TWICE MOMO, CHAEYOUNG, TZUYU X Kiel Tutin “bloodline (Ariana Grande)” Dance Video

  • Published on May 10, 2022
  • TWICE MOMO, CHAEYOUNG, TZUYU X Kiel Tutin “bloodline (Ariana Grande)” Dance Video
    CHOREOGRAPHY BY : Kiel Tutin
    TWICE "The Feels (Benny Benassi Remix)"
    Listen "The Feels (Benny Benassi Remix)" HERE✨
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Comments • 14 019

  • twicechu
    twicechu 17 days ago +6848

    WOAH BUT LIKE.. i didnt expect tzuyu.. she’s so omg.. im speechless

    • Xi-die 64
      Xi-die 64 9 days ago +4

      She is capable of dancing powerful. Always. Just doesn't have many opportunities to show off.

    • SeliZee
      SeliZee 12 days ago +3

      @Solaris uh no. rewatch the video and you'll realize the only difference that makes you feel as if she's out of place is because she's the only one who mostly looked in the mirror rather than keeping eye contact with the camera. You'll notice everyone else seemed more engaged because of this, however, whenever she did look at the camera it was very appealing. Again, this isnt an mv so she doesnt have to look in the camera either way lol

    • Yên Trương Cảnh
      Yên Trương Cảnh 13 days ago

      Ăn aq

    • iconic.
      iconic. 13 days ago +1

      @Thirtyred so is mina with higher role

    • Solaris
      Solaris 13 days ago +1

      No shade but she looks really out of place here. She’s not clicking with everyone else on the mood of the song.

  • Pome Pome
    Pome Pome 6 days ago +90

    i love it whenever momo does a dance cover… chartoung and tzuyu moves looks so pretty too

  • Kirs Erol
    Kirs Erol 9 days ago +79

    Tzuyu 😍😍😍

  • J J
    J J 9 days ago +148

    Tzuyu you are amazing!!!

  • Daniela Casas
    Daniela Casas 8 days ago +48


  • Ken Tucky
    Ken Tucky 17 days ago +15791

    Tzuyu is the visual and yet can be the main dancer she's so fluid. Momo is such a super strong dancer and she knows how to move. Chaeyoung can dance, sing, rap, write songs and draw. Is there anything our girls can't do? TWICE are so talented and I'm here for it.

      HOBARING Day ago

      @Light Yagami gaming send me the link..

    • Light Yagami gaming
      Light Yagami gaming Day ago

      @HOBARING on my website

      HOBARING Day ago

      @Light Yagami gaming You said u uploaded dance video
      man wHeRE??? Like WhErE ?

      HOBARING Day ago

      @Light Yagami gaming ummm.. sorry did u just say "BTS is girl group" do u really mean it?? And why bring BTS ???

    • Veena Babu
      Veena Babu 2 days ago

      They are ace of jyo🤩

  • Stanger
    Stanger 9 days ago +152

    I love how much chaeyoung and tzuyu have imporve their dance skills

  • Madonna Estoe
    Madonna Estoe 12 days ago +131


  • 洛子商
    洛子商 12 days ago +46

    Tzuyu is so handsome 🥺💘

  • Gabriela Quispe Melendez
    Gabriela Quispe Melendez 10 days ago +20


  • Angie
    Angie 17 days ago +3834

    Tzuyu finally a project in which she can demonstrate her incredible skills in dancing!!👑

  • Singgih Aji sugading
    Singgih Aji sugading 11 days ago +46

    Tzuyu lead dancer on fire

  • Yuliana Y
    Yuliana Y 7 days ago +43

    MOMO rocks this. As usual, I'm surprised the comment section isn't full of her name. MOMO MOMO MOMO!

  • edg
    edg 12 days ago +179

    Momo is really the best dancer of kpop

  • amy amy
    amy amy 8 days ago +28


  • STEVEN Once
    STEVEN Once 17 days ago +3576


    • John Benedict Fuentes
      John Benedict Fuentes 10 days ago +1

      @Robin Skull taong may imaginary haters. 📸

    • Geisamox
      Geisamox 15 days ago +1

      Du bist mein Idol Semox-JK.Monster
      immer in meinem herzen, schön, liebe, wahlen, kulturell ❤
      Sie sind eines der besten Konzerte.😍.

    • Indah Ricis
      Indah Ricis 16 days ago

      18+ content Aneska-jk.Monster
      mejores 💞
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

    • Shin chan
      Shin chan 16 days ago

      Adult content Soraya-jk.Monster
      siempre en mi corazón.
      mañas no se la.
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

  • Lim Athena
    Lim Athena 8 days ago +38

    TZUYU ATE IT !!!!❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥

  • Joanne.S
    Joanne.S 2 days ago +25

    Tzuyu fighting !!!!

  • 0718 Huang
    0718 Huang 12 days ago +35

    I’m come here, because Tzuyu’s dance is super attractive❤️

    OG KPOP STAN 8 days ago +229


  • Kedo
    Kedo 16 days ago +2736

    Tzuyu dançando com a altura dela sem forçar os joelho, ou se abaixar, é a minha religião

    • Tinweng
      Tinweng 14 days ago +3


    • Geisamox
      Geisamox 15 days ago +2

      Du bist mein Idol Semox-JK.Monster
      immer in meinem herzen, schön, liebe, wahlen, kulturell ❤
      Sie sind eines der besten Konzerte.😍.

    • bruh!
      bruh! 16 days ago +1

      @Robin Skull no one ask

  • Gwenjie Anne Nacua
    Gwenjie Anne Nacua 12 days ago +18

    Who's that girl wearing a cap? I like her dancing so much

    • G M
      G M 12 days ago +10

      She is Hirai Momo from Twice. She is the main dancer of the group

  • GwenIsAnAlien
    GwenIsAnAlien 11 days ago +41

    Chaeyoung and Tzuyu improved so much! I love this!!

  • Zombie Frog Gaming
    Zombie Frog Gaming 2 days ago +24

    Tzuyu is elevating dramatically as a Dancer that you're looking like Wow Dance Queen

  • Lorrea Anne Salvacion Amazona


  • Kedo
    Kedo 16 days ago +2565

    OMG SOY ADICTA A ESTE VIDEOOOOOOO, todas unas diosas pero… TZUYU???? Me matas

    • ˚*•̩ m6svln ⁺
      ˚*•̩ m6svln ⁺ 7 days ago +1

      @Robin Skull ay dios callate un rato

    • Angie
      Angie 14 days ago +4

      @SavidLy 🙀🙀

    • SavidLy
      SavidLy 14 days ago +5

      @Angie tzuyu 🛐🛐🛐

    • Geisamox
      Geisamox 15 days ago +3

      Du bist mein Idol Semox-JK.Monster
      immer in meinem herzen, schön, liebe, wahlen, kulturell ❤
      Sie sind eines der besten Konzerte.😍.

  • Nurul ain Natasha
    Nurul ain Natasha 11 days ago +33

    Tzuyu my fovourite idol🦋

  • Bonek 1927
    Bonek 1927 11 days ago +72

    Tzuyu on fire

    • Lele Qing
      Lele Qing 9 days ago

      but her expressions isnt

  • T.
    T. 12 days ago +73

    Tzuyu's dance is better than the main dancers in some groups

  • Irish!^^
    Irish!^^ 8 days ago +206


  • Sweetie Sarkar
    Sweetie Sarkar 14 days ago +3212

    Reason why Momo is the main dancer. Just look at her looks, steps, expressions. There is another type of charisma in her moves

    • hee hee
      hee hee 4 days ago

      @Sweetie Sarkar tbh i was just like that, i couldnt see a difference and momo didnt really stand out since the other members dance so well too but she really stood out in this video and her moves were executed so smoothly

    • ni Mi
      ni Mi 5 days ago


    • Poonam Singh
      Poonam Singh 8 days ago +2

      Agreed 👍🏻

    • Yee Jung
      Yee Jung 9 days ago +4

      yesss she is insane

    • unknown
      unknown 9 days ago +4

      yea her moves are really sharp and on point

  • حصه
    حصه 12 days ago +46

    TZUYU 😭😭😭😭😭😻🫵

  • U U
    U U 12 days ago +71


  • Aleksandr Kruglyak
    Aleksandr Kruglyak 8 days ago +27


  • Joanne.S
    Joanne.S 10 days ago +40

    Tzu E amazing.

  • Jedy
    Jedy 10 days ago +163

    I'm not a Twice fan but damn Tzuyu is amazing. She can turn heads through her dancing skills

  • Tae's nayagarapohpoh
    Tae's nayagarapohpoh 2 days ago +27

    Bro seeing tzuyu getting confident and improving her skills over the years gives me so much motivation , like the girl was a shy kid just yesterday on sixteen and now she's on THAT LEVEL of dancing , I'm so proud of her ❤

  • 007theerapol
    007theerapol 10 days ago +30

    Momo is true dance goddess of JYP.

  • N
    N 3 days ago +18

    Tzuyu slay

  • Daisy Rodriguez
    Daisy Rodriguez 10 days ago +25


  • Natalie
    Natalie 9 days ago +263

    Tzuyu has improved a lot. so glad to see her dance with such confidence. Tzuyu rocks!!!

  • BTS Vante
    BTS Vante 11 days ago +24

    Tzuyu prove that she isn’t just a pretty but talented🥰

  • monisha moni
    monisha moni 11 days ago +53

    Tzuyu's moves r flexible....

  • Hsu Karen
    Hsu Karen 17 days ago +399

    Tzuyu is amazing in this choreography! She looks confident and professional, so proud of her

    • jk
      jk 17 days ago +9

      She is lead dancer for a reason ..

  • chxrry
    chxrry 10 days ago +15

    Dayumm Momo's dancing is on a whole another level

  • Gladdys Tabuzo
    Gladdys Tabuzo 7 days ago +21

    My first time appreciating Tzuyu's dancing skills.

  • Miriam Antaurco
    Miriam Antaurco 12 days ago +170

    definitivamente Momo es la mejor bailarina incomparable, las tecnicas wuao que mujer preciosa

    • Paula 73
      Paula 73 9 days ago +5

      si, ne hubiera gustado que bailará ella sola con el coreógrafo para que se luzca más pero bue

    • Jhoselin Romero
      Jhoselin Romero 10 days ago +6

      Estoy de acuerdo baila muy bien.

    • James Balakrishnan
      James Balakrishnan 10 days ago +1


  • Sai ☆
    Sai ☆ 10 days ago +25


  • pwirnfjdis
    pwirnfjdis 17 days ago +408

    and this is exactly why Tzuyu deserves her lead dancer position

  • SNM
    SNM 9 days ago +42

    Tzuyu is on fire..🔥

  • nicole
    nicole 5 days ago +29

    you guys dance so beautiful but Tzuyu slayed the whole thing

  • Jessica Jessica
    Jessica Jessica 12 days ago +9

    Chaeyoung❤️ our strawberry princess 🍓 you can always find energetic vibes around her...

  • Hannah Royales
    Hannah Royales 9 days ago +32

    Aaaah MOMO looks amazing!!!

  • antonio vin
    antonio vin 17 days ago +4654

    Never expected this collab with one of their most popular choreographers, he's amazing just like the girls

    • ゔぃゔぃ
      ゔぃゔぃ 13 days ago

      twice is one of the most popular group in the world sooo

    • בר הורביץ
      בר הורביץ 15 days ago


    • Dennis Umali
      Dennis Umali 16 days ago

      Kiel Tutin Chreograph More and More, Fancy, I can stop me, The Feels

    • hi my name
      hi my name 17 days ago

      @Jennie Kim Official it's means I already know

    • FluffyMarshmellow♡
      FluffyMarshmellow♡ 17 days ago +4

      @v are you sure it's not you looking for someone to argue with? ;D
      He/She was just asking a question, which wasn't very clear tbh, hence you interpreted it as a negative comment. Perhaps just ask back in future instead of assuming stuff? There is already enough drama on TheXvid and a lot of it can be avoided just by conversation .-.

  • 369 Tayaholic
    369 Tayaholic 11 days ago +47

    Tzuyu est tout simplement parfaite! On t'aime!

  • Anak kos bu lisda
    Anak kos bu lisda 11 days ago +12

    Omg tzuyu🥰

  • Essen Tungol
    Essen Tungol 8 days ago +19

    Wow tzuyu is so fluid and smooth

  • Yudha putra
    Yudha putra 9 days ago +42

    Tzuyuuu so beautifuuuuull😙🙂😜😜😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • MrGuan
    MrGuan 17 days ago +76

    Omg TZUYU dance so powerful and great!!!!
    TZUYU always do the best,love her💕💕💕

  • Tzuyu Achoo
    Tzuyu Achoo 4 days ago +13


  • Yualtia Mia
    Yualtia Mia 9 days ago +33

    Thank You for the contribution, Kiel. We all love Twice's dances. I love the three members of Twice, they are amazing. The choreography is amazing. Please give Tzuyu more dance parts like these to let her shine.

  • cesar
    cesar 11 days ago +162

    Impressed by Tzuyu’s dancing skills

  • Erica Jane Lazaro
    Erica Jane Lazaro 6 days ago +15

    I didn't expect the comments i was like WOAHH, I've been watching it straight for 11days and I just open the comment section, now, and people appreciating tzuyu's effort in dancing, makes me happy. She is the reason I get in kpop and people complimenting skills, not just her beauty makes me so happy, it actually made my day. When people giving a compliment to artist, you don't just make those idols happy, you also make their fans happy. Thank u

  • twicechu
    twicechu 17 days ago +12241


    • Stephanie Yang
      Stephanie Yang 15 days ago


    • Jermaine Avila
      Jermaine Avila 15 days ago


    • Jermaine Avila
      Jermaine Avila 15 days ago


    • Geisamox
      Geisamox 15 days ago +2

      Du bist mein Idol Semox-JK.Monster
      immer in meinem herzen, schön, liebe, wahlen, kulturell ❤
      Sie sind eines der besten Konzerte.😍.

  • Adalberto Javier
    Adalberto Javier 10 days ago +85

    ♡ TZUYU TE AMO ♡
    Me encamta ver tus habilidades en todo

  • Jeicov Joe Chavarria Ames

    They all really shine, but gosh Tzuyu is mesmerizing :0

  • JanuaryJSk
    JanuaryJSk 10 days ago +73

    Tzuyu are absolutely amazing.

  • Sanju Khaidem
    Sanju Khaidem 8 days ago +19

    Finally , tzuyu shows her dancing skills😍❤

  • Evelyn Kristinny
    Evelyn Kristinny 17 days ago +86

    Tzuyu got all my attention 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 she nailed it

  • shengyi liu
    shengyi liu Day ago +10

    Momo looks like a super talented dancer, and Tzuyu looks like a super idol.

  • thalia.thv_JK
    thalia.thv_JK Day ago +2

    Esto es muy adictivo no puedo para de verlo desde que salio

  • Chou Tzuyu
    Chou Tzuyu 9 days ago +106

    I am so proud to my queen Chou tzuyu.. please i want see tzuyu dance more.

  • Fu Jia Huang
    Fu Jia Huang 9 days ago +29

    I need Tzuyu’s dance more and more 💓

  • Luka Doncic
    Luka Doncic 17 days ago +587

    This is fire and I really like Tzuyu's confidence. It really shows and she's definitely improved a LOT!

    • Indah Ricis
      Indah Ricis 16 days ago

      18+ content Aneska-jk.Monster
      mejores 💞
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

    • venus
      venus 17 days ago +2

      She slayed

    • jk
      jk 17 days ago +13

      She is a lead dancer for a reason ..

    • See 👇👇
      See 👇👇 17 days ago +1
      наконец-то здесь

  • ♡sassymoon♡
    ♡sassymoon♡ 10 days ago +86

    Tzuyu proving that she is just not a visual but also deserve to be a lead dancer

  • Everyone's TV
    Everyone's TV 12 days ago +137

    Tzuyu is so amazing here. Keep on slayin' my Queen ❤

  • Nadz
    Nadz 7 days ago +102

    Tzuyu's dancing really deserves the praise and appreciation...

  • kthctz
    kthctz 7 days ago +149


  • Francine Cruz
    Francine Cruz 17 days ago +435

    I’m so surprised for tzuyu to be in here. She should really get to do more dances like this, Its really shocking that she has something hidden like this. I knew she had it.

    • Sandy Wu **
      Sandy Wu ** 16 days ago


    • Ratan Garg
      Ratan Garg 17 days ago +4

      @Tzuyu VisualQueen ♡ ikr yet jype hardly give her dance stuff

    • butter butter
      butter butter 17 days ago +5

      @Francine Cruz yes true these kind of choreo really suits her.. like the feel their song also suits her

    • Todorokiisthebest
      Todorokiisthebest 17 days ago

      @Francine Cruz yeah 😭

    • Todorokiisthebest
      Todorokiisthebest 17 days ago

      @Francine Cruz oh ok ig I know

  • ayaya ayayayaya
    ayaya ayayayaya 6 days ago +15

    waaah!! Tzuyu looks elegant while dancing. ❣️

  • Tania Afsana Meghla
    Tania Afsana Meghla 12 days ago +36

    Tzuyu 🖤✨ deserve the main dancer position

  • Joanne.S
    Joanne.S 12 days ago +16

    Tzu E so cool. Fighting !!! I love you.

  • 한국남자 Orange|金湯匙

    Tzuyu is perfect.

  • Reio Kimura
    Reio Kimura 17 days ago +465

    OMG, haven't seen Tzuyu dancing like that for a while now. She needs to do these more often! 😍😘

    • Mita Ricis
      Mita Ricis 16 days ago

      18+ content Aneska-jk.Monster
      mejores 💞
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

    • guys look
      guys look 16 days ago
      держись солдаты 🇷🇺...

  • Simpforbangtan
    Simpforbangtan 12 days ago +9

    Why's nobody talking ab Momo who literally slayed as always

  • Eternal daro
    Eternal daro 23 hours ago +1

    que genial todo!!!

  • amanduuuh _
    amanduuuh _ 11 days ago +17

    MOMO IS SUCH A QUEEEEN!!!! watching her hit every beat was so satisfying, loved this collab sooooo much

  • WorldofWin
    WorldofWin 10 days ago +27

    Literally no one talking about Chaeyoung, she literally slayed!! She’s so under appreciated

  • Italianochka
    Italianochka 17 days ago +579

    Tzuyu is just a great dancer! I can look at her forever! Hope we can see more of her dancing in the future!

    • Angel
      Angel 17 days ago +13

      I'm so proud of our Tzuyu

    • Angel
      Angel 17 days ago +6


    • Cha Cha
      Cha Cha 17 days ago +22

      Fact! So proud of tzuyu. Hopefully more opportunity to showcase her skills. Really want to see more of her dance skills

    • Sandy Wu **
      Sandy Wu ** 17 days ago +7


  • Ummy Hafilda
    Ummy Hafilda 15 hours ago +8

    Tzuyu dance mu bagus banget aku suka sama movement dance mu, aku tahu sebenernya kamu jago dance tapi kamu hanya kurang confidence semangat tzuyu 💖💖

  • edg
    edg 7 days ago +11

    tzuyu queen

  • CaN yOu ShUt tHe F uP
    CaN yOu ShUt tHe F uP 11 days ago +124

    I'm pretty impressed by Chou Tzuyu's dancing skills😍

  • Ira Wituduh
    Ira Wituduh 11 days ago +123

    Tzuyu on fire

  • Mc Joshua Roman
    Mc Joshua Roman 17 days ago +886

    Momo is undeniably a stand out. Chaeyoung’s versatility really shows.
    Tzuyu proves again that she’s more than a visual.
    I love Twice so muchhhhh!

    • Indah Ricis
      Indah Ricis 16 days ago

      18+ content Aneska-jk.Monster
      mejores 💞
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

    • PinkLamborghini
      PinkLamborghini 17 days ago +3

      @Hissing She dyed her hair blonde some days ago and posted some pics on bubble
      But actually she dyed her hair again of a misterious colour
      It's rumored to be purple

    • Hissing
      Hissing 17 days ago +12

      I watched the video on small preview and didn't know Momo went blonde, but still immediately figured it was her lol Unmatched

    • ска
      ска 17 days ago
      Finally it's here .

  • Lawin
    Lawin 2 days ago +14

    As always Tzuyu took all my attention she is the best

  • Ex-Blink Jisoo
    Ex-Blink Jisoo 2 days ago +17

    TZUYU has the perfect blend of swag and sexy.

  • Paola Escurra Ovelar
    Paola Escurra Ovelar 9 days ago +3

    Muy excelente como bailaron, me encanto

  • amy atkinson
    amy atkinson 4 days ago +11

    omg momo, the way she dances and her facial expressions are everything, i can't take my eyes off her

  • trashboat
    trashboat 17 days ago +628

    Tzuyu dances hauntingly graceful but still in sync. It's hypnotizing.

    • Indah Ricis
      Indah Ricis 16 days ago

      18+ content Aneska-jk.Monster
      mejores 💞
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

    • Hi💋
      Hi💋 16 days ago

      18+ Content Cloveer.Monster
      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos

    • Amina & Hiba Show
      Amina & Hiba Show 17 days ago
      держись солдаты 🇷🇺.

  • Sam
    Sam 10 days ago +8

    Momo's moves- I'm speechless, JUST PERFECT !!!