Blacksmith Anvil Restoration Part 2 of 2

  • Published on Nov 14, 2011
  • In part two of the blacksmith anvil restoration we went to the river to film. We made a custom forge from scrap metal for this perticular project and set it up by the river. We also had a specialy made fork attachment that fit on the the trailer hitch of the truck in order to submerge the hot anvil into the river to cool down and harden. In order to harden the anvil we heated it to about 1600F to the point where the large magnet would no longer stick to the anvil indicating that the critical temperature point was reached. This meant that the anvil was ready to be quenched. We removed it from the river and used a grinder to get rid of the slag in order to see if the edge repair welds were in good standing. Fortunately for us the welds held very well and there were no cracks or any signs of weaknes of the repairs. We then had to temper the anvil by placing it back on the forge and used light heat to bring it to about 500 -600 degrees F. After this we put the anvil back into the river to cool down the same way as before. Finally we brought the anvil back to the shop and cleaned the face a little better and tested the rebound. The results were much better that we expected. We are happy to bring this anvil back to life for many years to come.
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  • Vincent Rosa
    Vincent Rosa 4 days ago

    Nice job 👍👍

  • Lmr6973
    Lmr6973 4 months ago

    This is the kind of immigrants we need in our country!

  • Marc Digiuseppe
    Marc Digiuseppe 5 months ago

    Outstanding demonstration of a keen knowledge of the properties of metal!

  • Goran Živković
    Goran Živković 9 months ago

    7018 elektrode?

  • TheRunereaper
    TheRunereaper 9 months ago

    Fine work. Great to see a man giving something back and leaving a legacy. Thanks for posting.

  • Armando Pinto
    Armando Pinto 11 months ago

    Muito bom....👍

  • Martin E
    Martin E Year ago

    Very good job! Thanks for your video!

  • ionel olaru
    ionel olaru Year ago +1

    esti roman?

  • Florin Cochintu
    Florin Cochintu 2 years ago +1

    Super! Ingenioasa metoda de calire! Romanian style!

  • Lenblacksmith
    Lenblacksmith 2 years ago

    Nice job well done, enjoyed watching the video.

  • doggonemess
    doggonemess 2 years ago

    I'm going to have to make a pilgrimage down there some time. Do you guys do this on a regular basis?

  • Daniel Yadon
    Daniel Yadon 2 years ago

    That has to be one of the best videos I've ever seen posted on You-Tube! There are a lot of video's that show guys welding and grinding on an anvil and calling it "restored". I thought your video would be the same. Then you take the 300lb chunk of steal and harden it! Its nice to see someone else who appreciates things "done right". Nice work!

  • Manjunatha K
    Manjunatha K 3 years ago

    I am working in Indian. because one think how many tapes of iran stell with tampracher in hetting narmal stage

  • Gerald Swain
    Gerald Swain 3 years ago +5

    superb ring means great job!!!.

  • bubby hardy
    bubby hardy 3 years ago

    great video, i just had a idea hit me, and someone may have already mentioned it but what if while its cold you attach a nice section of log chain to it. rent or borrow a mini escavator or regular tire or track hoe and at critical tempature, use the arm of the hoe to lift it out of the forge, swing over the water and swing it back and forth through the water. just a idea in case you do it again. i think it would give you a even better initial quench. keep up the great work.

    • Lance Landis
      Lance Landis Year ago

      Some blacksmith in Alaska did just that.

  • Aaron Barrett
    Aaron Barrett 3 years ago

    Why do You don`t put it into the water immediately with handler?

  • Zlittle16
    Zlittle16 3 years ago

    You have paid the highest possible honor to the craftsmen who made this anvil and all of those who used it so far in it's working life. Hoping many more generations of smiths will use it and learn the craft as you have.

  • Radoslaw Jocz
    Radoslaw Jocz 3 years ago +1

    slow quench, I think it should be done immediately

  • Bruce Pender
    Bruce Pender 3 years ago +1


  • holy man
    holy man 3 years ago +1

    thanks great vid

  • Irish Tino
    Irish Tino 4 years ago

    I am finishing the welds and grinds on my 1838 anvil. Will be tempering probably this fall, loved this video!

  • 101platayoro
    101platayoro 4 years ago +2


  • Alexandre Morin
    Alexandre Morin 4 years ago +4

    you are a beast

  • Will Baack
    Will Baack 4 years ago

    Great Vid. Thats the great part about the country. Here in Arizona, If I tried to quench an anvil I just heated to 1500 degrees at Saguaro lake's boat dock, I'd probably go to jail.

    • dav snow
      dav snow 3 years ago

      +Will Baack : Why?? Is there a law against Blacksmiths in your State ??

  • Walter Herrick
    Walter Herrick 4 years ago

    Very well done my friend, I think it was worth the effort that it took to get in perfect shape, it will outlive us all many times over.

  • Liam Harris
    Liam Harris 4 years ago

    I normally dont like videos but this was great, I would have liked to be there.

    • Evan Mcgeorge
      Evan Mcgeorge 4 years ago +1

      +Baron Ockslite why are you on youtube if you dont like videos XD

  • Denny Arcano
    Denny Arcano 4 years ago +1

    nice polluted water...

    • mike linton
      mike linton Year ago

      Thundercats Aroar!!!!! Lmfao ....Dude your a dumbass!!!!

    • Brad Morris
      Brad Morris 3 years ago

      +Denny Arcano That's pollen in the water, not pollution.

    • Denny Arcano
      Denny Arcano 3 years ago +2

      no. read again. and again. and one more time! i speak about the river. i didn't told nothing about the experiment! i suggest you to read better before to speak, the real idiot here is you, now.

    • adam white
      adam white 3 years ago +1

      +Denny Arcano Ummmmm what? he put hot metal in and pulled cold metal out and that is pollution? don't respond... Pretty much anything you say is just going to make you look more stupid than you already did. This guy is very resourceful. if he had done it in his shop out of public view where do you think the water would have ended up at?

  • Antipodean33
    Antipodean33 4 years ago +2

    That anvil must have done some work throughout it's life, just look at the horn

  • lee atkins
    lee atkins 4 years ago

    That's buckhorn river

  • iowaunemployment
    iowaunemployment 5 years ago

    I love the way this guy thinks. He is a 21st century renaissance man.

  • robert boykin
    robert boykin 5 years ago

    Good job, really sings when hit.

  • Crazy Acres Forge
    Crazy Acres Forge 5 years ago +3

    Hey, Stelian. Great job on restoring a beautiful anvil! I am a beginning hobby smith in Dunn, about 45 minutes south from you and I was wondering where you get your coal from. I didn't know if you were able to find a local source or if you had to order it like I have done. Thanks again for posting the video.

  • Mike H
    Mike H 5 years ago

    Great video, I too have a PW I have restored. How long did the heat take before quenching took place at the river

  • mdkingsley
    mdkingsley 5 years ago

    Great job and thanks for showing your process on saving that wonderful piece of history. It will make me think twice about passing up another damaged anvil.

  • wheelgood
    wheelgood 5 years ago +1

    Epic!! Absolutely fantastic!

  • alan30189
    alan30189 5 years ago

    Did you get any boiled fish out of the deal?
    As you probably know, if you attach a magnet to the side of it, the loud sound will be deadened.

  • Frank B
    Frank B 5 years ago +7

    To save a fine anvil like that is a wonderful thing!

  • Edward W.
    Edward W. 5 years ago +1

    I have to admit, i was skeptical at 1st, thinkin maybe a forge weld of a new top plate would be better, after resurfacin, but I'm Definitely impressed with what i see, & hear, in the end results. Great Job..

  • triton1861
    triton1861 5 years ago

    Лохмандеи помоему

  • theIntuitionist
    theIntuitionist 5 years ago

    Amazing! Wow, I had no idea that that could be done. Thanks for the video.

  • Jesus von Nazaret
    Jesus von Nazaret 5 years ago

    great job, good to see that all the work brought success

  • firebadger100
    firebadger100 5 years ago

    that anvil sounds fucking horrible

    • Matt Roy
      Matt Roy 2 years ago

      I thought the same,

  • twistedfate0918
    twistedfate0918 5 years ago +3

    Amazing job!

  • mercoid
    mercoid 6 years ago

    You are a good man. You did a great thing here. The world needs more men like you.

  • Ricopolico
    Ricopolico 6 years ago

    You KNOW you can't even smell this good man.

  • Zeugschmiede/Toolforge

    i would suggest to anneal it to a good yellow or a light purpile.... anyways, its better to have an anvil that is a little to soft than to have two parts of an anvil that was a little to hard....

  • Skeen747
    Skeen747 6 years ago

    whats it to you? im a blacksmith. say im not.

  • woeskwee
    woeskwee 6 years ago

    Good job, you are an inspiration, thank you.

  • Irish Tino
    Irish Tino 6 years ago

    This video is great. I just got a huge anvil that was in a barn fire and have to do the same process to bring it back. One question: you skipped over the second heat quench process, what was the second temperature you would reheat ?

  • messerist
    messerist 6 years ago

    Fine job restoring a treasure.

  • Shawn Gilley
    Shawn Gilley 6 years ago

    Very nice a friend had his shop burn down and this may help him out.

  • thewalker1121
    thewalker1121 6 years ago

    What was the fuel source that you used in the forge? Charcoal?

  • onebadboy2
    onebadboy2 6 years ago

    Wow, I'm very impressed with this endeavor. I hope you are still enjoying your new anvil. Way to go.

  • funnyguy3452
    funnyguy3452 6 years ago

    If only I had a dollar every time this guy said "you know"

  • Dave Bardin
    Dave Bardin 6 years ago

    I loved it. You have saved a wonderful tool and will put back to work. I have an old 1898 Fisher I need to do this to. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • cookervillpop101
    cookervillpop101 6 years ago

    i got a peter wright with a bent horn tip help please

  • burdulea77
    burdulea77 6 years ago

    ai forjato prea tare este posibil sa se rupa cind o sa lucri pe margina , prea otel

  • ivan marquez zamora
    ivan marquez zamora 6 years ago

    thahk you sooo much.

  • beretta jim
    beretta jim 7 years ago +3

    you should be very proud. not very many people these days are willing to put so much work into perfecting something beautiful like your anvil. you are a good man, and not only that but you are an inspiration to more men out in the world today that have no idea what hard work and good living are all about. this generation needs more role models like you sir.

  • H.J.D
    H.J.D 7 years ago

    After using the anvil for a year now, will you let us know how well the anvil has held up. thanks.