Dress Code Violations, In British Schools Versus American Schools!

  • Published on Nov 28, 2021
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  • Lilkitty_Gacha
    Lilkitty_Gacha Month ago +6535

    Teachers be like: Oh ma gahd, Lucy is showing her shoulders 😩 the boys can’t control themselves 😣😣😖
    The boys: 😑

    • meach da peach
      meach da peach 22 days ago

      @CJ Playz IKR

    • Princess Eirudy
      Princess Eirudy 29 days ago +1

      @UnderTale 770 Exactly

    • UnderTale 770
      UnderTale 770 29 days ago +1

      @Princess Eirudy yeah. And if the teachers are ped0s then why punish the girls for it? They don’t even fire the teachers

    • Princess Eirudy
      Princess Eirudy 29 days ago

      @UnderTale 770 Exactly, like I didn't know all the teachers are pedos lmao

    • Ella Hoenle
      Ella Hoenle 29 days ago

      Dude it’s so true

  • Wizard And Demigod
    Wizard And Demigod Month ago +1394

    American school:
    Guy: is shirtless and is perfectly fine
    Girl: lifts up arms and shows .00009 percent of stomach and gets sent to the office for distracting the guys

    • Taylor’s wonderful World
      Taylor’s wonderful World Month ago +1

      That’s true

    • stupid_bish
      stupid_bish Month ago +5

      This literally happened to me. I put my backpack on and it lifted my shirt up so that you could see like an inch of my stomach... The campus supervisor saw this and told me to come with him to the office. I fixed my shirt and it covered my stomach completely and apologized to the guy. He then proceeded to tell me that I still had to go the the office or else I would get a detention. I wasn't about to give up my lunch so I went with him but I was soooo pissed.

      Moral of the story, 50 year old men should not be regulating school dress codes

    • lothen234 akaBella
      lothen234 akaBella Month ago +2

      FOR REAL!!!

    • 👑ᴀ ɢᴇᴍɪɴɪ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɪs ᴀ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ sᴍᴘ ғᴀɴ👑
      👑ᴀ ɢᴇᴍɪɴɪ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɪs ᴀ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ sᴍᴘ ғᴀɴ👑 Month ago +5

      One of my teachers just came up to me because I was raising my hand for a question and forgot that I had a crop top on. Keep in mind I'm bisexual and I am mostly into women so when my teacher came and said I was distracting the guys, I almost laughed when she told me that. I am happy I held in that laugh. My bff came and just started to laugh at me, like my bff does.

    • David N.
      David N. Month ago +1

      My high school from southern California had a lax dress code that was never enforced. You would see a lot of short shorts and bra straps during the summer. I got super horny and distracted during those hot days, but somehow, I manage to get good grades and was one of the top students in my classes.

  • Molly-Claire Pelley
    Molly-Claire Pelley Month ago +1428

    I live in Canada and legit the only dress code is “If you’d wear it to the beach to go swimming, keep it for the beach.”

    • Anna Kalonji
      Anna Kalonji 23 days ago


    • 🐸CloverGacha🐸
      🐸CloverGacha🐸 29 days ago

      So if I where a t-shirt and pants to the beach then I can’t where it too school.

    • CraftyAlli
      CraftyAlli Month ago


    • beetle kid
      beetle kid Month ago

      same, i live in america though

    • David N.
      David N. Month ago +1

      I’m from South California, and the dress code is no dress code.

  • asha
    asha Month ago +804

    i was fully ready for him to say america isn’t as strict with dress codes but i’ve never seen anything more accurate

    • 『Cloudi Angel_tt』
      『Cloudi Angel_tt』 Month ago

      @Serena browne same ,I'm from Trinidad as well and we have uniforms

    • LilyAnne Guerena
      LilyAnne Guerena Month ago

      I was told to be more classy

    • Serena browne
      Serena browne Month ago +2

      Im from Trinidad, we were ruled by the british in the past so we took some school stuff from them but some stuff are different, however my school is rly prestigious and stuff, so when my sister was in my school she got in trouble for her socks being below her ankles

  • Weird Person2005
    Weird Person2005 Month ago +506

    This is incredibly wrong, a British teacher wouldn't complain about a tie being 1/8 of an inch too short...

    ... We use the metric system because we're not incompetent.

    • 好きレスンゼルス
      好きレスンゼルス 29 days ago +2

      It's soppused to be dramatic

    • George McGukin
      George McGukin Month ago +1

      We use both, we use imperial still for tailoring. The 42 waistband means 42 inches. So saying it for the tie is correct. When we do construction we use the metric. So for human measurements we use imperial for pretty much everything else we use metric.

    • ItsYaGirlRobin
      ItsYaGirlRobin Month ago +1

      It's called joking

    • Olls84
      Olls84 Month ago +1

      @Communism is Evil I do as well, if I say my height, I'd say 5, 2

    • Communism is Evil
      Communism is Evil Month ago +1

      Wrong most of Britain still uses Imperial. Road signs are in Mph and speed dial measurements. We still use inches and feet to measure height etc…

  • Raven
    Raven Month ago +1145

    In the British one the Teachers tie is shorter then the students. That just makes it even better

    • Areeba Fiaz
      Areeba Fiaz 3 days ago

      We got uniform in Britain and the tie thing is fake coz that shit don’t happen

    • Raven
      Raven 23 days ago

      @Michael Aranda Oh
      I'm so sorry you have to deal with that.

    • Michael Aranda
      Michael Aranda Month ago +2

      Hey, no one will see my thing but you because there are like 1k comments, so i guess im talking to you lol. Im in NJROTC which is a navy program in my highschool. We have to wear a uniform almost everyday to school, we need to shine our shoes, do our hair, and lint roll out uniforms everytime we sit down. We get a almost failing grade if anything is wrong. The knolage sheet is a whole nother thing. Its two pages worth of a boat load of information, anyways, have a good day

    • KattMann
      KattMann Month ago +23

      This is so accurate. My school seems to think that spaghetti straps are distracting, like wtf: yeah teacher I didn't finish my assignment because I was too busy LOOKING AT THAT GIRL'S SHOULDERS 😂

  • flange flapper
    flange flapper Month ago +93

    Speaking as a Brit this is true, when i needed to study for exams (GSCEs) in school, my black school shoes had been stolen from my locker so i had to wear my sports trainers I'd normally have to wear for PE, the school forced me to go home and come back with another pair of shoes when i needed to prepare for exams, my mum wasn't pleased with the school as you can imagine

    • Sofia R.S.S
      Sofia R.S.S Month ago

      Bro my dad would sue

    • Kaylalalalaa
      Kaylalalalaa Month ago +2

      I remember having black shoes that had a tiny buckle on them, which wasn’t allowed because it was a silver, not black.
      Also, once had a reflective patch on some winter boots.. I had to black sharpie over it because it wasn’t allowed.
      It’s like they wanted us to get hit by a car on the way in to school.
      Incase you hadn’t guessed I’m British too 😂

  • kakashilova227
    kakashilova227 Month ago +15

    It’s funny, I live in Canada but I went to a uniformed (French) Catholic school, so I actually related more to the British side of these skits. At my school they would make sure girls skirts were longer than the tips of their fingers, all bits of the uniform needed to be manufactured by the uniform company (McCarthy’s), we weren’t allowed to wear coats or non uniformed sweaters in class (going to school in them was fine though, because Canada) and once a month we could pay $2 to wear our own clothes, but then had to follow dress down dress code lol. Honestly it was a mix of both sides.

  • bemikeyy
    bemikeyy Month ago +15

    Luckily at my school they don’t care what we wear. I’ve overheard teachers talking about it and one of them said “it’s because we want the students to express themselves” so I’m really happy we don’t have dress codes because I like dressing up comfortably

  • Seth Kettel
    Seth Kettel Month ago +32

    You see, the inaccurate part is when the British student DOESNT want to leave school.

  • XxJelly_GalaxyxX
    XxJelly_GalaxyxX Month ago +21

    I love how the British student had a normal sized tie on while the teacher had a shorter tie. Yet he still was sent to the office :’)

  • Eli Mor
    Eli Mor Month ago +21

    I love how he's getting on this kid for his tie being short when his tie is like half the size

    MERQKKI Month ago +37

    british is like
    *walks into class*
    “goodmorning sir”
    teacher: “tuck your shirt in”
    *pretends to do it then sits down*

    • · sunni ·
      · sunni · Month ago +1

      That's also American schools lol

  • No
    No 28 days ago +1

    These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better💕

  • Devilish Daiah
    Devilish Daiah Month ago +2847

    At my old schools they would take the extra mile to measure the girl's skirts to make sure they weren't "too short". So all the girls that were on the thicker side and had longer arms (like me) were dress coded ALL the time, while other girls could wear short shorts and long shirts that made it look like they came to school with no pants on. Hell, even the cheer leading uniforms violated the dress code but they didn't care unless you chose to dress like that.

    Now, my new school doesn't care what you wear unless you went to school in undergarments or nude.

    • Katie Medford
      Katie Medford Month ago +1

      My school sent me home one time because my skirt was half an inch shorter than the dress code mandates. The principal also told me that my ass was hanging out.

    • CoziB
      CoziB Month ago +1

      Ya, I don’t wear skirts (unless we have a game and I’m in uniform) but I noticed this with shirts. Like befor I had boobs I could get away with wearing anything, but now the VP freaks out bc of my straps and shit and like ahhh

    • Grace Dicken
      Grace Dicken Month ago

      Same. They would write down the names of the girls who had to get new ones and give them a time frame they had to get a new one or else they got detention

    • Nick Jonas
      Nick Jonas Month ago


    • TheManWhoKnowsNothing
      TheManWhoKnowsNothing Month ago

      "Unless you went in undergarments or nude"

      Wonder how many times that happened for that to be a rule
      (Or just common sense, idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

  • •PrinceInsecurity•

    Some teachers are so stuck up about it too! I remember one time the air conditioner had been broken and it was so hot in the school I was dying, I had a heavier jacket on so I went out to my locker to switch it for a lighter one. I was wearing a shirt with a cut out on the shoulders. You see where I'm going with this. The supervisor in the hall freaked out and yelled at me about the dress code for a solid 5 minutes until I finally cut in and said I was just changing out jackets. (American school)

  • hauntedHorrorberry
    hauntedHorrorberry Month ago +1

    I liked have uniform in schools, it helped remind me to keep a level of professionalism in certain places. The only thing people did against the dress code was roll their skirts up too much or not tuck their shirts in

  • GamingGoldy 64
    GamingGoldy 64 29 days ago +1

    I used to go to a British school, not even the teachers liked the uniforms. I overheard some teachers talking to a student about barbed wire being in the blazer collars (ik that they didn't mean it literally, but still) and, in an English class about distopia, uniforms were an example, and the teacher said stuff about how uniforms take away the feeling of individuality. Sure, there were teachers that strictly enforced it, but the chill teachers admitted to hating the school system just as much as the students did.

  • Basil In the Forest
    Basil In the Forest 28 days ago +1

    When I was in high school (or college...as the Brits call it) we couldn't have distracting hair color as it promoted gang violence.

    This was enforced my senior year,much after the ban of bandanas.

    I could paint a photo of this time,aka 2007-08. It would take a whole short story.

  • Jo Roberts
    Jo Roberts Month ago +1397

    This is the first one of his videos that I’ve seen where both sides have been accurate. As a a girl going through the American public school system I applaud you

    • The Second Circle
      The Second Circle Month ago +7

      Dude same. I got dress coded for open shoulders while the dude next to me in the mega loose tank top where we can all see his nipples and boobs but no that’s F I N E

    • Charles Saint Pé
      Charles Saint Pé Month ago +4

      @thatgirlwiththegreenjacket those were the rules at my school, but they really didn't seem to bother enforcing them much.

    • Dean haley
      Dean haley Month ago +1

      I'm from illinois, our schools are pretty chill, most of the time we can curse in the hallways, just not in class.

    • felony steve
      felony steve Month ago +18

      @Gamma Phoenix ? that's really random 💀💀

    • thatgirlwiththegreenjacket
      thatgirlwiththegreenjacket Month ago +16

      I went to school in Texas. If you wore a tank top, the straps had to be at least 2” wide. They also made us stand with our arms down at our sides and fingers stretched out. Your shorts or skirt had to go past your fingertips. Unless you were a cheerleader, of course. 😒

  • anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous Month ago +4

    Can't relate to either one of these ones. Went to school in Sweden and here it's really relaxed regarding dress code in school. I am a girl and I always wore short skirts and dresses, crop tops and tank tops when it was warm. No one really cared. We didn't have to address the teachers by any titles or their last names either.

  • Livy Taylor
    Livy Taylor Month ago +6

    In my school, girls roll up their skirts on the outside and the teacher tells them to take a step back to unroll their skirts. I mean, if you gonna do that, at least do it CORRECTLY!🤣

  • X_Lexi Gacha_X
    X_Lexi Gacha_X Month ago +9

    I love how seriously he took “spaghetti” straps

  • True Southern
    True Southern Month ago +1

    The teachers at my school have mostly given up on enforcing dress code. I go to such a large school that teachers are outnumbered enough that they could never truly stop everyone from wearing crop tops or whatever. There would be at least a few hundred kids in the office everyday if it was truly enforced.

  • ᴗ ̇ ̊ ̇eunha stole my heart ̇ ̊ ̇ᴗ

    I’m from Canada and our schools are chill with the dress code. You can wear anything you as long as it doesn’t have discrimination of any sort in the clothing or gang related stuff. Aside from that, you could wear a sports bra to school and everyone would be fine with it. But it’s also freezing most of the time there so-

    • Possibly Kenma
      Possibly Kenma Month ago +1

      I also love in Canada and there was a girl one day who wore a white shirt but you could see threw it not bad if she was wearing a bra but she wasn’t and she didn’t get dress coded

    • Raisin Bran2737
      Raisin Bran2737 Month ago

      I live in Canada and the girls get dress coded if you can see their stomach, backs, shoulders, to high on their thighs even if it’s just I tiny bit

    • JELLY’s Extras
      JELLY’s Extras Month ago

      I’m from Canada but my school dress codes are so dumb- I wore a skirt(bellow the knee) and someone said it was “too short” and I was told to go home and change-

    • Tessa Castillo
      Tessa Castillo Month ago

      im from canada but its the same as american schools

    • BeauNugget
      BeauNugget Month ago

      Bruh lucky I get dress coded for my leggings being too “provocative”

  • Camila Scatone Bedin

    Honestly, if I were to go back to school right now and be told that I can't casually show my shoulders even when it's hot outside, I might just do it anyway to protest. Why are schools so preoccupied with measuring how revealing someone's outfit is.

  • Me
    Me 26 days ago +1

    Wow. The brits really had an impact on aussies 😂 not dissing y’all, love England. Have a few friends who moved from there. Just, wow.

    I WONT HESITATE BITCH Month ago +1

    In my school (in canada) we have uniforms but they decided that some rules of the dress code were shit so the students council changed some. Now nobody mesures the girls skirt, you can choose your uniform from both the girl and boy set regardless of your gender and like a month ago boys finally got the permission to not wear the tie. Thats only some of them but it makes school more enjoyable. Obviously were still trying to change other stuff but thats a good start

  • T-pose Golden
    T-pose Golden Month ago

    As someone who dated a British before, I can confirm this, he always sent me pics of his school dress code

  • A. Rose Cash
    A. Rose Cash Month ago

    My high school legit had a whole ultimatum with the school. We got a free dress code (minus a few things like legit see through stuff, obviously no extreme shirts with slurs and whatnot, etc) but we sacrificed all rights we had to go off campus or outside during our 25 minute lunches

  • Marie Blade
    Marie Blade Month ago

    Lol I thought you were gonna say American schools had it easy lol thank you for pointing out the ridiculous of showing collar bones and how they legit react to it 🤣 smh

  • Dinosaur kid
    Dinosaur kid Month ago +1

    One time I went to school halftime for band class. I was fairly popular and had a good group of friends. I got there a little earlier to see my bf there before class started. I was wearing shorts that were “too short”. All the teachers were staring at me and not a SINGLE student looked at me. I felt rly uncomfy with the adults looking at me. They made me go home even tho I was there for one 50 minute class and it being the last day of school-

  • Emily Kohl
    Emily Kohl Month ago

    ACCURATE!! I went to a charter school for jr. high. We had to wear uniforms of specific colors. For shirts, we could only wear red, navy blue, white, or hunter green. One day, I wore a darker red shirt than I normally wore. I wasn't allowed to wear that shirt ever again. I couldn't wear it to school, and it was a stiff pollo shirt so I wasn't gonna wear it unless I had to. 🙄

  • Zack Leithauser
    Zack Leithauser Month ago +729

    I was expecting to hate this, because I thought you were going to say American school are so easy with dress code. I really appreciate how you critique both.

    • orange poland(jonathan nuño)
      orange poland(jonathan nuño) Month ago +1

      There basically the same XD
      Edit: in my school I could only wear 2 shirts and 1 pant type 🇺🇲🇺🇲

      ._. BruhXD

    • ☁︎ ᴠxɴɪʟʟᴀ ☁︎
      ☁︎ ᴠxɴɪʟʟᴀ ☁︎ Month ago

      @Taylor Jehn wait-


      The only thing you can’t wear is a shirt that shows your belly button. Or a shirt with no sleeves
      you know cuz the shoulders thing.

    • TransboiBatboi
      TransboiBatboi Month ago +3

      Ikr? I got dress coded for having stickers on my face once.

    • The Siren Sorceress
      The Siren Sorceress Month ago +1

      me too

    • MakiFrickenR0llz
      MakiFrickenR0llz Month ago +27

      My friend got dress coded for being able to see her bra color through her shirt. The teacher who dress coded her said it was pink, the bra was black y’all.

  • Hanami63
    Hanami63 Month ago

    The high school I went to (Catholic) had our dress code as it had to be a uniform. They changed the kilt to a skort a year before I went, though you could still wear a kilt for the next couple of years I guess, but it had to be a certain length (though they didn't actually measure you I guess they just occasionally checked to see if they could see your panties which is creepy I guess), or girls could wear the pants (and thankfully they didn't care if you had on the guys or the girls pants, because most of us girls opted for pockets) and the only rule that was strictly enforced was that our shirts had to be tucked in (we didn't have polo shirts at our school yet) but you could get around it by rolling up the shirt and hoping it didn't come undone or looked fake, or wearing the vest and just bunching it up into there, which a lot of us did because it was more comfortable than tucking it in. We also had to wear black dress shoes with no high heels in addition to not colouring our hair fun anime colours (you could colour your hair with natural type colours. I almost got in trouble for having the bottom layer of my hair dyed pink, but they let it slide because it was barely visible and was washing out by the end of summer anyways. They had no problem with my black hair, white under layer, and red chunky highlights though, lol)

    We also had at least 1 day of month where you could wear normal clothes, which was usually the last Friday of the month (and Halloween if you didn't have a costume) and I think the rules were no mini skirts, no short shorts, and no spaghetti straps.

  • enby shark
    enby shark Month ago

    Ah, the benefits of living in the North East of the U.K., though there were still stupid dress code rules. I wasn't allowed out for break because my trainers were white.

  • Bella Wehling
    Bella Wehling Month ago +1

    schools don’t overreact when they see spaghetti straps, they just ask you to cover up or send you to the office/nurse to get a new shirt

  • Watermel1on____
    Watermel1on____ Month ago +2

    The way the teachers reacted when one day a classmate came in in shorts where you could actually see her as* and a cropped spaghetti strap was just to funny

  • nekoweeb
    nekoweeb Month ago +2

    This is super relatable, for a school dance I wore a jumpsuit along with a short jacket and I started to get hot in it so I took off the jacket and everybody was like, *”yOu hAve SpAgHetti StRinGssss!”* so I had to *roast* throughout the whole day with the jacket on because I had *‘spaghetti strings.’* 😐

  • Ghost_Girl 43
    Ghost_Girl 43 Month ago

    Man, I wish a tie was the least of my worries in school 😂😂😂

  • Mitsuri Kanroji
    Mitsuri Kanroji Month ago +2

    I just love how energetic he is

  • Carly Jade
    Carly Jade Month ago +1

    I believe there should be a dress code for schools. It’s called discipline and respect. And for the people who are from Canada saying they can wear what they want - that’s not true. Im a teacher in Canada and there IS a dress code at school. But I guess some teachers just brush it off

  • Atlantis
    Atlantis Month ago +1629

    Honestly I'm so glad that we don't have a dress code in German schools. My self esteem is definitely better when I can wear what I feel comfy in and show my new cool shirt or whatever.

    • Strawberry pocky
      Strawberry pocky Month ago +1

      @Ravioliravioli givemeravioli we had a boy walking around in a whole Santa costume on the sixth and everyone thought it was amazing and we have Carnival in February and everyone can dress up however they want sorta like Halloween just less scary

    • hipe m
      hipe m Month ago

      same here in estonia, there r a few simple rules but no one cares about them

    • H3LLO. BvDDY
      H3LLO. BvDDY Month ago +1

      Alright well I’m on my way /hj

    • Ravioliravioli givemeravioli
      Ravioliravioli givemeravioli Month ago

      Two words. Clown outfit.

    • Strawberry pocky
      Strawberry pocky Month ago +1

      @Lily Chang we’re waiting 😂

  • Just_a_human_being
    Just_a_human_being Month ago +1

    As a student in the UK I can confirm this. My form tutor was like " your trousers are waay to short. I can see your ankles. Better fix them or that's a stage 3" like tf am I supposed to do? Your uniform arrives in 3 months, it's expensive af and I'm not a freaking tailor

  • Trafalger Law
    Trafalger Law Month ago

    Yeah, as someone who lives and goes to an American school, I can confirm that the dress code has gone to shit. I wish we had uniforms.

  • Wxzz and Shroomi
    Wxzz and Shroomi Month ago

    I remember going into a class one day (it was a football game day- dress up day at my high school) and my friend said a boy was wearing a tank top that made it easy to see most of his chest. He wasn’t dress coded, but she was because her shorts were half an inch shorter than they should’ve been. This is why I walk with my arms crossed so the dress code monitors in the halls can’t tell where my fingertips are compared to my shorts ;-;

  • Kaikai Artz
    Kaikai Artz Month ago

    In my school (America) basically showing shoulders in any way shape or form is a major violation. I still got away with it multiple times along with a couple of my friends somehow lol

  • Megan Hardy
    Megan Hardy Month ago +2195

    I like how he tells off the student for their tie length when the teacher's tie is even shorter 😂

    • itadakimasu
      itadakimasu Month ago

      @Sanjeevi Raghavan
      Thank you friend.

    • Javier Delgado
      Javier Delgado Month ago +1

      Weird that the brits would measure in inches instead of centimeters tho

    • itadakimasu
      itadakimasu Month ago

      @~ Spooki's stories シ︎ np lmao

    • Amy
      Amy Month ago

      SO TRUE!!!! 🤣 LOL!!!!!

    • strawberry bubbles
      strawberry bubbles Month ago

      I was gonna say the same thing

  • Ann Mcdade
    Ann Mcdade 15 days ago +1

    I'm British and Britain isn't as bad as this but I still laugh my head off when I watch these

  • Jessica Richardson
    Jessica Richardson Month ago +1

    In South Africa, when I was in school (like 5 years ago)

    Boys hair can't even so much as begin tucking behind the ears and no fancy hairstyles or cuts.

    Girls fingernails can't be over the tips

    Girls hair has to be tied back using ties that are aligned with the color code and school uniform.

    For the black girls, they're not allowed to have false hair braids which honestly, why??? Atleast this was the case at the school I went to I think now it's been changed however it can't be colorful braids and no bright beads etc. Only black.

    Shirts have to be tucked in at all times

    Ties can't be too long or short

    No make up whatsoever

    No died hair

    School uniform dresses can't be more than an inch above the knee

    No rings or jewelry other than a watch and only very basic silver studs or sleepers in the ears

    Your uniform socks have to be folded or pulled up depends on the school uniform.

    I think it's safe to say due to the past European influence, schools are very much the same as in the UK. Even our uniforms are similar. Blazer, tie etc
    My cousin in Australia also has to wear uniforms with a strict code.

  • Sightless Angel
    Sightless Angel Month ago

    In my high school, girls had to wear skirts that either were knee length or were slightly below knee length. A girl came to school, and her knees were visible. Didn't see her for the rest of the day.

  • abbigamertv4669
    abbigamertv4669 Month ago

    Lmao, my school recently changed the dress code so that almost anything is allowed.

  • TransboiBatboi
    TransboiBatboi Month ago

    My schools have always been pretty ok about dress codes like you’ll see girls walking around in crop tops and shit a lot but the one thing is if you have any sort of hat on you get a warning then straight to iss. (I live in the USA, kinda really hate it tho)

  • peasantb100d
    peasantb100d Month ago

    Can confirm, we are required in the british school I go to to have 7 stripes present on a tie.

  • Doyle The Chocolate Lab

    Literally accurate oh my god. They measured our school skirts and here in northern Ireland, it's a specific skirt you have to get and specific socks too. England honestly has it easier in public schools. I see people in different skirts and flipping heels sometimes

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop Month ago +1

    In my school (in England) our tie Literally needs to have 6 stripes.. even though the last few get covered by our blazer if we button it up-

  • Beanie
    Beanie Month ago +1185

    As a British person, I adore non-school uniform day. Everyone just seems more chilled and relaxed and it's so nice to be able to wear what you want. The classrooms just have so much more colour in them compared to black and white uniform 🙁

    • Uniyou
      Uniyou Month ago

      Idk, I didn't get a school uniform but I kind of wish I did (with a casual day)

    • mango bob
      mango bob Month ago

      The uniforms for my high school (I'm in year seven) we're way to big for me so instead of buying it officialy my mum just sewed a copy of the badge on a blazer that fits me

    • TennisBeast
      TennisBeast Month ago


    • min
      min Month ago

      @Andrea Crumlish oml same i ended up not wearing a jumper anyway like what’s the point 💀

    • Andrea Crumlish
      Andrea Crumlish Month ago

      @Always Hangry Girl and our S1-4 tie is tartan, the S5/6 tie is maroon, and the jumpers are navy.... So we do have school colours??

  • PeachyPink
    PeachyPink Month ago

    Hahahaha the British one is so true 😅 you can't wear trainers and skirts can't be above the knee, also leggings aren't allowed. My sister got pulled for her trousers being too tight even though she was just thin and had to get a smaller size

  • Okami's Art
    Okami's Art Month ago +1

    I was in a HS that added a uniform randomly 2 years in. And they were more worried about what the kids were wearing then the fact everyone was high as f and half the school ditched a day. They wouldn't let u in the building if u didn't follow it then said you were ditching cause of it.

  • BaconFearMC
    BaconFearMC Month ago +3

    I’d been concerned if only issue number NINETEEN was irrational.

  • Fut United
    Fut United Month ago +1

    Just want to say thank you for always bringing great content 💝

  • Bandana Bandits
    Bandana Bandits Month ago +3985

    As a current american student, that is facts

    • Thunderstorm mayhem
      Thunderstorm mayhem Month ago

      @Angel Jones They were probably banned from teaching in that district again

    • Angel Jones
      Angel Jones Month ago

      @Thunderstorm mayhem of course I did, it was a sub so idk what happened but he didnt come back

    • F8less9
      F8less9 Month ago

      Yep. 🥲

    • Thunderstorm mayhem
      Thunderstorm mayhem Month ago

      @Angel Jones That is creepy did you report them

    • GH Whitelock
      GH Whitelock Month ago


  • Redd77
    Redd77 Month ago

    One time I wore a shirt that was basically covering my entire shoulder, maybe an inch was showing, and this security guard flipped out.
    "You can't wear spaghetti straps to school!"
    "Um, these aren't?"
    "I'm going to have to ask you to go to the office. You can't wear spaghetti straps."
    "These aren't spaghetti straps-"
    "Well whatever they are they're incredibly inappropriate"

  • Rebecca Serpa
    Rebecca Serpa Month ago

    today i had a substitute in 2nd period and i was wearing spaghetti straps (which is against the dress code but the school doesn’t care what u wear). when taking attendance she looks at me and says “young lady i need you to put some clothes on u can’t walk around dressed like that” i was stunned and felling embarrased cause now everyone was looking at me. i was about to put my jacket on when my friend who was next to me, a guy, stops me from putting it in and says “no don’t put it on. if u feel comfortable like that u shouldn’t have to cover it up. if the IP didn’t say anything than it doesn’t matter” it wasn’t even inappropriate and he made me feel more comfortable after that. and everyone was saying how my outfit was normal and that i shouldn’t have to cover up if i didn’t want to

  • Phoenix_Stuff
    Phoenix_Stuff 28 days ago

    Ok so quick storytime.
    I go to a British school and it was a nine uniform day so I wore my ripped jeans and a Christmas jumper. I was just minding my own business when my (Female) teacher started yelling at me for wearing something that showed “Too much skin” because apparently I was distracting the boys.So I replied with “Well, how about instead of punishing girls you should teach boys to be more respectful.” Got sent to detention but it was SO worth it.

  • Trash Boat
    Trash Boat Month ago

    I'm glad my school has changed the rules. I see more girls at my school who has shirts that show their stomach and stuff.

  • Ms.Honeybear 2C4U
    Ms.Honeybear 2C4U Month ago +2597

    At my middle school, there was a rule that you could have holes in your pants as long as it was at least 3 inches below the knee. I had a pair of jeans that I didn’t care much about but were still in perfect condition until a friend and I poked a small hole into the ankle of those jeans with a pencil. It was a small, hardly visible hole that your couldn’t really see through and it was located at the front. Later that day, while returning to class from the bathroom, a teacher pulled me aside and fussed me out for dressing inappropriately and not following school dress code. I had on the jeans and a gray hoodie, so I was really confused and asked her what she meant. She pointed at the hole in my jeans and told me that I was showing too much skin and would influence other, younger students to do the same thing. While she was writing home up a slip to the office. I was really mad but as a fairly new student, I wasn’t fully aware of the dress code and, even if I did, I was too scared of confrontation that I probably wouldn’t have done anything about it anyways.

    I’m in college now and am loving getting to dress how I want when I want. Yay college.

    • **Pan-Oreo* *
      **Pan-Oreo* * Month ago

      Ours was 6 inches not 3 it sucked so I just went through middle school in hoodies and leggings :/

    • Bj Mcclain
      Bj Mcclain Month ago

      To much to read @~@

    • Antichrist
      Antichrist Month ago +1

      Yeah college is the BEST

    • Atlantis
      Atlantis Month ago

      Lmao what the fuck

    • Ch1aK1s1mP
      Ch1aK1s1mP Month ago

      That sounds way to much like my middle school called monroe middle

  • IsamuChan
    IsamuChan 3 days ago

    One time all the girls in my entire school were given a lecture saying we wouldn’t be allowed to wear shorts if they were below our knees

  • Esmeralda~
    Esmeralda~ Month ago

    I live in America, yet both of these perfectly fit my school

  • TheBisexualGoddess
    TheBisexualGoddess Month ago +6

    teachers really be acting like: oh dam, those shoulders tho

  • makeuploveculture
    makeuploveculture Month ago

    Accurate. I’ve been on both sides. I prefer British schools lol

  • SongROBLOXnames
    SongROBLOXnames Month ago +628

    “With our dress codes, we want our students to be comfortable and- OUAH..OAH” **Moments later** “WE’VE GOT A 19/19” “THATS RIGHT, SPAGHETTI STRAPS IN CLASS!” Best parts ever •^•

    • potato_lover2626
      potato_lover2626 Month ago

      For real though

    • That guy Pal
      That guy Pal Month ago +2

      @Jim that's why he said 19/19 S paghetti S traps

    • Jim
      Jim Month ago +2

      You know what’s funny? S is the 19th letter of the alphabet

      DEMICUR Month ago +3

      And I swear they pick favorites.

  • •_Lavender~Crumb_•

    I'm laughing even though British schools are not bothered about the size of ties 🤣

  • Lizzie Kilburn
    Lizzie Kilburn Month ago

    Omg, the American one is soo true for me. I remember almost getting dress coded bc I wasn't in school uniform.

  • •samurai•
    •samurai• Month ago +2

    I can wear almost whatever I want at my school lol

  • Shannon :S
    Shannon :S Month ago

    I am in a British school and let me tell you its accurate. There was one person who had a different colored sock and the teacher sent him to the heads office.

  • Moon_goddess47
    Moon_goddess47 Month ago +57

    American here~ They ‘updated’ the dress code policy at my high school and had a class assembly to discuss it. Cannot show collarbones, wear headbands/ hats, all coats must be in your locker before class (Michigan), and backpacks are not allowed in the class rooms without a special pass (some teachers will make you put it away anyway) though we are still expected to have our books with us at all times. Public high school. Plus some other little policies to make everyone’s lives a little worse.

    • Hapainess
      Hapainess Month ago +3

      "backpacks are not allowed in the classrooms"
      ah yes, logic

    • Atlantis
      Atlantis Month ago +9

      Not being allowed to bring backpacks into class in a SCHOOL is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Wow.

    • Traveling Merchant
      Traveling Merchant Month ago +5

      As a fellow American, and a Floridian once a friend of mine showed me a gun he brought to school, I stayed home the next day. I don’t think anyone cares unless you bring like an aligator or something. Actually people might not even mind if it’s not an adolescent one yet.

  • Eggium
    Eggium Month ago +1

    I live in Canada and the school I go to doesn’t care what you’re wearing as long as they can’t see anything that would be covered by a bathing suit

  • Brian H
    Brian H Month ago

    As a (Junior) 3rd year in American high school. I still don’t know what the problem with spaghettini straps was in elementary/middle school. They’re just shoulders 😭

  • KiwiPresents
    KiwiPresents Month ago

    I once wore some shorts that were just a little bit shorter than my fingertips. They told me not to wear them again, and I was so confused cause I wore a pair of shorts that were the same length almost every single day and nobody said a thing about them. Idk if it was because they were a bit tighter or not, but it was stupid.

  • - R ø š ë -
    - R ø š ë - Month ago +1

    the british teacher: "your tie is too short"
    also the british teacher: *tie is half the size of students*

  • AvengersAssemble
    AvengersAssemble Month ago +2369

    Ok the America one is so relatable. Our school just made a rule that no pajama pants or hoodies are allowed anymore but it was only for the middle school which was dumb like it’s cold outside and I just sometimes don’t feel like getting all dressed up is that a issue? So I made a petition and over 200 people have signed it and we are having a peaceful protest next week because it’s ridiculous how they won’t even let us wear ripped jeans either. I’ve also been called down to the office for this like ten times and they have called my parents every time and my parents actually agree with me and every time they get a call they are like “ is she breaking any school rules… no so she fine”
    Sorry for the rant 😋
    (edit) holy cow wow I've never gotten this much likes tysm

    • Jack
      Jack Month ago +2

      you get to wear your own clothes to school lucky you we have a uniform so strict we can't wear coats I'm classrooms with open windows in the middle of the British winter

    • your friend mimi, 미미
      your friend mimi, 미미 Month ago

      I can some wgat agree with the ripped jeans. When they were really becoming popular, it became very hard to find any without rips. Or that the rips cant go past a certain place (above mid-thigh or above knees etc) but so many ripped jeans do or they dont come with those things behind the rips. Even I, someone who isnt interested in ripped jeans, has a hard time finding the ones without rips(that are also affordable)

    • AvengersAssemble
      AvengersAssemble Month ago +1

      @Jongin's smile stan thank you so much! ❤️

    • Mia Venn
      Mia Venn Month ago

      It’s not fair that u get to wear what u want 😭😭😭I have a school uniform coz I’m in uk

    • Jongin's smile stan
      Jongin's smile stan Month ago +1

      you’re going places, this is awesome to hear. children standing up to unfair authorities warms my heart - no matter what happens just know that you’re doing a great thing & potentially helping generations to come!

  • Flame
    Flame Month ago +1

    I like the fact that this is racist but hillerious at the same time 🤣😂😂🤣

  • Cassandra Engman
    Cassandra Engman Month ago

    I loved my whole life in a Christian school so once I got to high school I was like F it I’m going to break the dress code everyday 😂 I got in trouble all the time. One day it was too hot so I took off my cover up which I was wearing a tank top under it...they were like “omg ur going to HELL!” I was like “bitch I’m already in hell 😂😂😂😂

  • SalemBxxg
    SalemBxxg 29 days ago

    No bc my school used to actually measure out ties in form and then when that became too much it was the 5 stripe rule😂

  • M0ca_CHAN 350
    M0ca_CHAN 350 Month ago

    One time when I was younger I had gone to school in a tank top for reference I live in California and that day the temperature was about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I got dress coded and was forced to wear a jacket the whole day. Later the same day I saw a boy who didn’t even have a shirt on, same grade and age as me, and he was fine.

    • L0cal_w33by _mate
      L0cal_w33by _mate Month ago

      Yeah. There’s a reason though. No, not because of the male students. It’s actually even more fucked up.. it’s because of the male teachers 😟

  • meeeeez
    meeeeez Month ago +3188

    I have a teacher who actually does measure some of our ties. He does random hallway stops to catch us off guard and if it isn’t the proper length we cant have break/lunch.

  • Deamongunner
    Deamongunner Month ago +1

    I was sent to the principal’s office in a U.S school cause I was wearing a wounded warrior project shirt with a battlefield cross on it because it has a gun on it and my dad was very close to beating that principals ass and he’s a very non confrontational person

  • Luke Falciani
    Luke Falciani Month ago

    Mine were mostly reasonable - no underwear showing, guys put a belt on, girls no spaghetti straps unless you had a sweater on top.

    Though we did have guys getting flagged for popped collars and girls getting skirt lengths checked.

  • Yuta's Man bun
    Yuta's Man bun Month ago

    I hate the dress code so much in America. My school went through a phase when my principal felt like she needed to reinforce rules so she had the teachers send any girls who were wearing distressed Jean's to the office/Nurses office to get the holes above their knee measured. If the hole was more than 4 inches above the knee you got a detention because it was "Showing too much" so like anybody wouldve done the girls wore skin colored leggings under them so it technically wasnt showing anything. Well the principal didnt like that so she made a new rule that if you were going to wear distressed Jean's to school, you needed to have leggings under them that were a bright vivid color. Well in 8th grade there wasnt much for us to do so we all just went with it, then after like a month she made a rule for the boys that if they were wearing shorts they were not allowed to be above the knee or you were getting suspended for 2 days. Than everybody's parents got involved there was a lot of "I'm not sending my kid to school with these stupid rules" well apparently the principal didnt care and then she also took a step further and decided to give us a detention for however many peircings/ tattoos you have (I have 2 face peircings, my ears pierced, and a little bat tattoo on my wrist because I got matching tattoos with my mom for my birthday) anyway, she decided to give anyone with a tattoo or peircings detention because its, and I quote "Not appropriate for kids your age to be exposed to stuff like that" after that my mom had enough and since COVID was just beginning anyway she pulled me and my brother out of school. And incase of anyone was wondering, none of this that I just listed above was apart of their dress code handbook, no this is not the first problem we've had with the school, and NO this was NOT a private school, this was a minimum wage public school in the middle of the "Country side" and in case you were also wondering, No the super intendant didn't do anything about it because he was having an affair with the principal, Thank you for you're time:]

  • Emma Selke
    Emma Selke Month ago

    My high school was pretty average with the dress code for public american schools, but my senior year there was a new principal and the first thing he did was make a dress code video for people to watch to know what not to wear. The catch is that the video mainly featured girls and only included one example with a guy (if I remember correctly). The parents and students went heywire and the story went viral on local social media. After that, everyone, especially girls, were allowed to wear whatever they wanted. I never saw anyone get dress coded after that. I doubt the school will ever go back to any dress code as similar to the video’s one if they get one back again at all.

  • gforceneonaxetake2
    gforceneonaxetake2 Month ago +109

    I'm American (and a boy) I can vouch for ALL boys that we will not go "DAMN THOSE ARE SOME NICE SHOULDERS" everytime a girl has her shoulders showing in class

    • Harmony Houtz
      Harmony Houtz Month ago +2

      its also cause apparently seeing our (girls) bra straps is very inappropriate or distracting.

      But cold shoulders are fine... where you see our straps and shoulders...
      Schools are confusing 😕

    • Why the heck not!? Really?
      Why the heck not!? Really? Month ago +1


    • JELLYLady Galaxy
      JELLYLady Galaxy Month ago +1

      @Gambit771 True

    • Gambit771
      Gambit771 Month ago +3

      @JELLYLady Galaxy Tell it to girls as they are the ones thinking that.

    • CJ
      CJ Month ago +14

      One time a teach told me something that made that rule make a little more sense (don’t get me wrong I still think the rule is ridiculous), it’s not the shoulders that are attractive it’s that most spaghetti straps show cleavage. I guess that kinda makes sense, but then why does the rule start in kindergarten!!! I live in the desert! What’s distracting to other kids if a little girl is wearing shorts and a tank top in 100+ degree whether. And just to make it clear I’ve only seen it reinforces on girls.

  • Hello, Your my friend now 😌

    🤣🤣🤣🤣England teachers are always so fussy!! my school said to us if your skirt isn't *RIGHT* on your knee you get sent to internal until you can sort the problem out.😐😑

  • Drawings And Things

    Love how he just holds actual spaghetti

  • Inarticulation
    Inarticulation Month ago

    Atleast every day at my British school, the one thing you will always hear from a teacher is:

    *_"Unroll your skirt"_*

  • ViperBear
    ViperBear Month ago

    I’ve never heard anyone say that and I live in the uk and it pisses me off about all of these people stereotyping us

  • hey there lil jelly bean

    As an American, this is the most accurate video I’ve seen

    • Keith Oshei
      Keith Oshei Month ago

      Crazy imput must of taken a lot of brain power to write that. Probably the funniest comment in history. You made all the white girls laugh nice job.

  • Tireless Table67
    Tireless Table67 Month ago

    Lmao That's a pretty accurate description of schools in America

  • catarin
    catarin Month ago

    Oh believe me, I went to a private Catholic school here in the US and it was a awful mix of both but with Catholic stuff mixed in

  • Korbin Reeves
    Korbin Reeves Month ago

    Spaghetti straps were the only things that my teachers cared about. All other violations were fine. Unless it was girls wearing shorts.