Visit Italy: What You Should Know Before You Visit Italy

  • Published on May 12, 2018
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    Whether You Are Heading to Rome, Florence, Venice or Sicily there are a few things travelers should know before they visit Italy for the first time. This video covers issues that first time visitors to Italy will face, food, money, plugs, safety and more.
    What You Should Know Before You Visit Italy.
    Filmed in Venice, Italy
    Copyright Mark Wolters 2018
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Comments • 679

  • pretty vanilla
    pretty vanilla 19 hours ago

    Ciao from italy🍕

  • David Gallardo
    David Gallardo Day ago

    Wolter, You are great at this! Thanks for the info. You are "spot on"!

  • Lugero Accordion
    Lugero Accordion 5 days ago

    Hello you may interested to hear this song promoting Italy....... Cheers!!!!! Lugero......

  • Alessandro Guarda
    Alessandro Guarda 6 days ago

    About plugs: the 3 hole one is the correct one (the central is the ground). the 2 ones are Schuko which is a German style partially adopted here. But BEWARE: our voltage is 230V AC 50Hz, not like in the US where you have 120V AC 60Hz so be prepared or you'll damage your electronic devices!

  • Emma Beasley
    Emma Beasley 7 days ago

    Just got back from Italy, chieti province. Make sure you get mosquito repellant and antihistamines there were so many there I was bitten badly!

  • lokibau
    lokibau 8 days ago +3

    tip: dont tip in luxury restaurants. Tip is generally considered mildly rude in italy, and its ok for a tourist doing it on "casual" restaurants, but dont do that on luxury ones, it is actually offensive to the waiter (just like being paternalistic to someone you believe being poor or in disadvantage, and maybe that just could not be the case).

  • Tilde Correra
    Tilde Correra 8 days ago

    The major thing that sucks about Italy is how some people behave.
    While monuments and art pieces are really nice, you can go to some documents like the Colosseo and see some walls with graffiti over it, or even worse, carved in by some uncultured idiots. In the North it isn't as bad, and some specific ones are really clean, but it still bothers me, since i really wish they could preserve them better.
    Also, the traffic in the big cities like Rome is torture

  • Emiliano Laurenzi
    Emiliano Laurenzi 8 days ago

    Very good video, bravo.

  • cat
    cat 8 days ago +1

    12:59 some one is playing Kraftwerk - Radioactive on the street

  • me not you
    me not you 8 days ago

    just came back from a 2 week vacation in Italy.
    While the people are warm and friendly, the country is a shithole
    Dirty street and graffiti everywhere. That includes buildings in Venice that are hundreds of years old.
    I seriously doubt I will ever go back. I can see that kind of stuff by visiting any major center of decay in the US.

    • Heidi Jenkins
      Heidi Jenkins 6 days ago

      me not you my husband and I retired from the US to a small village in Abruzzo, Italy. I suggest you get out of the tourist destinations as they represent a small piece of this beautiful country.

  • michael l
    michael l 9 days ago

    Why don't we have foot pedals on our sinks in the US? That makes so much more sense than handles where you can get germs from,especially when they just happened to not work and now you're stuck with a handful of sink terms on your hands. On the flipside, smoking is generally acceptable? Do Italians die less than Americans from lung cancer?

  • 1029ggl 1029ggl
    1029ggl 1029ggl 9 days ago

    nice video! =)
    wanna just add a little note:
    the third tip ( the middle one ) on Italian power plugs is not ''the old one''. It' just the ''ground'' tip. it's a safety solution.

  • Giammarco Boscaro
    Giammarco Boscaro 9 days ago +3

    "Ricky, xe vedemo!" "Ciao vecchio!" 7:53

  • Beboba
    Beboba 10 days ago

    this video is strictly for americans, talking about the food all the video is so "useful"

  • Rusty
    Rusty 10 days ago +2

    italians do not speak english, even in service industry they can barely make a few english words

    • Andrea Leonti
      Andrea Leonti 6 days ago

      English has been started to be taught in schools in late 80s, so grown up people usually aren't very familiar with it. For example my mom (born in 1962) just studied French at school cause we live close to France and french was the only foreign language taught. Young people is much more familiar with it, and some can speak it very well. Of course in big cities you're not gonna have problems: they're used to deal with tourists. In small villages it can get harder to get understood.
      Anyway, as said above, if you try to learn a little bit of the language, the locals will appreciate the effort and you're definetly gonna have a better reception.

    • cat
      cat 8 days ago +1

      It has to be like this. Make a fucking effort as you travel to different countries. I have traveled a lot and always learn for few weeks to a month the language of country i plan to travel.

    • Cristiano Rubagotti
      Cristiano Rubagotti 8 days ago


  • Norma
    Norma 10 days ago +3

    It's wrong that we eat late in the evening. It varies based on where you are. In the north we eat about 7-8 pm, the center 8-9 and in the south 9-10.

  • Jennifer Lorence
    Jennifer Lorence 12 days ago

    Oh My God, YES, Smoking is a PROBLEM in Europe. Is the Same Problem in Budapest, Hungary, and they Do it in Front of Small Children ( a LOT ).

  • Jennifer Lorence
    Jennifer Lorence 12 days ago

    Jocelyn, your Wife, She is Beautiful.

  • edoardo burlini
    edoardo burlini 12 days ago

    Two things: in Northern Italy people have dinner from 7 to 9 p.m., but more south you go, dinner time shifts up to 2 hours. Anyway, if you enter an open restaurant, they prepare your meal at any time (since it is open for that). The same North-South difference is for tipping: in North Italy tipping is less "compulsory" that in the South.
    As per the "Turkish toilet" (as we call the... hole in the ground) it's very rare and uncommon: you been lucky in finding more than one in your trip.
    You are a nice and friendly guy, and I see that you like my Country, so take my piece of advice in a friendly way: lose some weight, my friend, it will be to your benefit.

  • Daniil Kvyat
    Daniil Kvyat 13 days ago

    Does anyone have any tips for a someone wanting to move to Italy? I'm currently studying Italian so I can understand the language when I move there.

    • Jessica Amoruso
      Jessica Amoruso 11 days ago

      Avoid big cities, renting a room there is super expensive.
      Make sure the leasing agreement is legal (if you use a real estate agency, you can be sure of that).
      Arrange all the bureaucratic issues via embassy and be sure to know what you have to do when you're in Italy.
      If you want to study the university course of Italian for foreigners, there's a specialised university in Perugia.
      If you are trying to find a job:
      1 good luck
      2 do not accept a job with no contract (but I think this is commonsense)

  • Elena Coutinho-Taylor
    Elena Coutinho-Taylor 14 days ago +1

    another thing, don't speak the language? VERY likely that the taxi driver will give you a higher price, that's why it's ESSENTIAL you make sure the driver has a taximeter, turns it on, and keeps it on, unless you have arranged a price beforehand.

  • Elena Coutinho-Taylor
    Elena Coutinho-Taylor 14 days ago

    Can i just quickly say in virtually all european countries DO NOT put the tip through the machine. If the country has crappy labour laws then it will go to the company, if not it will at best be divided amongst the staff. One time me and two co-workers really impressed the clients and they gave us EACH a £70 tip...but because it got put through the machine it got divided amongst the staff :c

  • gnazzino70
    gnazzino70 15 days ago

    when you try to speak italian, remember every letter in a word must be pronounced, pay attention to double consonants and 'e' vocal is always pronounced 'e'; always the same

    • Andy Gooch
      Andy Gooch 11 days ago

      @ItzFireNicow_ Yes, the 'i' is necessary so that the 'c' isn't pronounced like a 'k'.

    • ItzFireNicow_
      ItzFireNicow_ 13 days ago

      gnazzino70 no, “ciao” is not ciiao but “chao” like teacher

  • Hpv Speedmachine
    Hpv Speedmachine 15 days ago

    Bigoli co' l'arna for life!!

  • 88 88
    88 88 15 days ago

    it's is really annoying when American tourists come and spit the two very badly pronounced Spanish words they know. that's really insulting, I mean is like I come to the US pr UK and I start speaking Dutch, or German. Just speak English then you'll have a much better response

  • Thaddeus Pearce
    Thaddeus Pearce 19 days ago

    This video is AMAZING!!! Super helpful. Thank you! or should I say GRAZIE!!!

  • Roxie
    Roxie 21 day ago

    As far as money do they take Mastercard and Discover in Italy?

    • Brenda 51
      Brenda 51 14 days ago +1

      Yes on Mastercard, questionable on discover, definitely not american express

  • palmiro82b
    palmiro82b 25 days ago

    nice video mate! a really honest and helpful guide! well done!!

  • Got Your Passport
    Got Your Passport Month ago

    Great tips. Less than a month before I go!!

  • Thiru U
    Thiru U Month ago

    I once paid a huge fee to just Exchange 60£ to euros, I think they charged me 8 euro in fee.. be prepared to say No and find a better one. Or from home country. Or be polite and suffer thinking what a failure I am for many years just thinking about it

  • Amanda Rausch
    Amanda Rausch Month ago

    Wait wait wait. The old plug is the three prong? I just purchased a pack of three plugs with a;l three prongs. Two would fit a three, three will not fit a two. So the three prong adaptors are no good?

  • CalebR123
    CalebR123 Month ago +3

    This... Seems exactly like Assassin's Creed 2...

  • Cher Bear
    Cher Bear Month ago

    I love visiting my mom's family in Roma. Dinner starts at 8pm. They serve 5 entrés, desert, salad, soup, wine, expresso......oh. Mio Dio.....we finish dinner at 11pm. Then we have spaghetti with olive oil at midnight.....yummmmmmy.......💕

  • jü pi
    jü pi Month ago

    That picture at 00:04:20 is the Piazza dei Signori of Vicenza 🥰

  • Steve Bortolotti
    Steve Bortolotti Month ago +1

    "Venezza"? It's Venezia!

  • Huy Tran
    Huy Tran Month ago

    You have to pay for restroom about €0.80 each use . Some places don't have paper towel .
    They don't have ice for the drinks . If you ask somebody for ice , they'll look at you like you're a crazy person .
    Don't ever say " hello " to anyone you don't know on the street.
    Don't ever hold the door for anyone you don't know , if you do it , they thought you stupid.
    I really like Italy 🇮🇹 it's a beautiful country in the world made me come back again and again . But Italian people are terrible, they're not nice at all .

    • Paolo Ottanta
      Paolo Ottanta Month ago

      - "You have to pay for restroom about €0.80 each use" - Not everywere, if you take a coffe in a BAR you can use it for free.
      - "Some places don't have paper towel" - Can happen, not everywere.
      - "They don't have ice for the drinks" - In some restaurant can be, but all drinks are served cold, too ice less taste, in all bar you will have a lot of ice.
      - "Don't ever say " hello " to anyone you don't know on the street" - Applies to all places in the world, just look at the people you meet to see if it is appropriate to say hello or not.
      - "Don't ever hold the door for anyone you don't know , if you do it , they thought you stupid" - Not true, it can happen that they do not thank you because we are used to it when happen to keep the door, it is normality.
      -"But Italian people are terrible, they're not nice at all" - If we meet orcs we kill them.

    • lorenzo180596
      lorenzo180596 Month ago

      If the people is not nice to you, check if maybe you are the rude guy!

  • Hector Lalalala
    Hector Lalalala Month ago +3

    first day in Rome and it feels like New York city. I hope it gets a little better

  • sithumini tharika
    sithumini tharika Month ago

    Good one

  • starsearchreject
    starsearchreject Month ago +1

    We went bar hopping through Genoa one evening... they gave us sooo much food - sooo many snacks. All the food was fabulous though. Oh my God.

  • wotever1234
    wotever1234 Month ago

    What a bullshit

  • Shahid Hussain liva Mirza

    Amazing Italy love from India

  • Laura
    Laura Month ago

    I love your videos, Mark. Entertaining and informative. And gosh, your kids are cute as can be! Thank you for some awesome travel content. 😉

  • Cat Woman
    Cat Woman Month ago +8

    Italy is the best country to visit in Europe. It will always be my favorite!

  • Cristian Puscasu
    Cristian Puscasu 2 months ago

  • defne erel
    defne erel 2 months ago

    what a wonderful video thanks a lot

  • genxer711
    genxer711 2 months ago +12

    You didn’t mention the bidet and not to use the bidet towel for your face, it looks like a hand towel

  • Julian Briceno
    Julian Briceno 2 months ago +1

    I just got my assignment for the airforce and I’ll be living there for a couple years and I’m so excited

  • Adele Ricci
    Adele Ricci 2 months ago +6

    Wait why am I watching this? I am from and lived there for 12 years 😂

  • Gold24k
    Gold24k 2 months ago +1

    "make eye contact with the driver" was beautiful to hear, a foreigner that understood how it works. Btw the pickpocketing is not a practice by real italians, those doing it are italian gipsy or napoletans.

  • Maverick 1926
    Maverick 1926 2 months ago

    For Americans: don't act like entitled cunts, expecially when in shops that sells local specialities. You actually don't know better than the locals

  • pekoro70
    pekoro70 2 months ago +29

    "Americans need to learn how to walk" lol

  • MiamiFlatsMan
    MiamiFlatsMan 2 months ago

    Yes smoking was horrible specially in Venice with its tiny streets you can't get away from it

    • MiamiFlatsMan
      MiamiFlatsMan 2 months ago

      @James Hopson yes I notice and it made my trip a little unpleasant at times but I did my best to avoid it and overall I had a great time

    • James Hopson
      James Hopson 2 months ago

      MiamiFlatsMan yeah but you have to consider that smoking is quite common in Europe in general, France, Greece, Spain, Germany ....

  • Davide Buzzi
    Davide Buzzi 2 months ago +3

    Almost everything on point. The banks being open only in the morning is a pain in the ass even for Italians, and I never got why we haven't already forced them to be open 24/7. I live in Rome. The thing about crossing the streets is sooooo true, but I literally *never* saw that weird toilet thing you showed. Also, public transportation is cheap but at least here in Rome it is absolute shit (it's way better in Milan)

  • Thomas Thomas
    Thomas Thomas 2 months ago

    Thanks brother. Molto bene. Grazie

  • Alex Zubarev
    Alex Zubarev 2 months ago

    Smoking is a choice... dont like smoking stay in usa lol

  • James Solomon
    James Solomon 2 months ago +1

    this was a great blog, thanks! I'm visiting Italy in early 2020, so these were good tips.

  • Anna Culini
    Anna Culini 2 months ago


  • positivelybeautiful1
    positivelybeautiful1 2 months ago +1

    My family and I will go to Italy at end of Jun-July. Super helpful, thank you!

  • David A.
    David A. 2 months ago

    Thank you!!!

  • donnybrasco coliogne
    donnybrasco coliogne 2 months ago

    Ive done my Tahitian (TAHITI / South Pacific - Polynesia) Bucket list...Now thank to you for these awesome tips for my 2nd BUCKET LIST Trip to ITALY and GREECE {Europe} 2020.

  • joszer
    joszer 3 months ago +1

    Straight to the point. Thank you for the video.

  • Elizabeth Robles
    Elizabeth Robles 3 months ago

    Really helpful video 👍

  • Jghvsjvx Hgshvsjbai
    Jghvsjvx Hgshvsjbai 3 months ago


  • T LaPo
    T LaPo 3 months ago

    Hello, love your videos! Very informative and much appreciated! I am heading to Italy in August, we will be visiting Venice and want to drive to Cortona in Tuscany. Do you have any advise on how to do this? We found car rentals but are at a loss on how to return and where to return the car. It's somewhat confusing to us. We would also want to depart Cortona and head down to Sorrento.

  • Geneva B.
    Geneva B. 3 months ago

    Hey Mark! I've always wondered why your website and channel is called Wolter's World. Who's Wolter? Really love your content by the way!

  • Angela L
    Angela L 3 months ago +1

    Mentions public lavs. They gotta hit S Korea. Great variety of configurations, situations , and all I tried--clean!!
    Found a 'squatty' in a really nice restaurant w/cafe&bbq outdoors. Kick flush, and clean as a surgical suite. 'Collected' the bathrooms as a great/different memory. Still makes me 😆

  • Usman Munawar
    Usman Munawar 3 months ago


  • Taylor Traventures
    Taylor Traventures 3 months ago +1

    Love your video! One thing my husband was really good at was just researching all the places we were visiting. It made all of the sites a lot more impactful.

  • Rupesh Kamble
    Rupesh Kamble 3 months ago

    Man .... Who are you.. you speak serbski.. chao

  • RedPat
    RedPat 3 months ago



    This video was published on may 12 and now its may 12

  • B Beach
    B Beach 3 months ago

    nice video, thank you

  • Christopher Williams
    Christopher Williams 3 months ago

    Could you suggest a city for my first trip to Italy? Would like to avoid Rome as it way too crowded in late Aug. Tnx great vids .

    • maurizio monti
      maurizio monti Month ago

      If you don't like the crowd I would definitely avoid the triad Rome-Venice-Florence as they are overcrowded, still amazing, but overcrowded (especially Venice). Depending on the length of your stay you could probably have a base in a medium-size town and take the train to the neighbouring places, some suggestions: tuscan cities, Lucca, Pisa, Livorno Siena, or Emilia-Romagna: Bologna, Ferrara, Ravenna and neighbouring places

    • Lisa Muchi
      Lisa Muchi 2 months ago

      Try the little towns outside of Rome........Try for more insight. Goodluck

  • Katie Smitsky
    Katie Smitsky 3 months ago

    I’m going next year and I’m so excited

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 3 months ago +4

    People kept harassing me there there being all like OMG KING IN THE NORTH!! and i tried to be like guys come on im on vacation.