Crazy Stingray Catch!

  • Published on Feb 15, 2018
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    On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote and crew explore coastal estuaries in Australia for Stingrays!
    Stingrays are numerous and widespread all over the world and in certain situations can be found in relatively shallow water…and it is just these conditions that occur daily near the Eastern Coast of Brisbane that will allow Coyote and the team to get up close for an epic encounter with this barb-tailed creature!
    Get ready to see Coyote in full form catching a stingray!
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Comments • 4 815

  • Karate Chris
    Karate Chris 4 years ago +724

    Steve Irwin would appreciate this. He loved nature and died doing what he wanted to do. Nobody thought it would have been from that particular creature. But I know he would have really enjoyed Coyote's work and encouraged him to the fullest. I would have loved to see a conversation between him and Coyote. Nature is their whole lives and an obsession. Stay safe coyote and keep up the best work.

    • Wade Chosvig
      Wade Chosvig 3 months ago

      Honestly coyote has the potential to be the next Steve Irwin

    • Jayme Raney
      Jayme Raney 10 months ago

      I have never heard of him, but I'm sure I would of loved him!

    • Lawless
      Lawless Year ago

      @jana ismail By a stingray

    • Bedant Dahal
      Bedant Dahal Year ago

      @Canadianno No, it was like: I'm dying

  • Connor H 98
    Connor H 98 4 years ago +1836

    "Keep dragging your feet" 2 seconds later Coyote runs a 100 meter dash chasing a stingray xD

    • Chris Media
      Chris Media Month ago


    • Wolfe Smith
      Wolfe Smith Year ago

      just thinking the same

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy Year ago

      @Kelley Walsh its offence not afence

    • Lydia Dempsey
      Lydia Dempsey Year ago

      Can you bo a hsawt

    • NoNameRN
      NoNameRN Year ago

      XBadassBabydollx💗 it’s more like he’s worrying about others more than himself

  • ItsJosiePosie
    ItsJosiePosie 4 years ago +568

    I couldn't help but break down in tears unexpectedly and get really emotional at the beginning/throughout this video... This is one of the reasons why I love watching you so much Coyote. I'm 23 years old but I feel like I'm brought back to my childhood with Steve Irwin every time I watch you, but you of course are unique and fun to watch in your own way as well. And seeing you handling a stingray made me so happy but sad at the same time knowing this was the animal that took Steves life. But he took that risk every day with every animal he encountered because he loved them and seeing you reminds me of that and it just makes me so happy Coyote.. Your love/passion/excitement for animals no matter how dangerous or scary is so incredible and it's just amazing. Please don't ever change.. and Stay Safe Coyote.

    • Jot
      Jot Year ago +1

      Agreed. I'm glad to see someone carry on his Legacy, while making it their own. He shares his absolute love, passion and respect for the world and its creatures. I hope he continues to let kids experience the same magic Steve gifted us with when we were younger.

    • J E R E M Y N O L A N
      J E R E M Y N O L A N 2 years ago +2

      @FURRR BABIES Do you not know who Steve Irwin is because your sympathy was a bit over the top, as if Steve Irwin was her brother or something.

    • Vorname Nachname
      Vorname Nachname 3 years ago

      I Feel the Same

    • M.D. Programming
      M.D. Programming 3 years ago

      @FURRR BABIES You prey for them?!!

    • Sych Wolf99
      Sych Wolf99 3 years ago +4

      Sunshine Draws you didn’t have to make it technical. This person was just having a moment,.. Come on man..

  • Dominique Williams
    Dominique Williams 3 years ago +345

    “Remember to drag your feet” * Does backflips toward Stingray*

  • ma1tai
    ma1tai Year ago +3

    I'm a fisherman and I've caught so many stingrays, I love them they're just such beautiful creatures.

  • Mike Rosenberger
    Mike Rosenberger 2 years ago +3

    Absolutely love watching you and your crew, stay safe 🤙🏼

  • Heidi McLaughlin
    Heidi McLaughlin 4 years ago +1

    You should do more videos like this (beyond the tide) you inspire me soo much

  • Taiga Dragon
    Taiga Dragon 4 years ago +335

    "That's about as much as I want to handle it." *Picks it up 7 more times*

  • TheBrokenGeneration
    TheBrokenGeneration 4 years ago +21

    Coyote always has such amazing content, be brave, stay wild!❤️😋

  • Maxoblivion75 ._.
    Maxoblivion75 ._. 4 years ago +160

    One day, I’ll be mature enough to not laugh at the stingray’s underside all the time.😂

  • clairvaux
    clairvaux 3 years ago +117

    Is it just me, or did that sting ray liked being petted? Lmao it made such a fuss when he tried holding it up, but didn't move when they stroked its back

    • Nate Britton
      Nate Britton Year ago +3

      @DarkenMidnacrystal awesome fun fact I love animals and did not know this

    • DarkenMidnacrystal
      DarkenMidnacrystal 2 years ago +19

      Fun fact: Humans have a tendecy to pet animals, it's a bonding act and social characteristic. Some animals have evolved to this petting structure to realize that it means no harm and you're caring for it. Notice when he started petting it, it wasnt thrashing as much. It's our body language that we mean no harm and it's adorable how humans and animals have evolved from this

    • Everette Li
      Everette Li 2 years ago +20

      I went to an aquarium once they had rays you could pet
      One really liked being petted and when I wanted to leave it frikin STOOD UP on its tail and flapped its "wings" and splashed me and everyone near me until I went back to pet it 😂

  • Cindy Ann
    Cindy Ann 3 years ago +1

    My son loves watching your videos and can even say your name. A few days ago, he told me “momma I want to watch Coyote Peterson. He’s my friend.” ☺️ he’s only 3.
    Thank you for uploading very informative and adventure-filled videos.

  • Daniel Meyer
    Daniel Meyer 4 months ago

    Coyote thank you for doing this episode I give me a new light on these creatures it’s still saddens me that a stingray was what ender steve Irwin I would absolutely loved to see you and Steve working together on your show

  • The Flores Family
    The Flores Family 4 years ago +269

    Always love learning about sea life you make it all so easy to understand for my kids and i 💖💖

    • Anime God
      Anime God 4 years ago

      The Flores Family run hotel

    • Moniq2004
      Moniq2004 4 years ago

      Annielle Williams you

  • owen w.
    owen w. 4 years ago

    id love to see a video on manta rays! swam with them once, theyre breathtaking

  • William tan
    William tan 4 years ago

    Love your vids keep up the goodwork

  • The Bare Necessities Homestead

    Coyote! We love you and the work you do. My 6 year old daughter and my 3 year old son want to do a show with you for your backyard series if you can ever make it to NW Georgia? Thanks for the entertaining education. My children are learning so much from your videos.

  • Peytonador
    Peytonador 4 years ago

    This was way too scary. I hope we can't lose two legends to a sting ray.

  • Lilpops 1448
    Lilpops 1448 4 years ago

    I love your videos and I think you need to make a lot more videos 👍🏻

  • Robo Tennyson
    Robo Tennyson Year ago

    The little stingray looks so adorable I want one right now

  • J.C. Hong
    J.C. Hong 4 years ago +1

    MAN! I got so nervous when I saw you holding that ray.

  • StanArt Illustrations
    StanArt Illustrations 4 years ago +9

    Here's a story about a stingray
    Once when I was about six my friend and I were walking along a beach in shallow water and stepped on something slimy and smooth I looked down and there was a stingray and it swung its barb around and hit my ankle and I was severely injured. It was in Australia.

  • Michael Haney
    Michael Haney 4 years ago +436

    Wish he'd mentioned Steve Erwin, he was killed by the largest species of stingray. The barb went into his heart, had it gone into his arm he'd be alive today.

    • 5H1-1N4
      5H1-1N4 Year ago

      @mario1234 little mac Manta Rays don't have venomous barbs, or barbs at all. Completely harmless giants.

    • LilTraeWay
      LilTraeWay Year ago

      Mr M he didn’t die at the zoo I don’t think

    • LilTraeWay
      LilTraeWay Year ago

      the dazai to your chuuya he’s a biologist

    • LilTraeWay
      LilTraeWay Year ago

      Jayson Falson USA why would u say that?

    • mario1234 little mac
      mario1234 little mac Year ago

      it was a manta ray

  • Serynna Rose
    Serynna Rose 3 years ago

    woah I never realized how awesome sting rays are!!

  • Cassie Herbert
    Cassie Herbert 3 years ago

    When I went to Florida, I actually got to meet a wild stingray that must have been super used to people, it actually would come up and sit and have it's back rubbed! It was one of the best experiences of my life!

  • Madison
    Madison 4 years ago

    I think that watching coyote run in the shallow water is the best thing I’ve ever seen

  • Jaime Andrade
    Jaime Andrade 3 years ago

    I like watching these videos very educational.😊

  • Jonathon Shatswell
    Jonathon Shatswell 3 years ago

    I love how the little text appears at the bottom “Coyote Peterson and his crew are trained professionals”, meanwhile I see Coyote looking rather goofy as he chases after the ray XD

  • DevonGhoul Mob 100
    DevonGhoul Mob 100 4 years ago

    I noticed after you started petting the mask ray it started to be more friendly and ok with you moving it around

  • Samonelly
    Samonelly 2 years ago +1

    Coyote seems pretty nervous handling the ray

  • Un3asy
    Un3asy 4 years ago +56

    Imagine being outside watching the water and than you see three random people yelling it’s here and one of them is waving a net around

  • majestaec
    majestaec 4 years ago +129

    *Don’t step on top of the barbs they might bite*
    4:10 😂

  • BoxMeister
    BoxMeister Year ago +3

    It just seems so peaceful, even when it was being handled in the net. A truly gentle creature and a magnificent flappy boi. 13/10

  • JSavWrldd
    JSavWrldd 4 days ago +1

    Not sure about this species of ray but most rays or skates that I know have some rough sand paper skin on the top and underside of the side fins. They also have some pretty pointy things that can cut you around that area too, but the rest of the body is slimy and smooth

  • J Stefan
    J Stefan 4 years ago

    Coyote bro,you make the best videos in the world. Believe me!

  • DanHarkless ﴾Halloween, theme parks, YTPs, & more﴿

    2:38 - "Hmm, well, I discovered a cameraman in there, but no stingrays..."
    4:29 - Also, leave it to a camera guy to realize the value of polarized sunglasses when hunting for shallow-water rays in bright sunlight. Heh, at first Coyote was all, "No no no!" 😎

  • Dian Yadnya
    Dian Yadnya 3 years ago +1

    He's so brave!!

  • coco
    coco 3 years ago

    You know you’re Australian when on all the bays/beaches you go to there are “shuffle your feet for stingrays” signs everywhere :)

  • Healer Of The Waters

    I love how calm the ray got towards the end, like, "Oh, okay. You guys are just checking me out and stuff. That's fine."

  • VinCent X
    VinCent X 4 years ago +592

    One thing people should be aware of is that the species that killed Steve Irwin is the short-tail stingray. That is the largest stingray in the world with a disc-width of more than 2 metres across and weighing more than 350kg, and it has a barb the size of a bayonet. In general stingrays - with the exception of those freshwater ones in the Amazon - are not particularly venomous, and it is the physical wound by the barb itself that causes the more bodily harm. And because most of them are small, people are usually struck in their lower legs and therefore the injury is not life-threatening. But because of short-tail stingray's huge size, it has a much bigger range of attack. Heck, this animal has even killed a killer whale in New Zealand when it strucked a barb into the predators mouth and the barb broke of in the whale's palate.

    • Oreo
      Oreo Month ago

      @Adele we know

    • Shawne Owens
      Shawne Owens 3 years ago

      RandomPerson Actually dying of age is way worse, if he had gotten a disease he would suffer for years, and getting stabbed in the heart kills u almost instantly. mabey a second or two of pain. (excuse my grammar)

    • Schmit GaMeS
      Schmit GaMeS 3 years ago

      No he clearly said the Largest STING ray not ray. Yes the manta RAY is the biggest RAY however the short tailed STING Ray is the biggest STING ray xP

    • Party'le'Swine
      Party'le'Swine 3 years ago

      Steve Irwin was my childhood hero. But I didn't know how he died until I saw an episode of River Monsters later on. He was a good man...

    • sonilapapa
      sonilapapa 4 years ago

      Amelia Harrison em if you watch Steve Irwin and coyote then you would know everything about stingrays

  • Heidi Boggs
    Heidi Boggs 4 years ago

    I was like freaking with concern when you stopped shuffling. I didn't even care if you caught the stingray! But...thank you, I sure loved seeing it once you got it, very wonderful!

  • Canadianno
    Canadianno 2 years ago +1

    You should come to Canada and see Ripley's aquarium :) you get to pet stingrays

  • Lillian Sancerni
    Lillian Sancerni Year ago +1

    One time I was at the beach with my dad and a massive 7 and a half foot bull shark headed right for us, thankfully it did not bite me and I was only 10 years old, It was very scary

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 years ago

    I didnt know rays were related to sharks, thats awesome!

  • Preston Case
    Preston Case 4 years ago +125

    Coyote: Drag your feet today everybody!(continues to walk normal)

    • Mike F
      Mike F 4 years ago +6

      Not only that but begins to do the equivalent of sprinting in water

    • Eman Dragon
      Eman Dragon 4 years ago

      Dragoon lol

  • Andrea Vaughan
    Andrea Vaughan 4 years ago +3

    How can you do that you are so brave 😬👍🏻😍

  • Kian Campbell
    Kian Campbell 4 years ago +1

    Coyote: I want to try and handle it as little as possible
    Coyote: -Literally petting the ray as he says this-

  • Ducky Tuna
    Ducky Tuna 4 years ago

    I have seen a stingray at the beach before and it was super cool seeing it as a wild stingray!

  • Enrique Navarro
    Enrique Navarro Year ago

    Hi! Guys i hope you don’t harm them when you catch the animals it’s a challenge but pls. Try your best not to hurt them🙏🤞🏻and thank you for sharing the experience you guy’s are awesome 👏

  • Gabe Hintz
    Gabe Hintz 4 years ago +28

    Beyond the tide is my favorite series on Brave Wilderness!

  • Becky Foster
    Becky Foster 3 years ago

    Great look at a stingray. Glad to NOT see anyone in major pain from a bite or sting!

  • Griffindrawz
    Griffindrawz 4 years ago

    I’ve never seen anyone walk that fast on water lol

  • Luca R.
    Luca R. 4 years ago

    Coyote: It looks so bizarre!

  • DiscordOfDave
    DiscordOfDave 4 years ago

    I was at Island Beach State Park swimming in the ocean when I noticed something swimming in the water around me. I dunked my head underwater and found out I was surrounded by dozens of stingrays. Turns out I had wandered into their migratory path. Their must have been hundreds swimming up the coast in a line. It was really amazing.

  • Dick Jefferson
    Dick Jefferson 4 years ago +2100

    "Remember guys always drag your feet" *sees stingray* *starts high stepping towards it*

  • Frankie Gray
    Frankie Gray 4 years ago +1

    Love it, This takes me back to being a child hunting for all kinds of animals in rock pools at my local beach. Good work coyote and crew you have warmed my heart with this beautiful ray :)

  • Jenelyn Digal
    Jenelyn Digal 4 years ago +1

    Woah Thats Good and u deserve That Many subs because u are amazing And Brave and Wild😊

  • jack davis
    jack davis Year ago +7

    Coyote: "Keep dragging your feet."
    Also Coyote when he finds the Stingray: *"WRYYYYYY"*

  • NaviDoodlez
    NaviDoodlez 2 years ago

    last time i was at the beach, i got stung in the foot by a sting ray. it was easily the worst physical pain i dealt with (i'm not coyote, i don't sting myself with executioner wasps). the 1 mile drive back to the hotel felt like hours, and i was in the bathtub running scalding hot water on my foot while drinking wine and dr. pepper.

  • Mellocide
    Mellocide 4 years ago +132

    Please remember that the incident with Steve Irwin was a freak accident!
    Not only is a sting to the chest really uncommon, the actual reason for his death was because the barb pierced his heart, not due to the venom at all.
    Of course it's normal to be worried, but no need to freak out.

    • Gorsh Zilla
      Gorsh Zilla 4 years ago +1

      And I've been stung by one before, they hurt but they aren't really deadly

    • David C.
      David C. 4 years ago +2

      Rmmc 1203 na I only have seen idiots that act like poison is what killed him. They also think it was a sting ray but it was really a bull ray.

    • Ryan M.
      Ryan M. 4 years ago +2

      David c. I think a lot of people that commented know what happened.

    • David C.
      David C. 4 years ago +6

      Sera12105 thank you finally someone that knows what happend

  • Sky
    Sky 3 years ago +2

    I've gotten stung by a stingrays and its the most painful sting I have ever experienced

    • real nigga
      real nigga Year ago

      I got stung 3 days ago at long beach it was the worst thing I've ever felt

  • peepeepoopoo
    peepeepoopoo 2 years ago

    Coyote: drag your feet ok?
    Also coyote: runs to catch a stingray

  • Shinora
    Shinora 4 years ago +10

    Reminder ya'll, steve didn't blame the ray. Steve even actively explained that he scared the ray before he passed. The ray was afraid, steve knew that. he wouldn't want ya'll blaming stingrays for his death. That man loves animals and stingrays are included.

  • Emilia
    Emilia 2 years ago +25

    Coyote: "shuffle your feet"
    Also Coyote: * literally runs across the water to catch a sting ray *

  • _Bob McCoy
    _Bob McCoy 4 years ago +4

    *"Remember guys always drag your feet"*
    *(sees stingray starts high stepping towards it)*

  • Prince
    Prince 2 years ago +4

    Coyote: Remember to drag your feet guys!
    Also Coyote: 4:10
    If coyote sees this I love your videos been subbed for about 4 years can't get enough of it 😂😄

  • Rice
    Rice 4 years ago

    I remember this story when I was younger, In Florida, there is this place called peanut island, a island with beaches and lagoons. Everytime I have been there, we would always go to this one lagoon, the deepest point is around waist level for an adult male. My family brought an average net you could find in stores for 10 USD. One of our friends (we're Asian) borrowed the net for fun to try and catch some stuff, but he didn't know much about animals. He went in barefoot, and caught a stingray and didn't know what it was. He showed it to us and we we're about to say don't touch the tail, but while moving his hand, he touched the tail. He started bleeding and we got medical attention he was fine afterward

  • Perfice Te
    Perfice Te 2 years ago +1

    I’ve probably been here before. I bet it’s in Gold Coast.
    I also seen many stingrays before too.

  • Chelsea Halloran
    Chelsea Halloran 4 years ago

    I’m so glad you came to Aus!! my country is so beautiful

  • MJ edits
    MJ edits 4 years ago +145

    "Don't worry a stingray can't kill you"
    RIP Steve

    • Samantha M
      Samantha M 4 years ago +1

      Miquan Steve wanted it that way though. The only way to get to a Doctor with the barb still in his heart would have been to hurt the ray and Steve didn’t want that.

    • David C.
      David C. 4 years ago

      Also it was huge. But wouldn't have killed him if it got him in the leg

    • David C.
      David C. 4 years ago

      I thought he was stabbed in the heart. I don't think it will sting coyote there

    • Pamela FlirtySkunk
      Pamela FlirtySkunk 4 years ago

      That was a different situation. The rays were huge and it was actually him pulling the barb out of his heart that killed him. He bled out. Had he left it, he may have lived.

    • Jeffrey Davis
      Jeffrey Davis 4 years ago

      Aron Does Stuff Bull*^

  • Natalie Abril
    Natalie Abril 4 years ago +47

    I was at the beach one time and I was shuffling my feet because I knew that there were some stingrays in the water. A wave comes and picks me up off the floor and when I landed I was slipping on a stingray. I never got stung (thank god!) but I was a little bit scared. My bff said that I look weird when I was slipping on the stingray lol. I have fed stingrays before though! It’s interesting and fun!

  • BankruptedWizard
    BankruptedWizard 2 years ago

    Mario- You've got it, you've got it!
    Coyote- *Flailing in the water trying to control his net with the ray*

  • Chris Dolmeth
    Chris Dolmeth 4 years ago

    R.I.P. Stephen Robert Irwin, AKA, The Crocodile Hunter (1962 - 2006). One of my childhood heroes, he taught me so much about animals, just as Coyote Peterson does today. Love the channel, love the product and the education. Keep up the good work, man!
    Be brave, stay wild.

  • Gemma Mitchelle
    Gemma Mitchelle Year ago +1

    OMG you caught a stingray 😁

  • mike B
    mike B 4 years ago +88

    I’m glad coyote was careful when he did this. Wouldn’t want another crocodile hunter tragedy :(

    • edo
      edo 4 years ago

      theunlikeyou yeah a few times meaning about 3 or four times. This one's about a foot and a half or two feet so I'm not wrong there.

    • edo
      edo 4 years ago

      every go re-read my original comment. I had some misinformation and I've since corrected it.

    • edo
      edo 4 years ago +1

      micah bettis yeah, but still. The venom from these are not life threatening at all.

    • edo
      edo 4 years ago

      Violet Raven クリスタル that's... Not a very 'fun' fact at all... :(

    • theunlikeyou
      theunlikeyou 4 years ago +1

      The one that killed Steve Irwin was not "a few times bigger" it was a lot bigger it was said to be an 8 foot ray.

  • SchrottAimTV Gaming

    I love how the animal trusts him...

  • Erin owen
    Erin owen 4 years ago

    Love this video so much ❤❤❤

  • ion_missxx-psn
    ion_missxx-psn 3 years ago

    Nice work Coyote!

  • Lila D
    Lila D 4 years ago

    The entire time I was so frightened our coyote was gonna go the way of Steve

  • Trekobius
    Trekobius 4 years ago +22

    Loved it guys! I once mistook a spotted stingaree for a skate and went to pick it up, got stung and had to endure the hours of excruciating pain. That experience gave me a new respect for rays and this video makes me like them even more.

    • Burger King
      Burger King 4 years ago

      Tailz The Maximus Crimson Fox HD I don't think someone wants to edit for you and your Minecraft videos

    • Tailz HD
      Tailz HD 4 years ago

      Trekobius hey bro I'm looking for good TheXvid editors you know any

    • Trekobius
      Trekobius 4 years ago +2

      Thank you for coming to my home of Australia btw!

  • WhyOWhy
    WhyOWhy 3 years ago

    Imagine falling in the ocean and getting a 1 foot stinger stuck in your arm

  • Poparella
    Poparella 3 years ago

    He's constantly stinging himself with venomous insects. How hard would it be to be stung by a stingray for a video? I think it would be really interesting to watch because I've been stung in each of my feet by stingrays.

  • No Bad Days Fishing

    Have you been stung by one Yet? I got complacent once and got barbed. Equivalent to having my hand burnt and electrocuted at the same time. Pain lasted over 2 hrs. Went to ER to make sure the barb was out. Overall, 5 hrs of exhausting pain. Quite an experience. Made me nervous handling them after. But that's fishing sometimes for ya.

  • Phila
    Phila 2 years ago +5

    Coyote: *shuffle your feet*
    Also Coyote: 3:17

  • squishybrick
    squishybrick 4 years ago +26

    Sheesh, they really dragged their feet on making this episode, but seeing it uploaded was a ray of light on my youtube page.. Really takes the sting out of boredom.

  • bebop
    bebop 2 years ago +9

    Coyote: I am trying to determine were the barb is
    Me: On the back of his tail

  • Eagle Gaming
    Eagle Gaming 4 years ago

    Nice i caught one on my holiday on a canoe almost got pulled in they're strong!

  • Morgan
    Morgan 3 years ago

    It looked like it almost got you at 8:18 and it literally made me gasp out loud lmao

  • Lilly Kidoll
    Lilly Kidoll 4 years ago

    I love stingrays!!! this video is awesome love your channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wasiq Subhani
    Wasiq Subhani 4 years ago +6

    Do more tide pools and backyard adventures

  • maya summers
    maya summers 2 years ago

    Couldn't help but burst with laughter at Coyote in the beginning. He was practically running on that water.

  • Jake DeSisto
    Jake DeSisto 3 years ago

    In Thailand, there are 16-foot stingrays. Could you feature those?

  • J
    J 2 years ago +1

    9:12 "I want to try to handle this as little as possible." Then proceeds to sit there and pet it. Then asks the cameraman to pet it. SMH.

  • Chad Martin
    Chad Martin 3 years ago

    Kinda disappointed you didn’t enter the sting zone with the stingray! Wanted to see how you held up compared to me when I was stung haha.

  • Nick Tokar
    Nick Tokar 4 years ago +23

    Did Coyote say "Our first official Stingray episode?" Does he not remember Stingray feeding time?

    • K Benoit
      K Benoit 4 years ago

      Perhaps he meant his first wild stingray video

    • Nick Tokar
      Nick Tokar 4 years ago

      Henk at 12:40

    • Henk
      Henk 4 years ago

      Did he say that?

    • Dee Ca.
      Dee Ca. 4 years ago +2

      he probably tried to erase that from his memory lol

  • Sasho Markov
    Sasho Markov 4 years ago

    That is a cool stingray 👍🏻🏆🏆

  • Jacob Caserta
    Jacob Caserta Year ago

    Coyote: drag ur feet to avoid stingray barbs
    Also coyote: 4:10

  • Ty S
    Ty S 4 years ago

    I caught a ray with a fishing rod. It’s Face was amazing

  • Jackson Whittaker
    Jackson Whittaker 3 years ago

    I love your videos 🇦🇺

  • P J
    P J 4 years ago +80

    I do this with my pop for crab bait! So much fun, caught a shovel nose shark once too 😂

    • rocky balboa
      rocky balboa 4 years ago

      You shouldn't mess with sharks, it screws up the ecosystem.

    • wysteria hart
      wysteria hart 4 years ago

      That's cool