White woman tells adopted Hispanic daughter to only speak English l What Would You Do

  • Published on Jun 23, 2018
  • What would you do if you saw a white English-speaking woman demand that her adopted Hispanic child only speak English and order a hamburger instead of arroz con pollo. How will bystanders react?
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  • Todoroki Icyhot
    Todoroki Icyhot Hour ago

    im part farsi and part english and thats something that shouldn’t be done or said i love my language farsi and nobody is gonna take that away from me

  • Trinity Carter
    Trinity Carter Hour ago

    it’s always this lady they use to be the mean one

  • Remar
    Remar 4 hours ago

    How do these people not realise it’s what would you do if they recognize the show. The actors are all the same.

  • TiBun
    TiBun 21 hour ago

    America has no official language, and the two most popular languages spoken in America? English and Spanish. Those who can speak both have an amazing advantage. In fact, the more languages you are fluent in, the better. I'm jealous of bilingual/multilingual people. I try to learn a second language but it's very difficult for me. I wish I had the opportunity to learn when I was very young like today's children get the chance to.

  • Gacha Unicorn
    Gacha Unicorn Day ago


  • Iconic
    Iconic Day ago

    I agree they should learn English because the most of America speaks English, but if they want to speak a different language who can stop them? Literally, why is it such a big deal?

  • Kimberly Jimenez

    Lady- ` ` This is reminding me of ' What would you do? ` `

  • chicken
    chicken Day ago

    i mean i speak both, this is stupid

  • Omar Zuniga
    Omar Zuniga Day ago

    Puerto Ricans always side with english speaking instead of Spanish

  • FBI
    FBI Day ago +2

    When the mom said *I want you to speak American* my heart broke a little

  • Kisaria Taylor
    Kisaria Taylor 2 days ago

    My last job fired someone for complaining about a few coworkers who didnt know English. 😋

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 2 days ago

    Ya know what.... I congratulate those kids for knowing 2 languages..... I’m trying to learn Spanish and French because 1. People always mistaken me for Mexican and talk to me in Spanish and 2. Because I want to live in Paris when I’m older with my mom. So yeah just be ur self....... 😊

  • fuck trump
    fuck trump 2 days ago

    I'm Puerto Rican but I can't relate as well my mom loves it when I speak Spanish!

  • Sabrhea Lakibul
    Sabrhea Lakibul 2 days ago

    Hola a todos😄

  • Miguel Corcoles
    Miguel Corcoles 2 days ago

    This is America it's a free country we could speak whatever language we want to speak!!!

  • aashiq shija
    aashiq shija 2 days ago

    Diana is so pretty

  • Lauren Guerrero
    Lauren Guerrero 2 days ago


  • Doe McGrath
    Doe McGrath 2 days ago

    Every effort should made to honor the country you live in. However it is wrong to stamp out of existence the culture where you are from. Remember the Melting Pot. Do you think that was easy for any of those immigrants? If we wanna take credit for being the Melting Pot then we better be more tolerant.

  • Angel of Darkness
    Angel of Darkness 2 days ago

    Ok. I want to speak Spanish. I can't though. MY SPANISH CLASS TEACHES ME NOTHING!! These are the words I understand in Spanish. Rojo, verde, si, blanco, cafe, rosado. Si means yes. Rojo means red. Verde means green. Blanco is black. Rosado is pink. Cafe is brown

  • Fiorella Marinos
    Fiorella Marinos 3 days ago

    Bitch please this was our land first 🙄

  • Nicolas Puleo
    Nicolas Puleo 3 days ago +1

    3:20 “I want you to speak AmeRiCaN”

  • Stacey Villarreal
    Stacey Villarreal 3 days ago

    " I want you to speak American" I hate that shit American is not a language English it's not the same thing
    No hate intended lol

  • Peter Blake
    Peter Blake 3 days ago

    If I was there, I would ask her to teach me how to speak Spanish!!!!😎

  • World Review
    World Review 3 days ago

    More than 22 percent of the U.S. population speaks something other than English as their primary language. Thus us dividing us. Tensions are high. Diversity is causing major riffs in our society. It is not our strength.

  • Smol_Cookie Dwarf
    Smol_Cookie Dwarf 3 days ago +1

    WaRarA dID i JuSt sAy tO YoU?

  • Πηνελόπη
    Πηνελόπη 3 days ago

    If we all spoke the same language it wouldn't be interesting. We should feel proud for our cultures and where we come from

  • Valery TV
    Valery TV 3 days ago


  • Rebecca Evangelean
    Rebecca Evangelean 3 days ago

    The boyfriends face when she said my kids will speak Greek... 😑 say whatttt who said I'm giving you my kids 😂

  • Izzy Plays
    Izzy Plays 3 days ago

    My names isabella too😃

  • H Hedgecock
    H Hedgecock 3 days ago +1

    That's really racist!! I'm white and from Texas and I think all people should be equal. We are all part of the homo saipen species. We're made from star stuff - Carl Sagan. I think spanish is a beautiful language. I actually trying to learn a little japanese. I also despise Trump. Bernie would have been a better president. I'm only 14.

  • Kat
    Kat 3 days ago +1

    That Greek woman is so beautiful.

  • Sofie Miera
    Sofie Miera 3 days ago +1

    *EnGlIsH iS mY cUlTuRe*

  • CuteAly 101 ‘3’
    CuteAly 101 ‘3’ 4 days ago

    “speak american”

    • José Camacho
      José Camacho 4 days ago

      "Speak American", "You're in America" haha, I know, right. That's a wrong term, because "America" is the whole continent, not only the US haha. People are wrong.

  • A.J musics
    A.J musics 4 days ago

    I speak English, Spanish and Japanese, but i'm Brazilian and Live Brazil, but I like, and I talk Spanish and English in my country.

    MAY MAGDY 4 days ago

    Can you belive the first lady said this reminds me of wwyd

  • Hoodie Stay On
    Hoodie Stay On 4 days ago

    Can you do more funny video what would you do on your video 😉

  • Gabriel Medina
    Gabriel Medina 4 days ago +1

    I will call them fat trump supporters

  • Jessie Hernandez
    Jessie Hernandez 4 days ago

    Isabella is so CUTE!!!!!

  • Midnight Turbo Foxy
    Midnight Turbo Foxy 4 days ago

    i only speak english chinese thai and fujianese seriously not all i could understand lol

  • What really grinds my gears

    English isnt the national lsnguage though...

  • Natorie 102
    Natorie 102 5 days ago


    Sorry I'm trying to learn how to speak American

  • Goom Gu
    Goom Gu 5 days ago

    Mommy gonna go to wash your hands

    AIRLIG 5 days ago

    but my real dad want me to speak English too ....

  • Olivia Logeswaran
    Olivia Logeswaran 5 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’m John Quiñoutas
    And this is what would you do

  • M Sagri
    M Sagri 5 days ago +1

    Btw just for those racists out there, Spanish is a white person language.

  • M Sagri
    M Sagri 5 days ago +1

    0:50 I’m Pakistani but I am pretty sure arroz con leche is rice and milk, so what the fuck?

  • Sekruno /:
    Sekruno /: 5 days ago

    2:55Omg she is actually the most chilliest person I ever seen!!!

  • Sophia Selena Stevison

    I speak Spanish too

  • really?
    really? 6 days ago

    3:20 I want you to speak "freedom" honey!

    • dusafiii lol
      dusafiii lol 5 days ago

      I'm looking at your name and pfp and this comment and it makes me cackle-

  • hamster 4lifu
    hamster 4lifu 6 days ago


  • Audrey Damier
    Audrey Damier 6 days ago

    It's funny because there is no official language in America but yet people still bash you for not doing so

  • Jonathan Soko
    Jonathan Soko 6 days ago

    cmon guys, this is not a realistic situation you have set up.

  • Marina Miranda
    Marina Miranda 6 days ago

    0:38 lies. He ain't sry. He was just embarrassed.

  • Marina Miranda
    Marina Miranda 6 days ago


  • Rasheeda Exx
    Rasheeda Exx 6 days ago

    This shows you need to speak up for anybody and everybody

  • Adri Mel
    Adri Mel 6 days ago

    Fyi, English is not an American language, no language is 🙄

  • Adri Mel
    Adri Mel 6 days ago

    If I ever saw that, eff the tv show, I would fuck someone up!
    As someone who got put into the system away from my culture, I experienced this myself.
    This and the one of people saying I shouldn’t send money to my family in West Africa because it’s taking away from America

  • Caitydid Vlogs
    Caitydid Vlogs 6 days ago +2

    Whenever ppl say no offense, it’s always offensive lmao😂

  • TheUltimate KillSwitch
    TheUltimate KillSwitch 7 days ago +1

    Why do people in America call English “American” I’m Canadian and we don’t call French and English “Canadian”

  • Samantha Rinker
    Samantha Rinker 7 days ago

    In the same vein as this would be not letting a Deaf kid learn sign language cuz the parent wants them to seem normal

  • swift-swift- roxyishere

    The thing is, bilingual people (like me, I can speak Spanish and English) they get paid more, soooo ;w;

  • Chlomau
    Chlomau 7 days ago

    I'm Hispanic and i dealt with something like this

  • D wonder
    D wonder 7 days ago

    All languages are unique in their own way I don't know Americans like to criticize Spanish people it even happened in my school!!

  • жαтιε геγεδ βανγ Gїгl

    i speak Spanish I am learning but I know something I am not from usa


    I speak this two languages perfectly!! But Im dominican!

  • You decide what my name is

    "And just forget about where she came from?" *nods*

  • You decide what my name is

    "We're in America speak english." English didn't originate from America so....

  • Toxic Kid
    Toxic Kid 7 days ago

    I speak Spanish even though it’s fake I got offended

  • Leeanna Dennison
    Leeanna Dennison 8 days ago

    You don’t speak American you speak English

  • Hodan Matan
    Hodan Matan 8 days ago


    apparently that’s a language

  • Haseeb Quraish
    Haseeb Quraish 8 days ago

    That Way Italian don't like American 🤣🤣

  • Mr7omah4wk
    Mr7omah4wk 8 days ago

    That waitress though!!!

  • tom felix
    tom felix 8 days ago

    Yo también ablo español, I like

  • RoDuckyYT
    RoDuckyYT 8 days ago +1

    Its kind of like schools for us autistic people. They say that we have to try and be “normal” to fit in but being “normal” means not being ourselves.

  • It’s Star
    It’s Star 8 days ago

    I would adopt her because she could be are fourth sister and we speak Spanish and one does not speak Spanish and she could teach us because I don’t speak so much Spanish hello to hola

    JANN GABRIEL 8 days ago

    Just tell them in english pls

  • Siddhant Ketkar
    Siddhant Ketkar 8 days ago

    To all the people taking the girls side.
    This is AMERICA we speak ENGLISH here

  • XGrumpyPotatoX
    XGrumpyPotatoX 8 days ago +2

    Isn't it funny when the host tells the people they're on WWYD that the children run away?

  • Megg Aumiller
    Megg Aumiller 8 days ago


  • april delgado- limelight for life

    If that was my adopted child I would speak Spanish to her all the time because I'm also Hispanic

  • Veronica JD Heather and heather and heather

    Look they say you should act like an American and be like everyone else but not everyone is the same lady

  • Stephen Lipginski II

    They should be speaking english

  • Skylar Mays World
    Skylar Mays World 9 days ago

    Ok the last woman was DRAGGING HER yes sister slayy

  • winona sanders
    winona sanders 9 days ago

    speak american! learn how to speak with grammar! boom roasted :)

  • Notar
    Notar 9 days ago

    Lol the teacher was my science teacher 3 years ago at 3:15

  • Hannah Wilson
    Hannah Wilson 9 days ago

    0:53 her face has me cracking tf up

  • John Asiedu Jnr
    John Asiedu Jnr 9 days ago

    7:39 This is America

  • Dariana Contreras
    Dariana Contreras 9 days ago

    Oh I feel so bad for any people that get bulllied from that and I’m a Hispanic and my parents are from Spain 🥳

  • you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shi

    I would be fine with this to make her learn. Even if it’s not good she should still try but you shouldn’t be a dick about it

  • Reina Assassin
    Reina Assassin 9 days ago +1

    I can speak Latvian,English,American,Russian and a little france

    • Bel Le
      Bel Le 8 days ago

      Lenka?is that you?

  • GtheDev ASMR
    GtheDev ASMR 9 days ago

    The US doesn't even have an official language. Shows how uneducated some people are in their ignorance.

  • Luna Chen
    Luna Chen 9 days ago +3

    I speak another language and nobody makes fun of me!

  • Your Mom Gay
    Your Mom Gay 9 days ago +1


  • valerie plays roblox


  • Kay Styles
    Kay Styles 9 days ago +2

    lmao you want people to speak English in America, the country founded by immigrants from all over Europe who spoke all kinds of languages

  • Jennie Alvidrez
    Jennie Alvidrez 9 days ago

    I’m Mexican and never learned Spanish and I’ve never had a problem with anyone speaking a different language. I just don’t like when other Mexicans tell me “oh your Mexican and you don’t speak Spanish”. It irritates me.

  • Mercedes Rivas
    Mercedes Rivas 9 days ago

    If someone told me that
    I would have bought out *mi sanalia*😑😑😑😑😑🙂I speak a little spqnish,but its still insulting

  • elena efremova
    elena efremova 9 days ago

    Everyone is actors

  • Liv ley
    Liv ley 10 days ago +1

    Im mex so dont judge a person for just their culture people call me no ur white but when i say im Mexican. People say no ur not

  • Dogoof
    Dogoof 10 days ago


    She's saying "How about rice with milk?"