Warbonnet Duo Leads a Transfer in Kansas City, MO


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  • A. Train
    A. Train 3 years ago

    Really sweet catch.

  • Restricting Signal Productions

    Awesome catch! Was this the photo in the Trains Magazine last month or so? I also caught 688 and 642 together on NS 223 Last month in Atlanta,GA. It was Very rare for us. Almost every railfan in the state came out on a Friday to see them. Thanks for sharing,
    -Josh RSP

  • Yard Limit
    Yard Limit 3 years ago

    Nice catch!

  • MidwestICRailfan1000
    MidwestICRailfan1000 3 years ago

    Nice shot! Those ATSF Warbonnets do make a good set of locomotives on those trains, just like back in the 90s!