The World's Strangest Borders Part 1: Panhandles

  • Published on Aug 25, 2016
  • Borders sometimes look pretty strange on a map. Usually, borders exist where there is a river, a mountain range or some other geographical feature. But other times, borders are complete creations of politics or old history and often times look pretty strange. This video is about five of the strangest looking panhandles found in global borders; a panhandle being a part of a country that juts out away from the rest of the country.
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  • Heath
    Heath Year ago +1001

    The funniest part about the Namibia panhandle is that there is a massive waterfall that prevents any travel from East to West Africa, but the Germans didn't realize this until after the deal had been made, meaning the panhandle was made for absolutely no reason whatsoever

  • Kate_cz
    Kate_cz 7 months ago +31

    When Yugoslavia still existed, my uncle was on vacation in Istria and tried wind surfing, but because there was a big wind and he was not very experienced, the wind took him to Italy, where was forbidden to travel. Fortunately, he somehow got back, but it's a funny story

  • MetalHeadViking
    MetalHeadViking Year ago +1242

    Italian guy: literally draws a line on a map.
    Belgium & UK: Looks good to me.

    • Jay S.
      Jay S. 4 months ago +1

      And the locals are there to pay the price for it lol

    • Morrison M
      Morrison M 5 months ago

      @Kakali Mukherjee You're Afrikaans?

    • Kakali Mukherjee
      Kakali Mukherjee 5 months ago

      @Morrison M
      Why are you afrikan?

    • SouthAsiaUnified
      SouthAsiaUnified 5 months ago +2

      @SgtMcNugget yes

  • Harson-
    Harson- Year ago +251

    These panhandles actually are helpful in terms of memorising the country's shape and fun indeed

    • Centauri A
      Centauri A 4 months ago +2

      Ok, so I apparently need to somehow cook some hot ramen noodles with a Namibia... Wish me luck!

    • Harson-
      Harson- 11 months ago +22

      @akapam57 ?
      at least i dont follow people just because theyre the same race as me you pepega

    • Teamgeist
      Teamgeist Year ago +10

      Not so much if you live there

  • Richard Raithby
    Richard Raithby Year ago +202

    Worth mentioning that the Caprivi strip didn't even give Germany access to the east coast of Africa because Victoria Falls is just up the river and so their boats wouldn't have been able to go past it

  • Jax Matthews
    Jax Matthews Year ago +42

    I love how you included Liechtenstein in the beginning. Kind of sucks how they are often forgotten. ❤️🇱🇮

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze 7 months ago +7

    🇳🇦: I have the super panhandle case
    🇪🇷: I have the longest Pan handle
    🇦🇫: I have the panhandle That didnt exist sorta
    🇽🇰: I have a small panhandle
    🇨🇱: *im just a random panhandle*
    🇳🇵: *my flag has a panhandle*
    🇨🇾: me almost have panhandle

  • Asko Pesola
    Asko Pesola Year ago +23

    5:29 Last year I drove through Zambia and went over Zambezi river on that tiny opening from Zambia to Botswana. Then driving 10km through Game Park in Botswana and over a river to Namibia . Then driving through this Caprivi strip to get to the coast. Very strange border indeed!

    • _______
      _______ 9 months ago +1

      You drove over a river?

    • Jonathan Tan
      Jonathan Tan Year ago +1

      How does immigration & customs work over there? What if... say due to a navigation error or engine trouble, your ferry ends up in the wrong country?

  • Ricardo Pontes
    Ricardo Pontes Year ago +4

    The bordering cities of Santana do Livramento (Brazil) and Rivera ( Uruguay) share the Fronteira da Paz (Peace Border). Basically, you can walk back and forrh between the cities unchecked. The Brazilian football team, Grêmio Santanense, would host some of their matches in the Uruguayan stadium in Rivera.

  • Keith Barnes
    Keith Barnes 2 years ago +1

    The Sarstoon River separating Belize from Guatemala is a very interesting border and is even currently awaiting a trial at the International Criminal Court (ICJ). As a Belizean, I am in for it being settled in favour of Belize but all the same, it is very interesting. Maybe you should make a video about it!

  • Jonathan Walz
    Jonathan Walz 4 months ago

    In general, beyond what you mention, the Caprivi Strip was an attempt by Germany to begin to prevent a north to south British presence in Africa that linked Cairo to the Cape (this was a definite consideration for this panhandle beyond the river access to eastern Africa, which inevitably was discovered not to provide access to the Indian Ocean due to the blockage of Victoria Falls).

  • Jan-Louis Jordaan
    Jan-Louis Jordaan Year ago +3

    The funniest thing about the Caprivi strip is that it is upstream from the Victoria falls, so travelling with a ship to the east coast of Africa wouldn't be possible.
    Basically, Germany traded the valuable Zanzibar islands for swampland without access to the sea.

    • Sizano Green
      Sizano Green Year ago

      We also got Heligoland in the trade, which we have until today and is/was pretty strategically important to us.

  • Michael Marques
    Michael Marques Year ago +2

    I've passed through that Tri-border between Botswana, Namibia and Zambia, such fun.

  • Randyman Maximus
    Randyman Maximus Year ago +2061

    Then there is the 49th parallel; a perfect line.

    • theonetheonlyjoey
      theonetheonlyjoey 2 months ago

      Gotta be sarcasm, surely

    • Koluvyal
      Koluvyal 2 months ago

      What about the 38th parallel

    • triobros 9824
      triobros 9824 3 months ago

      For some goddamm reason theres this one part in Washington thats not connected to the states

    • n1co gaming
      n1co gaming 3 months ago

      no line is ferfect

    • London underground empire
      London underground empire 3 months ago

      The line is in a forest and how are you ment to cut down the trees in a straight line without animals

  • Mufumbi John Mulenga
    Mufumbi John Mulenga Year ago +18

    As a Zambian, we love to say that our country is shaped like a butterfly. And we do cut across the Congo pedicle on some bus routes. No visa needed.

  • Jordan Thukkaram
    Jordan Thukkaram 2 years ago

    You should do a video (if you haven't already) on countries completely surrounded by other countries! I've always wondered wtf happened with Lesotho, San Marino, Monaco... such weird situations lol.

  • Sebastian Dittgen
    Sebastian Dittgen 5 years ago +256

    The Caprivi Strip is actually more useless than this video suggests. Shortly after Namibia secured this land, which they wanted so they can access the Indian Ocean through the Zambezi River, they learned of this little obstacle called Victoria Falls! The river was actually unnavigable, and the Germans really fucked up!

    • Zackitscool
      Zackitscool 2 months ago

      @Muhammad Ali your soo wrong

    • Zackitscool
      Zackitscool 2 months ago

      Ah no

    • Ekn _38
      Ekn _38 4 years ago +1

      Aquarius1011 They also traded an island called Helgoland at Germany for Zanzibar

    • Bad_ Man
      Bad_ Man 4 years ago +1

      Sebastian Dittgen hey but that’s probably the only place Us Namibians have water

    • Aquarius1011
      Aquarius1011 5 years ago +16

      They wanted to access the Indian Ocean to link up with their colony there of present day Tanzania. They also traded the island of Zanzibar for the Caprivi, with the British.

  • Real Bill Cipher
    Real Bill Cipher Year ago +91

    UK and Belgium: Draw a line for us
    King of Italy: Ok I drew the line you wanted
    UK and Belgium: so much... *H E A R T* was put into this, amazing. We'll use it.

  • Josiah S Carr Music
    Josiah S Carr Music 7 months ago +12

    4:12 when I realised he was being sarcastic I couldn't stop laughing. The Italian King was like "yeah.. think Belgium would like that swamp, I'ma have to give it to Belgium, sorry UK..."

  • Ray Fridley
    Ray Fridley Year ago +3

    May I suggest making a video on the strange panhandle borders within the U.S. For example, West Virginia has two panhandles: An eastern panhandle that includes Harpers Ferry and a western, maybe northern, panhandle that includes Wheeling.

    • sannhetiblodet
      sannhetiblodet 7 months ago

      Also, I live in Connecticut, and our northern border is pretty straight except for one little blip in the center. Someday I’ll find out how that happened.

    • sannhetiblodet
      sannhetiblodet 7 months ago

      How about the simple fact that two of our states are thousands of miles away from the other 48?

  • Adriana Gabriela
    Adriana Gabriela 10 months ago +2

    "Italy took it's land back" Istria was originally never Italian. It belonged to tribes from the east side of the Adriatic, all related to each other. Roman *occupation* was what basically made it Roman/Italian for a large part of history. But originally, Istria should be exactly where it is today

    • Ender katze
      Ender katze 8 months ago

      Roman occupation was so Long ago, at this Point that it was an occupation really doesn't Matter anymore? The Land was Italian at the time, and i'm Fairly sure some Italian states, pre-unification, owned the Land aswell untill the Austrians Came along

  • Augusto Nembungu
    Augusto Nembungu Year ago +34

    As a Namibian I'm happy that you put us in your thumbnail& that you mentioned us in your video so thx a lot

  • Nkandu Kataya
    Nkandu Kataya Year ago +244

    Zambian here. We have so much in common with our brothers in the Pedicle. Colonialism's scars are still evident.

    • Aiphares
      Aiphares 9 months ago

      probably way too late but what do you think about if most african countries would kinda rearrange to borders that would make more sense? with regards to ethnic groups etc

    • Porcelynne
      Porcelynne 9 months ago +2

      @aagam jain The colonizers didn't bring civilization to Africa, or to North America. They undermined it while living off its revenues. I hope you're aware of how racist the statement you're making actually is, and that you're parroting myths and excuses made up by colonizers to justify their expansion and greed.

    • Porcelynne
      Porcelynne 9 months ago

      @TwoSheds Jackson This is a very racist assumption.

    • Kevin Norris
      Kevin Norris 9 months ago +1

      Still blaming colonialism? Countries in Africa coincidentally seemed to be more stable under European control. An example would be the Belgians leaving Rwanda to it's residents to govern, only only for it's residents to end up committing genocide against each other a few decades later. African warlords are just as common as the trees over there.

    • Doug Montgomery
      Doug Montgomery Year ago +2

      It sure looks that way. The modern national borders were retained from the colonial period and have no connection with the ethnic distribution.

  • Abir Mef
    Abir Mef 5 months ago

    Thank you so much for these informations please share more info with us about the colonial adrican borders 💞 a lot of people are trying to understand this matter🙏

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon Ahern 2 years ago +6

    I've been to Mufulira in Zambia which is quite close to the pan handle with DR Congo. They mostly speak Bemba there so you don't feel anyway close to Congo. At least I didn't until my lady friend at the time, who was from Mufulira, pointed out that a couple of men we passed one evening had a different accent and suggested they might have been from Congo. When you have no knowledge of African languages you don't notice accents if you don't understand what they're saying. At least I didn't notice anyway. Just a random fact I felt like sharing.

    • Adroa Patrick Lumumba
      Adroa Patrick Lumumba 5 months ago

      @Eamon Ahern Thank you

    • Eamon Ahern
      Eamon Ahern 5 months ago

      @Adroa Patrick Lumumba interesting

    • Adroa Patrick Lumumba
      Adroa Patrick Lumumba 5 months ago +1

      The Luba and the Bemba straddle the Congo, Zambia and Malawi borders. They can move around these countries without anybody knowing which particular country they belong to.

  • Dusan Pavlovic
    Dusan Pavlovic 4 years ago +481

    Did you know that a micro state exists in Australia? It is a territory under the influence of the Great Emu Empire. During the First Emu War the Emu army took the territory and proclaimed it as a part of Emuland. Little did the Australians know the Second Emu War was coming, and they were unprepared. Emus attacked the weak spot, which turned out to be under their control. So they just expanded Emuland's territory. That territory is now known as "Sydney". The more you know.

    • TOSH 9090
      TOSH 9090 2 years ago

      So they fought a bird?

    • Gyaps_Da_Best
      Gyaps_Da_Best 2 years ago

      @Skylanderweirdo I was about to say that lol

    • Maulwurf
      Maulwurf 3 years ago

      detreat also shoutouts to simpleflips

    • Maulwurf
      Maulwurf 3 years ago

      Skylanderweirdo yes.

  • Tee Dub
    Tee Dub Year ago +30

    The Appendix does serve a purpose. It stores good bacteria so if you lose everything in the colon (diarrhea) the appendix can secrete the good stuff back into your system.

  • Jimmy Shrimbe
    Jimmy Shrimbe Year ago +1

    I grew up in a panhandle! The West Virginia northern panhandle. You should talk about that, please.

  • mingissc
    mingissc 7 months ago +1

    damn this is the first time i'm seeing namibia being included somewhere, love to see it

  • J.R. Caldoon
    J.R. Caldoon 8 months ago +1

    The Gambia has one of the most delightfully-strange country shapes in the world and I love it. It almost looks as though it's _all_ panhandle. It is the answer to the question "What if we made our country completely along a narrow strip around one river?" .. and then named the country after said river!

    • Adroa Patrick Lumumba
      Adroa Patrick Lumumba 5 months ago

      The Senegalese in Cassamance have to travel across a foreign country to reach their capital city!!!!

  • NUSensei
    NUSensei 5 years ago +158

    Great video! I've always had a fascination with reading maps and atlases. Looking forward to more!

  • Tommy Wulfric
    Tommy Wulfric 2 years ago

    My county of Staffordshire in England has a panhandle, which is shaped and positioned just like an appendix. It separates Shropshire from the West Midlands, which became a new county in 1974, causing the present shape. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Sahil Thapliyal
    Sahil Thapliyal Month ago +1

    Wherever you see such a mess or fight going on, You can tell a British man must have passed through there.🙂🙂

  • gfr
    gfr Year ago

    I'm from Trieste, Italy and the problem there is that Italy does not care much of Trieste, while the Austro Hungarian empire was using Trieste as its main port on the sea. After 1954 Trieste became an important and unique port, for fiscal benefits...but the Italian government does not care of those benefits either and simply does nothing. So the problem is Italy and not Trieste itself

  • Michael Wayne Phillips

    for all the map nerds or more appropriately stated for all the map enthusiasts out there this video is awesome 😆

  • Chris Hill
    Chris Hill 5 years ago +10

    Great video. Namibia meets Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana via the Caprivi Strip at Kazungula Ferry - the only place in the world where 4 countries meet (technically, a quadripoint).

  • Wheaty and Dreamy
    Wheaty and Dreamy 2 years ago +9

    I'm from Slovenia and my parents said that the Trieste was in Yugoslavia, then Italy took it but I asked a lot more people, they all said Trieste was part of Yugoslavia.

    • Alberto Tanzi
      Alberto Tanzi Year ago +2

      Your parents lied to you, sorry. Just make a research on internet and you will see that Trieste always was part of Italy ( as it was all Istria peninsula and Dalmatia)

    • Dani 3
      Dani 3 Year ago +1

      Trieste was the most important cause of the italian intervention in WW1, because the italians wanted to take the "irredent" cities of Trento and Trieste (but also Gorizia, Zara, Fiume and Pola), cities still located in Austria-Hungary but inhabited mostly by italians. After WW2 Tito came to this lands and began a genocide, killing thousands of italians in the "foibe". After the allied military occupation Trieste, but not the other italian cities in Istria and Dalmatia, returned to Italy. Trieste has never been slovenian, croatian or german. It has always been an italian city. Yugoslavians only tried to invade and annex it.

    • Alberto Tanzi
      Alberto Tanzi 2 years ago +2

      Truly Trieste was always an Italian city as it was part of the Republic of Venice, as it was all Istria peninsula.... After Napoleon, in 1815, in the Vienna congress, was decided to include the Venetian Republic to the Austro Hungarian Empire, and at the end of the world WAR I Trieste came back to Italy. It never was a Yugoslavian city

  • finton mainz
    finton mainz Year ago

    The border the Brits unilaterally drew in Ireland is insane.

  • Carbis
    Carbis 2 years ago

    So the British happened?
    There's your answer 😂
    Every single one of these borders linked somehow to the British Empire.
    In fact, the only one that wasn't a direct result of the British Empire was the Italian border at the start - this however still links to the British due to Italy only losing that territory thanks to Britain winning the war (as you said).
    Ah the British...
    Pretty much saw the world map and gave it a new paint job 😂

    • Insulam Archipelago
      Insulam Archipelago Year ago +2

      Yep, I’m British and my ancestors probably looked at the world and though “hmm... how can I draw a bunch of ridiculous borders that will most likely cause conflict for decades to come?”

  • Not Fiction
    Not Fiction 5 months ago

    I love how arbitrary the borders of landlocked countries are. I wonder if people in the caprese strip have any form of patriotism towards Namibia?

  • David Theisens
    David Theisens Year ago +5

    You forgot to mention Baarle-Nassau, which is a very stange border between the Netherlands and Belgium

  • Cross boi
    Cross boi 2 months ago

    The fact that he said Trieste right i must give him some social credits

  • Elron NL
    Elron NL Year ago

    There is a part of Belgium completely circomfrenced by Dutch borders. And completely split off from the BE mainland. Almost like vatican city. It's called Baarle Hertog.

  • Louis Emery
    Louis Emery 10 months ago

    I spent a week in Trieste. City buildings look Austrio-Hungarian. Museum of Natural History very old fashioned.

  • Alex
    Alex 3 years ago +611

    I live in Croatia and Trieste is the closest Italian city. I go there 5-10 times a year and it is one of the most beautiful cityies I have ever been to.

    • SATOR
      SATOR Year ago

      @Miha Vodušek Istria and Dalmatia = Italy
      Maribor = Austria

    • Miha Vodušek
      Miha Vodušek Year ago +1

      Trst is Slovenia and maybe Italy😂🇸🇮💛🇮🇹

    • Domen Cergolj
      Domen Cergolj 2 years ago +2

      Trst je naš

    • Geck8543
      Geck8543 2 years ago +1

      Hello Slovene brother greetings from Slovenia

    • IacopoN
      IacopoN 2 years ago +1

      Italy Is the best country ever

  • dhruv nagori
    dhruv nagori Year ago +3

    At this time whole jammu and kashmir belonged both physically and legally to india
    After war of 1947 it only remained legally
    This map is relevant today but not when india was divided

  • Djamiro De Wit
    Djamiro De Wit 10 months ago

    I've seen more of these border video's from you but what about Baarle Nassau in the Netherlands. It is a village completly in the Netherlands but it is part Dutch and part Belguim. The village doesn't border Belguim in any way but it has 22 borders in the village between the Netherlands and Belguim.

  • BMJS
    BMJS 2 months ago

    Regarding the Siliguri Corridor, when I was a kid, it looked even narrower. This is because Sikkim, which is an Indian State today, was an independent country sandwiched between Bhutan and Nepal. so the Siliguri Corridor looked *much* more tenuous.

  • Achim
    Achim 6 months ago

    I absolutely like the "before the internet" bit at 4:23. As if the internet means that knowledge about Africa had spread more widely in Europe.

  • Frank Weißenbach
    Frank Weißenbach 5 years ago +1065

    The story with the italian king drawing the border is funny and sad at the same time

    • Faris Mehmet
      Faris Mehmet Year ago

      @xWHITExEAGLEx That's a gross oversimplification... I Can explain how it is wrong if you wnat.

      xWHITExEAGLEx Year ago

      @Mitanshu Baranwal Hindu and Muslim politicians asked to split it, it's not Britain's fault.

    • Chris Innes
      Chris Innes 2 years ago

      Salient exists for the same reasons as the caprivi strip Belgium wanted access to the zambezi

    • Chris Innes
      Chris Innes 2 years ago

      Also not quite true that sali

    • Jo P
      Jo P 3 years ago

      @Schrodinger's Cat Sir Cyril Radcliffe

  • LadyTarasque
    LadyTarasque 9 months ago

    I find it weird that Alaska has their capitol city in this tiny piece of area that, when traveling by land, can only be accessed by going through Canada. Also puzzled as to why they keep that bit of land.. it's just weird to me..

  • Paprika Popper
    Paprika Popper Year ago +4

    I love how he explains why it’s like that

  • Bo-Laurids Jähde

    And I already feel like a God when I managed to cross the Danish border

  • Anna
    Anna 6 months ago

    wow i didn’t know the british respected a county‘s actual borders during colonialism

  • Thegamingteen44
    Thegamingteen44 3 years ago +1547

    What if I told you
    Uzbekistan is the only country to have a capital city in its panhandle

    • Doug Montgomery
      Doug Montgomery Year ago +1

      Denmark has its capital on an island. Galveston County, Texas, has its county seat on an offshore island. I can feel your sea winds blowing...

    • Rafael DC
      Rafael DC Year ago

      Isn't it the same with Niger?

    • Henry
      Henry Year ago

      @Danman ProKing According to google maps, the capital is barely outside. I might be wrong, though

    • SuchDarkness
      SuchDarkness Year ago

      @Vast People those are peninsulas

    • SuchDarkness
      SuchDarkness Year ago

      Vietnam: Let me introduce myself...

  • Jennie Darling
    Jennie Darling Month ago

    As a Brit whe I was at school in the 90s they teach us the problems of the colonial past. Can anyone at school now tell me if this has improved (I hope so).

  • EpiclyBacon
    EpiclyBacon 11 months ago +40

    Me describing panhandles: These are the things that happens when a country hires someone that is shit at drawing to draw their borders.

  • Arka Dey
    Arka Dey 4 months ago

    i have visited Siliguri Corridor , it is very very beautiful place in the Himalayan Lap. Jlapaiguri is main city of siliguri

  • Everest_Udave
    Everest_Udave 2 months ago

    He made this 5 years ago, and he reached 5.55 million subscribers, perfection.

    DOGE GAMING 3 years ago +3208

    How the hell is no one talking about Croatia

  • voiq
    voiq 2 years ago +1

    You forgot Gambia. That entire country is very oddly shaped

  • Easy Dutch
    Easy Dutch 4 months ago

    Somehow such kinds of strange borders look satisfying. :D

  • James & Jen Festeryga
    James & Jen Festeryga 4 months ago

    You should check out Thailand, heaps of ocean front taken from Cambodia by the French, not to mention the mess between them, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

  • Pixi Fee
    Pixi Fee Year ago

    Do you know the Entenschnabel? It is a long strip in Berlin, Germany, which had also been surrounded by the Berlin Wall.

  • Finn Youngman
    Finn Youngman 3 years ago +3641

    The British Empire is involved in almost all of these

    • mumflr pumble
      mumflr pumble 9 days ago

      @Peter Rutherford Exactly. I'd rather a world that acts according to my country's morals than it be riddled with widow burners, dictators, and cannibals

    • Peter Rutherford
      Peter Rutherford 9 days ago

      ​@mumflr pumble the only reason you hold those things dear is because they have been normalised to the extend you think that's what should be expected.

    • FryBoi
      FryBoi 9 days ago


    • Swifies2
      Swifies2 22 days ago


  • Kenan Coskun
    Kenan Coskun Year ago +1

    The netherlands and Belgium, in the netherlands there are towns called Baarle-nassau and baarle-hertog. The towns are very confusin because some parts of the town is dutch and some other little parts are belgium

  • bobby68ify
    bobby68ify Year ago

    0:04 Principality of Liechtenstein (FL), in german: "Fürstentum Liechtenstein", between Austria and Switzerland. One of the smallest countries in the world, just 62 sq mi, and tax haven.

  • Mr. Poms
    Mr. Poms 7 months ago

    @RealLifeLore make sure that you are displaying actual maps. Because in this video you shown incorrect map of india.and don't forget with other countries also it is not just borders but these are emotional sentiments for us as an indian... So make sure that while making another video like this.

  • Greig Mentiplay
    Greig Mentiplay 11 months ago

    I live in Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland has a pretty strange border from Ireland

  • Gabriele Gatti
    Gabriele Gatti Year ago +218

    UK and Belgium: "Ehi Umberto, we need a hand to trace a line"
    King Umberto Rainerio Carlo Vittorio Emanuele Giovanni Maria Ferdinando Eugenio di Savoia I: "... why?"

  • Javier Benegas
    Javier Benegas 2 years ago

    I learn more geography and history here than in class

  • Sima Karmakar
    Sima Karmakar 4 months ago

    I am from Siliguri I am very happy that you mentioned my city

  • Joseph X
    Joseph X Year ago +1

    0:39 “History is the reason why this situation exists today” might just be the most obsolete sentence ever spoken.

  • FryBanshee43
    FryBanshee43  10 months ago

    I am so happy my country is in the thumbnail 🇳🇦 that pan handle which is called the Zambezi region really wants independence but no one really cares

  • Петр Булкин

    very interesting video. it is very strange: how much the actions of a hundred years ago affect us. your video has many examples of this. i like history because history - is life, i think is man or woman does not history - he/she lives wrong because live is not video game or film / serials, live is here, now

  • Stereo Babe
    Stereo Babe 10 months ago +3

    again, the amount of research done for these videos omg

  • Rashed Buhammood
    Rashed Buhammood Year ago

    0:01 is it strange that all these countries ended were at the same group at the world cup? Or is it just a massive coincidence? I find it strange cuz this video was uploaded waaay before the world cup group draw.

  • Weefie
    Weefie 2 years ago +4104

    *Bosnia and Herzegovina* : we want access to the ocean
    *Croatia* : _No_

  • i love memes
    i love memes 9 months ago +3

    I noticed that every place Britain passed turned into a mess

  • Aashik KC
    Aashik KC Year ago

    happy to see our country nepal . which was never colonized by any forces.. simply british tried and failed.. jai gorkhali ❤️❤️

  • kilersocke
    kilersocke Year ago

    So if you move on the Borderline between two countrys, and dont enter one of them, you are still in your country if it got a connection to the river?

  • Stacie Prinzo
    Stacie Prinzo Year ago +1

    Obviously oklahoma has a panhandle that make the border of oklahoma with the 2 extra bordering states being colorodo and new mexico

  • Dazzling Daz
    Dazzling Daz Year ago +1

    How about the top bit of Norway which stops Sweden and Finland from having an Arctic coastline

  • Giulia Valle
    Giulia Valle 2 years ago +39

    Ask to any Italian, nowadays no one would ever consider Trieste not part of Italia.

    • Doggo
      Doggo Year ago +2

      TRIESTE IS ITALY 🇮🇹 AND WE CONSIDER IT FULLY ITALIAN. This is just a bullshit comment. I don’t know HOW it got so many likes. Trieste was historically an Italian speaking city, even in the times it was belonging to Austrian empire. It has been close to the Italian culture for centuries. Read books 📚 stop trolling and stop spreading bullshit around, dear Giulia Valle. Thank you!~

    • super pablo fratellos
      super pablo fratellos Year ago

      @Keyos I'm not from South Tyrol I was just mentioning it

    • Keyos
      Keyos Year ago

      @super pablo fratellos The hell you are Italian. South Tyrol was Italian even before the concept of Austria existed

    • Keyos
      Keyos Year ago

      @John Myer Not only Trieste, but the whole Istria should be Italian

    • Sandro Cozzari
      Sandro Cozzari Year ago +1

      Since the Middle Ages, the whole coast of Istria was Italian speaking under the rule of Venice (in the hinterland of Istria Croatians were the majority), then came the Austrian empire that tried to light the fire of rivalry between Italians, Croatians and Slovenians citizen, just to keep the power on that land; after the 1st WW Mussolini's Fascists badly persecuted the Slavic minorities and finally the last character in this tragedy was Tito and his troops who killed many Italians (not only Fascists). Between 1945 and 1947 around 400,000 Italians had to leave their homeland. Those who didn't leave are now a minority.

  • SeasonalSage
    SeasonalSage 7 months ago +1

    Another "panhandle" is in north Argentina, bordering Paraguay to the west, and Brazil to the east and the north.
    edit: we not gonna talk about south kyrgyzstan?

  • Justyna
    Justyna Year ago

    I hoped you would show Kaliningrad lol I used to think of the Russian-Polish border as funny there because of The Vistula Spit

  • Gavin Burns
    Gavin Burns 2 years ago +8

    These are often called proruptions which is the case with Namibia. Also, Africa’s borders are mostly superimposed meaning that many of the straight lines seen there are just because some rich people met up and drew straight lines without any care in the World. This led to conflict in certain countries over cultural preferences.

    • Adroa Patrick Lumumba
      Adroa Patrick Lumumba 5 months ago

      Yes. The Brits drew a line over a watershed. Now my ethnic group is divided into two between Congo and Uganda. Sadly both groups are at different levels of development due to the political turmoil in Congo

  • Paul Cannell
    Paul Cannell Year ago

    The Myanmar and Thailand border is much more interesting. Also Chile and Argentina

  • vartika mehrotra
    vartika mehrotra 2 years ago +2

    You should have checked the correct map of India before uploading. Illegal occupation of land by any other country does not change the actual Indian Map.

  • giacomo franzot
    giacomo franzot Year ago

    Have a look of the Free Territory of Trieste!
    It is not has this video says! The 16th UNSC Resolution was never canceled or supersedes. And more, the Treaty of Peace with Italy was never modify or cancelled or superseded by another one.
    The Free Territory of Trieste is the only INTERNATIONAL TERRITORY of the earth.

  • galgal00100
    galgal00100 Year ago +2

    0:53 Yugoslavia was called The Kingdom of Croats, Serbs and Slovenes (aka Croats, Serbs and Slovenes or KCSS) before WWII.

  • Dylazz
    Dylazz 5 years ago +3

    This channel is a hidden gem! Very interesting and concise content. Keep at it :)

    • trainwreck
      trainwreck 2 months ago

      How does it feel to know this comment is now 5 years old

  • tim no
    tim no Year ago

    As a Sloven there is a bit tension between us and italy cus of trieste ( trst in sloven)

  • The Movie Maniac
    The Movie Maniac 9 months ago

    Do the panhandles/extended protrusions of various states of the USA. I can think of at least 8.

  • Raini Water
    Raini Water 7 months ago +1

    As someone who lives in the U.S' Oklahoma, I feel attacked

  • Thomas Lodi
    Thomas Lodi Year ago +1

    You forgot to mention that the Caprivi strip is useless because of waterfalls! Worst trade ever

  • me nandu
    me nandu Month ago +1

    Kashmir part of india is a disputed area, so you have to mark it specifically by displaying another line or include it in the map as a whole, it is not at all a part of Pakistan

  • BuilderBBob
    BuilderBBob 27 days ago +1

    Hm, I learned that Namibia had a panhandle so that Botswana and Angola would have to go through them to trade…

  • hi
    hi 2 years ago

    *He included Botswana in the video, what a hero.*

  • Fat
    Fat Year ago +2

    Can't believe you didn't talk about Oklahoma.