Wet Leg: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It's the same spirit - stripped-down sets, an intimate setting - just a different space.

    Bob Boilen | December 1, 2021
    No other band has brought me more joy in 2021 than Wet Leg, and I truly needed joy in 2021. When "Chaise Longue," came out in June, it felt like a gift. It's rare to hear a band's very first song sound as perfect as this one did, but that's part of the magic that Wet Leg exudes. Two dear friends - Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers - making music to make each other smile, then watching that smile spread as audiences catch on.

    That song has a few deadpan lines lifted from the film Mean Girls: "Is your muffin buttered? Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?" There's a golden moment in this Tiny Desk (home) concert when Rhian turns to Hester with the line, "Excuse me," while Hester responds dryly, "What?" Setting off a knowing smile back and forth made me love the band even more. They were gathered together at The Ventnor Exchange, a creative arts space/record shop/bar/venue on the Isle of Wight, their home turf. And their band - Henry Holmes on drums, Ellis Durand on bass and Josh Mobaraki on guitar and synth - amplify the rock and droll sound Rhian and Hester personify.

    They've just announced the April 8 release date for their debut album, more tour dates, and shared two new songs, which you'll also hear them perform here. The new songs don't stray far from the two they'd previously released, which bookend this Tiny Desk (home) concert. Part of the footage was filmed on VHS tape, a bit of a wink toward their sound, which has roots in the '70s. It's not nostalgic, but it is playfully wistful.

    "Chaise Longue"
    "Too Late Now"
    "Oh No"
    "Wet Dream"

    Hester Chambers: vocals, guitar
    Rhian Teasdale: guitar, backup vocals
    Henry Holmes: drums
    Ellis Durand: bass
    Josh Mobaraki: guitar, synth

    Video: Joey Julliard, Oliver Bury, Josh Mobaraki
    Audio: Patrick Lee, Josh Mobaraki
    Special thanks: The Ventnor Exchange, Ventnor, Isle of Wight

    Producer: Bob Boilen
    Video Producer: Maia Stern
    Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
    Tiny Production Team: Bobby Carter, Kara Frame, Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis
    Executive Producer: Keith Jenkins
    Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

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Comments • 850

  • millerhxc
    millerhxc Month ago +1379

    This has to be the quickest a band has ever got onto Tiny Desk.

    • Ray Beeze
      Ray Beeze 3 days ago

      @Gabe Taylor @Gabe Taylor did their parents or their connections buy the 550k+ views in the first month for their pwessus, widdle, coddled urchins? i think not.

    • Ray Beeze
      Ray Beeze 3 days ago

      this comment should have all the thumbs up.
      and @monkeybanana wins the internet for two consecutive months.

    • Jam Dev
      Jam Dev 6 days ago

      @michael Love when people confidently talk complete nonsense, they are from a small rural island, they have connections with farmers.

    • michael donnan
      michael donnan 6 days ago

      @crashh ♡ If they were an industry plant they would have waited until they had more than 2 songs written. They'd wait til they had an album. They're video went viral, that's all it really takes.

    • LackOfABetterWord
      LackOfABetterWord 10 days ago +1

      @kornee he’s just a hater lol

  • Cliff Boler
    Cliff Boler Month ago +1217

    I love that we have gotten to the generation who locked themselves in the basement with their parents Pixies and Sonic Youth albums.

    • Arther Ladett
      Arther Ladett Day ago

      I thinks it's lovely

    • Cliff Boler
      Cliff Boler 2 days ago

      @ian parks I've seen people mention Stereolab a couple of times. They are one of my all-time favorites, but I gotta say... they are as from from anything like this band as possible imo. To the point where I have to ask... have you actually heard Stereolab?

    • ian parks
      ian parks 2 days ago


    • mcbrandt
      mcbrandt 6 days ago

      @Chris Prechel I was/am a huge Number One Cup fan, but I don't see that at all. Rarely see them mentioned.

    • Tony Plato
      Tony Plato 9 days ago

      And Neu 75.

  • Justin Scro
    Justin Scro Month ago +410

    I’ve never experienced a new band I liked so much in the modern era…like this is the first time I’ve got to watch every little clip of ever little thing a band does. It’s fun. I’m 141 years old. The last band I liked this much was The Strokes in 2001. Internet was like 7 pages then.

    • MaxmilsRS
      MaxmilsRS 11 hours ago

      I'm 346 I believe.

    • Adam Coe
      Adam Coe 6 days ago

      these cats eat the strokes for breakfast

      JON BONG JOVI 13 days ago

      this band and King Gizzard have FINALLY given me some hope for the future!!

    • Superdelphinus
      Superdelphinus 13 days ago

      My age can only be measured by the number of extinction events that have happened within it. I’m 3

    • Bruce Le Smith
      Bruce Le Smith 16 days ago +1

      strokes were great, and modest mouse. i'm 198

  • TheMrMarkW
    TheMrMarkW Month ago +221

    Some bands just have 'it' - and Wet Leg definitely have that. It's like Cibo Matto and the Ting Tings have crashed into the Pixies - and I love it. Nothing else like it at the moment, especially with the tongue in cheek lyrics - and watching Hester laugh her head off at some of the words is awesome.

    • Phillie Holmes
      Phillie Holmes Month ago +7

      Yessssss! There’s Le Tigre in here, there’s CSS, I love the comment essentially saying we’ve come full circle in that the kids who grew up on their parents music (Pixies & Sonic Youth) are running with it & building upon it.

  • lptomtom
    lptomtom Month ago +391

    I don't know what makes Chaise Longue such an earworm but it really works... this band is blowing up!

    • Jimmy
      Jimmy 8 days ago

      um probably the melody and lyrics being very earwormish

    • David Howard
      David Howard 14 days ago

      maybe because they rhyme longue with long. genius!

    • D C
      D C 17 days ago

      @Griefo Jones glad I'm not the only one that gets that vibe! They'll happily put you to death because there'll be a great harvest next year. So enjoy it!, let's party

    • Bjartur Steinn
      Bjartur Steinn Month ago +1

      Its the rythm guitar and drummer

    • Griefo Jones
      Griefo Jones Month ago +28

      I'm guessing it's some Isle of Wight Wicker Man-esque pagan witchcraft stuff going on, because I can't stop listening to it and apparently neither can anyone else. Also. it is fun!

  • Vincent Eoppolo
    Vincent Eoppolo Month ago +154

    They make me feel like I did back in 1978 -79 when the B52’s blew everyone’s mind with Rock Lobster and Planet Claire ….. love them

    • Larry Truett
      Larry Truett 13 days ago +1

      @Rob same

    • Rob
      Rob Month ago +4

      Was thinking exactly this

  • FitToBeFifty
    FitToBeFifty Month ago +122

    simple punk chords but some very creative writing and some seriously catchy hooks in all of it - leaves me feeling good with a smile on my face

    • Griffin Tyner
      Griffin Tyner 6 days ago

      Did you listen to "Oh no"? Very psychedelic rock vibes

    • Wizdumb
      Wizdumb Month ago +2

      I think the tone and tempo make it more punk than the chords do

  • lee32476
    lee32476 Month ago +58

    Didn’t expect the psychedelic freakout turn for this band, but I’m all for it. What a great vibe. Love them to death, such a refreshing sound.

  • lucifersmile
    lucifersmile Month ago +36

    It’s nice to see such a positive TheXvid comment section. I love getting to see this band blossom.

  • FarleyFlicks
    FarleyFlicks Month ago +70

    LOVE everything that this band does. I loved Chaise Lounge, but the more I hear from them the better they get.

  • Adrián Lazarte
    Adrián Lazarte Month ago +133

    I wasn't expecting this and I absolutely love it. I first heard Chaise Longue a month ago and I can't stop listening to it.

  • K P
    K P Month ago +56

    wow they really tightened up as a live act in such little time. Too Late Now was amazing. That drummer was really on with the bassist the whole time

    • Ed Zielinski
      Ed Zielinski Month ago +3

      Yes - I'm so glad people are giving the drummer creds 👍

  • Rachael Shimek
    Rachael Shimek Month ago +96

    Ahhhhh I'm so proud that there's finally a band that I actually knew about BEFORE they made it onto Tiny Desk! Love Wet Leg!

  • Novaearion
    Novaearion Month ago +55

    has no one written yet what a good singer Rhian is? she fits all genres, it feels like, and has a good range.

  • DoubleD
    DoubleD Month ago +37

    Is it just me or does Rhian have one of those voices you could listen to reading the phone book?

  • RJWSuffolk
    RJWSuffolk Month ago +33

    Great band, hats off to the drummer - great energy.

  • Ed Zielinski
    Ed Zielinski Month ago +65

    I smiled all the way through this. Finally someone has captured the live brilliance of Wet Leg! Everything about this is superb - the performance, the camera work, the recording and mixing, the editing. You really get to see each band member close up doing their thing and having a blast, and those little glimpses of their personalities. Henry is a monster on drums - but I'm a huge fan of all of them. For me they really were one of the most joyous highlights of 2021. Great work NPR team!! Go Wet Leg!! 💦💦🦵🦵🥒🥒 👒👒

  • Scott Forsyth
    Scott Forsyth 12 days ago +1

    It's amazing how all the songs sound different but similar at the same time. What a breath of fresh air - I love them

  • herdingFelines
    herdingFelines Month ago +149

    I finally got Wet Dream out of my head and NPR releases a Tiny Desk from them? I'm cursed. They are really good, really catchy, but I had that song stuck in my head for more than a week. I fear listening to this. I know it will be great but I can't take another week of that.

    • D C
      D C 17 days ago

      What makes you good enough to think about this 😃

    • Robert Slover
      Robert Slover Month ago

      @michael wilson unfortunately people rarely seem to listen to reason....

    • Kev Kavanagh
      Kev Kavanagh Month ago

      Yes you can, be brave, there are rewards.

    • michael wilson
      michael wilson Month ago +2

      @Robert Slover Yet you bother to comment repeatedly...just go listen to something else mate

    • Robert Slover
      Robert Slover Month ago

      high school band trash.

  • gingerAV
    gingerAV Month ago +612

    bold of them to play their whole discography

    • Paul Roberts
      Paul Roberts 9 days ago +1

      So effin' feeble. Who ever started out with everything? Smug creep trolls the innocent, yet again!

    • Andres Barros
      Andres Barros 13 days ago

      @Nobodyatall Vallejo Boss

    • Nobodyatall Vallejo
      Nobodyatall Vallejo 13 days ago +1

      @Andres Barros mine was a joke making fun of the joke... and a good one (triggered some, but hey.. can't please everyone)
      plus did you not read my reply to Chris Hruska? Jeez, chill out. 😂

    • Andres Barros
      Andres Barros 13 days ago +2

      @Nobodyatall Vallejo Jeez chill out. It's a joke, and a good one.

    • Chris Hruska
      Chris Hruska Month ago +7

      @Nobodyatall Vallejo try to be a nice person. too much trash in the world. please stop being the TRASH.

  • MoatSimulator
    MoatSimulator Month ago +20


  • Jacob Docksey
    Jacob Docksey 3 days ago

    Chaise Longue was playing like 5x a day on The Current in minneapolis all 2021, got song of the year, made it here, not bad for a debut!

  • Marc Pengryffyn
    Marc Pengryffyn Month ago +3

    Great sound, love this band!

  • Yisong Li
    Yisong Li Month ago +39

    Despite having the shortest hair in the band, the drummer determined to make it the flashiest one. I respect that.

  • Philip Selwood
    Philip Selwood Month ago +23

    I've been checking content from this band/duo since Chaise Longue came out back in the Summer. I just love the risqué lyrics and double entendre which TheXvid feel necessary to give an 'explicit content' warning. Looking forward to seeing this energetic talented lot at a festival sometime during Summer 2022.

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty Month ago +1

      this is the best thing i've ever seen

  • Alex C. Hackney
    Alex C. Hackney Month ago +1

    I love them so much. I can't get enough of their songs

  • Customer Care Skeleton
    Customer Care Skeleton Month ago +57

    Sound and look like a time traveling 70's rock band.

    Love it!

    • Rebecca Gavin
      Rebecca Gavin Month ago +2

      The 70's were 50 + years ago. I listened to music like this at the time it came out. This is dumb, mass -market lameness for people who like to think they're special.

    • Robert Slover
      Robert Slover Month ago +3

      high school band trash.

    • Andy Bailey
      Andy Bailey Month ago

      I'm UK too, I think they have so much of a sound as Sonic Youth

    • Shammy Cat
      Shammy Cat Month ago +3

      @The Cappy Exactly, they remind me a lot of Pixies. Of course they’ve got their own flavor as well, and none of the screams. What an awesome new band.

    • Los Monos
      Los Monos Month ago +4

      @Zak that’s a good point I think the monotone talk/sing vocals mixed with fuzzy guitars give me beck vibes

  • moxytc
    moxytc Month ago +30

    Wet Leg would have fit right into the Providence/RISD sound in the 80s. Throwing Muses especially. Love them!!

    • D C
      D C 17 days ago

      Yup there's a lot of those influences in here. More than British influences too to my mind, and I'm not from either place

    • Rob Telford
      Rob Telford Month ago

      @Tito Rhode Island School of Design

    • Tito
      Tito Month ago

      What is that? Providence/RISD sound?

  • Annette Kearney
    Annette Kearney Month ago +8

    Great session! Great to see a new band coming through.

  • AliceLucindaBronte
    AliceLucindaBronte Month ago +16

    Just discovered this band today and I'm really liking them, bravo!

    • Crypto Crypt
      Crypto Crypt Month ago

      Who's coming to see them IN Hollywood opening for Chvrches??

  • Da Pashun
    Da Pashun Month ago +8

    I caught "Chaise lounge" on Double J (Oz radio), when it was virtually fresh. Great station with exceptional programmers, with exceptional taste and variety, who regularly introduce me to exceptional artists, and of that lot, Wet Leg are my personal fave of 2021

  • Joe Drury
    Joe Drury Month ago +13

    Jeez louiz I love this band. So glad to be able to catch them at the beginning and get the chance to follow along as they progress. Too often I’m late to the party. Simple, catchy hooks all over the place. Really like the lyrical content as well. For all those who wanna get on here to trash it: maybe if you’d quit taking yourself so seriously, you’d be able to enjoy more in life!❤️❤️

  • Tom Rosenow
    Tom Rosenow 29 days ago +5

    Good God that second tune is a masterpiece. What an incredible, spirited performance. Love this band and can't wait to see what else they do.

  • mice
    mice Month ago +7

    A delightful, irreverent band! Keep it weird and wonderful, Wet Lag!! Tiny Desk: great selection and glad to see you pushing musical boundaries!
    And the smiles.. ay, the smiles...

  • Thiago DosSantos
    Thiago DosSantos Month ago +30

    2021, what a year! I have these very vivid memories of listening to Wet Leg all day long, all day long, on the chaise longue. Nostalgia, nostalgia...

    • Kate S
      Kate S Month ago

      Comment masterpiece⭐

  • KatanaDV20
    KatanaDV20 Month ago +18

    The guitar riff that kicks in just after 5:45 is immense. Love it. The melody reminds me of tune "Crash", it also was female vocal with electric guitar. I gather it was a cover.

    • Eriko Ono
      Eriko Ono 13 days ago +1

      do you mean Crash by the Primitives? I had just looked up that song to see if it what was ringing a bell for me. I hadn't heard that song since I was a kid.

  • Solsun
    Solsun Month ago +12

    I was like oh man when are they going to release all this, dropped yesterday! They have such a good energy

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago +15

    Best thing I’ve stumbled across on TheXvid in a long time . Loved the whole set guys . Hopefully you’ll be touring in the South East soon .

  • MM Garrett
    MM Garrett Month ago +15

    They are so much fun.
    What a breath of fresh air.

  • Dawaka
    Dawaka Day ago

    So happy I found, so refreshing and honest good tunes!

  • fassbier
    fassbier Month ago +25

    The video for "Wet Dream" appeared randomly on my TheXvid feed and I've been hooked ever since. They are such a breath of fresh air! Like Bob Boilen, this band brought me joy at just the right time. The deadpan delivery and the 'Midsommar" aesthetic of the videos made me think they were Scandinavian at first. Uff da!

    • Abandonedmachine
      Abandonedmachine Month ago +1

      Same here. That algorithm did wonders for them and I'm really thankful as well.

  • ian north
    ian north Month ago +8

    What a great sound from a group of young people who look like they are just having fun.
    I will definitely be purchasing the album in some physical form when it’s released, soon I hope

  • patchworm
    patchworm Month ago +20

    I remember when Chaise Longue's music video was being promoted by VEVO DSCVR when the song first came out and I was immediately hooked. Incredible to have watched them go from that to being one of the UKs most exciting new artists and getting their own Tiny Desk! Amazing!

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith 25 days ago

      I'd say this band is like a ice cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. So refreshing!

  • pl5bnsf
    pl5bnsf Month ago

    Amazing! Unique. Makes me smile listening. Looking forward to more from them!

  • mistery-ed
    mistery-ed Month ago +119

    "Everyone hold onto your buttholes."
    Gotta love her.

    • Grant Morgan
      Grant Morgan Month ago

      @ManOnMars5 it's still there!

    • Fruitbat44
      Fruitbat44 Month ago

      I wonder if that was a reference to the alien themed video for 'Too LateNow.'

    • E-Rock Mixtapes
      E-Rock Mixtapes Month ago +2

      @ManOnMars5 No edit, I just heard it.

    • Blake Bierbaum
      Blake Bierbaum Month ago +1

      These guys remind me of my sister and her friends for how silly they go about things. It makes them seem so familiar I love these guys. Plus the punk sound just completes a perfect picture.

    • ManOnMars5
      ManOnMars5 Month ago +1

      They edited it out now! It was great!

  • Aidyn Urazbayev
    Aidyn Urazbayev Month ago +9

    What a great performance! Thank you very much! Some parts of "Wet Dream" resemble "Heads Will Roll" (by Yeah Yeah Yeahs), which is great. 👏

  • the sound monkeys
    the sound monkeys Month ago +4

    love it! them, their energy and powerful quirkiness

  • Cholo Verde
    Cholo Verde Month ago +19

    Been following you guys since your first video was suggested to me by TheXvid’s algorithm. Refreshing new band! May you have great successes!

  • nullzwo
    nullzwo Month ago +6

    thought they were a one hit wonder a week ago lol. now comes this performance and I love too late now even more than I did chaise lounge. new favorite band, cant wait for the album.

  • Mathijn vd H
    Mathijn vd H Month ago

    hope they keep giving us snippets like this till the album release cause i keep on longing for more haha. Also absolutely loving the amount of good music from the uk that been coming out over the past few years again . ( and not just that it spreads a pretty wide range of genres, not sure what the reason is but im loving it.)

  • Joseph Gay
    Joseph Gay Month ago +22

    what BBC 6 music can do for a band is unbeatable. Wet Leg, the (wet) LEGacy begins!

  • Canucklehead0
    Canucklehead0 Month ago +35

    First The Regrettes, now Wet Leg!! I was in my early 20's when "Grunge" hit in 1989 but before that there were a handful of killer bands all with this can-do attitude, no vocoder, no drum machine just a bunch of people with some talent, and it's so very nice to hear it again!!

  • Donny Armstrong
    Donny Armstrong Month ago +18

    So, like most of us, WET DREAM magically appears awhile ago in my YT feed... and the Band Camp sends me something like the next day... I ordered the album as quickly as I could!
    Someone mad a comment about a comparison to the B-52's, I can see that!
    As long as these 2 girls can keep writing songs that make them giggle, we will have Wet Leg!

    • LOOGamala
      LOOGamala Month ago

      More I think about it, it's like the B-52's crossed with the Goodies. Now I'm showing my age. We just need a giant kitty.

  • Corey Quirk777
    Corey Quirk777 19 days ago +7

    How these guys have gone 0 - 💯 outta no where is crazy, they are such a breath of fresh air

  • Donald Priola
    Donald Priola Month ago +8

    This is a band to watch. They have all the right parts working together.

  • Denis _14
    Denis _14 2 days ago

    Saw these guys live and they where so good!!

  • George Van Winkle
    George Van Winkle Month ago +7

    The Breeders + Pavement = Wet Leg and I love it!

  • Buster Hardknuckles
    Buster Hardknuckles Month ago +1

    I thought you lost it for a moment but you found it.
    Love the rythym makes my pants want to get up and dance

  • Victor Giudice
    Victor Giudice Month ago +6

    Tight Timing, Sweet Sounds. I hope They keep this style going for years to come.

  • Jordan Bidwell
    Jordan Bidwell Month ago

    I will listen to this on repeat. Can't wait for the album!

  • Donna Lawson
    Donna Lawson Month ago +12

    Some great bands broke during Lockdown in the UK, Wet Leg & Yard Act are two of my fav’s. I like the Welsh band Panic Shack too, maybe after touring they too will put an album/ep out!!

    • sheermusic
      sheermusic Month ago +1

      Panic Shack are playing for me in Trowbridge on their next tour. Lucky us!!

  • sonofjak1971
    sonofjak1971 Month ago +7

    Best new band in an absolute age, regards from a 50 year old bloke person!

  • Leonard Dorr
    Leonard Dorr Month ago +5

    so effin good - reminds me of the fun days of the Undertones (showing my age ) - why has music got so corporate and serious . This band deserves all the success that comes their way - such a delight .

    • Buck Ó Donnghaile
      Buck Ó Donnghaile Month ago +1

      I listen to a live version of Get Over You on TheXvid once a day it's that good. Baby Feargal in all his chainsmoking glory.

  • hobbiesaremyhobby
    hobbiesaremyhobby 28 days ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you NPR and Wet Leg!!

  • Dave McGee
    Dave McGee Month ago +24

    Great tunes. I get chaise lounge out my head then they release wet dream. I'm really liking this band. Can't wait for the album.

  • Jerry Crosby
    Jerry Crosby 10 days ago

    They look like they are having so much fun. Good luck to them, I hope to see them in DC!

  • Patrick Vollebregt
    Patrick Vollebregt Month ago +4

    I'm not sure if it was supposed to sound like the way it did, but I really love the warm saturated bass sound of too late now in this performance.

  • Jason Turner
    Jason Turner Month ago +10

    Love this band. Just ordered the LP due in April from their website.

  • Vitalis Neufeld
    Vitalis Neufeld Month ago

    freaking good! cant wait to see them live

  • jbreen 82
    jbreen 82 3 days ago

    Wow. Absolute class. It's good to have a cool new band to share.

  • Justin Scro
    Justin Scro Month ago +8

    I love how each new song they introduce just a little bit of a new color, expanding their range.

  • Henry Ley
    Henry Ley Month ago +144

    This is what Scott Pilgrim's dad listens to and it's a Jam

  • Tim Evison
    Tim Evison Month ago +4

    This album is going to be a blast. I'm obssessed.

  • Jeff Altemus
    Jeff Altemus Month ago

    LOVE this band!

  • huzevnata
    huzevnata 17 days ago

    love this rendition of too late now, especially after 5:50.

  • curtis tiegs
    curtis tiegs Month ago +3

    Can't wait for the album. Love the songs, you folks are killing it, you've got momentum, please never slow down.

  • Depala Pili-Pala
    Depala Pili-Pala Month ago

    So happy to see wet leg doing great! Loved this

  • Hazle W
    Hazle W 29 days ago +6

    I LOVE THIS BAND! They're like The Beaches meet Peaches. Smart, cheeky, groovy. Just got tix for your Toronto gig....hope this freaking pandemic doesn't keep you away...you're one of the few things keeping me going.

  • Plinkage
    Plinkage Month ago +32

    im caught off guard with how enveloping this felt. so pure.

    • simonv
      simonv Month ago +3

      it's filth

  • Robert Peterson
    Robert Peterson 22 days ago

    I feel like I’m back in the 80s… in a good way. Really refreshing

  • czaru jeden
    czaru jeden Month ago

    Anytime i can hear and see you guys you make me smile. Thanks!

  • bunky knudson
    bunky knudson Month ago +7

    I love this band so much and I've only heard 4 songs. Can't wait to see them in Nashville! :))

  • José Gonçalves
    José Gonçalves 21 day ago +3

    Espectacular e brutal, simples e agressivo...

  • Matt Buchholz
    Matt Buchholz Month ago +6

    So happy to see them on tiny desk. Chaise Lounge has been stuck in my head for a while now. They have such a fresh, raw, fun sound. I can't get enough, but when did the plant join the band? I haven't seen it before. It's a nice addition, adds a lot of depth to their sound!

  • Andrew
    Andrew 19 days ago +2

    That drummer is something.
    A great group.
    Great writing.
    Great production.
    But that drummer is special in my opinion, has an edge about him.
    Keep an eye on his career too.

  • Screamifyoumeanit
    Screamifyoumeanit Month ago +8

    I love the tunes already... This was such a great vid... Camera angles all thought about etc... Love you Wet Leg.

  • Barry Ellis
    Barry Ellis Month ago +25

    What a band - fantastic bass and drums driving the very clever vocals and love this set. Can’t wait to hear their album. Wonderful sound 👌💕👍

  • Gehtdich Nichtsan
    Gehtdich Nichtsan Month ago

    i always feel a weird discomfort when there's no bass in a band. i'm glad they got a bassist too

  • Gary Walker
    Gary Walker 14 days ago +3

    Just how creative? Extremely in my humble opinion. I’m a 54 year old bloke and I’ve been waiting for a band to come up to me and say, “listen to this”, well I’m listening and I love it.
    Carter USM did it to me in the nineties, nit much else since...till now.
    Big things are ahead. ✌️❤️

  • Paul Rogers
    Paul Rogers Month ago +2

    Really lovin' the Wet Leg sound. Cannot wait for more from you.

  • Xinjusu
    Xinjusu Month ago +36

    That King Charles Spaniel can really drum.

  • Helcio Brasileiro
    Helcio Brasileiro Month ago

    Bom demais.

  • MadaoLEM
    MadaoLEM 11 days ago

    I was on a work strike and I had to stop to process what I was listening. This in new and amazing. I love it

  • bernardthedisappointedowl

    Hats off to the drummer - that's some very busy work going on there! ^oo^

  • Lucy
    Lucy Month ago +1

    Release this on iTunes already!!!!!! I wanna put it on my iPod

  • Michaela Manns
    Michaela Manns Month ago +3

    What a cool Band…can‘t stop listening…Look at the drummers face 😂

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller Month ago +5

    It's good to see that it's possible for people to actually find joy playing music at home. Inspiring

  • Bijou Vivian
    Bijou Vivian Month ago +4

    They are amazing. Finally happy to listen to more than two songs!! I am in love!

    • Novaearion
      Novaearion Month ago +1

      haha yes. since a few days my life is at least twice as varied thanks to the two new songs :D

  • Bryan Sims
    Bryan Sims 5 days ago

    I’m in love with this band.

  • Michael the Wong
    Michael the Wong Month ago +10

    Im convinced i need to see you live. Hope the tour starts soon!