Mitch freestyle GOES HARD! Westwood

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • Mitch going in with a hard freestyle on Capital XTRA with Westwood!
    Beat produced by Naz6m
    #Mitch #Freestyle #TimWestwoodTV
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  • Craig -MetaThor- Cartwright

    Yoo im still busting a ps2 hahaha

  • african music tv
    african music tv 2 days ago +2

    These rappers need a wonder bra 😂😂😂🤯

  • T M
    T M 3 days ago

    Skrapz cousin

  • Oddly Me
    Oddly Me 6 days ago +1

    Mitch finally blowing up, i wonder if Mitch just pulled whole Skrapz fanbase now that he in a can lol i know i became Mitch fan instantly bc he reminds me of Skrapz

  • Warren Daniels
    Warren Daniels 14 days ago

    Mitch the album dead bro you should of had them triple b tunes on there very disappointed ain't buying it

  • Ben Shiels
    Ben Shiels 14 days ago

    Get this on Spotify!

  • sean samuel
    sean samuel 15 days ago

    Knew it was going to be fire 🔥even before he started spitting

  • Luke Clarke
    Luke Clarke 18 days ago

    B R U M - M I D L A N D S - S T A N D UP

  • J R
    J R 19 days ago +1

    m mazza ask nazza

  • Amrit Singh
    Amrit Singh 20 days ago

    clearly not a Freestyle

  • Mr 12
    Mr 12 21 day ago

    He’s subliminal r taking the pisssss😭😭

  • BIG RG
    BIG RG 23 days ago


  • Farkhir Ulhaq
    Farkhir Ulhaq 24 days ago

    mans sending for fredo.....when he saying he cant let a man beat up his sister..he ona bout fredo sister getting beat up by rugrat..and the charecter in a book bar...he spillimg some juice as he said

  • R2richez
    R2richez 24 days ago

    I make profit of my oxygen 💧💧💧

  • Saj Ryder
    Saj Ryder 24 days ago

    Hate wen people rap reading of they phone, the flows gets fucked

  • Mula O
    Mula O 25 days ago

    heard stardom beat mitch's siste..... nvm

  • B
    B 26 days ago +1

    I make profit from my oxygen

  • Jord Hodge
    Jord Hodge 26 days ago +1

    M M MAZZA❄️❄️❄️

  • maurice
    maurice 26 days ago

    who thinks this is hard

  • Stephen Maxam
    Stephen Maxam 26 days ago

    you lied timothy

  • Lkg ED
    Lkg ED 26 days ago

    Im a shooter for my team like kluivert
    Im a shooter for my team like higuain
    Im a shooter for my team like icardi
    In the field nobody can harm me
    On a mission and im barmy
    Strapped like the army
    When slide out you carch corn g
    I dipped when he slipped then i bopped off calmly
    I aint superman the whole ends was on me
    If im lacking then Ill stab him with my car key
    Catch him with his auntie
    Take all the green and the khaki

  • Sophie Leaf
    Sophie Leaf 26 days ago

    This he’s shittiest tune man has better lyrics 6 years ago 😂 mans reading the lyrics like he’s 10 learn your own tune

  • K Muller
    K Muller 26 days ago +3

    This too is too ard to be worried about reading of the phone. Real talks

  • Kazow Aya
    Kazow Aya 27 days ago


  • mr J
    mr J 27 days ago

    Beat is fucking dead

  • George Rhoden
    George Rhoden 27 days ago

    Yes mitch let them have it !

  • Nesta -_-
    Nesta -_- 27 days ago

    i sold lines summat like a semi colon

  • GfreeD maximus
    GfreeD maximus 27 days ago +1

    haha he's just a real don thats not a rapper but a real gee on the streets because hes reading on the phone

  • anish1993
    anish1993 27 days ago

    I thought this was Skrapz lol

  • jordan king
    jordan king 27 days ago

    Every single vid you watch that says freestyle is pre written 100%. Watch lil snupe if u wanna see a real freestyle. Only a couple in the world who can really do it

  • MrMoses86
    MrMoses86 27 days ago

    am I shooter for my team called me higuain

  • Creddy Fruga
    Creddy Fruga 28 days ago

    Before Rollin' wit the the 9's I used to roll with 9's

  • GenZisco
    GenZisco 28 days ago

    After seeing this it actually shows that Stardom is in a different level to this bum.

  • tmc tmc
    tmc tmc 28 days ago +1

    Nice flow 🔥🔥. Check out my prison life track in your spare time thank you.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 28 days ago

    Good Evening Mr. TIM WESTWOOD,
    Happy 10 Year anniversary but you should know by now that READING OFF THE PHONE IS NOT FREESTYLE.
    Donald J Trump.

  • None Ya
    None Ya 28 days ago

    I am the captain now looking ass nigga

  • None Ya
    None Ya 28 days ago

    Bro get this whack ass shit off here he reading off a phone and the shit he wrote is trash bro get out of here wtf is this garbage

  • Ice T7
    Ice T7 28 days ago


    GHETTO BOYZ 28 days ago +1

    When stardom called him a btec skrapz lmao

  • wyatt j
    wyatt j 28 days ago 🤯

  • Spilledtea
    Spilledtea 28 days ago +1

    Fabolus was who started the readin off phones black berry days

  • Conor Murphy
    Conor Murphy 28 days ago +1

    lead him down the brick road like he was dorethy

  • nathan best
    nathan best 28 days ago +3

    Why does he remind me of chick hicks the green car from cars 🤣

  • El Pacino
    El Pacino 28 days ago

    Flow and bars are basic fr. Ain't nothing special...

    CROYDON STEVE 28 days ago

    Whack flow reading lyrics of a phone don’t rate him

  • Chris Matthews
    Chris Matthews 28 days ago +1


  • C Sellars
    C Sellars 29 days ago

    Is that a Moony from Kidulthood?

  • KnowledgeSEEKER 30
    KnowledgeSEEKER 30 29 days ago +1

    So his back to being a gmg lmao whattttt 😂 whatta wanker now his not pattern gang ... can’t be loyal to ya set you better Step I no him well his a pussy

  • Rude Vybz
    Rude Vybz 29 days ago

    Is fire and classic

  • frankie eaton
    frankie eaton 29 days ago

    what a shitta how is this guy on here

  • Stan Dalby
    Stan Dalby 29 days ago

    Does ppl really pay for this childish shit ? The worlds gone mad 😡

  • ukfinest123
    ukfinest123 29 days ago +2

    Come prepared! This is terribly off beat lol
    Be patient G, learn your lyrics then deliver them with flair! This was half hearted af

    • on point
      on point 25 days ago

      I noticed that shit. Thats what happens when you read lyrics off phone.

  • bmw530d M
    bmw530d M 29 days ago +3

    Looks like a pussyhole version of skrapz

    • bmw530d M
      bmw530d M 22 days ago +1


    • B19dotta
      B19dotta 26 days ago

      bmw530d M and I bet you are a pussyhole u internet goon

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin 29 days ago

    He says he’s ahead of stardom in the rap game but I’m sure they both claim to be gangstas first🤷🏽‍♂️so tell me who’s ahead in the gangsta game? Deffo STARDOM

  • Gr0ve St Ghost
    Gr0ve St Ghost 29 days ago

    Man said his ack wants to kill a Catholic, scummy still

  • Matthew Greenwood
    Matthew Greenwood 29 days ago

    Reece’s I ain’t Randal !!

  • Yel Gabriel
    Yel Gabriel 29 days ago +2

    Too old to be freestyling from ur phone cabrao!

    • Yel Gabriel
      Yel Gabriel 29 days ago

      @opzz xsin skrapz really? Your fucking ridiculous

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin 29 days ago

      He gotta be related to skrapz

  • King D-Ray
    King D-Ray 29 days ago +1

    Should change his name to Switch cuz of the amount of times he's switched up gangs, smh.

  • afutla qian
    afutla qian 29 days ago

    Money Mitch 1 i had to give em 2 🥶

  • Unknown-LDN
    Unknown-LDN Month ago +1

    Jheeeze 10 seconds in and im gassed he wnt IN

    • Unknown-LDN
      Unknown-LDN 27 days ago

      And clearly you suck off freddy kruga about im a groupie get a life my g

    • Creddy Fruga
      Creddy Fruga 28 days ago

      Cos your a groupie bro