'Avengers: Endgame' cast talks about the film's highly-anticipated debut l GMA

  • Published on Apr 8, 2019
  • With the film already expected to break box office records, the cast sits down with ABC News' Paula Faris to discuss what fans can expect.
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  • swapy 007
    swapy 007 Hour ago

    The smartest thing that marvel could do right now
    is to make brie larson the villain
    think about it if she becomes a villain who teams up with a big Thanos,
    nobody will expect this and everybody will want it to be .
    # Marvel_entertainment #Marvelstudios #mcu #Marvel

  • Trio Beef
    Trio Beef 5 hours ago

    It was realy like the real family in real life not only in film..

  • All Nine Livez
    All Nine Livez 8 hours ago +1

    Glad Brie Larson wasn't on this interview. Sheesh, she is a bitch.

  • Kn4gers
    Kn4gers 12 hours ago

    1:20 that Renner's laugh, dayum xD

  • Mindy Moore
    Mindy Moore 13 hours ago

    I don't like the idea of RDJ being such a jobsworth. So what if Chris Evans said it's satisfying, no need to huff and puff. The audience aren't stupid anyway. It's like when Don Cheadle got mad at Mark Ruffalo, i'd be laughing but would tell him he shouldn't say anymore, not be pissed off. Jeez, love your cast mates not the production.

  • TWK 9 Dragons
    TWK 9 Dragons 13 hours ago


  • Rafiki716
    Rafiki716 15 hours ago

    1:31 look how the rest of the cast tenses up when she says three different units acting together in this movie. Maybe they split into three groups to go back in time...
    Also when hemsworth says the wig and stuff I know it’s prob the longer hair going back in time but Thor May grow a beard

  • Audrey Kullit
    Audrey Kullit 17 hours ago

    If chris hasnt seem the ending, but knows its satisfying that means he'll make it till the end!!😁

  • InfiNatty Fitness

    I love the Scarlett reactions in movies... !!

  • M T V movies
    M T V movies Day ago


  • Round
    Round Day ago

    Compartmentalized acting cant possibly be good for the film. Even game of thrones hands out scripts

  • ต้า ต้า

    ผมชอบและติดตามพวกคุณตลอด​ รักมากมายอเวนเจอร์

  • Thy Vengeance
    Thy Vengeance Day ago

    Thank you VEEEEERY much for not putting brick larson in that interview

  • Ukis Saba
    Ukis Saba Day ago +1

    I want to see Antman shrink Thanos. It would be awesome.

  • Nithin kumar
    Nithin kumar Day ago

    They six are the original team AVENGERS

  • Salman Waheed
    Salman Waheed Day ago

    I got the tickets guyzzxz❗❗❗❗❗❗

  • Akash Bhowal
    Akash Bhowal Day ago

    Am I the only one noticed that crish Hemsworth looks so dull in all the interviews of Endgame.

  • mercenary128
    mercenary128 Day ago

    Did Evans just spoiled the ending...?

  • Mopar Charger
    Mopar Charger 2 days ago

    Imagine if bree was in that interview lol everyone attacking her lol

  • Deri Rian
    Deri Rian 2 days ago +1

    Its fun to see marvel avenger star interview without brie Larson.

  • awsten 3D animasyon
    awsten 3D animasyon 2 days ago

    Venom 2 - Maximum Carnage VS Venom !! FIGHT !!!! (CHAPTER 1)
    chapter 2 is coming....

  • Rey Mysterio
    Rey Mysterio 2 days ago +4

    Interviewer: Most of you have kids
    RDJ Looks at Chris
    Chris: I'm the only one without a kid 😂

  • DRZ1984
    DRZ1984 2 days ago

    Paula looks amazing

  • Prakash
    Prakash 2 days ago

    Chris Hemsworth does look like a God.

  • Jumal Alda
    Jumal Alda 2 days ago

    Robert downey is the best

  • Haruglory131
    Haruglory131 2 days ago

    The squad thank God that they didnt invite the strongest marvel character ever captain marvel

  • Bronzeflame2489
    Bronzeflame2489 2 days ago

    This is all i need😌

  • LmfaoYou
    LmfaoYou 2 days ago +2


  • komal mahalwal
    komal mahalwal 3 days ago

    Did anyone notice the kind of eye makeup Chris Evans had?...Oh god! Those shiny illuminating eye corners...i think i should start applying make up..even the Captain America has opted the high end techniques..🤐

  • Trilok Bhatta
    Trilok Bhatta 3 days ago

    When did realese avengers end game reply please

  • dVINE
    dVINE 3 days ago +2

    at 1:40 that tap on the shoulder.. RDJs scared Scarlet might slip up 🤣

  • Richard Coole
    Richard Coole 3 days ago +1

    Is anyone at Disney doing Brie Larson damage control? I used to be so excited for Endgame until Crapstain Marvel came out, what a terrible movie. I can’t believe after spending over a decade building up these amazing characters and story, Marvel shoehorns in Crapstain Marvel at the 11th hour, a character so unpopular it’s been rebooted 8 times and played by the most obnoxious, pretentious, arrogant and idiotic actress. If shoehorned Crapstain Marvel defeats Thanos, I will never purchase anything Marvel or Disney again! I can’t think of a bigger 🖕 to the fans, original cast and Stan Lee. Please don’t ruin the MCU with this toxic women Marvel! Learn from Star Wars, go woke go broke!

  • Ana Sophia Marafon Lanzana

    Só eu BR aqui???

  • Nethravathi M N
    Nethravathi M N 3 days ago

    I did not seen movie but trailer is nice

  • Abdul Wahab
    Abdul Wahab 3 days ago

    Robert Downey: "Lady Helmsworth" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alina Fahrun
    Alina Fahrun 3 days ago

    Give engsub

  • A Person
    A Person 3 days ago

    Nobody's talking about the post-credits scenes. I wonder what it'll be, and if it'll hint at future characters. Kang? Galactus?

  • leah cab
    leah cab 4 days ago

    Those silvery touch near chris's eyes is amazing

  • Vincent Yeung
    Vincent Yeung 4 days ago +3

    I love how Brie Larson isn't in this video.

  • Anthony Hanham
    Anthony Hanham 4 days ago

    I wish we could have let that smoking hot broad wonder woman play that cunty birds role. Ram a pole up her flat pancake ass and and shoot the pole into space.

  • Nopphasit Kanjanawong


  • Phoebe
    Phoebe 5 days ago

    seeing the original six in interviews just makes me so emo what the hell



  • Jnr Tuilagi
    Jnr Tuilagi 5 days ago

    Scarlet : we actually not lying.. but we a good actors 😂😂😂

  • elenabob
    elenabob 5 days ago +3

    No Captain Marvel, thx God, no drama.

  • freespeechisdead isdead

    Man they look so happy and relaxed. Oh yeah, Brie Larson isn't there.

  • Bishu
    Bishu 5 days ago

    Iron man real life n reel life looks similar

  • Luis Fernandez
    Luis Fernandez 6 days ago

    pongan subtitulos, mi ingles me falla :'v

  • ghee4345
    ghee4345 6 days ago

    Thor juicing hard lmao

  • dizzie88
    dizzie88 6 days ago

    DAMNNNNN!!! The longest week ever!!!

  • 24 45 jim
    24 45 jim 6 days ago

    why they didn't include the entitled brie in this interview?

  • Xpóvoc Chronos Keeper Time

    Here some thing new you read and talk about next "Avenge the FALLEN"

  • Sanfeer k Mohammed
    Sanfeer k Mohammed 6 days ago

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  • Legend of Pual
    Legend of Pual 6 days ago

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  • Manjot Singh
    Manjot Singh 6 days ago

    Avengers Endgame is an amazing movie, finished the leaked version this morning. Full HD available, just google "av3ng3rs 3ndg4m4".

  • Manjot Singh
    Manjot Singh 6 days ago

    Avengers Endgame is an amazing movie, finished the leaked version this morning. Full HD available, just google "av3ng3rs 3ndg4m4".

  • Abhay Nirmal
    Abhay Nirmal 6 days ago

    Interviewer: Who spend the most time in hair and make up??

  • Ameena Mhatey
    Ameena Mhatey 6 days ago

    Did anyone notice how RDJ lifts up his hand when asked if he’s seen the movie

  • Yashasvi Singh
    Yashasvi Singh 6 days ago

    If you really believe that THEY haven't seen the movie.. you really need to learn many things about celebrities.

  • Morimoto
    Morimoto 6 days ago

    Satisfied? I don't wanna be satisfied! I wanna be left with depression and happiness and also left hungover because the story left me with question and despair. Satisfied? No that's for Disney's stories. Oh wait..

  • Berk Can
    Berk Can 7 days ago

    none of them has seen the movie but Chris easily says satisfying xD

  • Berk Can
    Berk Can 7 days ago

    it is satisfying ??? so it means no hero dies

  • NCTV뉴스컬처


  • squattingheads
    squattingheads 8 days ago

    3:05 So we will see Thor with long hair again?! :P

  • Nirankar Singh
    Nirankar Singh 8 days ago +3

    "The movie will start then it will end"
    -Jeremy Renner (2019)
    "I'm dead"
    -Chadwick Boseman (2019)
    "You think you want to know, but you don't"
    -Scarlett Johansson (2019)
    "Normally, when you do interviews you use the movie to deflect like personal questions, but now I'm like 'So, Who's dating? Who's getting married?' "
    -Scarlett Johansson (2019)

  • King nadeem Hussain
    King nadeem Hussain 8 days ago +1

    I'm big fan avenger movie #Pakistan

  • Boski Poweska
    Boski Poweska 8 days ago

    such lies - like they dont know whos gonna die or whos gonna win or lose - stop this bullshit you have filmed the scenes

  • arun ramji
    arun ramji 8 days ago

    Anchor is 😍

  • April K
    April K 9 days ago

    Mark: why does everyone say that.. lol 😜
    Oh Mark buddy!

  • D M
    D M 9 days ago

    What the hell the END OF AN ERA? 😫 I’m not ready yet.

  • The.Unknown _Mendes
    The.Unknown _Mendes 9 days ago


  • Erik Abo
    Erik Abo 9 days ago

    Do not fire mark rufflo

  • Aubrielle Robinson
    Aubrielle Robinson 9 days ago

    “Another satisfied customer, who’s not yet seen the final product”😭 the OGs!

  • PS4 Game Uploads
    PS4 Game Uploads 9 days ago

    RdJ taps scarlett to slow down as she was about to say a lot in the flow @1:40

  • Alifer Sousa
    Alifer Sousa 9 days ago


  • Shayantan tech vids
    Shayantan tech vids 9 days ago

    2:35 thor's face 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ĒmåñX HL
    ĒmåñX HL 9 days ago


  • THE CoOlErs friends vlogs

    I'm so excited to avengers ENDGAME

  • THE CoOlErs friends vlogs

    I'm so excited to a

  • Matt Tuballa
    Matt Tuballa 9 days ago

    Let's go for the 3 Billion box office!!! We're all ready!!🤗💪

  • Mr Reactorz Zone
    Mr Reactorz Zone 9 days ago +1

    All are different behaviours in real life but RDJ is Like Tony Stark😎😎

  • prabhu teja
    prabhu teja 9 days ago

    2:48 the stare robert gives to Evans when asked about cool factor due to kids.

  • Ed S
    Ed S 9 days ago +1

    Her nose is so big and weird and "jewy" lol

  • SuperNashum
    SuperNashum 9 days ago

    The interviewer has an agressive approach that I didn’t like.

  • a normal potato who needs her bias

    Im gonna miss them so bad

  • jithin Mathew
    jithin Mathew 10 days ago


  • Dylan
    Dylan 10 days ago


  • Dzhy-r Llanto
    Dzhy-r Llanto 10 days ago


  • Vibolea Sovathpich
    Vibolea Sovathpich 10 days ago

    Cap grows beard again?

  • Charise Bejarano
    Charise Bejarano 10 days ago

    " Lady Hemsworth."

    "She's so pretty!" lol

  • Bowl of Pizza
    Bowl of Pizza 10 days ago +5

    why don't they tell each other their bits and put the pieces together lol

  • Luis Olortegui
    Luis Olortegui 10 days ago

    Scarlett was on hot ones on this same day.lol

  • ellymarie03
    ellymarie03 10 days ago

    Lmao everyone started to look to uncomfortable when Chris said the end was "satisfying" lol

  • Walley Wallington
    Walley Wallington 10 days ago

    Meh, maybe i'll see it when it hits cable tv but wont go out of my way.. (j/king! i got my tickets the 1st day and pre ordered my digital copy!)

  • Stuart Hill
    Stuart Hill 10 days ago

    Where is Brolin?

  • Corcon
    Corcon 10 days ago

    I bet Rogers dies. I've twenty-two cents right here. Anyone wanna take the bet? I'll throw in an empty yogurt container.

    ANTIKA 10 days ago +1

    Hemsworth or Evans?

  • Bintang Syahreqi
    Bintang Syahreqi 10 days ago

    Poor Mark ruffalo

    He become a memes tho

    ESWAR SREE 10 days ago

    Quantum realm, time jump, multiple timeline....Trinity vs thanos... Fucking enough for an marvel fan to celebrate❤️

  • Kars N
    Kars N 10 days ago

    Wait where’s Loki? Oh yeah I remember.... 😢😢😢😞😞😞