Dignity In A Hospital Bathroom. Leland Klassen

  • Published on Sep 22, 2019
  • You keep your dignity in a hospital bathroom, not so much in a bed pan. Watch "More True" by Leland Klassen only at www.drybarcomedy.com/leland
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  • nick smith
    nick smith 5 days ago

    I dislocated my knee too... At 16 years old a year ago... And it was not fun lol I fell in the hallway of school and just sat there on the floor, with the dust bunnies

  • crystal ruby
    crystal ruby 14 days ago


  • Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation 17 days ago

    The mistakes make this so much more funnier...

  • Tihitna NEGASH
    Tihitna NEGASH 17 days ago

    So funny.

  • rjanssaft The III
    rjanssaft The III 19 days ago +1

    When I was recovering from a spinal fusion they placed a catheter. Thank your lucky stars sir. Bedapan > Catheter any day.

  • Johayne Skippers
    Johayne Skippers 19 days ago

    This guy's honesty is pure. And the mistake is funnier than the joke 😂🤣 but still a funny sketch

  • Joe Swanson
    Joe Swanson Month ago +1

    This dude's fake sporadic jokes r cringeworthy

  • Lana Jig-maker
    Lana Jig-maker Month ago

    His mistakes just make it better, Breaks up that rehearsed sound.
    Funny and approachable.

  • Onnie Fox
    Onnie Fox Month ago +1

    Well...guess just got my favorite comedian ever 😆 good looking and funny...who cares about small bladder, honey?!😄

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf Month ago

    I find that the comedy isn't so much as funny as the goof ups within the comedy routine make it so much better. I don't know why. It was very entertaining for me either way!

  • Lola Lilac
    Lola Lilac Month ago +1

    He looks like a giant.

  • M Brown
    M Brown Month ago

    The bedpan part 🤣😂🤣👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Markiplier Fanatic
    Markiplier Fanatic Month ago

    I just had hip surgery a few weeks ago and I was in the hospital for about 6 days. On day 5 I was finally able to use the bathroom normally again and I had to ask the nurse to whipe me because I couldn't balance and whipe myself at the same time because of all of the drugs that I was on... later that week at home my mom was giving me a shower and she asked if it felt weird to be showered by my mother... I told her that after a nurse whiped my butt almost nothing could phase me anymore

  • Martha G.
    Martha G. Month ago

    I missed this guy!

  • Brye Horan
    Brye Horan Month ago +2

    Oh goodness I’m in tears. 😂 I had surgery a few months ago and it was so dang cold in there! They put at least 5 or more blankets on me. I was freezing! The nurses had jackets on under their scrubs! Not even kidding. Even the nurse that brought me in said it was insanely cold in that room! I’ve had 16 surgeries. Never in my life have I been in an OR that was that cold! 🥶🥶

  • Diane Kirse
    Diane Kirse Month ago

    I’m a nurse and this is funny

  • james vincent
    james vincent Month ago

    Is the comedian who makes clean jokes! Translation, he only speaks ill of males

  • Cheryl Lemme
    Cheryl Lemme Month ago

    So funny, loved this!!

  • Tranquility
    Tranquility Month ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 she filled it up omg I'm done lol

  • St. Devil
    St. Devil Month ago

    Stopped halfway through. Instead of joke, most of his ramblings were about his injury and the medical procedure. Thumbs down.

    • St. Devil
      St. Devil Month ago

      @Tranquility To "relate" to his medical conditions, seek out some medical forums, not a standup comedy skit.

    • Tranquility
      Tranquility Month ago +1

      Well unlike you with perfect health, some of us can relate to what he's talking about.

  • Holly Ezara
    Holly Ezara Month ago

    😂😂 so funnyy

  • Sage The Rage
    Sage The Rage Month ago

    When you check in at a hospital, you check out your dignity at the door.

  • Racialrainbow
    Racialrainbow Month ago +24

    I literally just had surgery and I'm hoping laughing so hard at this didn't tear my stitching lol

  • Elias Klein
    Elias Klein Month ago +10

    I've had 5 surgeries so far and you just have to suck it up sometimes. Bodily functions are normal and nurses are used to it. Nothing to be embarrassed about. When you can't get up you can't get up, end of story.

    • Abc 123
      Abc 123 Month ago +1

      Elias take care 😃🖒

  • Tierra Brown
    Tierra Brown Month ago +2

    That really made me laugh. An actual legit laugh.

  • Diana Boughner
    Diana Boughner Month ago


  • Jina Gibson
    Jina Gibson Month ago

    Just flush your medical advice, share your pain. Do they follow anything but their guts and ego? I want my kitchen bigger than my bathroom, thanks in advance.

  • Windy Wind
    Windy Wind Month ago +1

    absolutely funny : )

  • Lilith Scyther
    Lilith Scyther Month ago

    I'm terrified of waking up during surgery unable to move and you feel EVERYTHING, so hell no I want to be AWAKE.

  • Lyndsie Miles
    Lyndsie Miles Month ago +1

    I love it!

  • fraziermay
    fraziermay Month ago +2


  • Cindy Giesbrecht
    Cindy Giesbrecht Month ago

    They could have offered to catheter you, but that might have been a worse fate that mooning the nurse.
    I'm a woman and I wouldn't have wanted to use the bed pan either.

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp Month ago +2

    Funny even though i was feeling his pain😆😭🤣

  • Sharlene John
    Sharlene John Month ago

    He was funnier than I anticipated! The dignity part got me 😆

  • Eric Howry
    Eric Howry Month ago

    Absolutely spot on!!

  • Marshmellow& Chocolate

    That was funny, I've been an RN for over twenty yrs, I have dignity lol 😂

  • tampajohn
    tampajohn Month ago +8

    “Turns out I also had gingivitis........it’s been quite the week”.

  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz Month ago

    Sustain the amazing job !! Lovin' it!

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips Month ago +2

    He's sharp!

  • kathy kelley
    kathy kelley Month ago +1

    This is good 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😘🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Anita Harkavy
    Anita Harkavy Month ago


  • Kimberly Nutbrown Cottage

    Hilarious!!! 👍👏👏👏👏

  • P Pumpkin
    P Pumpkin Month ago

    too long a set up.

  • Kristine Webster
    Kristine Webster Month ago +15

    I adore this guy! The fact that he can navigate through a mishap and keep you laughing is natural talent.

    • kirnpu
      kirnpu Month ago

      I am CRYING from laughing! His mistakes were as funny or funnier than his set!

  • Debbie Bishop
    Debbie Bishop Month ago +1

    You are so funny.

  • AsSeenOnTV
    AsSeenOnTV Month ago +2

    Crappy Canadian healthcare lmao, now that’s the joke

  • Sara SunshineMT
    Sara SunshineMT Month ago

    " ... in hindsight..."
    🤔... 😏...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Elizabeth Markles
    Elizabeth Markles Month ago +3

    My eyes are really drawn to his crotch area. In hindsight.

    • countreekidd
      countreekidd 17 days ago

      I felt sorry for the people that were close to the stage...they were probably covering their eyes the whole time lol

    • Elizabeth Markles
      Elizabeth Markles Month ago

      @JGG oh. Oh. Still looking.

    • alexalovet
      alexalovet Month ago +1

      That's all I seen too. Lol. I had to rewind to listen to the joke.

    • JGG
      JGG Month ago +1

      Elizabeth Markles I think he was going commando. Lol.

  • Aries Martin
    Aries Martin Month ago +1

    Awww man... This is so true. They gave me a little pee bottle to use but it was so difficult when the nurses would be looking at you the entire time. I thought I might have had a kidney stone thats why I couldn't go. Nurse, I'm sorry.. let me have my dignity... :(

  • Margaret Dale
    Margaret Dale Month ago +60

    hospitals have it extra cold on purpose because it slows down the growth of bacteria so it hopefully wont spread.

    • Gwen King
      Gwen King 26 days ago

      Also so machines don’t overheat

    • yellowbeans01
      yellowbeans01 Month ago

      I wish they did that at my hospital, they keep it tropical in here

    • Margaret Dale
      Margaret Dale Month ago

      I know that only saying it helps slow the growth so it wont spread really fast that's all hahaha

    • Pam Tufts
      Pam Tufts Month ago +1

      But cool, dry conditions support viral growth, so you can't win

    • Lavan Volkov
      Lavan Volkov Month ago +11

      It slows down your blood flow, too. You do NOT wanna be warm under anesthesia.

  • Shannon Singleton
    Shannon Singleton Month ago +1

    Really made me laugh😂😂

  • Sarah Doan
    Sarah Doan Month ago +8

    Rotfl....I’ve had 34 surgeries and this is absolutely hilarious and true!!! And coming up on another. You have to laugh and medical stuff is freaking funny sometimes, the human body is weird. Thank you for the wonderful laughter! Thank you!

    • Abc 123
      Abc 123 Month ago

      Sarah take care 😃🖒

    • Red T
      Red T Month ago

      Laughter really is the best medicine.
      And wow! 34 surgeries? As a patient?

  • Faith
    Faith Month ago

    He sounds like a good guy. I definitely smiled a couple times

  • Sharon Smalls
    Sharon Smalls Month ago +2

    Ok, they don't have urinals in Canada for the men to use when they urinate? I no longer do bedside nursing, haven't since 1993, but I haven't seen a hospital gown that didn't provide privacy in decades. I would see hospital gowns in the 80s that didn't cover the patient and I would give my patients two of them.

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn Month ago


  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin Month ago +4

    Laughed hard several times. Thank you!

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin Month ago +1

    Though just a story, not jokes this was hysterical! Thank you!

  • AutumnsReign
    AutumnsReign Month ago +11


  • Chantelle New
    Chantelle New Month ago +3

    So funny I was snort laughing

  • Puffin 02
    Puffin 02 Month ago +3

    I remember when I had brain surgery about six months ago, I refused to use a bed pan, refused to have help to go to the bathroom, and made sure the hospital gown was tied all the way up. By the second day in the hospital I demanded I at least have my pajama pants to try and salvage any dignity I had left.
    I loved this he was great!