The Demon Priest of Mission Solano

  • Published on Oct 26, 2018
  • Is this historic house of God really home to a demonic force?
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Comments • 11 999

  • Abigail Holcomb
    Abigail Holcomb 29 minutes ago

    Only slightly disappointed when Shane went into the demon room and said his name instead "it's ya boy"

  • Batman Blood
    Batman Blood 3 hours ago

    "I am so glad that's over let's go eat Taco Bell" me about everything

  • Gabriel Angelo Santiago

    19:42 pause it and find the smiley face

  • No u
    No u 7 hours ago

    ryan alone: scared little mouse
    ryan with shane: fear has left the chat

  • Claire
    Claire 9 hours ago

    I feel like ghosts and demons and whatnot (if they’re real) may experience time or sound differently or at a different pace than us

  • Kim Leonard
    Kim Leonard 12 hours ago

    What is above Ryan at 19:18? Top left corner

    • Kim Leonard
      Kim Leonard 12 hours ago

      Slow it down and you can really see it. Looks like a robed figure. Super creepy

    • Kim Leonard
      Kim Leonard 12 hours ago

      It's really fast between 19:18 and 19:19

  • Nelly 617
    Nelly 617 13 hours ago

    That god damn shady mannequin

  • venus frs
    venus frs 19 hours ago

    "maybe there's just a delay like skype"
    i love shane with my entire being

    BEYØND AWESØME 21 hour ago

    7:07 was that shane or not??? * the sound sounded like a grunt*

  • Elle
    Elle 22 hours ago +1

    At 7:08 u can see a "shadow" at the right side

  • ICommentCuzILike

    just saying malevolent spirits and demons are attracted to those with an impaired state of mind, mental illness, fear, panic, etc. shane wouldn't be easily affected by a demon or even attract a demon's attention with bold taunts--i think that's why shane never gets activity while ryan occasionally gets something haha

  • Morgan S
    Morgan S Day ago

    This episode has taught me that Shane is afraid of two things: avocado pits and heroine

  • isabella thomas
    isabella thomas Day ago +1

    *shane be disappointed in demons for **24:19** minutes straight*

  • Courtney Muehl
    Courtney Muehl 2 days ago

    I grew up in Sonoma and I've been to the Mission, the Barracks, the Toscano Hotel, General Vallejo's Home, and the Petaluma Adobe about 20 minutes from town on school field trips, and as much as I love ghosts, I don't think any of these places are haunted. The only two places in Historic Sonoma that've ever given me the creeps are the Sebastiani Theatre and the Sonoma Mountain Cemetary.

  • Brady Lupo
    Brady Lupo 2 days ago

    Love your videos❤️😁

  • Mr Tiddles
    Mr Tiddles 2 days ago

    21:10 Ryan legitimately looks and sounds scared for his life poor guy😂😂😂

  • eleni aristidou
    eleni aristidou 3 days ago

    They are so goddam funny, i dont want them finding legit proof cause i wont this show to live forever

  • Leah FARR
    Leah FARR 3 days ago +1

    Around 12:23 you can hear a female voice clearly say “someone” or “simon” something like that

  • Loi Vincent Poligo
    Loi Vincent Poligo 3 days ago

    They should investigate clark pampangga tho

  • Zaid Ninja
    Zaid Ninja 3 days ago +1

    Go to Asia the supernatural there are on meth

  • That cat productions

    I went there for a field trip

  • ??????? ????? ????
    ??????? ????? ???? 4 days ago

    In that ambiance I was waiting for 1 of you to fart! 😂

  • erin beagrie
    erin beagrie 4 days ago

    Bottom left corner at about 22:00??????? Something behind him

  • Habanero Jones
    Habanero Jones 4 days ago


  • honey. girl
    honey. girl 4 days ago +1

    Shane sounds pissed in the hauntey place

  • Damesan Binitie
    Damesan Binitie 4 days ago

    me organising my assignments with unsolved on the background.
    Ryan (in Spanish): hello friends
    sth, I thought was a w/ high pitched demon:*WOAHHHHHHHHHHH!*
    me: O.O

  • Tiffany Doyle
    Tiffany Doyle 4 days ago

    Ryan: this demon should not trifled with
    Ryan: but we gotta investigate this room so 🤷‍♂️

  • Navya Mathur
    Navya Mathur 4 days ago

    We all know Shane’s a demon with the way he was talking to the demon lmao

  • The Ghost of Jon Jones

    19:44 what is it?

  • Lalisa Blackpink
    Lalisa Blackpink 5 days ago +1

    just saying, if theres a cold spot in the air, you know what that means lmao.

  • Louis Richner
    Louis Richner 5 days ago +1

    Ryan: "What does a bear eat?"
    Shane: "BEARries?"

    I see what you did there Shane

  • ArcticRoseCos123
    ArcticRoseCos123 5 days ago

    That wasn't yessssss that was

  • YoWazUpThisIsMyBranch

    Ryan's "it is not one to be trifled with; and yet, here we are" sounds a lot like Shanes " that's insufferable, I love it"

  • Christyn2623
    Christyn2623 5 days ago

    **attracts a REAL bear**

  • lebron federic
    lebron federic 5 days ago

    how can you sleep with all this video your making

  • Vanshika
    Vanshika 5 days ago

    4:54 *I paused and saw Franco solano* wtf I am freaked out

  • gamergirl10 Alvarez
    gamergirl10 Alvarez 6 days ago

    The demon doesn't like you speaking Spanish LOL

  • Lemony Skulls
    Lemony Skulls 6 days ago

    Did no one notice the orb on the right side bottom corner underneath one of the pictures??? 7:40

  • Mauri Luciano
    Mauri Luciano 6 days ago

    I’ve never have I’ve seen Shane scared 😂

  • Ashiya Rodriguez Carter

    The most hilarious ghost hunt ever!!! The Bear sounds just killed me😂😂😂😂

    ANONYMOUS 7 days ago

    guys guys guys at 14:54 u can clearly see the ghost move go see check inform them on twitter or fb

  • Francis Olivier
    Francis Olivier 7 days ago

    il think and you think your funny , but don;t mess with the super natural .xx and don;t prevoke them and make them angry,, thanks guys xx lol

  • Emily Courson
    Emily Courson 7 days ago

    The entire time Ryan is in that chapel you can hear his voice shaking

  • Somi Zingkhai
    Somi Zingkhai 7 days ago

    I live in a suburb near Sonoma and oh my god that’s where I’m going next

  • apple d
    apple d 7 days ago

    My fourth grade mission project was about San Francisco solano

  • Ruth Randeniya
    Ruth Randeniya 8 days ago +2

    There are two different people in this show
    Ryan:im scared of ghosts

    Hello my fellow demons. If you are real kill me.
    *continues to taunt them*

  • Hena Faye
    Hena Faye 8 days ago

    Shane: " into the shadows.."
    Elise from Conjuring: " into the further"
    sounds the same for me HAHAAH

  • Hannah Mepham
    Hannah Mepham 8 days ago

    Why are all settlers like vegans trying to shove they’re way of life down others throats 😂

  • Callie
    Callie 8 days ago

    i went here as a child and was getting extremely weird vibes it was extremely unpleasant and now I know why

  • Abby Makula
    Abby Makula 8 days ago

    At 16:11 look out of the window behind him I swear I seen a figure through the window

  • watermelon king
    watermelon king 9 days ago

    shane is scarier than the ghost...

  • Mineaxes
    Mineaxes 9 days ago

    I have 4 words for you Buzzfeed - GIVE RAISE TO CAMERAMAN

  • The Gamer0
    The Gamer0 9 days ago +1

    LMAO how is camera guy not scared

  • Gamer Time
    Gamer Time 9 days ago

    Hola amigos


  • DIEGO Tapia
    DIEGO Tapia 9 days ago

    Ryan: I am in a house of god
    Ryan: i SAID I’m in a house of god
    Demon: noises

  • Ray Makowski
    Ray Makowski 10 days ago

    I pronounce it kai-o-tees for coyotes

  • foreveryoung52
    foreveryoung52 10 days ago

    I just came back from wine tasting in Sonoma and it's HILARIOUS to me now how creepy they made Mission San Francisco Solano look. This mission is located in the loveliest, historical town on the Sonoma wine trail, where every building is covered in wisteria vines and there's a bunch of cute restaurants! Makes me appreciate the work put into this episode even more.

  • Gavin Bobtrolo
    Gavin Bobtrolo 10 days ago

    I’m watching two grown men making noises in a courtyard

  • VinzterzZ
    VinzterzZ 11 days ago

    13:20 i heard a scream

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    Don't invite the devil.

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    Shane, don't confront. Don't threaten. You're challenging. I understand you don't believe, but i know.

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    Why would you say that????You NEVER SAY THAT!!

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    When you ask to speak to evil, it feels welcome.

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    A oujie board has spirits. When you invite them they stay.

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    Don't mock evil. You have scared me really bad.

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    Don't confront.

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    Don't ask to speak to an evil spirit! NEVER SAY TO AN EVIL SPIRIT I COMMAND YOU.

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    Guys animals hunt at night!! Go HOME.

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    My worst nightmare is seeing an evil spirit. Animals are not evil.

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    Guys, I'm just about scared senseless. Y'all are brave,& I'm not. I believe in ghosts,& evil spirits. Guys, just leave.

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    I'm scared!!!!

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    I'm already scared to death of dentists!

  • Renee Catagnus
    Renee Catagnus 11 days ago

    I'm scared to death,& y'all just started!! I love you guys!!

  • zhairmagne joi isorena
    zhairmagne joi isorena 11 days ago +1

    I love how Shane tried to play and mock with the demons. It was really funny .

  • Esteban Sanchez
    Esteban Sanchez 11 days ago

    Big house casa grande ha ha funny

  • Lebesh Ahmed
    Lebesh Ahmed 11 days ago

    Oh no you won’t

  • Lorna Bea
    Lorna Bea 11 days ago +2

    one of these days something is actually gonna kill shane and ghost-him is gonna be *shook*

    MILEHIGHMYWAY 11 days ago

    This show is so unique, when a ghost bear and heroine avocado are equal, you know it’s something special😂😂😂

  • Lilly
    Lilly 11 days ago

    Did anyone see that white outline at 7:30 but it disappeared at 7:40

  • Forgettable
    Forgettable 11 days ago +8

    The Padre is probably confused by the crappy spanish

    Camas buenos!!!!

  • ollie died
    ollie died 12 days ago

    Shane would wake up after being possessed and still be like "wow crazy flu going around"

  • TTstone616
    TTstone616 12 days ago

    Is this like a homosexual version of ghost hunters...?

  • Maddie Souligne
    Maddie Souligne 13 days ago

    Casa Grande is the name of my favorite Mexican restaurant😂

    F4RREL GAMING 14 days ago

    7:44 it sounds like

  • Leslie Rodriguez
    Leslie Rodriguez 14 days ago

    I love how scared Ryan is and Shane is like “cmon demon kill me do it!! Stop wasting my time demon” 😂😂

  • Nina Tumarao
    Nina Tumarao 14 days ago

    if there's no demon that would show up, then shane has got to be it.

  • Cat Kott
    Cat Kott 14 days ago


  • Mariah dunn
    Mariah dunn 14 days ago

    You should go to the Bell Witch cave and take a rock.

  • autumn the dove
    autumn the dove 14 days ago

    Ryan sounds like he’s gonna cry when he was in that chapel

  • Brenda Perez
    Brenda Perez 14 days ago

    Does Shane ever get scared ?? 😫😫

  • daily tik tok memes
    daily tik tok memes 14 days ago

    the comments and what they both say comforts meee.

  • jon puff
    jon puff 14 days ago

    Ha Ryan

  • Taylor Rivera
    Taylor Rivera 14 days ago

    This dudes should do something about Puerto Rico's "El Morro", that would be soooo cool.

    • Taylor Rivera
      Taylor Rivera 14 days ago

      Also about "El Castillo San Cristobal" that one is way more creepy

  • Denise Kieffer
    Denise Kieffer 15 days ago

    *two dudes with a nightcam*

  • Kermit Bird
    Kermit Bird 15 days ago


  • Cassiea255
    Cassiea255 15 days ago +1

    Am I going to hell because I laughed at the 'no parking' sign beside the gravestones? ... lol

  • Neriah Rogers
    Neriah Rogers 15 days ago

    “I never thought I’d be speaking Spanish in this state of mind,”
    What kind of state of mind do you want to be in tho 😂???

  • KatyKiller AndtheSuspects

    Ghosty was saying "My name is-"

  • Primrose Petals
    Primrose Petals 15 days ago

    "One of these days I'd like my eyes to turn black."
    *sclera lenses*

  • Bitchwitch Finn
    Bitchwitch Finn 15 days ago

    ryan clearly has never seen brother bear