Ultimate Hiding Hacks #1 Mystery Door

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Walkers challenged me to create the ultimate hiding places with some tips from Ex detective Peter Bleksley.
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  Month ago +1358

    Taking hiding crisps to another level..........stay tuned for more hiding inventions. So where do/would you hide them........or anything for that.

    • James Burlett
      James Burlett 2 days ago

      I bought that same dresser for my daughter from Ikea with matching side table. Its solid wood, not particle board crap. My son has the stained grey ones.

    • MrJef06
      MrJef06 Month ago

      Colin, do you prefer measuring in inches or cm? It seems you're doing both in the video.

    • Jeremy Brookes
      Jeremy Brookes Month ago +1

      Colin do you think you can create a hidden door like in those old movies inside mansions and castles you pull a book on a book shelf and it opens a door to a new room?
      or the bookcase rotates?
      like in Indiana jones last crusade the fireplace

    • TheGTP1995
      TheGTP1995 Month ago

      @Nikolay Hristov memery cards are memory cards full of memes? :D

    • Submarine Man
      Submarine Man Month ago

      Hide it in my tummy or the hin

  • MotouvoVlog Kero
    MotouvoVlog Kero 23 hours ago +1

    Subtitel INDONESIA Pleas

  • Sound Cloud
    Sound Cloud 2 days ago +1

    i am Vietnamese

  • Tyler Fowler
    Tyler Fowler 3 days ago

    I can almost imagine coming home and finding my door to be 20 pounds heavier than this morning.

  • The Stig's Mexican Cousin

    Is that dude eating fake lays or is that the British version

  • Michael Kelleher
    Michael Kelleher 8 days ago

    Gary: 'opens closet' sees gp-5's and nopes outta there

  • OllieBVlogs
    OllieBVlogs 9 days ago

    It’s the guy from Hunted on Channel 4 😅

  • Valentin Neculhueque
    Valentin Neculhueque 11 days ago

    Alguieen habla español?jaja

  • Tom Oliver
    Tom Oliver 11 days ago

    how mcuh time went into this XD

  • Dan Willer
    Dan Willer 11 days ago

    Cool idea man, love the videos. But for sponsored content you legally need to put #ad.

  • Adam Hartley
    Adam Hartley 12 days ago

    I'm sitting here watching men in black and I have came up with a cool idea for a build!!! I think it's something you may be I interested in! Let me know

  • Rollo Fenrir
    Rollo Fenrir 12 days ago

    Love the classic rock

  • Hurley O'Halloran
    Hurley O'Halloran 16 days ago

    I hide my crisps in my trousers but there hands will turn brown if they tried to get em

  • NeutronX101
    NeutronX101 17 days ago

    I dont think you needed such a steel box to hide your 16 oz snacks a wooden case would of sufficed with some rails.

  • Dustin Fabricante
    Dustin Fabricante 17 days ago


  • Nata Ajah
    Nata Ajah 18 days ago

    Now your kids will find it easily if they watch your video

    SIEEPY 19 days ago

    Can you make it again but smell proof ? Asking for a friend

  • atsimas
    atsimas 20 days ago

    soon you will find out why you should have made it out of aluminium

  • Thomas Slone
    Thomas Slone 20 days ago

    the way my kids slam doors that thing would vibrate out, crap but at least you got a shit load of views and some money from the vid, clicked dislike, stop preying on the stupids of the system and make content for the half stupids like you and me

  • Sarch Lalaith
    Sarch Lalaith 21 day ago +1

    Colin, you did a hover bike a while ago... But you never put a pulse jet on it to speed you through the air...
    I would LOVE to see you do that

  • Mason Schottner
    Mason Schottner 21 day ago

    The Walkers logo looks like the lays logo

  • shaggy at 5% power
    shaggy at 5% power 21 day ago +1

    Lays : let's make some normal chips.
    Walkers : let's steal the lays logo and make weird ass chips.

  • Robert F
    Robert F 21 day ago

    Dude... I think you could have just mounted the slides there to the wood... or do you have to bomb proof everything...?

  • J S M Gaming
    J S M Gaming 21 day ago

    Walkers. We stole the lays lable

  • The177Hunter
    The177Hunter 22 days ago

    Pretty viable door safe. Id hide cash in it if i had cash. Lol

  • Gavin Coyle
    Gavin Coyle 23 days ago

    I need one of them in my house and it's only me and my wife that live there but we still can't seem to be able to keep crisps 👍👍👍

    BOEINGPILOT737 24 days ago

    Great video as always and cool shenanigans.........................but im more interested in how you got Garry lineker in your house??

  • Benny Soons
    Benny Soons 25 days ago


  • Ježus Pitagora
    Ježus Pitagora 25 days ago

    Very good, yes! But I thought doors are very popular for hiding things, that's why I have in one of my doors, small hole for hiding some banknotes for maybe 8 years now. But I have hole on the bottom part so doors must be taken down from hinges to get access to it.

  • Internet Cancer
    Internet Cancer 25 days ago

    Ofc he has gp5 gas mask in his storage room. The true man he is

  • Lucas van Hout
    Lucas van Hout 26 days ago

    Hmm. The door here is made out of door.

  • チャリEL [ChariEL]
    チャリEL [ChariEL] 26 days ago

    Hidden door!?!?

  • Chris Burrow
    Chris Burrow 26 days ago


  • kayak fishing scotland

    It just goes to show how shit Walkers Crisps are nowadays that a packet of crisps can fit inside the width of a door. Those look to be bigger than standard packets too.

    BALDO 27 days ago

    Now it's a public secret

  • FlyingDragon651 1
    FlyingDragon651 1 27 days ago

    Wonder what his electrical bills?

  • Nigward
    Nigward 27 days ago

    You just helped every drug dealer ever

  • BigSkinnyBoi
    BigSkinnyBoi 27 days ago

    As an American I gonna prob sound fucking retarded but walkers look suspiciously like lays

  • NerfSpartanSam
    NerfSpartanSam 27 days ago

    1:34 i thought he said "Lineker bearing"

  • Kuan Yuan Xing DJ
    Kuan Yuan Xing DJ 28 days ago

    May Invent tagada?

  • Renaissance 6 10, 1856
    Renaissance 6 10, 1856 28 days ago +1

    This is one of the better advertising campaigns I’ve seen

  • dlwatib
    dlwatib 28 days ago

    Excellent workmanship. Very hidden.

  • Sloth Gangsta
    Sloth Gangsta 28 days ago

    Wow! That's the guy from hunted

  • George Humphrey
    George Humphrey 28 days ago

    collin must really hate wood work to opt for filling the door with steel to carry 300g of crisps!

  • Kenneth Spencer
    Kenneth Spencer 28 days ago

    i thought of hiding stuff in doors so many times

  • Hull Cai
    Hull Cai 28 days ago

    Why are the packs so perfect

  • Kenneth Spencer
    Kenneth Spencer 28 days ago

    how to hide human bodies

  • Ashvath Sivakumar
    Ashvath Sivakumar 28 days ago

    im from Canada and I love the qavers. My cousins from london always bring me a bag and its sooo addicting.

  • sinclair page
    sinclair page 29 days ago

    You should of hidden them in the bin.

  • Merigold
    Merigold 29 days ago

    I'm curious how many burnt hiding places he's gonna left behind.

  • Techn Craig
    Techn Craig 29 days ago

    Are you taking orders for these to make? Need somewhere to hide my drugs and money

  • John Arnold
    John Arnold 29 days ago

    Who came first Frito-Lay or Walkers?

  • deee327ify
    deee327ify 29 days ago +1

    It would be better to put the compartment higher up so dogs have a harder time sniffing out your "snacks".
    Its a common known fact amongst k9 units that dogs dont work very well when it comes to sniffing upwards.
    Also gas tight seals would be a good idea and only put snacks in after you vaccum sealed them with two layers and wiped the outside with rubbing alcohol.

    • Rme 19630
      Rme 19630 28 days ago

      He´s hiding crisps not drugs. Although...

  • Christopher Cain
    Christopher Cain 29 days ago

    If you swing the door too fast then it opens

    • colinfurze
      colinfurze  29 days ago

      Na there’s a magnet that holds it shut.

  • Christopher Cain
    Christopher Cain 29 days ago

    Colin might be hiding thousands of pounds of drugs in his house and we wouldn’t know

  • FreeWiFi Near
    FreeWiFi Near 29 days ago

    What happens if his kids finds this video

  • s4n714g000
    s4n714g000 Month ago

    You could make the compartment vertical, opening at the bottom or top that way to extract anything you need to remove the door from the frame.

    But If you take those measures you probably are hiding some hardcore stuff.

  • Lawrence Gillespie
    Lawrence Gillespie Month ago

    But won't your mates watch this video, and thus gain the knowledge of the hidden crisps?

  • Alfie Stoppani
    Alfie Stoppani Month ago

    Munster Munch

  • PKMP5
    PKMP5 Month ago

    Colin, what filter do you have on that GP-5?