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Tucker: Hypocrisy is the heart of modern liberalism

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • Tucker: In the wake of Eric Schneiderman's resignation as New York attorney general, some of his longtime allies on the left are professing shock. It doesn’t make sense, they say. But of course it makes perfect sense. Self-righteousness is always a marker for secret creepiness. #Tucker
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Comments • 399

  • Danica Quinn
    Danica Quinn 6 days ago

    You know it’s funny white liberals like to call everyone races but they all live in maturity white gated communities isn’t that funny

  • Ken Richard
    Ken Richard 20 days ago

    Secularist want to replace religion and claim the moral high ground.

  • hakim daaloul
    hakim daaloul Month ago

    Jesus isn't the news supposed to unbiased ?
    I feel like i'm watching a propaganda piece intersperced with the occasional true facts.
    This is super weird.

  • phil mortlock
    phil mortlock Month ago

    He has the same eyes as Schiff for brains, and I can't stand that beady-eyed little fucker as well

  • jonathan bacon
    jonathan bacon 3 months ago

    Now I am become “liberal”, the destroyer of civilizations.

  • Hari Iyer
    Hari Iyer 3 months ago

    Tucker for POTUS!!!


    To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

  • great outdoors
    great outdoors 7 months ago +1

    Patriotic Americans want pervert Trump behind bars

  • Rob Haight
    Rob Haight 8 months ago

    Bike lock attacker walks free

  • t4705mb6
    t4705mb6 8 months ago

    Some facts:
    1. It's not "sin", it's *crime".*
    2. You don't have to be a member of any religious cult to be a decent person.
    3. There has never been a shred of empirical evidence that ANY of the thousands of "gods" exist.
    4. Having a corrupt criminal mind is a prerequisite to holding ANY position of authority in "government".

  • Nigel Mugari
    Nigel Mugari 10 months ago

    That's true

  • Nick Dzink
    Nick Dzink 10 months ago

    Damn if thees things replace religion I'm ok with Christianity back...

  • Tom Adams
    Tom Adams 10 months ago

    when it comes to Republicans and some Dems their pro-life view in light of gun violence is hypocritical. The 2nd amendment has been obsolete since the declaration of independence. A fetus is NOT a child. Even Tucker spouts idiocy from time to time.

  • Tom Adams
    Tom Adams 10 months ago

    it takes all kinds

  • Richard Willette
    Richard Willette 10 months ago +1

    These are accusations not facts about Schneidermann. Trump also sexually assaults women. So what

    HTHAMMACK1 10 months ago

    ROTFLMAO! From the kings of hypocrisy and self-righteousness, Fox News. That is laughable.

  • vicky
    vicky 11 months ago

    ...just remember this is the National Inquirer of news... total BS...,. and Take a seat Reps...there is nothing left for you to defend when it comes to hypocrisy... You have Trump...enough said,.

  • Sir Bomber Harris
    Sir Bomber Harris 11 months ago +1

    California, the highest GDP in the nation. The sixth largest economy on planet Earth
    Lets compare it to the Bible Belt Republican states.

    Even a child knows the difference between a trailer covered by a shredded plastic tarp and prosperity.

  • Sir Bomber Harris
    Sir Bomber Harris 11 months ago +1

    Tucker added Swanson to his middle name because his stepmother is FILTHY RICH. Not making that up. Hes a silver spoon college drop out who "acts" like he has moral and political values that we should listen to.. His hands are baby soft like Trumps...and the fired "Shock Jock" radio dj Hannity.
    Hannity the HUD LOAN WHORE and Client#3 of fixer/ bag man lawyer Michael Cohen

  • Sir Bomber Harris
    Sir Bomber Harris 11 months ago

    Trump has more Russian connections than Aeroflot.

  • Ryan Gennaro
    Ryan Gennaro 11 months ago

    Thank god tucker Carlson is even allowed on TV in this sick time of Orwellianism

  • Paula S
    Paula S 11 months ago

    Hypocrisy is caused by Projection. Projection is attributing your OWN inadequacies/crimes/etc. as though others Also have done the same. That way the hypocrite can "live in his own skin" - can 'look at himself in the mirror - can "get a good night's sleep" - by deluding himself with thinking that his behavior is normal. He thinks, 'Well, everybody else is doing it, too". So he'll do anything necessary to make that real - mostly by lying about others. It's far easier to lie about an enemy than to lie about a friend, right? It's quite simple.

  • Sarah Yarbrough
    Sarah Yarbrough 11 months ago

    How about the dirty old man David Letterman....oh, I forgot...he said he was "sorry". Yeah, sorry he got CAUGHT!

  • Andrea Brozek
    Andrea Brozek 11 months ago

    Hypocrisy is the heart of Donald Trump. before you point the finger at anyone else, remember the one you serve is the consummate hypocrite, the Hypocrite In Chief, as it were. ''Manufacture in America! Hire American workers!'', he bellows. Meanwhile, all his crappy merchandise is made in India, in Bangladesh, in China, and in ~gasp~ Mexico-- NOT, needless to say, by American workers. Ivanka's crap, too! Oooh, secret creepiness of the Trumpian variety. You ok with that, Tuck? Shut up or mention the president's hypocrisy as well. Who knows what he might be up to behind your back?

  • Bran Evans
    Bran Evans 11 months ago

    I hate to admit Tucker is right. I've noticed liberals are atrocious people while trying to tell others how everyone else's needs to finance millions of people who refuse to work.

  • wife
    wife 11 months ago

    Enlightening and great description of Governor Andy Cuomo of New York. He should have opened a garage and not gone into politics. Everyone would be better off.

  • Mike Evans
    Mike Evans 11 months ago

    it's disgusting that we have this many assholes living in our country and in important positions, very sad

  • muzic man
    muzic man 11 months ago

    Liberals hate trump because trump stands firm...Liberals preach hate and division across all lines...while over talking and grand standing..and breaking laws...american terrorist its that simple

  • Jennifer Griffin
    Jennifer Griffin 11 months ago +1

    The Democratic party is not a political organization. Its an organized crime syndicate pretending to be government.

  • jldog134
    jldog134 11 months ago

    As a native New Yorker I am ashamed to live here, and that this perv Schneiderman represents the State of New York.

  • Hooptie Hamburger
    Hooptie Hamburger 11 months ago

    Most liberals are terrible people.

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don 11 months ago

    Fucker Tarlson?

  • carole carroll
    carole carroll 11 months ago


  • carole carroll
    carole carroll 11 months ago

    Hypocracy is the heart of the zionist YOU and fox support.

  • shur7318
    shur7318 11 months ago

    Can’t be a liberal and live the truth !

  • shur7318
    shur7318 11 months ago

    Tucker nails the truth again

    HITLER SUCKED MY BALLS 11 months ago

    Play it at 0.25 speed and look at those thin sleazy lying lips.

  • Sodo Gonmei
    Sodo Gonmei 11 months ago

    Tucker, Its a joy to have you and Sean on our side. This is not just news its a message just like it should be given to everyone. Much respect to you and all conservative colleague.

  • Steven DeAtley
    Steven DeAtley 11 months ago

    it seems like Glen Beck was right what the left accuses others of,they are guilty of

  • earth gorilla
    earth gorilla 11 months ago

    Trump is a 5-time draft dodger. How patriotic is that when the lier dodged the draft, it shows more cowardliness then courage.

    FUCKN EH 11 months ago +1


  • ctguy591
    ctguy591 11 months ago

    What liberal hypocrisy ?

  • T. Hamm
    T. Hamm 11 months ago +2

    Liberals are evil. They are tumors destroying countries on Earth

  • ctguy591
    ctguy591 11 months ago

    Is fox news also inside the kremblin as R T is ?

  • ctguy591
    ctguy591 11 months ago

    Most of the replies on here are by putins propaganda scum wbo pay off Tucker !

  • ctguy591
    ctguy591 11 months ago

    Practical every day we are served a pile of trumps shit , we need to rid ourselves of this fucken bribe taking fucken moron . HURRY MUELLER MY POPCORN IS WAITING !

  • ctguy591
    ctguy591 11 months ago

    Vote these republican criminals out in 2018 , they are no fqn good , how much more proof so we need ?

  • ctguy591
    ctguy591 11 months ago

    Tucker is just one more trump criminal taking money from putin thru Cohen , how fucken pathetic is that ?

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don 11 months ago

    At least liberals aren’t fucking worthless traitors like the Cuntservatives that support the Siberian Candidate fatass

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don 11 months ago

    Cuntservatives are child murdering hippopotamuses

  • Tempting Fate
    Tempting Fate 11 months ago

    It's easy to understand. They'll say and do whatever they have to in order to gain power. It's elitism pure and simple. It's not that I disagree with their personal moral code, it's that they have no moral code.

  • Tom Adams
    Tom Adams 11 months ago

    This was Tucker's worst obloquy by far. Leave it to a conservative to spew sanctimonious crap.

  • Ralph Baldwin
    Ralph Baldwin 11 months ago

    Thank heavens I am a Conservative Now :) Tucker loved your description of the Left/Right and what the Left did to Christianity.

  • Tom Adams
    Tom Adams 11 months ago

    Tucker's liberal rant is mostly broad-brush unsubstantiated dogma! There are bad apples on the left and the right.

  • RapidRrobert
    RapidRrobert 11 months ago

    Riiight. Jesus ( the model for liberalism ) was the biggest hypocrite of all.

  • wyldgene
    wyldgene 11 months ago +1

    ...liberals feel that being above & beyond the laws of the 'common people' is one of the small perks of their "noblesse oblige", which requires them to protect us, "the unwashed, heathen masses", from ourselves, in spite of our own 'uninformed interests'...

  • Peter Atki
    Peter Atki 11 months ago +3

    "You can beat a Liberal in an argument but you can never convince him that you won. He cares much more deeply than you do and therefore he knows he's right, by definition, and nothing can convince him otherwise."
    Spot on Tucker! Rather than argue merits, the Liberal/Left claim they have the moral high ground, and they ridicule, vilify and demonise their opponents and dismiss opposing viewpoints as racist/fascist/bigoted/xenophobic/ignorant/islamophobic.

    • james harm
      james harm 11 months ago

      Instead of arguing facts with a liberal you have to make them look dumb.

    RUSSIAN SMOKE TRUMP FIRE 11 months ago

    "My personal attorney, Michael Cohen had a office in Trump tower right next to mine...he wont flip on me" - Donald Trump

  • S R
    S R 11 months ago

    oh look a liberal that is a creep. must be all of them are like last guy to host this show. Tucker haha what a stupid name

  • Cops Suck
    Cops Suck 11 months ago +1

    For liberals, hypocrisy is a sacrament of their cult.

  • Michael Pottmeyer
    Michael Pottmeyer 11 months ago

    I don't understand how anyone can honestly defend Tucker Carlson. If your eyes are so tightly shut that even this level of bureaucratic pandering, cherry-picked propaganda and blatantly bias ignorance is tolerable; where is the limit? Either you're in on the joke and have some motivation to perpetuate this nonsense; or you have actually been brainwashed.

    XJORGE X 11 months ago

    Trump yells all the time

  • jeff blancett
    jeff blancett 11 months ago

    Do as I say and you agree with me and we will shut out all other voices and hear only our own.This is the way of the PIGS and only their voice matters.

  • Space Exposed
    Space Exposed 11 months ago

    Modern-liberalism is just another word for modern-satanism.

  • knight Owl
    knight Owl 11 months ago

    Why can't I find the full-length fox news videos on youtube anymore.!

  • whats4mehere
    whats4mehere 11 months ago +2

    Liberals are control freaks. This is where their problems start. Think about Socialism, Communism, Fascism and Nazism that came from the Left. They are all rooted in control issues.

    • james harm
      james harm 11 months ago

      And you don't care how many babies liberal policy, abortion has killed in terms USA. It's over 50 million and growing. Much larger than any genocide in history.

      PATTON LAUGHED 11 months ago

      Vince The aborted babies from Trumps prostitutes? What about them? You dont care how many women and children Trump has damaged.

      PATTON LAUGHED 11 months ago +1

      Is that why they want to control what women can do with their bodies?Is that why they want to restrict Freed of the Press? Is that why the elected the anti Free Trade Trump? Oh wait thats you new fake Republicans.

  • Adam
    Adam 11 months ago

    Did Tucker know about Roger and Bill, and Eric Bolling?

  • darkerpoet
    darkerpoet 11 months ago

    Great job, Tucker!!!So many on the left are professing SHOCK. WTF?!! Don't make sense. DEMs should've known Schneiderman was a PREDATOR beforehand, RIGHT?!!!REPs voted Trump but at least everyone KNEW he was a PRED beforehand...RIGHT?!! Great argument, Tucker...Hitchens SAYS "keep it up."

  • James Mayer
    James Mayer 11 months ago +2

    If only we could clone 1000 xs Ben Shapiro, Tucker Carlson, Mark dice, Mitt Romney and send them out in the political world!!!!

  • Adele Celeste TV
    Adele Celeste TV 11 months ago +8

    LOL!!!! That's telling them, Tucker!!!! That is the TRUTH the Left cannot take. GREAT JOB!!!! Morals have not changed as much as the Left would like us to think. This is PROOF that your sins WILL catch up with you!!!

  • RC
    RC 11 months ago

    Dear Christ, please give Trump ass cancer. Amen, ok now let’s eat🙏🤗🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • J. C
    J. C 11 months ago +1

    Spot on. Very glad for Tuckers success. Man knows what he is talking about

  • Andrew
    Andrew 11 months ago

    Thank you Tucker. The most reliable news source on TV.

  • Santiago Cano Jr.
    Santiago Cano Jr. 11 months ago

    Eric Schneiderman is a bad guy because New York Polticans are more corrupt in New York than Illinois.

  • xlioilx
    xlioilx 11 months ago

    Whenever I watched Steve wilkos when he had people accused of being pedophiles on, I could always tell the guilty ones.. They were the ones screaming and arguing the loudest.

  • Gotham Knight
    Gotham Knight 11 months ago +2

    Tucker is the absolute best of the best.

  • nire muter
    nire muter 11 months ago

    Liberals are masters at PROJECTION.

  • Paul Cashin
    Paul Cashin 11 months ago +1

    Tucker is absolutely correct. Speaks the total facts .

  • zman
    zman 11 months ago +2

    Liberals. The modern day pharisees.

  • EarlyLove2014
    EarlyLove2014 11 months ago

    Too bad he didn't have $130,000..! Trump is the Ultimate Sexual Predator Scumbag..!

    SHERIFF ESQ 11 months ago

    Typical Weinstein actor, protected and powerful

  • Tallacus
    Tallacus 11 months ago

    And this is news? This has been fact for years

  • Toni Johnson
    Toni Johnson 11 months ago

    Hypocrisy is the heart of running a pay to play scheme while your President.
    Hypocrisy is the Presidents lawyer getting caught putting $500,000 from a Russian Oligarch in a slush fund, after the election.
    Hypocrisy is paying off a porn star because you slept with her while you were having an affair, while you were married to a wonderful woman who had just had your child.
    Hypocrisy is not firing Pruitt.
    And telling 2000+ verified lies since he took office.
    Ah hypocrisy, such a funny thing isn't it?

  • Solid Asian Gold
    Solid Asian Gold 11 months ago

    Wrong, Tucker. . ."Communism" is the heart of modern liberalism.

  • Cypress Butane
    Cypress Butane 11 months ago

    LISTEN TO ME! I'M YELLING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE BEING TERRIBLE! "Self-Righteousness Is Always A Marker For Secret Creepiness!" Wau-it- Wait, What? Hi, Tucker! Mommy loves you. Sorry if I don't watch past this line. Mommy still supports your hatespeech videos! I'll send you some money in the mail. Dad Says Hi!

  • BaconBaconNation
    BaconBaconNation 11 months ago +1

    "Somewhere tonight Eric Schneiderman is marinating in his shame. Probably unshaven and alone. His career is over, his reputation is destroyed. He faces years of potential legal action. He is a broken man. He is in agony." Woooo gonna need some aloe on that BURN.

  • 12schoolies
    12schoolies 11 months ago

    Hypocrisy? Spanky said he'd drain the swamp BUT. I agree 95% correct is not good enough. However Novartis, AT&T, Columbus Nova (an "American" company whose assets are wholly owned by a Russian oligarch) and a Korean aerospace company did pay 100's of thousands of dollars (The companies themselves have confirmed payments) in a 'structured fashion to avoid detection to THE Michael Cohen for 'pay to play' access to Spanky. President bone spurs isn't draining the swamp he's filling it. typical Fox News attack the whistleblower and not the people committing the crime, Spanky and Cohen. The incorrect fillings re the wrong M Cohen totaled $25,980, get over it.

  • Lightwish Light
    Lightwish Light 11 months ago +4

    Liberalism is literally a mental problem. These evil Dems all need to go.

  • SweetCat163
    SweetCat163 11 months ago

    I can watch Fox News all day long!

  • imaseeker100
    imaseeker100 11 months ago

    hey where's rudy??

  • cafemike
    cafemike 11 months ago

    Awesome Tucker - very well said!

  • KaiserSchnitzel
    KaiserSchnitzel 11 months ago

    Tucker Carlson is an expert at looking confused in TheXvid video thumbnails

  • Paul Rossi
    Paul Rossi 11 months ago

    Can we really trust liberals?..thanks Tucker and Fox News.

  • christina_21700
    christina_21700 11 months ago +3

    They knew. Just like Hollywood knew about Weinstein!

  • Solid 2 Gas
    Solid 2 Gas 11 months ago +2

    Good speech!

  • Darkstar
    Darkstar 11 months ago

    I love it when Liberal tactics blow up in there own face. Go "me too" movement!
    Keep exposing these liberal swamp freaks. Anthony Weiner, Elliot Spitzer, now this Schneiderman.
    Bunch of power hungry sickos. When will these liberals get their act together?

  • Cain
    Cain 11 months ago +8

    Self righteous ego is at the heart of modern liberalism.

  • Brenda Lee
    Brenda Lee 11 months ago

    what is strawman fallacy?

  • campbellscollision
    campbellscollision 11 months ago

    I hate liberals, but I hate lying women too. This man was into S&M, so was these women, till they saw they might get famous crying. This is not the same as a woman beater.

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird 11 months ago +1

    Another Trump hater taken out! :p