ROMA | #MyROMA: A message from Alfonso Cuarón | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • Share your memories. #MyROMA
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    ROMA | #MyROMA: A message from Alfonso Cuarón | Netflix
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Comments • 88

  • linda stoddard
    linda stoddard 2 days ago

    Brilliant! The only thing that makes me angry is the women were not nominated for awards. Mr. Charon you are an amazing ! Thank you to the women in the film for there honest portrayal.
    I send time in a small fishing village near Manzanillo, I love the Mexican people

  • Sahil H
    Sahil H 4 days ago

    This guy is the god of cinematography

  • Rosa Bruck
    Rosa Bruck 12 days ago

    A very touching film i will never forget; in all it's simplicity shown through the eyes of a brilliant director..Bravo Alfonso Cuaron..
    Your story about love, family, relations, loss and lonelyniss left a profound movie i have seen in a long long time. Thank you so much..

  • yakuza01
    yakuza01 25 days ago

    Muchas gracias campeon!!!

  • La Verdad Os hará Libres

    Thanks Cuaron for portraying the deep love of some humans towards their neighbors.

  • ary monts
    ary monts Month ago

    Wow is amazing, you are the best , you are a genius you could transport me to my childhood and achieve to see so many handles of being so many beliefs so many nuances of our culture. THANKS really thanks thanks thanks 🙏🏻

  • Arlene Pimentel
    Arlene Pimentel Month ago

    Gracias, I did connect in many levels. Thank you. Excelente.

  • Maru Lozano Carbonell

    La mejor película!!! Aplausos de pié y claro que cada escena me hizo conectar, recordar... La amé!!!!

  • Alejandra Alesa
    Alejandra Alesa Month ago

    Cine independiente? Muy premiado y ... y poca gente lo ve .

  • Dalia Alcantar
    Dalia Alcantar Month ago

    Roma es una película con una calidez increíble, me enamore de los sonidos en esta, me encantaron los silencios, la fotografía, la actriz estubo increíble, los tonos cálidos de gris o el estilo que se le dio al blanco y negro, la luz, los niños con una actuación muy natural, pero nunca vi una película con que tuviera sonidos tan reales, cálido que me hicieran transportarme a mi niñez.
    Amo esta película! Felicidades al director y su equipo, excelente! Creo que puedo hablar por muchos cuando digo que tocaron el corazón de muchos!

  • I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

    He's not wrong.
    By the end of the movie I felt like I watch watching home movies and was only thinking about the similarities to my childhood.
    Brilliant film.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    Japan's Shoplifters is way better than this

  • Gerardo Abad
    Gerardo Abad Month ago

    I was born in Colonia Roma Mexico City. This film literally recreates the story of my childhood. I reconnected with so many memories and experiences. The level of detail in this film is amazing. The story is also deep and powerful. I am grateful to Alfonso Cuarón and his team for making this masterpiece. #MyROMA

  • Jose Ochoa
    Jose Ochoa Month ago

    Powerful childhood memories, long forgotten, resurrected watching this masterpiece. Thank you for bringing this movie into the world.

  • Brian Jensen
    Brian Jensen Month ago +7

    “Roma” is a gorgeous masterpiece, and probably Alfonso Cuaron’s greatest achievement. My rating is a 10/10.

  • Gregor Valentovic
    Gregor Valentovic Month ago

    I love love love Cuaron.

  • Jag Är Din Fiende
    Jag Är Din Fiende Month ago

    But why does it force itself on my background ?

  • Jonathan Pinz0n
    Jonathan Pinz0n Month ago

    Congratulations Cuarón. You have made a film so powerful. It got me, it really got me. If this movie doesn’t get a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars, then I will loose humanity.

  • msbutterfly1010
    msbutterfly1010 Month ago

    Thank you, Alfonso.

  • GarettLovestheMovies
    GarettLovestheMovies Month ago +9

    ROMA is real. It's a powerful and devastating tale about love and family; and in the end, the film truly belongs to Yalitza Aparicio whose performance gives ROMA the love and affection it deserves. In other words, she's the cherry on top of the sundea! Bravo Mr. Cuaró, bravo!! #MyRoma

  • Esau Palomo
    Esau Palomo Month ago

    Me encantó bastante 👌
    Te mereces ese León de oro

  • pedro jaquez
    pedro jaquez Month ago

    It was boring

  • annacoribioanna
    annacoribioanna Month ago

    Its a beautiful movie.... but in the THEATER was an experience...too bad it won't be on theaters for long ... it was like gravity you feel you are there...and like gravity watching it on an ipad does not do it justice.... watch it in the THEATER

  • Berenice Larralde
    Berenice Larralde Month ago +5

    I am visual but this movie touch my soul with the sounds, those who bring back memories that I could almost smell and feel. The hole movie is a beautiful piece of art. You Cuarón played us with all kind of feelings. From love to sadness, from joy to shame.

  • David iglesias
    David iglesias Month ago

    Pésima película. Yo haría algo más divertido con la cámara de mi teléfono.

    • Korrozion
      Korrozion Month ago

      Gracias, ya no veré la película gracias a tu comentario...nadie en su puta vida.

    • Humberto Solis
      Humberto Solis Month ago +1

      David iglesias jente como tú solo dan lástima y risas la envidia los corroe pobre pendejo, ojalá pudieras hacer algo así con tu telefónito y me callarás la boca hablar es fácil verdad!!

  • L Rodben
    L Rodben Month ago +4

    Alfonso Cuarón, I just saw it and just want to thank you. Muchas, muchas gracias porque efectivamente en la película dices a mi país, a mi familia, a mi pasado... ¡a mis raíces! Una obra maestra que me deja en el corazón el mensaje del título al revés: amor. ¡Gracias, muchísimas gracias!

  • Jacob Dominguez
    Jacob Dominguez Month ago


  • shroud mobo
    shroud mobo Month ago

    Hulk is that u

  • Rollo Tamaci
    Rollo Tamaci Month ago +5

    What a remarkable film this was. And reading about how much effort and planning was put into each of the shots makes it all the more amazing. Bravo, Cuarón.

  • Steve Vargas
    Steve Vargas Month ago +1

    Watch this in theatres ! Then again on Netflix

  • Two-Face
    Two-Face Month ago +2

    This guy needs to do a mob film

  • Ignacio del Villar Arce

    Chingoneria de película.

    • Esau Palomo
      Esau Palomo Month ago

      Esta película claramente no es para todo el público, en mi opinión fue buena

    • David iglesias
      David iglesias Month ago

      Porquería de película . Aburrida papá

  • Dinitha Gunathilake
    Dinitha Gunathilake Month ago +9

    Wow! Netflix has come a long way. First the Coen Brothers, then Scorsese, and now Alfonso Cuarón. Cannot wait to watch these masterpieces.

  • Lego Qui-Gon Jinn
    Lego Qui-Gon Jinn Month ago +28

    Azkaban still the best potter movie

  • Gabriel Marín
    Gabriel Marín Month ago +5

    Roma is beautiful! ❤🇲🇽

  • reddragon52894
    reddragon52894 Month ago

    There’s no conflict or plot to this movie

    • reddragon52894
      reddragon52894 Month ago

      Jonathan Pinz0n so, when somebody says something that offends you or something you don’t agree with, you have to throw out insults to make yourself feel better by trying to make someone else feel bad or dumb (or anything that’s negative). Hopefully you grow up 1 day😂 🍆💦💦

    • Jonathan Pinz0n
      Jonathan Pinz0n Month ago

      reddragon52894 Then you were not paying attention you soulless jerk.

    • Alexander Garcia
      Alexander Garcia Month ago +2

      Looks like you and Helen Keller have something in common.

  • Siam_Boyz _1988
    Siam_Boyz _1988 Month ago +20

    Totally the Best Film of the year ❤️

    • Carlos Peralta
      Carlos Peralta Month ago +3

      Siam_Boyz _1988 Thank you! I am very proud to be in it and reading comments that say that the project I was in was amazing, makes my day! Although you may not believe me, I am paco in that movie!

  • Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau

    I saw it. Masterpiece.

  • Xi H
    Xi H Month ago +8

    Saw it in Toronto in September!!! Such a great film

  • Gabo Ekitz
    Gabo Ekitz Month ago +3

    My chingona, bien precisa a nuestra comunidad mexicana en estos tiempos, para darnos cuenta del mundo exterior del colapso de un sistema, del desamor hipócrita, de las promesas corruptas y sobre todo del malinchismo de nuestro propia entidad por una parte, por la otra lo meditare cuando este muerto : )..

  • Tiago Antônio
    Tiago Antônio Month ago +102

    Alfonso Cuarón is not just a filmmaker... He is a magician that conquers our hearts with its beautiful cinematic masterpieces.

  • Carlos Duarte
    Carlos Duarte Month ago +8

    Easily my favorite director working today and one of the best in general.

  • Jareth Cruz
    Jareth Cruz Month ago +33

    Children of men inspire The Last of Us, Logan and many other things such a great film.

    • Elliepopcorn
      Elliepopcorn Month ago +1

      +Concerned Gamer Old Man Logan is from 2008 and Children of men is from 2006 tho

    • Concerned Gamer
      Concerned Gamer Month ago

      Old Man Logan inspired Logan.

  • Field Nikon
    Field Nikon Month ago +22

    Make more film man, u make like 2 film a decade

    • Field Nikon
      Field Nikon Month ago +3

      +FrietMan Agree, but I still want more man.

    • FrietMan
      FrietMan Month ago +18

      quailty over quantity

  • T-series 1000 million

    I like channel but my channel owere gan

  • CHC Gaming And Tech

    Must see this video who play brawl stars

  • Victori aa
    Victori aa Month ago


  • WOLF MaDaFaKa
    WOLF MaDaFaKa Month ago

  • Meet Parmar
    Meet Parmar Month ago


  • Omar Arts
    Omar Arts Month ago


  • Omar Arts
    Omar Arts Month ago +11

    Alfonso is the best

  • Omar Arts
    Omar Arts Month ago


  • ReDope
    ReDope Month ago +5

    i want casa de papel season 3

  • Soufian 27
    Soufian 27 Month ago +54

    One of the best directors of our time

  • İrmak Mercan
    İrmak Mercan Month ago


  • Kena Beltran
    Kena Beltran Month ago +2