The World's Strangest Borders Part 1: Panhandles

  • Published on Aug 26, 2016
  • Borders sometimes look pretty strange on a map. Usually, borders exist where there is a river, a mountain range or some other geographical feature. But other times, borders are complete creations of politics or old history and often times look pretty strange. This video is about five of the strangest looking panhandles found in global borders; a panhandle being a part of a country that juts out away from the rest of the country.
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  • Creative Clans
    Creative Clans 18 hours ago

    Some more strange borders are Gambia and Senegal

    TUUKKA Day ago


  • wannes vgdb
    wannes vgdb Day ago +1


  • Charles McCarron

    This could go for hours just in Germany alone.

  • Vladislav Maier
    Vladislav Maier 2 days ago

    I expected the "Vennbahnweg" in Germany/Belgium to be on number one

  • Ganesh Kandu
    Ganesh Kandu 2 days ago

    You should thank veer Savarkar for saving your more time in India's explain , because if Veer Savarkar had not shot Gandhi then today would have been North India and South India, and Pakistan would have been a one Pakistan with few kilometers of line. Connecting them from the middle of North and South India

  • Your Tutor
    Your Tutor 2 days ago

    that Trieste panhandle looks like the state of the Italian macho man, not very macho, hanging down like,,,,,,you name it

  • Phil Lober
    Phil Lober 2 days ago


  • jesse tuyp
    jesse tuyp 3 days ago

    Baarle Nassau is the strangest for sure

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer 3 days ago

    Boarders are stupid,Just invisible lines to say hey these trees rocks water and dirt is ours and we own it...Pretty stupid cause when you look at the earth in the beginning of time nobody owned land...I just find it odd how money and power can obtain you land that was already free in the beginning!!!

  • 1obvioususer
    1obvioususer 3 days ago

    Nobody will talk about Alaska and Canada

  • Siddhant Kumawat
    Siddhant Kumawat 3 days ago

    Part 2 of this please

  • UnbekanntTV
    UnbekanntTV 4 days ago

    Belgium !!!!!!!

  • Der Germane
    Der Germane 4 days ago +2

    Was ist mit Deutschland und Belgien

  • Wu Chenglin
    Wu Chenglin 4 days ago

    1:30 high five

  • Maggiee
    Maggiee 4 days ago

    Africa is soo easy to explain. When western europian countrys were like feeling themselves superior to another race.. they literally took took a pen and divided it...

  • Martin Gangas
    Martin Gangas 5 days ago

    2:10 like if you understand Sikkim amq.

  • Lutz von Peter
    Lutz von Peter 5 days ago

    The Caprivi strip is there because the Germans wanted a land connection between Deutsch-Südwest (Namibia) and Deutsch-Ostafrika.... Strategically, it made sense then....

  • no lmao
    no lmao 6 days ago

    I think these borders just seem wierd for american because there the borders are straight lines

  • Salamankaleon
    Salamankaleon 7 days ago

    And Europeans are wondering why their so much conflicts in Africa...maybe don't make borders our of your mind without knowing Andy Culture

  • Paulus Saulus
    Paulus Saulus 7 days ago +2

    Why has nobody heard of Austria Hungary in years I mean everybody has heard of the German Empire and Austria was just another land back then just like Germany, France, Britain, Russia and so on🤷‍♂️

    • TheZincMaster 2579
      TheZincMaster 2579 2 days ago

      I thought it had gotten so small over the years that it has been forgotten.

  • Hilda Saa
    Hilda Saa 8 days ago

    Nepal:I'm so small

  • Hilda Saa
    Hilda Saa 8 days ago

    I heard About Yugoslavia Before

  • LemonDiamond
    LemonDiamond 8 days ago


  • LemonDiamond
    LemonDiamond 8 days ago


  • LemonDiamond
    LemonDiamond 8 days ago


  • LemonDiamond
    LemonDiamond 8 days ago


  • LemonDiamond
    LemonDiamond 8 days ago


  • Miguel Vieira
    Miguel Vieira 9 days ago +2

    The most strangest border is Portugal.
    Why? Well, why is Spain even there, amirite fellas UPTOP!

  • Dogukan42
    Dogukan42 9 days ago +1

    2:05 Sikkim means my dick in turkish lmao

  • Aniket Saraswat
    Aniket Saraswat 11 days ago

    map of india is wrong one

  • 0cba
    0cba 11 days ago

    *cough cough* british raj

  • Swazzy18
    Swazzy18 12 days ago +2

    Do maryland

  • Nederino
    Nederino 13 days ago

    why does africa have straight bordera

  • rn Slg
    rn Slg 13 days ago

    Reason of every strange border is colonialism

  • Julia XoX
    Julia XoX 14 days ago +2

    China: Hey want some nutella?
    Afghanistan: ummm yeah duh!
    Afghanistan: I CANT REACH IT!
    *grows an arm*
    China:oh ummm i put superglue on it now we are stuck together...
    Afghanistan: .-.

  • James Zheng
    James Zheng 14 days ago +2

    Then Germans realized too late that Victoria Fall is just a couple kilometers downstream...

  • Sam Vicente
    Sam Vicente 14 days ago +2

    what about Cameroon's panhandle shown at the beginning

  • Daniel Mitchell
    Daniel Mitchell 14 days ago

    Battlefield 1 lol

  • Emad AB
    Emad AB 14 days ago +1

    what about Gambia?? is IS a panhadle

  • PrivateCheeselaw
    PrivateCheeselaw 14 days ago

    These are the reason why i cant conquer the world as fast as i would like to in Hearts of Iron IV

  • KingMattVidz
    KingMattVidz 15 days ago

    Florida is the US’s panhandle

  • Seranang Omaleko
    Seranang Omaleko 15 days ago

    Brazil almost is touching Chile and Ecuador

  • emilstnt
    emilstnt 16 days ago

    3:35 why is uganda like that

  • Stephanie Cheong
    Stephanie Cheong 16 days ago

    1:20 why France annexed Switzerland or why Switzerland annexed France?

  • Matias Suarez
    Matias Suarez 16 days ago +6

    "Am I a joke for u?"

    • Curry Penguin
      Curry Penguin 16 days ago +2

      Oklahoma: Texas you don't have a panhandle

  • justin υ.
    justin υ. 16 days ago

    What about Senegal and Guinea?

  • Double U
    Double U 16 days ago

    The Namibia 🇳🇦 one looks like a mouse panhandle

  • Ben Kean
    Ben Kean 16 days ago +1

    Nepal: hey, Bhutan, wanna trade
    Bhutan: sure
    India: *i don’t think so*

    • Vaibhav Kushwaha
      Vaibhav Kushwaha 10 days ago

      Naah bro Nepal Bhutan and India
      Borders are just for dividing the land,
      trading and travels between these countries is not much of a problem officially
      all3 country's are friendly to each other

  • Zz_F34rleSs-X
    Zz_F34rleSs-X 16 days ago

    How is Egypt soo straight??

  • Benedict McAssFace
    Benedict McAssFace 17 days ago +3

    Most countries/states: we have borders that follow rivers and have been altered ny historical events and wars.
    Wyoming: *S Q U A R E*

  • Lord Odysseus
    Lord Odysseus 17 days ago

    Oklahoma has a panhandle. It looks ridiculous.

  • Jetze Murre
    Jetze Murre 18 days ago

    Oh theres one in the netherlands the state limburg is a weird one

  • Jeem Muhammad
    Jeem Muhammad 18 days ago +1

    Loved the video but there are some misinformations. East Pakistan gained indipendence from Pakistan in 1971 which is now Bangladesh .

  • oliviafinn
    oliviafinn 18 days ago

    what about norway

  • Myles Willis
    Myles Willis 18 days ago +1

    Zambia and Zimbabwe sharing that island 🤣🤣🤣

  • Weyoun Six
    Weyoun Six 19 days ago +1

    I love how you solved the issue of Jammu and Kashmir lmao

  • Beani Bean
    Beani Bean 20 days ago

    What about Minnesota’s weird border honesty i think that Canada should just give them a small space of land so it’s connected to the rest of Minnesota and the USA is thinking about giving it to Canada but as a Minnesotan if they did like other Minnesotans we’d still say it’s Minnesota

  • Amelia Kozyuk
    Amelia Kozyuk 20 days ago

    Wait, so Florida is a panhandle?