• Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • We've been enjoying them so much recently, you've got another! We take inspiration from the 'Unusual Flavour Pairings' video and this time, it's Ebbers and Jamie competing for the honour of 'best dish'.
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  • afhergenro1876
    afhergenro1876 5 days ago

    I invite you guys form sorted food to come to Evansville, IN during fall festival time in October. It has so much food & there are rides too.

  • nobbie01
    nobbie01 8 days ago

    In Guatemala, pumpkin seed brittle is a really popular traditional candy lol

  • Steven Goerdat
    Steven Goerdat 10 days ago


  • imran osman
    imran osman 12 days ago

    well the video was interesting..

  • whutzat
    whutzat 15 days ago

    This is the worst ive ever seen Ben do at anything.

  • George Busby
    George Busby 17 days ago

    Nicely done, Ben. A few more of those and I'll sponser your membership in Paranomasiacs International.

  • Siddu71
    Siddu71 17 days ago

    I would like an interesting counter

  • sharel giovana
    sharel giovana 19 days ago

    I need more of this. Just saying

  • Bernhard Rohrer
    Bernhard Rohrer 19 days ago

    these are great fun. Can we have another PIO please? Remove regular proteing and give them venison, rabbit, John Dory, oysters and let's make 3 courses. everybody 3 times, first one out of a hat, then chose by predecessor.

  • Bianca Malan
    Bianca Malan 19 days ago


  • Frank Reiser
    Frank Reiser 22 days ago

    this was very interesting

  • MintPanda
    MintPanda 22 days ago

    I’m wondering what pumpkin seed oil and cocoa steaks would taste like. Would it work? Would it be terrible? Someone who eats steak should try it and let me know. Please help my quizzical mind.

  • Dominik Abele
    Dominik Abele 22 days ago

    Beat the chef challenge with pretentious ingredients

  • khuang96
    khuang96 23 days ago

    Baz & James: panicky yet steady
    Ben & Jamie: bold and chaotic 😄
    (while Baz and James panicks for them 😁)

  • Gemma Burling
    Gemma Burling 24 days ago +1

    Does Ben really believe he just invented something knew by adding sweetpotato to a dessert?? 🤔

  • Tristan
    Tristan 24 days ago

    Interesting video

  • Forging Strength
    Forging Strength 24 days ago +1

    I love the unusual pairings videos.

  • Grayson Moffatt
    Grayson Moffatt 24 days ago

    I would love to see you guys make a red pasta sauce using NO TOMATOES! I'm allergic and I have my ways around it but I would love to see the chefs try it, or better yet see how the normal's cope with the thought haha (FYI I'm posting this on every video on your channel because I really want it to be seen)

    • Grayson Moffatt
      Grayson Moffatt 22 days ago

      @/ i usually try capsicum and canned beetroot but its usually grainy af

    • /
      / 22 days ago +1

      Me too. I've wondered for years how to do it. Sweet potato base but what else?

  • Alex Stewart
    Alex Stewart 24 days ago


  • Kit Cat
    Kit Cat 24 days ago

    Best one yet 😂

  • scott rhodes
    scott rhodes 24 days ago

    I am a fan of this channel and enjoy the videos but I have to take task with the opening of the videos. It says" .......and to have a few laughs...". To have a few laughs? There are time you guys are close to demented-I like it and is part of why I watch but the opening should warn people what is going to go on. Thanks for the great videos-they are so 'interesting'.

  • Just Winks
    Just Winks 25 days ago

    Finally another Chef that can't use a coffee maker! Thank you Ben, you made me feel a little more normal today.

  • BlackRoses2582
    BlackRoses2582 25 days ago +1

    When Ben says "herbs" with a violently American accent right at the beginning

  • Glory
    Glory 25 days ago

    "Drink everytime Mike says interesting"
    *Looks down at the shot of Hungarian Palinka in my hand...
    Uh oh.

  • Elizabeth Davis
    Elizabeth Davis 26 days ago +1

    This is the FUNNIST 1 so far! LOL 😂

  • Purely Courtney
    Purely Courtney 26 days ago

    I am so down for more Chef vs. Normal mystery box challenges!! Maybe as a theme, use a specific style (Indian, Vegan, Street Food etc.)

  • Ayad Marhoon
    Ayad Marhoon 26 days ago

    Beat the chef is my new favourite show

  • Iglika Gencheva
    Iglika Gencheva 27 days ago

    Ben totally losing it is my favourite

  • Stefan Biber
    Stefan Biber 27 days ago

    gotta improve those barista skills starting with a proper coffee machine

  • v5red
    v5red 27 days ago +1

    How can both dishes be judged at the same time? Wouldn't one have had to sit on the counter for like an hour since they weren't sharing a kitchen?

  • Eve Lambrick
    Eve Lambrick 28 days ago

    My only thing with the mystery box challenges is that the ideas coming out of them often end up along similar lines and I wish there was a little more range so the dishes were *more* different

  • N
    N 28 days ago +1

    this episode is absoltley one of my faviorates ! had a goooooood laugh 😂

  • Em Davis
    Em Davis 28 days ago

    I always appreciate pure chaos

  • David Kemp
    David Kemp 28 days ago


  • Jeff Brady
    Jeff Brady 28 days ago +1

    Mike for the most diplomatic food judge ever. I wanted to see someone channel a little Gordon Ramsay (Hell's Kitchen version), because those two dishes didn't seem up to usual Sorted standards.
    Funny video, great way to showcase food combos, and I learned a lot. Thanks!

  • ProxUrAimz
    ProxUrAimz 28 days ago

    Well this episode certainly was... interesting

  • ProxUrAimz
    ProxUrAimz 28 days ago

    9:39 human speech at it's finest

  • pan_wong
    pan_wong 28 days ago

    Please bring back Pass It On!!!!

  • Nhla Adel
    Nhla Adel 28 days ago

    Am I the only one who was surprised by the fact that Ben's full name is ibens or ebans !?

    • Lady Berd
      Lady Berd 28 days ago +2

      HIs name is Ben Ebbrell. They call him Ebbers, like how they call Barry Baz sometimes

  • Andrea Tribo
    Andrea Tribo 28 days ago +1

    You should do a versus where they have to come up with a plan ahead of time - then swap their dishes. (ie- Ben makes the cookies and Jamie has to make granola)

  • Lady Berd
    Lady Berd 28 days ago +1

    The James Barry combo suddenly reminded me of the profiterole episode where Jamie and Mike were wearing the electric shockers and James and Barry were shocking them. Reinforces that frankly, James and Barry together create some magical chemistry. Barry's chaotic nature brings out James' shadiness and sassiness like no other. #jarry

    • /
      / 22 days ago

      Nice observation. Yes, Barry draws James out

  • HeavensDeclarePs19
    HeavensDeclarePs19 29 days ago

    There was an amazing level of panic working on both sides for that whole video. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Manuel Ochoa
    Manuel Ochoa 29 days ago

    What an interesting challenge video

  • Mike Kingston
    Mike Kingston 29 days ago

    Can you do a 3 min vs 1hr vs 3hr burger video pleaaaaaaaase. Love the channel guys keep up the good work 💜

  • Renee Arreola
    Renee Arreola 29 days ago

    Best ever! 😂😂😂 this brought me such joy!

  • FreelySnowflake
    FreelySnowflake 29 days ago

    this video made my day, haven't laughed in days but couldn't stop as you cracked up

  • muhammad adam
    muhammad adam 29 days ago

    You know,barry comment at 2:27 tick me off slightly...cause it remind me of my lil sister ,who always try to shifting the blame to me when we were kids
    BARRY!!!!!You chose to make the cookies ,there is nothing wrong with cookie,its just that YOU...are the one who makes it,yet you try to say cookie is not the thing,and trying to say other people are the one who are not doing their job making the dishes for complementing the coookie!!!
    Own your mistake mate!!
    Btw,im not saying barry is a bad or shitty guy,its just that few of your comment remind me of my sister ,who are extremly shifty...

  • 5hinyHunt3r78 WoAiGezi

    Was it planned that Jamie wore the same shirt as the one he wore in the corresponding food pairing video?

  • Marcolo DelMare
    Marcolo DelMare 29 days ago

    Most Benuendos are other people projecting their dirty minds on his innocent words. Sorted!

  • s k
    s k 29 days ago

    Is mike transgender?

  • chimairaxpsycho
    chimairaxpsycho 29 days ago

    So how about 1 chef has to use hand signals like charades to one of the normals and makes a dish, the other chef and normal does the same and the last normal judges the two dishes to see which one is better, can also do it with the roles reversed

  • Kyle Goddard
    Kyle Goddard 29 days ago

    finished my beer this episode.. now I'm hungry

  • Anna J
    Anna J 29 days ago

    I took shots of water for the drinking game and I'm the most hydrated I've been in a while.

  • TheBeccabus
    TheBeccabus Month ago

    Beautiful! I love that neither knew what it would be until it was finished...

  • Catherine Hawkwind
    Catherine Hawkwind Month ago +1

    I absolutely love James’ sass in this. 😍

  • Kassi Bromley
    Kassi Bromley Month ago

    Could you guys do a video on what you ate/made in college . Like cheap meals that aren’t too complicated? :)

  • bcumike
    bcumike Month ago

    No winner, -1 point for not using food

  • Yvon V.L
    Yvon V.L Month ago

    Please do a ultimate battle again with the normals!

  • bs4e
    bs4e Month ago

    This episode is wild lmao

  • SafaiaRukina
    SafaiaRukina Month ago

    Crazy idea : please make a fine and fancy dish/meal with bay foods. PLEASE