Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
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    Why is the headphone jack, a long-time fixture on smartphones, disappearing?
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Comments • 8 487

  • Aditya Dandwate
    Aditya Dandwate Day ago

    Because of Apple. I mean the answer was obvious

  • Da Hai Zhu
    Da Hai Zhu 3 days ago

    Why don't they just replace the headphone jack with a smaller analog connector that's easier to waterproof and easy to cheaply make legacy headphone jack adapters?

  • jumpin jehoshaphat
    jumpin jehoshaphat 6 days ago

    Headphone jack is non-negotiable.

  • Teo M
    Teo M 8 days ago

    Taking out the headphone jack is a stupid idea and I refuse to ever buy a phone without one. I don't want stupid little useless additions to my phone like facial recognition at the cost of having good easy to Access audio quality for my headphones.

  • yolo mein
    yolo mein 9 days ago +1

    Don’t blame Apple for the headphone abandonment. Although they did it first, other companies followed them, which isn’t apple’s failt

  • Daniel Pedersen
    Daniel Pedersen 9 days ago

    ... But that end... It Scares me...

  • saul calva
    saul calva 11 days ago

    The MacBook still has a head phone jack so it’s not dead yet. I prefer headphone jack simple fast cheap and efficient.

  • New Keys
    New Keys 11 days ago

    phone + sandwich baggie = waterproof phone

  • Jai
    Jai 11 days ago

    I'd much rather have a single cam phone with headphone jack than a 2,3 or 4 cam phone without headphone jack.
    Also i dont like the fact that samsung discontinued the ir blaster, i loved that feature on the s6.
    And who the fuck wants a heartbeat sensor samsung? Just get the ir blaster back.

  • Soandnb
    Soandnb 13 days ago +1

    You know, I'd be willing to forgive the merciless slaughter of the headphone jack if there was an EQUALLY convenient solution. Such as, say, maybe using NFC to instantly pair headphones to the phone. But as it currently stands, to pair bluetooth headphones, you need to:
    1. Stop whatever you're doing
    2. Go to the home screen
    3. Launch a settings app
    4. Navigate any number of menus to make your way to the Bluetooth menu
    5. Attempt to identify your particular device
    6. Spend a few seconds pairing it
    which can take upwards of a MINUTE to accomplish. For an entire industry focused on simplicity and convenience, this amount of faffery required to accomplish what should be a simple task is completely unacceptable. For many people, having to deal with the wire is LESS INconvenient than the ridiculous setup process.

  • Star Junior
    Star Junior 13 days ago +3

    NO physical button
    NO Headphones jack
    NO Charging Port
    NO Screen
    Just Brick With *Apple logo* on it
    people still buy it and call it INNOVATION

  • Cont3mplation
    Cont3mplation 13 days ago

    Frankly I'd be happy to swap over to a different connector, but only if people could decide on a standard that is as widely used as the headphone jack, but better, and without the dongle nonsense

  • Nerd Zone!
    Nerd Zone! 15 days ago

    This will be impossible but I may consider buying the new iPhone if they is a headphone jack if not, I will stick with my iPhone 6

  • inthelandofnumbnuts
    inthelandofnumbnuts 16 days ago

    LOL...You thought Microsoft is greedy. Apple took it to an all time low.

  • bogdansss
    bogdansss 17 days ago

    It looks like Linus filmed this right after eating something....rugged :)

  • sama kami
    sama kami 18 days ago

    I actually don’t care about having no headphone jack 🤷‍♀️ I have used AirPods since they came out and I have not wanted to go back to wired headphones since. AirPods are good enough for me, I hated getting wired tangled up anyway

  • Bobitza aka NoobulPlictisit

    Why super thin? Just to look cool? 2 milimeters added to the thickness would allow a giant battery! Bad audio from the headphone jack? Digital audio requires more work to make it sound good!!!

  • Javier Strive !!!
    Javier Strive !!! 19 days ago

    Wireless is Still Not Nearly Close To Audio jacks

  • purplellama
    purplellama 20 days ago +1

    If you don't have a headphone jack, I'm not buying your phone. End of.
    I'm a practical kind of person. I enjoy fashion but when I spend a lot of money I go for timelessness. Quality. I'm finding the trends with phones these days are getting more than a little stupid. I don't need a phone to be all screen and paper thin. I need it to last the day and do everything I need it to in an intuitive manner.
    When I look for a phone it needs to tick the boxes.
    How long does its battery last in heavy use?
    Does it lag?
    What is its camera like?
    Can it handle the apps I use?
    Does it have a massive amount of bloatware and is it easily removable?
    Does it handle GPS well?

    ...Does it have a headphone jack.

    I use bluetooth headphones daily for long periods of time. They have a downside. If you get a good pair you're shelling out at least $200. They need charging. My ones last the day but sometimes you forget to charge or your plug isn't in right and then you're not using them. Sometimes you go into a space that disconnects them. That's just how it is. They're convenient only in the freedom of movement way.
    For my phone I like to use normal headphones. Bluetooth + media is a battery drain that means you'll be hooking your phone up to a brick of a powerbank and hoping it charges faster than you're draining. If that sounds good to you ...go for it. Forget to charge your headphones and you're suddenly using a wired headset, only you're also draining your phone battery faster so you're a mess of wires. Good job.

    If you want me to drop $800 -$1200 on a phone, you're going to have a headphone jack. Or you're going to fuck off. I have no interest in such a substandard product. My current outdated phone has a headphone jack and the ability to connect a headset. That's what I expect and if you don't provide it you can charge some poor, stupid sod a kidney for your runway special and miss out on the business of the majority.

    • Karel Carbonneau Montpellier
      Karel Carbonneau Montpellier 12 days ago

      Amazing comment and same here,If the device doesn't have the headphone jack I won't buy it. I don't know what's the need to keep on removing vital components on devices these days. What's next, no charging port. It looks like we're headed for that future, the one where phones are prettier but at the cost of throwing at the window convenience, practicality, and usability.

  • Shoop da Whoop
    Shoop da Whoop 20 days ago +1

    the Headphone Jack has been around since 1877 and is the standard in the audio world and is not going anywhere. I like to use my AKG studio headphones I have been using since almost 10 years. Fact is, Audio equiment will outlive most phones and they are based on headphone jacks. so apple can go fuck themselves.

  • MC Barça
    MC Barça 24 days ago +1

    Funny I’m listening to this channel on my headphones through the jack. Lol

  • NotKJ017
    NotKJ017 25 days ago

    Bluetooth audio uses lossy compression (resulting in slightly worse quality), and has lag. I really want a headphone jack in my phone.

  • Kung Fu Dan
    Kung Fu Dan 27 days ago

    The headphone jack is great!

  • krim7
    krim7 29 days ago +1

    I won’t buy a device without a headphone jack.

    NEED MORE BEPIS Month ago

    My life is a dissapointment bcs
    Samsung removed jacks

  • TheGreatBulzome
    TheGreatBulzome Month ago +1

    It would be awesome if we could custom order our phones. Choosing which features we do and don't get with our mobile devices would be most welcome. Although, it'll probably never happen.

  • Ravedaze
    Ravedaze Month ago

    I wouldn’t mind but those AirPods don’t fit in my ears 😕

  • DenviousMars
    DenviousMars Month ago +2

    That's why i bought the s10 plus because headphone jack

  • g-zes Deuce
    g-zes Deuce Month ago

    2:49 This part really annoys me. Market researchers have absolutely no idea what they are doing most of the time. Most products fail because of the stuff market researchers say the people want.

  • Kayla Smith
    Kayla Smith Month ago

    Samsung users: Lol

  • Bianca Contreras
    Bianca Contreras Month ago

    yes I understand what you saying Linus but to point out at the beginning when the first smartphone was created it was so we can have our music on our phone plus that's why we have the headphone jack remember what Steve Jobs said it would be all-in-one a miniature computer and the library for all our music and a beautiful little headphone jack😎

  • 818116A
    818116A Month ago

    Apple made their choice, I made mine. Goodbye iphone, hello Android!!!

    CRAIG ARMY Month ago +1

    *watching while using headphone jack

  • whattamalawn
    whattamalawn Month ago

    I'm lucky that my 2018 phone has a headphone jack

  • Nandhu Historical
    Nandhu Historical Month ago

    I watched this in a plugged head phone with that jack

  • Sub this doggo NOW
    Sub this doggo NOW Month ago

    the thumbnail looks like a dildo

  • Papyrus The Great
    Papyrus The Great Month ago

    Im glad i have the 2017 ipad pro. Headphone jack.

  • Aus Bare
    Aus Bare Month ago

    GoPro did the same thing with microphone jack.

  • Zen
    Zen Month ago

    That's definitely the worst thumbnail you ever picked

  • Genepool
    Genepool Month ago

    Galaxy Note series have earphone jack and S-Pen compartment and still years more advance and more powerful than the latest iPhones.

  • Catamount
    Catamount Month ago

    The space argument doesn't particularly work for Apple because the first jackless phones had ample room for a jack. There are videos of people modding them in. If garage modders can do it, then the manufacturer certainly can. I can't speak to the absolute latest models. The argument makes even less sense in the tablet space.
    In any case I just hope some manufacturers retain them. I have wireless headphones and I don't want them to be my only option. Even my XM2s don't hold up to wired headphones I've paid less than $100 for, and it's not bluetooth at fault (they sound no better wired). It's probably the cost exacted by trying to cram headphones, a DAC/AMP and a battery into one small package, and USB headphones contain most of that themselves so I can't imagine they suffer this much less - even if they didn't, why would I want to pay for a new DAC/AMP each time and be limited to only a few models of headphones rather than getting to pick the best on the market that work for me. How many USB headphones even compare in quality to even middling 3.5mm offerings like my HD650s?

  • AmFilms123
    AmFilms123 Month ago +2

    Headphone jack forever!!
    No headphone jack = Phone is out of consideration.

  • Joel Pettersson
    Joel Pettersson Month ago

    Product keep getting worse, and more expensive

  • Brandon Wombacher
    Brandon Wombacher Month ago

    This is not a problem nowadays. Just use a Bluetooth receiver with a 3.5. mm output Jack and be done with it

    • misterx zxc
      misterx zxc Month ago

      You're kidding right why in God names I need the headphone jack in the first place if I use wireless

  • John William
    John William Month ago

    TRS and TS cables will never go out of style in my line of work.

  • Chraan
    Chraan Month ago

    I had to give a dislike. No, the headphone jack is needed. I am not going to give up my Beyerdynamics but instead choose a phone which still supports it. If OnePlus decides to get rid of it then I am sorry for them, but it's as they say, never settle. OnePlus, this is where we parted.

  • SkillsDND
    SkillsDND Month ago

    Atleast apple has finally done something for me. Now I have a lot less phones to compare, I rule out iPhone as is only proper, then continue with removing any device that lacks my preferred sound output. Apple was also "brave" when they released the first iPhone without 3g and somehow people were dumb enough to buy a phone that was obsolete before it's release. Another "brave" step was blaming thier engineering faults on the end users, remember if you can't get signal on an iPhone 4 that's because you're holding it wrong.

  • Adam Cazinske
    Adam Cazinske Month ago

    Ya im never going to buy a phone that doesn't have an analog output

    UMA SHARMA Month ago

    after some time they will make phones wireless only......
    like = u agree

  • Sanson Carrasco
    Sanson Carrasco Month ago

    r u shouting all the time?

  • Steven White
    Steven White Month ago

    Used a phone and iPad for two years without having an iPad... don’t miss it. Suck it up.

  • Bradley Anthony
    Bradley Anthony Month ago

    I don’t even see an attempt to blend the stroke on this clickbait image. 🤣 I love your channel though.

  • Erwin Hun
    Erwin Hun Month ago

    I hope Samsung ditches the headphone jack in their next generation of phones. No one needs the jack, it is obsolete.

  • Richard Sleeve
    Richard Sleeve Month ago

    Sorry. But I'm not buying it. Every cable headphone I've ever tried sounds better than every BT set I've tried. Apple is only in it for the money. Samsung actually listens to its consumers. My S8 has a jack, and it's water resistant. The S5 even had a removable battery and also had the resistance.

  • Leonid Saykin
    Leonid Saykin Month ago

    Headhone jack isn't going anywhere, even if some modern phones wish to be trendy and hip

  • FATMAN_162x
    FATMAN_162x Month ago

    Lol I used to give a shit about this, but I do love my Bluetooth headphones, they actually have great sound and there is no cord getting in the way. But I suppose when I’m at home then I’d like using the headphone jack and save battery on my Bluetooth headphones.

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming Month ago

    How about this instead
    If you need more space in the device
    Apple does something, and the rest of the industry follows suit like a herd of sheep
    Let's see who was the first to bring in these "features" only to have the rest of the industry follow suit
    > No removable battery: Apple
    > No headphone jack: Apple
    > No home button: Apple
    > Screen notches: Apple
    > No SD card slot (on some devices): Apple
    > Camera bumps: apple
    > Fragile device design: Apple
    > Slowing devices with updates: Apple
    > High repair difficulty: Apple
    Yeah I think apple needs to die, like yesterday

  • John Ward
    John Ward Month ago

    Professionals in the audio industry are still using 1/4 inch TRS cables.

  • Srinivas Iyengar
    Srinivas Iyengar Month ago

    I have the XR and am kinda pissed abut the headphone jack. It would be all good if it had USBC because thats the future.

  • Hey You
    Hey You Month ago

    You don’t know Jack, Jack where did you go?

  • Xx_progam3r_xX ,
    Xx_progam3r_xX , Month ago

    Apple sux

  • Si
    Si Month ago

    the Samsung s5 had a removable batter and headphone jack and is still more waterproof than iPhones. just an excuse for money

  • Sebastian Feuerstein

    Hey Guys, what's this Guy's name?

  • Tomasz Chmielewski
    Tomasz Chmielewski Month ago

    It won't go away you dip. Not only those puny smartphones use this stuff.

  • OutLaws Series
    OutLaws Series Month ago

    2 words: Corporate greed

  • The Sangheili
    The Sangheili Month ago

    I'm 90% sure the conspiracy to remove the headphone jack is just to make manufacture even cheaper to increase profit.

  • Iku Ze
    Iku Ze Month ago

    The headphone jack will never die. There will always be a place for the headphone jack, especially for A/V equipment like DAWs and synthesizers. Even the dated quarter inch jack is still popular to this day, especially on instruments.

  • meseyc
    meseyc Month ago

    I hate screens going all the way to the border my fingers are fat enough

  • ceninant
    ceninant Month ago

    If I'm in my car, I'll be using mobile data, GPS, I prefer to plug in auxiliary cable. bones may have bass and batteries but they get a lot smaller when you're using every radio at once.

  • David Mcguire
    David Mcguire Month ago

    My analog headphones already plugged into all my other devices and never need to be charged.

  • Peter Cselik
    Peter Cselik Month ago

    Seriously... because of water resistance... and they bought you with that bullcrap? The jack is great. You could use it with passive kinds of stuff which means more versatility and less maintenance on both sides and as I remember they were already made models you can drop into a pool with headphone jack before. This technology maybe lost in the void. Apple becomes dongle state in the last couple of year in that level it is ridiculous. What about just stop getting rid of interfaces?

  • llVIU
    llVIU Month ago

    who the hell is asking phone manufacturers for thin phones or silly ghimmicks? I want a sturdy phone with a good battery, I don't care about the 3 camera nonsense. I want a headphone jack, not face recognision ID.

  • Justin Wise
    Justin Wise Month ago

    Apple wanted to make money off airpods so no headphone jack

  • Ilia Nedoluzhko
    Ilia Nedoluzhko Month ago

    Never wanted a slim phone since getting rid of iPaq rw6818

  • Ilia Nedoluzhko
    Ilia Nedoluzhko Month ago

    Coaxial connector is the most reliable thing ever invented and you should not care about which side it is inserted. All this "problem s" are just marketing bs

  • Carlos Teixeira
    Carlos Teixeira Month ago

    Alternative title: metal dildos

  • Warren Puckett
    Warren Puckett Month ago

    Simple don't place it where it can get wet. But if you are dexterously challenged we invented blue tooth.

  • deathpony698
    deathpony698 Month ago

    3:23 whoa, hold up. type C is actually passing an analog signal, its a special mode

  • Nefarious Pixel Blood

    Here is your fix, get a brain, use Android

  • Chris L
    Chris L Month ago

    Are consumers really demanding this? Or are they not offering us decent options that involve that and using that to rationalize the removals? Phones are small enough as it is and the lack of physical buttons puts a massive burden on 911 operators as a significant chunk of the misdials to them are the result of there being no way to prevent it. It used to be that the lock screen was there to prevent you from butt dialling 911, but on Android, if you use a pin to lock the phone, you cannot prevent the phone from accidentally dialling 911 without putting it in a case that covers the screen. The original iPhone had a manual switch that would put the phone into airplane mode.
    Physical buttons are great when properly used, the lack of buttons doesn't necessarily make sense and I'd prefer actual buttons where possible, but it's usually not even an option. And god help the blind trying to use one of these new phones.

  • Deep Fried Mars Bars

    people are angry because we're still stucked in transitioning from headphone jack to usb-c

  • mezsh
    mezsh Month ago

    I will NEVER buy a phone without a headphone jack, I use it every single day.

  • centurysword
    centurysword Month ago

    why not have two ports, where one could be dedicated to audio, instead one so you dont need a dongle

  • David McGroder
    David McGroder Month ago

    I find the fact that the G7 is aimed at the music enthusiast. The sound via Bluetooth is so poor that I got out my old af Galaxy S6 and set it up for Pandora in my car.

  • David Endara
    David Endara Month ago

    I won't buy a phone (or tablet) without headphone jack. Period.

  • Lirof Lir
    Lirof Lir Month ago

    HEADPHONE JACK is good its far more superior for blu2 synce blu 2 have non removable batteries then they are not life lasting. i still use my phanasonic walkman headphones with my LG G4 and gues what they are over 20 years old and still like them. blu2 would be dead after fev years synce. if you dont use them for year the battery will giet wors on holding charged. and when you use it it happens as well. overal blu2 headphones cost alot and are NOT for life buth for fev years. of course AUX gives better soundquiality and can be adjusted nice in specal programs as well. while blu2 dont have that option. thats why smartphones with aux are far superior than blu2 ones not to mention the phones with DAC cuse they are from diferent universe

  • Robert Crawshaw
    Robert Crawshaw Month ago

    Someone modded their iPhone to have a headphone jack

  • Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel

    I find it amazing that Linus drank the Kool-Aid and has the nerve to not call out Apple, considering Samsung phones are thinner with better technology and also still have headphone jacks.

  • TiagoTiago
    TiagoTiago Month ago

    Did you just make out with someone wearing a lipstick right before recording this video?


    Bullshit video

  • Facehunter2003
    Facehunter2003 Month ago

    Why would tablets not have an audio jack. That definitely has enough room to sneak on the board... And why'd you bring your tablet in the water.

  • אלון איזקס

    I had a thingy to plug headphones into a type c but then it got lost

  • tfoutfou21000
    tfoutfou21000 Month ago

    Big F... to apple . Others would not have removed the jack if Apple didnt , and we would live in a better World .
    I use jack daily.
    Why are others obligated to follow stupid trend 😫😭😭

  • 『 Lui 』
    『 Lui 』 Month ago

    none of the reasons listed in the video is worth removing the jack ngl.

  • XxTHATGUYxX122
    XxTHATGUYxX122 Month ago

    pass the aux???

  • Emanuel Pinto
    Emanuel Pinto Month ago

    apple is too expensive and a lot of people just pay for the brand.. why would i pay 700 or 800 for an iphone if with 300 or 400 i can buy something as equal or better..

  • Andreas F
    Andreas F Month ago

    Samsung shows that the whole "there is no space" argument is bullshit. The S10 is state of the art, has extremely thin bezels, an in-display finger print sensor etc. AND still manages to have a huge battery, microSD Slot and the damn headphone jack.

  • Zack Everen
    Zack Everen Month ago

    As Obama said:F*ck Donald Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ko x
    ko x Month ago

    The perfect mix is the S9 Plus because:
    1. There isn't a display intrusion (ahem, notch and hole-punch)
    2. It's got a perfect size and beefy display
    3. The cameras are REALLY beefy
    4. If you want mobile videos, S9 Plus is all yours
    5. Overall, the peformance is a BEAST
    6. It has IP68 water resistance
    8. It has a headphone jack
    9. It's battery lasts over a day
    10. It packs in tons of sensors for everything
    11. It's a security major
    12. The thing is no short of customization

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    Phone developers: we need all the space we can get so we can't fit a headphone jack
    Also phone developers: yo let's make the phone like as thin as possible cuz people say it's cool