Visit Italy: What You Should Know Before You Visit Italy

  • Published on May 12, 2018
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    Whether You Are Heading to Rome, Florence, Venice or Sicily there are a few things travelers should know before they visit Italy for the first time. This video covers issues that first time visitors to Italy will face, food, money, plugs, safety and more.
    What You Should Know Before You Visit Italy.
    Filmed in Venice, Italy
    Copyright Mark Wolters 2018
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Comments • 799

  • Cindy Carmichael

    Very good video. I haven't seen any others that speak of drinking the water. We are going to Florence in May. Is the water okay to drink (no offence intended, just different water).

  • An Alternate Perspective

    Super informative! Thanks so much.

  • Alberto Quartaroli
    Alberto Quartaroli 6 days ago

    excellent video !!

  • Faco
    Faco 7 days ago

    The topic about pickpockets is not true, you have to be careful only in naples (and a bit in rome). Milan is really safe.
    Ps we usually have dinner at 8 pm not at 9 (at that time only in south italy) 😎

  • Elizabeth Brogan
    Elizabeth Brogan 9 days ago

    I have seen Italians (in Italy, mind you) step into oncoming traffic without giving a single crap

  • asja c
    asja c 12 days ago

    Trasporti pubblici che funzionano bene? Sei sicuro? Ahahaha io non credo mi sa che sei abituato male amico

  • Ekaterina Io
    Ekaterina Io 14 days ago

    Nice video, I'm Italian and I agree with almost everything you said. I was just puzzled about the city tax : almost every city has it, but I don't remember any hotel asking to pay it cash. Usually they simply add the city tax to the total you can pay with your credit card

  • adoRADHble
    adoRADHble 14 days ago +1

    Hi guys! I'm Italian and I found this video pretty accurate, there are useful tricks and tips !

  • Stefano Da Giau
    Stefano Da Giau 21 day ago

    Actually by tradition, sicily has meatballs, although in a cooking recipe somewhat similar to a pasta casserole.
    Italian small breakfasts are the ones people have on the go, when they are in a hurry, in bars and cafes. Traditional italian sweet breakfast is not small. NOT IN THE LEAST. The example for tourists is staying in a Bed & Breakfast, nobody ever served me a small breakfast when was staying in B&B. Also, general rule not followed by everyone is literally "colazione da re, pranzo da principe, cena da povero" which translates in "Have a king's breakfast, a prince's lunch, and a poor's dinner", which is pretty straightforward.
    If you haven't yet, visit Siena. It's not big, but it is packed with great culture and great food.

  • Abe Reagan
    Abe Reagan 23 days ago

    Speaking Italian goes a long way. I was with 4 friends in college visiting. The waitress was not having it that day. They ordered in English and I tried to order Italain. Then she cracked a smile, went back to the kitchen and then the owner came out with a huge smile and just started chatting with us.

  • Aly Horton
    Aly Horton 24 days ago +1

    I’m half Italian and my dad knows how to make some foods and I love everything that’s Italians eat ❤️❤️

  • B Graham
    B Graham 25 days ago

    Where is the link you have for Italian words and phrases you mentioned having?

  • The Egocentric Predicament

    I won a 500 euro note from a lucky night in a Berlin casino. Mind you no shops would even consider touching the bill it ended up costing me 10 euros to break the bill but you live and learn hahaha

  • Madeline King
    Madeline King Month ago

    Thanks for the tip regarding the city tax! I wasn't aware of that!

  • Nohup
    Nohup Month ago

    the middle hole in italian plugs is ground, the identical but slightly larger plugs are for high power devices like refrigerators and irons, the smaller for lamps and chargers etc. As it's safe to plug a low power device to a high power plug, high power plugs are shaped to fit both sizes. For safety reasons, it obviously doesn't work the oher way round.
    Saying this because the horrible bulky round plug you often see is actually german, it's called "schuko" or something (ground to the sides and a gigantic waste of space), and since industries abroad find cheaper to supply only the german format we often have to deal with the proper converter. But that round plug is by no means our "new" format, it's just an exotic format that sadly happens to be widespread. In the same wall mount space needed for one german plug you can fit two high-power italian plugs, but noooo. Thanks Samsung/Whirpool/Sony...

  • Roderick Balenda
    Roderick Balenda Month ago

    I can't wait to visit Italy.

  • Rocco Catturani
    Rocco Catturani Month ago +5

    Italy and Europe in general need to have more tourists like you and your family buddy, amazing attitude, willing to learn and openness to differences!
    Awesome videos dude!

  • ucha eisenring
    ucha eisenring Month ago

    Europe is my favorite. Thx for inspiring me about Italy. Pls check Indonesian view about Europe travelling by channel *"Ucha Eisenring"* . Dank je!

  • Annelies Wallace
    Annelies Wallace Month ago

    Wolter, Italians may smoke a lot but Americans eat a lot (far too much) . Both unhealthy, so don't judge

  • AleC
    AleC Month ago

    We do not have dinner at 9 or 10. At least it is not a habit, it can happen but we eat between 6 and 9. It depends on what area of ​​Italy you are in and what time of year it is. Normally in the south people eats later than in the north and during the summer people eat later than in winter. I'm half Sicilian and half Lombard, I know what I'm talking about. Otherwise your videos are the top. immediately registered

  • Vorrei imparare l'italiano

    You're not actually Italian descent aren't you?

  • Matteo Baggio
    Matteo Baggio Month ago

    Nice to see that you have been traveling as well in VENETO! Good video!!!

  • Vacation saga
    Vacation saga Month ago

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    Book here...

  • marco a. l. lobo
    marco a. l. lobo Month ago

    Crazy driving is in Rio de Janeiro.

  • firebirdude2
    firebirdude2 Month ago

    This dude asked for ketchup with his meat and the waiter broke his glasses

  • Daddy Patrick Skittles

    2:12 Did she really just kick that bird?! Left bottom corner

  • Tyler Lea
    Tyler Lea Month ago

    Money is just like the uk

  • Sublime203
    Sublime203 Month ago

    You forgot antipasto Mark! Love to your channel from a New York cook who lived in Florence for 2 and a half years!

  • giovanni bazzini
    giovanni bazzini Month ago +5

    A little piece of advice for you: try to avoid restaurant with photo of the dishes exposed outside, usuallly their food is “ for tourists”. Ciao from Italy

  • Josef Richter
    Josef Richter Month ago +2

    “When ppl come to Italy they think it’s just pasta and pizza” - LOL nope, only Americans think that :D All Europeans are well aware that Italy has probably the richest cuisine in the world ;-)

    • Josef Richter
      Josef Richter 6 days ago

      @z no. but I am commenting only on americans and europeans. I have no knowledge about other parts of the world in relation to this topic.

    • z
      z 7 days ago

      Josef Richter lol are Europeans and Americans the only people in the world?

  • kingston440
    kingston440 2 months ago

    Taxi fares vary by city, i.e. Florence and Milan taxis are more expensive than in Rome. Also they will charge extra for each bag they put in the trunk so if you have a backpack just keep it on your lap to save a euro or two.

  • kingston440
    kingston440 2 months ago

    The only problem visiting Italy is the lack of public restrooms. Many of the ones in restaurants and cafes are missing toilet paper or toilet seats. So carry your own toilet paper.

  • Toby Carey
    Toby Carey 2 months ago

    did anyone else see that jerk kick a bird at 2:15

  • Ibikari1
    Ibikari1 2 months ago

    Those toilets suck

  • Massinissa ⵣ le berbère ⵎⴰⵙⵏⵙⴻⵏ

    I wanted to visit Europe since I was a little kid , Visiting Europe was one of my dreams ,Now that dream seems impossible , I don't have money for that , I want to go to italy (Rome )and see the coliseum, because I love history , If that happens, it will be a real miracle😂, because I am now writing my comment from my home in the high Atlas Mountains in Algeria , I am isolated from all the world.

    • adwaye
      adwaye 13 days ago

      where there's a will there's a way my friend. Get creative bro.

  • craigratio
    craigratio 2 months ago

    In the supermarket you can get wine for around €2.
    Can be a huge money saver.

  • destinations. sunset
    destinations. sunset 2 months ago

    really nice video, as for currency I now use nice international account from Revolut so I can spend with no charges, but some cash advisable

  • R M
    R M 2 months ago

    we actually had a 500 euro bill and nobody would take it. we had to exchange it with a german friend

  • Noori shah
    Noori shah 2 months ago

    Ataly jaany Mai kitna khrcha hai...koi btaa dy plz

  • Andrea Bello
    Andrea Bello 3 months ago

    let me say as Italian: no fakes, no stereotypes, just correct informations!!! Good Job!!! Ottimo lavoro!!!

  • Kirill
    Kirill 3 months ago

    "The brother is skinny and needs to eat more" - I f*cking hate it when stuff at restaurants tells customers what they need to do and makes stupid jokes. I go to restaurants to EAT, not to get some irrelevant advises.

  • Randall Gordon
    Randall Gordon 3 months ago +1

    I heard if you put an A after every word, it sounds like Italian.

  • opabinia56
    opabinia56 3 months ago

    Smoking is not allowed inside shops, bars, restaurants and other public closed areas.

  • opabinia56
    opabinia56 3 months ago

    Not true that pedestrians are not paid if they crossed outside the zebra crossing: insurance companies always pay for such accidents, but the motorist must admit his fault. Otherwise you can suit him very easily.

  • Samantha Gaudet
    Samantha Gaudet 3 months ago

    I want to ask that you put in the description of your videos what dates you filmed. It would tell us a lot about how hot or cold it is at that certain time of year by what everyone is wearing. Your videos are awesome. Sooooo helpful.

  • Shannelle Pea
    Shannelle Pea 3 months ago

    Pisa is also a beautiful place. Here's our trip. Check this out:

  • simone carubelli
    simone carubelli 3 months ago

    Everything you said it's true exept for the tip thing.
    I work in the restaurant industry in Rome, and i must say, the wage are low and work is very hard, specially for the waiters.
    Also there is a mith that in ITaly the tip is included in the bill, and that's bullshit.
    So please give us tips like you would in the U.S.

  • Robert Santarossa
    Robert Santarossa 3 months ago

    The first Americano I have watched or read that actually gives some good advice about Italia. Bravo. And Americani, learn to relax, this is the land of La Dolce Vita and Il Bel Far Niente. And please Americani, do not be so like the Canadesi (dress like you but you cannot hear them coming from 100 m. away). Enjoy my country....Il Bel Paese. Ciao d'Italia. Also, there is no such thing as "Spaghetti Bolognese" - never ask for this in Italia. It does not exist and PLEASE stay out of centuries old fountains or hijack a gondola in Venezia where our Guardia Costiera has to rescue your silly ass as you're in the lagoon rowing in circles (vero - go to Harry's Bar in Venezia, they will tell you....Americani are crazy). And yes we smoke, good advice again from this Americano.

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T 3 months ago

    Link to video of the pharses you should know?

  • Aerodil
    Aerodil 3 months ago

    Beautiful! Such a lovely place. I hope I can visit someday.

  • Chet
    Chet 3 months ago

    There are a lot of gays.

  • wasilaify
    wasilaify 3 months ago

    I heard so much horror story about Italian taxis, I was SUPER aware, but it turns out all of the ones I hired were honest, and some rather frustrated with my suspiciousness.

  • Fedor Caserio
    Fedor Caserio 3 months ago

    Absolutley wrong about crosswalk, if you get accident even in a middle of nowhere, you are covered by the car insurance. Sorry for my english...I'm italian ;-)

  • Mohab Anwar
    Mohab Anwar 4 months ago

    Important things to know before visiting italy:
    1. In Italy people speak Italian.
    2. You should know all kinds of euro bills that exist in a eurozone country.

  • FatiH B
    FatiH B 4 months ago

    Country with full happiness mystery history best cloths beautiful man and woman healthy food best place to live. I love it.

  • N Pokemon
    N Pokemon 4 months ago +5

    13:31 look at that dude in the back flexin'.

  • N Pokemon
    N Pokemon 4 months ago +2

    I feel like smacking your brother isn't very nice.😂

  • hdfisdkfhlsdl
    hdfisdkfhlsdl 4 months ago

    What you should know .... if coming from Mars!!

  • Carlo Carugati
    Carlo Carugati 4 months ago

    Just a correction. Smoking in public places is forbidden

  • Gregory Barrett
    Gregory Barrett 4 months ago

    what you should know before you come to Italy.....everyone speaks Italian. Well done. Bravo. Why do all American tourist videos treat Americans like drooling naive idiots?