Harden LIGHTS IT UP in Orlando!

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Watch as James Harden tallies his second consecutive game of 50+ PTS and 10 3PM!
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Comments • 179

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7 26 days ago

    Harden is always scoring.

  • Sports & Cars
    Sports & Cars Month ago +1

    This man gets better every year. Looks like he might average 40 points next season

    PG 13PACERNATION Month ago

    Am I dreaming?! Two big efficient scoring games in a row without half of the points coming from the line😱😱

  • umaru sesay
    umaru sesay Month ago

    Only person I believe can probably tie or break wilt 100 points

  • LashGo's Hot Wheels

    If he keeps going he could be the best scores of all time
    Kareem Abdul Jabbar he could break his record

  • Personal Varios
    Personal Varios Month ago

    Underrated GOAT

  • mayuresh shelar
    mayuresh shelar Month ago +2

    Harden is like a 2k player with max skills

  • Melon Scogs
    Melon Scogs Month ago +1

    Better than kobe

  • Jan Manalac
    Jan Manalac Month ago +3

    This guy is 4th on the MVP ladder. What a joke

  • Joey Posey
    Joey Posey Month ago +2


  • Mustafa Hussain
    Mustafa Hussain Month ago +1

    Can we just appreciate Wilt? 131 50+ games is just untouchable

  • アースジェット


  • 777/247
    777/247 Month ago +1

    Too EZ

  • Starlife Gvng
    Starlife Gvng Month ago

    I understand the scoring and that he is a dam good player but why can’t this man get to the finals?? He has had good players with him can’t lie and say he didn’t!!! Lebron took the cavs to the finals with juries and love hurt and went 6 games against the warriors and it was his first year with the team!!! All I’m saying is maybe turn down the points a lil bit and focus on the mental aspect of the game that’s why lebron is the goat!!!!!!!!!!! No disrespect to harden at all one of my favorite players he just need to maybe focus more on the iq side of it give lebron just harden and some scrubs they getting to the finals and prolly winning but why? Well it’s lebron and harden!! No it’s the iq that lebron got for the game that wins!!! Remember hustle beat talent any day and to hustle hard u gotta think first💯💯💯

    • Starlife Gvng
      Starlife Gvng Month ago

      @Frank Shi first off you STFU and he had enough to make it cp can ball they just ain't jell the right way.... AND THE KING DID NOT HAVE KYRIE AND K LOVE IN THE 2015 FINALS DUM ASS BOY

    • Frank Shi
      Frank Shi Month ago

      Stfu Harden has not had a SINGLE all-star on his team in Houston other than Dwight... best he's had is a washed Paul and old Russ and STILL took the best team in history to 7 and wouldve won if not for CP. Lebron had K love, Kyrie, and STILL got smacked by the dubs. Give harden a superstar and he's going to the finals. He proved it in OKC.

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof Month ago +2

    Damn like hes making history

  • $harpshooter24
    $harpshooter24 Month ago +2

    Best offensive player since Kobe

  • Максим Безногих

    Hey, mister beard! I like what you do on the basketball court 💪✌️

  • Shmallow 1224
    Shmallow 1224 Month ago +8

    James Harden’s last two games
    54.5 points
    39-65 (60%) field goals
    20-33 (60.6%) three point field goals
    11-11 free throws
    7.5 assists
    4.0 rebounds
    2.5 blocks
    2.0 steals

  • Darnell U
    Darnell U Month ago +9

    He’s definitely passing Jordan for more 50 point games

  • JakeDiSnake
    JakeDiSnake Month ago +19

    Last 2 games: 109 points, 20 made 3's, 11 made free throws

  • Alpha
    Alpha Month ago +2

    Hes gonna pass Kobe's 81 someday

    • Jay Money
      Jay Money Month ago

      He will never pass him in rings

  • N G
    N G Month ago +20

    This is literally me grinding for shooting badges in 2k19 😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +31

    “...but but the playoffs” - Haters
    Harden has been one of the few players to push GS in the playoffs during their championship run. And people act like he sucks in the playoffs when no one else was beating the Warriors either in the playoffs except for Lebron and Kawhi (when they were decimated with injuries).

    • SK
      SK Month ago +1

      Harden was 5-8 against the warriors the rest of the league was 5-30.

    • Wᴏʀᴍ
      Wᴏʀᴍ Month ago

      @LoftyXsWaGX34 I agree. There's no way Houston can beat the LA teams. I belive the Clippers will win the chip.

    • 6th Man
      6th Man Month ago +1

      People just hate on greatness..

    • LoftyXsWaGX34
      LoftyXsWaGX34 Month ago +1

      He’s gonna lose to the clippers or lakers. No warriors excuse this year.

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau Month ago +11

    What’s new honestly , this is just absolutely normal for James Harden, usual stuff from him , hasn’t been a player scoring offensively like this do I dare say it , since Wilt Chamberlain

  • Emmanuel Quintana
    Emmanuel Quintana Month ago +55

    This guy is making 50 point performances no longer impressive.
    Its just another common day for the man.

    • YJL
      YJL Month ago

      Emmanuel Quintana meanwhile other so called “stars” getting 40 is a spectacular, rare feat for them.

  • neoxsupreme
    neoxsupreme Month ago +68

    Haters: Can't score without FTs!

    Harden: drops 55 and 54 with only 11 FTs in 2 games.

    • Nathan
      Nathan Month ago

      @Aman Singh please take the time to read this. It might open your eyes a little bit. I'm not here to insult but to educate. This man plays brilliant defense www.cbssports.com/nba/news/rockets-james-harden-is-one-of-the-nbas-best-defenders-statistically-but-should-we-trust-the-numbers/

    • Harry Kreyl
      Harry Kreyl Month ago +7

      @Aman Singh he is a good defender though, very excellent post defender and is an effective ball thief.

    • Aman Singh
      Aman Singh Month ago

      He is not a good defender, but offensively nobody ain't even close

    • Matt L
      Matt L Month ago +7

      He's unstoppable

  • reggiecyy
    reggiecyy Month ago +2

    Harden has made 2100+ 3s so far in his career. He is not shooting 3s at a great percentage but he averages 14 shots a game this season. At this rate, its almost certain he will break Ray Allen's all time 3pt record, along with Curry

  • 安田ぜん
    安田ぜん Month ago +2


    • mitsuking
      mitsuking Month ago +1

      安田ぜん まじでそれなwww

  • G. V. C
    G. V. C Month ago +1

    Ol, but what's the news? No one?

  • Ric Bradley
    Ric Bradley Month ago

    With 5000 points from the free throw line every night

    • Ahmad Rizwan
      Ahmad Rizwan Month ago +4

      Lmao he shot 11 free throws over the last 2 games, get outta here and watch an nba game sometime

    • Isaac A
      Isaac A Month ago +2

      Hater alert 🚨

    • Cyaneous_grapes
      Cyaneous_grapes Month ago +3

      Salty orlando fan

  • Brandon Lim
    Brandon Lim Month ago

    Second round exit 💁🏻‍♂️

    • Dirty Dan
      Dirty Dan Month ago

      U a first round exit nigga

    • Ahmad Rizwan
      Ahmad Rizwan Month ago +1

      Brandon Lim haha nice joke they’ll win the chip ia

  • Marvy_G
    Marvy_G Month ago +6


  • neal6473
    neal6473 Month ago +2

    That's a great individual one on one game but you cannot do that in the playoffs that style doesn't win championships just ask's a young Michael Jordan or a young Hakeem Olajuwon.

  • Angus Barrington
    Angus Barrington Month ago +4

    What nickname is better Jimmy Harden or Hardy B?

  • Patrick LA.
    Patrick LA. Month ago +3

    Harden is going off but y’all is acting like he’s the goat. He’s scored 50+ on one decent team (the spurs)and the other 4 are tanking. So even though his numbers are historic he’s doing it against trash teams. Again not a hater but I want to see him score 50 against a better team like the bucks or lakers

    • Isaac A
      Isaac A Month ago

      HUMBLE Right now Kawhi has 31 at half against the Timberwolves, it goes to show it doesn’t matter who you play, you always want to show out.... period

    • Isaac A
      Isaac A Month ago

      HUMBLE I mean isn’t that the point of basketball, to score, it doesn’t make sense to go easy on teams that are trash, everyone in the NBA is here to compete and ball out

    • Patrick LA.
      Patrick LA. Month ago

      Isaac A because why would u try to score against the hawks and Cavs? If you’re a contending team that should be an easy win. Why would a star need to score 50+ if ur playing a team that isn’t even contending. It’s a waste of energy, and by playing longer then u need to ur more likely to get hurt.

    • Isaac A
      Isaac A Month ago

      HUMBLE Okay then why doesn’t any other Superstars drop 50+ if you’re saying it’s so easy against subpar teams

  • Pcorf Creations
    Pcorf Creations Month ago +2

    Harden just doing his thing = scoring.

  • Captain Smoke
    Captain Smoke Month ago +3

    No one wants to guard Harden, they just let him score, it's ridiculous.

    • Captain Smoke
      Captain Smoke Month ago

      Yeah but don't give up before the game is played ffs.

    • Potent Fade
      Potent Fade Month ago +2

      Hes too difficult to guard you mean

    • Julio Amir Tampis
      Julio Amir Tampis Month ago +2

      you can't stop Harden unless you foul him. that's how good he is

    • Shah
      Shah Month ago +3

      Lol they can try to guard him but he's unguardable

  • •ADL•
    •ADL• Month ago +7

    Does anyone notice whenever he wears the imma be a star colorway he keeps getting 40 - 50+ pts?

  • Liam Kelly
    Liam Kelly Month ago +19

    Hardens floater and dribbling is unbelievable!

  • Nosa Uzamere
    Nosa Uzamere Month ago +12

    Bro is the MVP he has to be he’s almost averaging 40😳😳

  • Bruno Vieira
    Bruno Vieira Month ago +1


  • vidz06
    vidz06 Month ago +2

    I know the nba dint play defense no more but Damn Harden is on some Shit. He averaging 40 points pretty much

  • Maria Nena
    Maria Nena Month ago


  • EverythingCounts
    EverythingCounts Month ago +28

    No player has scored like this since Wilt.

    • KDA
      KDA Month ago

      EverythingCounts you spelled “braindead” wrong so I know you better not be talking you clown keep thinking Harden is a better scorer than Kobe when half his points come from freethrows smh you niggas are a joke just like the people that think Harden will ever win a ring with the way he plays all he does is dickride the refs ffs end of discussion

    • EverythingCounts
      EverythingCounts Month ago +1

      @KDA Did Kobe ever average this many points? Lol, some of y'all are briandead.

    • moe Harden
      moe Harden Month ago

      KDA he will definitely score 81+ soon. Stop hatin

    • Savage
      Savage Month ago

      Harden had 71 but also had like 15 assists so he was good for 100+ or we? Anyway more than kobe they said

    • KDA
      KDA Month ago

      Ryan Terry David Robinson is not a shooting guard so do you see how your logic sounds??

  • maka veli
    maka veli Month ago +3

    Harden got a beard from Assyria Mesopotamia.

  • Noah GOAT
    Noah GOAT Month ago +1


    • Jj Dane
      Jj Dane Month ago +2

      @Noah GOAT If you've watched even half of the rockets' games last season, i think you would understand better.

    • Jj Dane
      Jj Dane Month ago +2

      @Noah GOAT Casual.

    • Noah GOAT
      Noah GOAT Month ago

      Ahmad Rizwan I’ve been a Laker fan since 2007 I know I’m a loyal fan but the tickets haven’t won a ring because he sucks come playoff time use your brain plz

    • Ahmad Rizwan
      Ahmad Rizwan Month ago +2

      Noah GOAT watch an nba game please im sick and tired of these dumb people tryin to hate on greatness and go with the bandwagon teams

  • Michael LaRose
    Michael LaRose Month ago +14

    Greatest SG ever

  • RoosterZanalT3
    RoosterZanalT3 Month ago

    What the actual fuck is this man eating

  • Michael LaRose
    Michael LaRose Month ago +16

    Harden > MJ

    • Nathan
      Nathan Month ago

      For anyone out there that doesnt watch rockets games to see what is actually going on. The media is trying to paint a false narrative about The Bearded One

    • Prd64twl
      Prd64twl Month ago

      @Isaac A

    • LoftyXsWaGX34
      LoftyXsWaGX34 Month ago +6

      Here we go with this bullshit

    • Booty Bandit
      Booty Bandit Month ago +6

      Let’s not go crazy here

    • Isaac A
      Isaac A Month ago +2

      Michael LaRose. Scoring wise... maybe, but overall it will always be MJ

  • Perfection Gaming
    Perfection Gaming Month ago +5


  • TheUncle Juan
    TheUncle Juan Month ago


  • Chris Weng
    Chris Weng Month ago +12

    I swear he’s going to get 90 points one day

  • Biceps Cooking
    Biceps Cooking Month ago +66

    Usual stuff for James Harden, give us 80 points!!

    • T3nkaichiGod6 -
      T3nkaichiGod6 - Month ago +1

      Its sad cus i be mad when aint Got 80 points🤣 expectancy so high

  • only sling
    only sling Month ago +16

    Hige(Hi-ge) means The beard inJapanese.The kanji is 髭

  • Mr. Clutch_6
    Mr. Clutch_6 Month ago +74

    Anyone with an actual brain knows Hardens been the best player these past 4 years. Miss me with that playoffs bs cause no other player went at the warriors like Harden did. Bron lost to them with Kyrie and love in 5 games. Giannis got swept by the raps. Kawhi beat an injured warriors team. The media/ fans hate Harden simply because they wish their favourite players could go out there and do what Harden does consistently. His defense is underrated too, statistically he's one of the best defenders in the league this season. Stop hating and appreciate greatness while it lasts.

    • SK
      SK Month ago

      ​@mow mow You sound like a weird lil boy. Who the hell in the world thinks giannis offensive is more entertaining than hardens offensive game. I can't imagine preferring layups/dunks over step-back 3's from 30 feet 😂😂😂😂 weirdo

    • mow mow
      mow mow Month ago

      @SK You sound like every kid in this generation that try to shoot a half court shot or someone who shoot 15 threes in a game. I don't like how this generation love jacking up shots. That's not my thing😂

    • Nathan
      Nathan Month ago

      Facts www.cbssports.com/nba/news/rockets-james-harden-is-one-of-the-nbas-best-defenders-statistically-but-should-we-trust-the-numbers/

    • mow mow
      mow mow Month ago

      @SK dude that shit boring I see that all the time with Harden, I'm tired of see people jacking up shots. I like hard work driving to the basket, or back to the basket. That just more entertaining I'm not like this generation with Jacking up shots.

    • SK
      SK Month ago

      @mow mow shooting step-back 3's from 25+ feet isn't more entertaining than a guy driving to dunk or lay-up, Imagine saying that.

  • Twizz The Whiz Kid
    Twizz The Whiz Kid Month ago +4

    Who's next to score 50+...???

  • I3orn2Win
    I3orn2Win Month ago +18

    Just another game for Harden! #GOAT

  • prod. msilo_
    prod. msilo_ Month ago +7

    Early as hell

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper Month ago +85

    Whats new this is just normal for james harden

  • Jake B
    Jake B Month ago

    Fuck u James Harden