Sand casting: Digital production of complex sand moulds by voxeljet

  • Published on Nov 28, 2012
  • This video explains the full process of rapid prototyping and sand casting offered by voxeljet and Wolfensberger.
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  • MyIvank
    MyIvank 8 years ago +2

    Absolutely amazing, another fantastic use for 3D printers.

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith 6 years ago +1

    I like how many patterns can be printed at once. Ideal for batch manufacture.

  • Mohammad Pishyar
    Mohammad Pishyar 8 years ago

    I worked SLA machine that makes any wax parts, layer by layer. In this machine technique is like the SLA technique but connection between layers makes by the glue spraying or sand welding.

  • Johnny Sandman
    Johnny Sandman 8 years ago +1

    Neato. An original use for sand!

  • voxeljet
    voxeljet  8 years ago

    A print head applies binder where the model is to be produced, whereby the binder infiltrates the most recently applied layer and connects it with the
    layer below. So we are not using a laser.

  • Wael Elshahed
    Wael Elshahed 8 years ago +1

    Yes it is, I am invested in Vjet since the IPO, great money ahead.

  • Aluminum Casting, Sand Casting, Die Casting, Permanent Mold Casting

    Good Job, really complex, what material that cores?Wax?

    • voxeljet
      voxeljet  Year ago

      Hi there,
      the cores were printed in standardized silica sand and furan resin. Basically traditional and foundry proven materials. We also offer other resins, such as phenolic resin.
      If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via

      Best regards
      your voxeljet Team

  • murat kar
    murat kar 5 years ago

    How does 3d printer work to make core ?

    • John Theux
      John Theux 2 years ago

      It's binder jetting, it use a binder on a sand layer.

  • MrDeveshchugh
    MrDeveshchugh 8 years ago +2

    Do you have any partner company in USA?


  • Hamba Tuhan
    Hamba Tuhan Year ago

    Can reused that mold
    Or only for 1 time use..

    • voxeljet
      voxeljet  Year ago

      Hi there,
      these molds and cores are printed and utilized as lost mold. So for single casting only.

      Best regards
      your voxeljet Team

  • REAL KONTROL s.r.o.
    REAL KONTROL s.r.o. 10 months ago

    Für die innovative Firma voxeljet technology GmbH hat unsere Übersetzungsagentur auch schon Übersetzungen geliefert. Vielleicht besteht bei Gelegenheit mal wieder Bedarf.

    BUDI ONO 2 years ago +2

    Nice 3 D printer

  • Hussaka Ford
    Hussaka Ford 8 years ago


  • Rupert 53
    Rupert 53 Year ago +2

    These germans in engineering make me sick - can't they just leave one area where they don't excel.

  • R13
    R13 7 years ago +1

    Seems like it would be easier to carve this out of a billet rather than printing a mold, cleaning it, shipping it, casting it, sanding it, x-raying it, etc.

    • DeviloftheHelll
      DeviloftheHelll 2 years ago +5

      there is no way to machine that from a single piece, no tool can get in those shapes and reach the inner sections

    • Griffen Sackman
      Griffen Sackman 6 years ago

      tip a fadora

    • Griffen Sackman
      Griffen Sackman 6 years ago

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    • Luca Fuoco
      Luca Fuoco 6 years ago +4

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