White woman tells adopted Hispanic daughter to only speak English l What Would You Do


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  • TSM Daequan
    TSM Daequan 19 minutes ago

    *This Is America Don’t catch you slipping up*

  • Xhoi Bare
    Xhoi Bare 37 minutes ago

    "Mommy its gonna wash your hands"

  • janu0063
    janu0063 54 minutes ago

    amrican are shitws man

  • Alani
    Alani Hour ago

    Pause, a lawyer said that? Last time I checked they defend people but that's their job, but I speak a bit of Korean, Japanese, and English. America is a free place not "one applies to all" of people can't respect others who speak different launages, I'm sorry but our founding fathers WHERE NOT UP TO THAT WHEN AMERICA WAS FIRST BEING MADE!!

  • Destiney Bowman
    Destiney Bowman Hour ago

    I can never watch these, i ALWAYS cry when they have children bc i could never sit & let a child be taken advantage of. id be just like the other lady “maybe you should learn spanish” 😂😂

  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray Hour ago

    “How do you say Quesadilla in English?”....Except the girl’s English is perfect otherwise and she has zero accent...bit of a giveaway, WWYD.

  • Farzana Chowdhury

    Bro this made me so mad, it’s the native Indians land so bro shut up 🙄

  • Amanda C
    Amanda C 2 hours ago

    That last woman was on fire!! Love her!

  • Buggar
    Buggar 3 hours ago

    Hispanics should speak English in America. What's the problem?

  • Cute cat Maham
    Cute cat Maham 4 hours ago +1

    Soo sweet

  • Cute cat Maham
    Cute cat Maham 4 hours ago

    I'm not sure 🤔 if this is my first time watching u but I LOVE ❤️ you guys now that person 👩‍💻 was like this reminds me of what would you do you were right how could she see the people

  • Nehama W
    Nehama W 4 hours ago

    aww when she says to the 1st one 'I'm sorry' that was so cute.

  • Flaming Music
    Flaming Music 4 hours ago

    Were are my Latinos at!!

  • kiwi Quinn
    kiwi Quinn 5 hours ago

    Greeks +1🇬🇷

  • sangarp2001
    sangarp2001 6 hours ago

    if you wanna look like an American, you must tattoo your cheeks.

  • Roger Mckenzie
    Roger Mckenzie 6 hours ago

    Childish gambino-"This is america"

  • MegdadProdHD
    MegdadProdHD 6 hours ago

    3:19 American isnt a language English is a language so get your facts right.

  • MME Mashups
    MME Mashups 7 hours ago

    What’s so funny is that when Americans visit Mexico or other Spanish speaking country... they want to speak ENGLISH... they think everyone is gonna understand them but they actually don’t. They should atleast be glad there are English speakers in Mexico that serve them in restaurants. So why is it a big deal if someone suddenly starts speaking Spanish in America? We all know Americans won’t make the effort to speak Spanish when they visit a Spanish speaking country. all they know is “Hola” and other few words... which is sad... smh

  • noopur saxena
    noopur saxena 8 hours ago

    In India we have more than22 official languages and nearly 50 unofficial languages and still no o e find it awkward

  • Carmin Haros
    Carmin Haros 9 hours ago

    I'm half Mexican (cause my mom is) but i totally disagree with the las couple when the girl said "here in America we have different cultures and languages, if you don't like it go somewhere else" i put my self in all American people who dont like that and just think "so i have to leave MY own country? why don't they go to there own country?"and i totally understand the point of Donald Trump

    • J. Schweissguth
      J. Schweissguth 4 hours ago

      You're stupid. That doesn't make any sense, you're brainless chick with no integrity!

  • ZhangtheGreat
    ZhangtheGreat 10 hours ago

    Believe it or not, most adoptive parents in the US are not like this at all. In fact, most American adoptive parents go out of their way to not only help the child preserve his/her culture, but learn the culture themselves.

  • nlietzan
    nlietzan 10 hours ago

    If it's her adopted daughter, if she wants her speaking English, who fu king cares? The help part was funny

  • lil tere
    lil tere 10 hours ago

    Speak American
    Speak Mexican
    Speak Canadian

  • isa
    isa 10 hours ago

    my name is isabella : )

  • anrexfk
    anrexfk 10 hours ago

    wait wait ... they demand what language people have to speak? well guess what ... me as a european knows that the US has no official language ...

  • Ndapndula Petrus
    Ndapndula Petrus 11 hours ago

    I will slap the life out that woman

  • Esmeralda Sandoval be sipping tea

    I’m Hispanic and black, but I can’t see my self as a white person bruuh idk lmao

  • Vietnam Ball Animation
    Vietnam Ball Animation 11 hours ago

    Only Spanish word i know is Si

  • Ronel Augustin
    Ronel Augustin 11 hours ago

    As a matter of fact every thing in life beggins by respecting others peoples cultural background just because that matter is part of a cultural affair
    it is the same when someone from UK goes to the US and for most of the " US Northamerican Natives" British English sounds Weird and the attitude seems not to understand the same Language, and they play the not understanding.
    Unfortunately US gets all the wealth precicely from immigrants, so the case is clear the non acceptance of these facts show how endangered they feel about the fact that a minority group are free to express in another Language than English which is the case of the fact of the Hispanic culture .
    So where is the fact this is a "Free country".
    In Other places in the US people hire fluent spanish speakers just because they need someone to complete the deal with the client(s) that speaks Spanish.

  • Jangmi Mena
    Jangmi Mena 11 hours ago

    This reminds me of my spanish native 3 teacher... She always told me "you being latina should be proud! The language is a pure life style that should never be forgotten. It's sad if you were to forget where you came from"... And i wish to share where i came from and not be afraid.

  • Mallow_Marrshie Too
    Mallow_Marrshie Too 11 hours ago

    I hate it when people says This Like There isnt a Law That You SHOULD Speak English Once you go To America!
    Like Excuse me I can speak my native language if i want to

    This happened to me and my Cousins Before in (not telling which country)
    They Say We should Speak in *enter a Langauge* if we are in their country
    my cousin responded
    "Sure Sure, Putang Ina Mo Gago Ka"


  • Mayra Malpica
    Mayra Malpica 12 hours ago

    I would be pissed, Spanish is a beautiful language and to tell a Latino/a not to speak their language is down right insulting, and if I adopted a little girl who only spoke Spanish I’d make sure she’d never forget her roots. To be proud of it and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

  • Sullie 415
    Sullie 415 12 hours ago

    That Latina woman was a lame P.R.

  • SilkCity
    SilkCity 12 hours ago

    0:26 holy shit i thought this was theo james (it's not)

  • Ashley Styles
    Ashley Styles 12 hours ago

    Bro that Latina disappointed me, even the dude who wasn’t even Latino stood up for the little girl like wtf. How tf are you gonna agree with a woman that is telling a Hispanic girl that it’s okay to forget about your culture and where you’re from. That’s just messed up. Que te pasa mujer? Cómo vas a dicer que se olvide todo de su cultura hispana??

  • Yun Er Low
    Yun Er Low 12 hours ago

    Just go to Singapore :D

  • Herro
    Herro 12 hours ago

    This gives me faith in humanity

  • The Life Of J
    The Life Of J 13 hours ago

    Why do americans get mad over someone not speaking English? It's like going to another country, they wouldn't understand their language so why should they be mad when they have the same problem

  • norah m
    norah m 14 hours ago

    doesn't the u.s not even have an official language

  • Peach-ish
    Peach-ish 14 hours ago

    “Speak American”

  • Michael Tong
    Michael Tong 14 hours ago

    First Languages ALWAYS YOUR OWN Country Etc then Engiish there NOTHING WRONG speaking there OWN languages Free Country.


    i hope the people who are giving reactions are not actors !

  • Kae The UNICORN
    Kae The UNICORN 15 hours ago

    It's really heartbreaking to me because I'm Latino and I live in the USA...😢

  • JackieDJ
    JackieDJ 15 hours ago


  • E P
    E P 15 hours ago

    Oh, that is hypothetical.

  • Melody Knepp
    Melody Knepp 15 hours ago

    I cant believe she say that to her child

  • Wifey Ally
    Wifey Ally 15 hours ago

    I love this show, touches on different subjects

  • Joselyn Alcaraz
    Joselyn Alcaraz 16 hours ago

    As a Latina I would not have. I would have tell her someing.

  • Anastasia The Hamster
    Anastasia The Hamster 16 hours ago

    They should though because how will English workers and that meant to understand?

  • Yomayra Rivera
    Yomayra Rivera 16 hours ago

    Some people don't understand English and some don't understand Spanish and some don't know other languages... There's so many languages besides ENGLISH AND SPANISH... I don't understand other languages and I'm not complaining.. But I guess it's only about the Spanish speaking only... I guess?🙅😒😏

  • Gaile Anasco
    Gaile Anasco 16 hours ago

    We’re filipinos from Philippines we just moved here last 5 months ago in America and we’re not good at english and we are new here some people laugh at our accent sometimes and when my little sister try to speak tagalog(our language)when we go to restaurant or mall,we tried to be more proud of our language but dad always shouted to her and sometimes to us that we need to speak english because we’re on America,i feel really sad,but i feel happy that someone stand up for that little girl❤️

  • Giovanni Lozano
    Giovanni Lozano 16 hours ago

    This should go to donald trump

  • WhyAmIHere
    WhyAmIHere 17 hours ago +1

    Even thought *this* is not okay in any way, sometimes it makes people uncomfortable when they’re talking to an employee and the employee is talking to another staff member under his breath. Like when my family went to Malaysia we were buying something at a market stall and in Malay, he said “Charge the tourists extra”. They didn’t know my mom spoke Malay but lucky she did or else we would have payed more.
    The point of the story is, embrace your culture but don’t talk under your breath to someone else while you’re talking to a customer.

  • Jayelee Wood
    Jayelee Wood 17 hours ago

    *stares in american*

  • Emmy Weimer
    Emmy Weimer 17 hours ago

    We used to be a melting pot. Now we’re strictly you’re only allowed here if you were born here 😞

  • Maria Ysart
    Maria Ysart 17 hours ago +1

    ok in response to the comments saying "you can't expect everyone in America to start speaking your language", that's not the point. of course, if you move to any country with a different language than the one/s you know, you should try and learn it, basically to make your life easier, but that shouldn't stop you from speaking your mother tongue to someone who understands it if you can communicate better through it.

  • Piderman Rodriguez
    Piderman Rodriguez 17 hours ago

    Its messed up that people do this I am Hispanic/Latina,America is a free country to speak what ever language is best for that person

  • Maria Ysart
    Maria Ysart 17 hours ago

    it's so stupid. america is the only country that is entitled enough to tell immigrants to "speak English in my country" and then teaches Spanish, French or whatever language at school. Go to any other country and no one will shame you for being bilingual or speaking another language. hell, they'll praise you for it.

  • LemonCloud
    LemonCloud 17 hours ago

    " But , this is america..."

  • John Antipuna
    John Antipuna 17 hours ago

    I wish I could speak Spanish besides american

  • Arianna Rudd
    Arianna Rudd 17 hours ago

    Wtfff i always tell my mom to stop speaking Spanish didn’t know it was a big deal

  • Laura Sophia
    Laura Sophia 18 hours ago +1


  • Lars Coolboy20
    Lars Coolboy20 18 hours ago

    I just accidentaly poured water into my nose XD

  • SketchyCat
    SketchyCat 18 hours ago

    I think they should really speak English, but I wouldn't get that angry, just a bit upset. Also, this is super one sided, and don't criticize parents for little things like this. I would say the same thing if I was the mom.

    ALPHA BRAVO 18 hours ago

    if your hispanic you need to speak english.you live in america and you need to be proud to live in america #build the wall🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Ethel Ethel
    Ethel Ethel 19 hours ago

    “ I want you to speak American”

  • Katerina G
    Katerina G 19 hours ago

    Lol @ the mother (actress). Looks fake . How do you look American?

  • Ed Dawg
    Ed Dawg 19 hours ago

    This was before kkk trump bitch he’s got people going pollo loco

  • Tomboy Tamara
    Tomboy Tamara 20 hours ago

    I would walk up to that lady and say "OK listen here miss, you can not tell this child to forget her own life and make a new one, thats not right, so please let her be who she wants to be and stop being racist"

  • jorge lugo
    jorge lugo 20 hours ago

    That woman is not Spanish.Iam from Spain.She is a Latina.

  • teabags2day
    teabags2day 21 hour ago

    This nigga really likes the reveal huh lol

  • adecarteret
    adecarteret 21 hour ago

    I understand the majority is English speakers, but there isn’t a official language in America.

  • Shalyn Weir
    Shalyn Weir 21 hour ago

    Rlly I have cousin who speaks spanish and it just depressed me

  • Alicia peraki
    Alicia peraki 22 hours ago

    6:32 I'm Greek too,hehe 😄

  • Always Awkward
    Always Awkward 22 hours ago

    I want you to speak American

  • Svetlana Volkova
    Svetlana Volkova 22 hours ago

    If you’re in the U.S you should able to speak English...

  • Mudasir Hotak
    Mudasir Hotak 22 hours ago

    So cute little girl

  • Mason Smith
    Mason Smith 22 hours ago

    7:39 dont got you slippin no

  • Shiboline M'Ress
    Shiboline M'Ress 22 hours ago

    Maybe this mother should learn some Spanish to help ease her new daughter into life in America, instead of placing the burden of responsibility for language learning all on the child. I'm also surprised that she doesn't seem to consider the many advantages that being bilingual and bicultural will bring her child in the long run. No one has to suppress their culture or language of birth in order to be "more American" (whatever that means).

  • First name Surname
    First name Surname 22 hours ago

    Didn't bother to watch the video.
    Any person who has American citizenship should know English, just like any other country's language where one has citizenship.

  • jennifer tall
    jennifer tall 22 hours ago

    The American migrant stole a land and want impose their language at all the population

  • Stephanie Vitucci
    Stephanie Vitucci 23 hours ago

    That last lady was bad as fuck major crush 😍😍😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • George Spann
    George Spann 23 hours ago +1

    3:23 “ I want you to speak American” lol

  • Courtney Nia Grant
    Courtney Nia Grant 23 hours ago

    She said I'm sorry

  • Christopher
    Christopher 23 hours ago

    I love this put the shoe on the other foot and it would be down right sad.

  • Valentina Balbuena
    Valentina Balbuena 23 hours ago

    My family moved from Spain to the UK 5 years ago and this one time, my sister and I were on the bus going home from school and the man sitting in front of us said "We're in England so speak English"
    We ignored him and continued our conversation in Spanish anyway but it was a pretty immature thing to say :/

  • Isabel Fackrell
    Isabel Fackrell Day ago

    My first language is English, but I’m also part Mexican and I try to learn Spanish. Once me and my friend were practicing our Spanish, and a guy came up to us and said “This is America, speak English!” And in my head I’m thinking “Yes I should speak English, it’s not like this is America where I have freedom of speech and America has 100’s of cultures.” 😒😒😒

  • Rowan Stiles
    Rowan Stiles Day ago

    Right now I only speak English but I will learn Chinese

  • Masewero
    Masewero Day ago

    “I want you to speak American!”

  • Nina Cava
    Nina Cava Day ago

    “I want you to speak AMERICAN!”

  • melissa Dancey
    melissa Dancey Day ago

    as good as these are none of them address bisexuality

  • gññ
    gññ Day ago

    xd I have not seen something like that in my fkn life. Lets be real the ignorance of the United States is legendary.

  • Lesley Gardner
    Lesley Gardner Day ago

    Aw the first video of the woman saying “I speak english but not good”I felt so bad for her.Leave them alone..

  • Who needs names anyways?

    I live near Mexico and living around Hispanics is normal to me so this is an interesting topic 👀

  • Jackthekilla 3D
    Jackthekilla 3D Day ago

    English mothafucka do u speak English!!

  • kookie moster
    kookie moster Day ago

    "Oh my God no-"
    " *yES* "

  • Kawaii Arts
    Kawaii Arts Day ago

    *”SpEaK aMeRiCAn”*

  • XxItz_MexX LOL
    XxItz_MexX LOL Day ago

    “I want you to speak American “
    *_Speak American?_*

  • Chetan Upadhyay
    Chetan Upadhyay Day ago

    The good thing about Russian gangsters of Seattle is that they don't give a fuck to English and keep talking in Russian no matter you get it or not.Soon polish will be the official language of The UK .

  • Duck Sauce
    Duck Sauce Day ago

    3:19 I want you to speak American