did a great job 👍🏾

  • Clifford Santillan
    Clifford Santillan 2 years ago +395

    That Adele song is sooooo beautiful that even when other people sing it, I still will always get goosebumps. That 2nd guy just became my favorite one so far.

    • TheJaypthomer
      TheJaypthomer 2 years ago

      #NoToCyberBullying except that it isn’t by Adele but the killers isn’t it?

    • Ricardo Coelho
      Ricardo Coelho 2 years ago +1

      Put Fernando Daniel on TheXvid he is a famous nowadays, is TheXvid chanel reach 70M views

    • Kiko Gamer
      Kiko Gamer 2 years ago +2

      Fernando daniel

  • A wanderer
    A wanderer 2 months ago

    I had constant goosebumps while hearing When we were young.
    Wow… just wow

  • UKBikes Pinas
    UKBikes Pinas 3 months ago

    UK auditions always make me cry. Their music is live and brilliantly scored for all the performances.

  • zezinho VN
    zezinho VN Year ago +3


  • Siddhartha Paul
    Siddhartha Paul 4 months ago +6

    Fernando Daniel from Portugal is the best..What a voice❤️..Love from India❤️

  • Dipto
    Dipto 2 years ago +159

    When we were young - the singer just took it to a new level. What a gorgeous voice!

  • sebastian tapias
    sebastian tapias 6 days ago

    Indiscutible mente un verdadero Top10🥳🥳🥳

  • Fpe Jdo
    Fpe Jdo 2 months ago

    Lo máximo, uds son los mejores, gracias por divertirnos los días

  • marcio silvestre
    marcio silvestre 26 days ago

    redemption song sempre me emociona, não tem como escutar e não lembrar do bob.

  • Aldrin Cris Bergado
    Aldrin Cris Bergado 5 months ago +3

    In Mitchell Brunings' song there was someone so amazed by his voice you can hear the "wow" 😂

  • Itinha Oliveira
    Itinha Oliveira 2 years ago +28

    Esses homens cantando é muito bom de ouvir.

  • Александр Орлов

    Искусство и спорт - выше политики и на все времена!!! Браво!!!

  • finnzehuman125 roblox

    Although im glad us british came up on the list loads, I must say Fernandos performance hit different. It was amazing.

  • khethy madondo
    khethy madondo 3 months ago

    Craig Ward’s voice is amazing!

  • Francisco Amarilio
    Francisco Amarilio 2 months ago

    Essa juíza tem uma experiência extraordinária

  • welber urias
    welber urias Year ago +2

    Enfim encontrei o verdadeiro top 10 de todos os tempos!

  • Zachary Hewlett
    Zachary Hewlett Year ago +154

    The guy who sung "Redemption Song" was so damn good.

  • Ewa Mańkus
    Ewa Mańkus Year ago +4

    Mateusz Ziółko najlepszy z Polski👏👏👏👏

  • Juliya Finko
    Juliya Finko 4 months ago +1

    Сколько талантливых людей 😍

  • Tayyab Baloch
    Tayyab Baloch Year ago +3

    Fernando Daniel is masterclass🔥🔥🔥

  • TheAngelmeese
    TheAngelmeese 3 months ago

    All have amazing talent but has to be Jason Jones & Kevin Simms for me 👍👍👍👍

  • Mark Atkinson
    Mark Atkinson 3 months ago

    Some amazing performances but how is Jazz Ellington not on this? Incredible audition.

  • Muchtar Rachmat Nasser
    Muchtar Rachmat Nasser 4 months ago

    I love their voices

  • Vergilio Arenas
    Vergilio Arenas 2 months ago

    wow,spectacular voices!

  • David Lee
    David Lee 2 months ago

    That wishing well from UK was absolutely fantastic👌

  • Psychic Angela Thomas
    Psychic Angela Thomas 25 days ago

    Incredible talent!

  • Carolina Garcia
    Carolina Garcia Month ago

    essa jurada é a melhor de todas!

  • Wong Kar-Chazelle
    Wong Kar-Chazelle 2 months ago +1

    How do we get all of them together for a concert? I'll pay all of my money to see it.

  • Jeannetta Sills
    Jeannetta Sills 7 months ago

    I always love ❤️ hearing that young man sing that song "When We Were Young"!!! They were all great like Tony the tiger 🐅 says!!!!

    TECNOPC Year ago +1

    el primer participante, wow , que voz, impresionante

  • André Silvestre
    André Silvestre 4 months ago +3

    O holandês canta muito.

  • Колесов Александр

    МОДА. Всё под Майкла Джексона -- хриплый баритон - с высокими нотами. Красиво -- ВОСТРЕБОВАННО.

  • Jim Carlo Jefe
    Jim Carlo Jefe Year ago +2

    Steve McCorie, Fernando Daniel and Jason Jones are my fave! 💙😍🌟 But all of them are so Good!!! Well deserved for 4 Chairs Turner. 🙏🥂

  • Capitan_Ulika
    Capitan_Ulika 4 months ago +2

    Исполнение Lukas меня пробило до слез!

  • Maria Pacheco
    Maria Pacheco 29 days ago

    Obrigada por este belo momento de realax
    Saudações desde #PORTUGAL
    Thank you for this beautiful moment of realax.
    Greetings from #PORTUGAL

  • J M
    J M 2 years ago +1458

    The spirit of Bob marley is in that man

    • Alex Oreilly
      Alex Oreilly Month ago

      Absolutely amazing voice 😍

    • Dev ̇
      Dev ̇ 2 months ago +2

      if you look unto him straight
      he does look like bob marley

    • that unknown boy
      that unknown boy 2 months ago

      I swear

    • Frank Ibi
      Frank Ibi 2 months ago +3

      I truly believe that the spirit of Bob Marley lives in that man

    • zulfikar endhardin
      zulfikar endhardin 3 months ago

      here is your 1k likes

  • Deborah W
    Deborah W 2 months ago

    I just wanted to say quickly I go to the voice in Romania and I love the singers they come on and the judges reactions they show emotion keep it up

  • Laura Birkett-vipont
    Laura Birkett-vipont 3 months ago

    Absolutely love Jolan, wishing well

  • Bryan L
    Bryan L 11 months ago

    Pillow Talk!!!! Wow! Magnifico!

  • nuRLE
    nuRLE 3 months ago

    Stevie McCrorie has the best audition ever IMO

  • Murilo Sueki
    Murilo Sueki Month ago

    Jason Jones wonderful voice ❤️

  • dancerbranka
    dancerbranka Month ago

    Judge Jeniffer is just awesome, her expresions are pure gold😁🌟

    JDoGGYDiZZLE Year ago

    The man who sung redemption song was absolutely flawless!

  • Robson Antunes
    Robson Antunes 2 months ago

    Muito bom

  • AY
    AY 2 years ago +53

    00:00 - Jason Jones - UK - "Pillowtalk"
    1:42 - Fernando Daniel - Portugal - "When We Were Young"
    3:45 - Stevie McCrory - UK - "All I Want"
    5:30 - Mitchell Brunings - Holland - "Redemption Song"
    7:22 - THE Wow Guy - Wow land - "Woww"
    7:33 - Kevin Simm - UK - "Chandelier"
    9:32 - Mateusz Ziolko - Poland - "When a Man Loves a Woman"
    11:28 - Craig Ward - UK - "Always a Woman"
    13:15 - Jolan - UK - "Wishing Well"
    15:05 - Lukas Vincler - Czech Republic - "Say Something"
    16:04 - Israel Allen - UK - "And I'm telling you I'm not Going"