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  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Tesla is among the world’s most fascinating car companies. From their electrifying debut with the OG Tesla Roadster, to the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and upcoming Model Y, Tesla has kept the hype for over 15 years. Join James as he explores the company’s shocking history, and get amped up for the future!
    Hosted by James Pumphrey
    Edited by Colby Mann
    Animation by Raghav Arumugam
    Written by Peter Nelson & Bart Bidlingmeyer
    Directed by Felipe Armenta
    Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly
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Comments • 5 001

  • Donut Media
    Donut Media  3 months ago +2213

    Do you think EVs are the future? Would you ever drive a Tesla? 0-60 in 1.9 seconds is pretty tempting...

    • Maimo Moline
      Maimo Moline Day ago

      Stipe Marić nice idea

    • Maimo Moline
      Maimo Moline Day ago

      I think that engines like the Skyactiv X and biofuels like ethanol will be a real option in a near future, for now the future is in high efficiency internal combustion engines and biofuels, and hybrids.

    • Maimo Moline
      Maimo Moline Day ago

      Cape Films an IPad on wheels

    • Epidemike
      Epidemike 3 days ago +1

      I think Hydrogen powered cars makes more sense than pure EVs. Its quicker to fill, no dependcy on long charging and the source of energy is cleaner. When I say that, I mean, to look at EV as we know them we need to look at their power sources. Here in the US, power plants. Old but good for reference. www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/power-plants/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.8012155e5924
      To eliminate emissions, we need to have a broader view. Just switching to EVs doesn't fix it.

    • Cole Strawn
      Cole Strawn 8 days ago

      Of course not. Especially after the autopilot function claimed a man's life. At best their playthings for the rich and for those that have any interest in driving aside from getting from a to b. And at worst they breed lazy drivers that think that they can just take a nap wall on the God damn freeway. You can have you instant torque, it's not worth potential causing accidents.

  • NME10E
    NME10E 49 minutes ago


  • Philipp Reiss
    Philipp Reiss 6 hours ago

    Your frequent yelling takes away a lot of joy when watching your videos...No matter how good they are! Unnecessary, immature and annoying...why do you keep doing that?

  • HaTeD EsPrEssO
    HaTeD EsPrEssO 7 hours ago

    Hey James, do an Up to Speed video on TVR

  • J C
    J C 12 hours ago


  • carman601
    carman601 20 hours ago +1

    Yeah, just forget about the truck.

  • hamburger/exe
    hamburger/exe Day ago

    Ur the best utubers ever

  • Ricardo Guimarães

    Please, PLEASE let out those yelling parts!

  • Steven Donihoo
    Steven Donihoo Day ago

    I will gladly trade my 02 Bonneville for lowest model tesla.. Can i get. Bonnivlle episode? And can i plz plz plz be the crowd guy?!? PLZ

  • Senor Senor
    Senor Senor Day ago


  • Senor Senor
    Senor Senor Day ago


  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega Day ago

    2.5....2 point *FUCKING FIVE* seconds????

  • Farzad Shams
    Farzad Shams Day ago

    dude, you yell a lot, good content though!

  • Dixie Hooligans
    Dixie Hooligans Day ago

    Who gave this dude a job talking about cars? And why does this crap keep showing up on my recommendations? This dude knows shit about cars. He's reading from a script.

  • Nick Orlick
    Nick Orlick Day ago

    Elon says their new truck is going to be better than an F150 and have the performance of a Ferrari for around 40,000 dollars. 8 years ago I’d say that’s nuts, but now I believe it.

  • rlywtfdude
    rlywtfdude 2 days ago

    Dude, you seriously need to chill. I'd continue watching if you weren't YELLING SO DAMN LOUD

  • Andrew Goris
    Andrew Goris 2 days ago

    nickola tesla


    Fun fact: the headband on Tesla's website is arranged 'S3XY Roadster energy' Don't believe me? check it out www.tesla.com

  • Epidemike
    Epidemike 3 days ago

    It's Nikolai, not Nicholas

  • Neil Underwood
    Neil Underwood 3 days ago

    If Elon is doing God's work, why do you think It wanted Elon to put a car into orbit?
    Someday somebody somewhere is going to wake up to an unanticipated but divinely appropriate new lawn ornament...
    I'm betting it lands on Trump.

  • Ed Hernandez
    Ed Hernandez 3 days ago

    85 nissan 720 4x4

  • It's Lucas.
    It's Lucas. 3 days ago

    My favorite channel ever. Hands down. :)

  • amer izz
    amer izz 4 days ago

    teslas are like mute supermodels..theyre great,but dont moan when you ride em harddd

  • Thomas Sobieski
    Thomas Sobieski 4 days ago +2

    I'm subscribed , so STOP YELLING

  • samurai1833
    samurai1833 4 days ago +4

    God damn man! Sound leveling, do you use it?

  • Andres Sarmiento
    Andres Sarmiento 4 days ago +2

    All the crazy yelling gets annoying plus its s pain to keep playing with the volume dude :/

  • Georgi Nedev
    Georgi Nedev 5 days ago

    Can this boi be a little bit more quiet

  • Shahmy Ahamed
    Shahmy Ahamed 5 days ago

    Very disturbing presentation by this pig

  • Roman Baida
    Roman Baida 5 days ago

    like for "BOYZ AND GIRLZ!!!!"

  • Cispy
    Cispy 5 days ago +8

    nobody :
    Elon ; *sniffs lithium* let's launch a car into space

  • Logan Moeller
    Logan Moeller 5 days ago

    The Tesla Honda looked like an rc car

  • ReDnAx1991
    ReDnAx1991 6 days ago

    Man, how can someone ever hate this company

  • Gmcvortex
    Gmcvortex 6 days ago

    The engine sounds like an rc car

  • Green Papajas
    Green Papajas 6 days ago

    Yeah San Dimas punk rock!🤟

  • Player1 Gaming
    Player1 Gaming 7 days ago

    oh hell yea the meme boi

  • Emre Shakir
    Emre Shakir 7 days ago

    0-94 km/h in 1.9 seconds

  • Lon Brooklyn
    Lon Brooklyn 8 days ago

    Those little electric cars are so funny!

  • David Mk3
    David Mk3 8 days ago

    VW Golf ❤

  • Dan Reeves
    Dan Reeves 8 days ago

    Why didn’t you talk about the Tesla truck.

  • Josch Philogene
    Josch Philogene 9 days ago +1

    when he mentioned the guys who started Tesla created the game magic i thought it was advertisement.

  • Reno Saintz
    Reno Saintz 9 days ago

    What is he talking moment 🤣

  • Amin Haq
    Amin Haq 9 days ago

    Need to do a take on the ALPINA.

  • Chase Justice
    Chase Justice 10 days ago

    Hydrogen is the way to go might not be as fast but better than gas

  • Mayhem Kings.2. vlogs. , reviews & gaming

    13:17. Super Saiyan. James pumphey

  • Sid Khan
    Sid Khan 11 days ago

    Do a video on honda v tect engine

  • Ratel.H Badger
    Ratel.H Badger 11 days ago

    2:00 "Things are more moderner than before... bigger... and yet... smaller... its... computers... ya know... SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • ZhekaCherkasoV
    ZhekaCherkasoV 11 days ago +1

    Lada - everything u need to know

  • Hunterstruck's PUBG Mobile

    I really want to hear you do a video on the near silent flight of owls. BUILT IN DIFFUSERS

  • Man O War
    Man O War 12 days ago

    What is Elon Musk smoking...Ask Joe Rogan.

  • b_radthesnakegod 96
    b_radthesnakegod 96 12 days ago

    Still waiting on a truck Elon!

  • SaladsFromTibet
    SaladsFromTibet 12 days ago

    They should’ve waited until the model y was revealed a few weeks later.

  • raka gilang
    raka gilang 12 days ago


  • Alex Air Conditioning
    Alex Air Conditioning 12 days ago +1

    He ToTaLd a mc LAReN f1 wut I'm. Never buying a tesla EVER

  • Obeyance DeKat
    Obeyance DeKat 12 days ago +3

    Elon: Drives BWM till the wheel falls off.
    Also Elon: Drives an F1 till the wheel fell off.

    • Captainric
      Captainric 11 days ago

      Elons employee: Digs a hole into the ground with Elons BMW.

  • StetLan
    StetLan 12 days ago +10

    Says a Bond villain. Uses Dr. Evil. Also says "Nicholas" Tesla. Calls Jerry Seinfeld a nerd.

  • LoCig V1
    LoCig V1 12 days ago +4

    I want a Tesla now.... im not even 18 yet. What have you done to meeeee

  • V4H33D
    V4H33D 13 days ago +6

    16:20 what is he smoking? Lithium-Ion batteries that's what :D

  • A_Hummon Says_Meow
    A_Hummon Says_Meow 13 days ago

    it’s 1.9 seconds

  • Avery Rucker
    Avery Rucker 13 days ago

    3:54 - 4:04 was my favorite part. Caught me off guard 😂

  • Ishaaq Ansar
    Ishaaq Ansar 13 days ago +1

    I don't care if electric cars could go faster than the speed of sound
    I'm never going to get in one

  • Isaiah Lali
    Isaiah Lali 13 days ago +1

    "more power baby"😁😁

  • Mahin tiger258
    Mahin tiger258 13 days ago

    Will tesla make electric motorbikes

  • Fleur Blanche
    Fleur Blanche 13 days ago +1

    this is why i like this channel so much

  • justastripe
    justastripe 13 days ago +5

    That animation around 2:28 was AWESOME! The editor and whole production team (Host included!) are amazing. Love this show

  • juan jose aranda
    juan jose aranda 13 days ago +1

    I cringe! I mean i CRINGE!! AT EVERY YELL! ..... Tone it down brothda!

  • Mr Mcguffle
    Mr Mcguffle 13 days ago

    Why did I think he was Giorno Giovanna in the thumbnail

  • Elfresh
    Elfresh 13 days ago

    That’s WINNING sheesh

  • Noodle Bros
    Noodle Bros 13 days ago

    ok... so... carol shelby was good with a wrench (and married 7 of them)... NIKOLA TESLA was a super-genius whom we do not deserve

  • Volvo V50
    Volvo V50 13 days ago +3

    I would rather have engien sound but the Tesla model S is sexy AF😂😍😍

  • Jumble Drops1029
    Jumble Drops1029 13 days ago +5

    I would love to see gas versions of those cars.
    I would love yo own one, BUT
    i dont even get cash often, nor am i old enough...

  • Noodle Bros
    Noodle Bros 13 days ago

    i love you bro... but you just assaulted my hero, NIKOLA TESLA by calling him nicholas.... bro... that's like me calling CAROLINE SHELBY (whom was married 7 times!) a bitch which i would never do.

    edit: you should make amends, unless the folks of melno park may frown... smh
    pps: www.buffhorses.com is my favorite buff horse website... needs fulfilled thank you.

  • naturalcart 1927
    naturalcart 1927 13 days ago

    Tesla model S
    Tesla model 3
    Tesla model X
    Tesla model Y
    Tesla sth..... Roadster

  • Rocco Spicola
    Rocco Spicola 14 days ago

    2:21 captions on 🤬

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 14 days ago

    Where did you get your shirt?

  • Hayden Cutrone
    Hayden Cutrone 14 days ago +4

    The p100d might be able to do 200 mph with a few small hacks

  • Steve Denny
    Steve Denny 14 days ago

    yaknow i dont even see teslas as that impressive because i see like atleast two everytime i drive through town.

  • Minecraft Antian
    Minecraft Antian 14 days ago +1

    *Mumbles down*
    This is a space ship for the road

  • Amal George
    Amal George 15 days ago

    7:15 anyone?

  • Nick Nitro
    Nick Nitro 15 days ago

    The inventor of lightning. Lmao. How did I just find this channel

  • Egemen Suzgun
    Egemen Suzgun 15 days ago

    im gonna get one

  • Not Chantz
    Not Chantz 15 days ago

    Did anyone notice the rocket league wheels on the car?

  • 1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno APEX GT

    Just yesterday I was in my dad's Tesla and he floored it for the acceleration. He Somehow didn't exceed the speed limit. Lemme just say, it can launch. I can no longer see because my eyeballs are now the new coating of my eyesockets, and I have no face... it fell off. I have a dent in the back of my head because It hit the headrest that hard.

  • 1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno APEX GT

    Tonight, on -Top Gear- Up to Speed:
    James doxxes himself.

    • Ratel.H Badger
      Ratel.H Badger 11 days ago

      Captain Slow is late to show up to the challenge... and drives a Volvo... and Richard Hammond is a short angry bloke in a Subaru that crashes a lot!

  • Kaye Aye
    Kaye Aye 15 days ago

    This guy is hilarious!!!!!!!

  • Skurrcules
    Skurrcules 16 days ago +1

    Idk bruv but if this cars going 60 in 1.9 seconds and its selling for 200k wtf is the point if buying any other super car ?

    • Pablo Gonzalez
      Pablo Gonzalez 13 days ago

      @Skurrcules - I got you but sheer acceleration numbers aren't everything a Civic Type R and a Lotus Exige are faster around the Nurburgring than a lot of cars that beat them in a straight line

    • Skurrcules
      Skurrcules 13 days ago

      @Pablo Gonzalez I'm saying its cheap for its speed

    • Pablo Gonzalez
      Pablo Gonzalez 13 days ago

      A Model X and S both start above 100K that already buys a lot of performance yet they still sell

  • Mtbmatt18
    Mtbmatt18 16 days ago

    * Nicola Tesla (not Nicholas)

  • Wither Spawner
    Wither Spawner 16 days ago +4

    I would rather hear my engine

  • Aaron Vannatta
    Aaron Vannatta 17 days ago

    Nicholas Tesla? lmao that's not his name

  • coffeehawk
    coffeehawk 17 days ago

    The most important thing to know about Tesla (and Musk) is that you have never heard them say how much better their cars are for the environment. I dare you to look it up. Isn't that the whole point? Why waste so much energy building new buildings and cars and mining nickel and shipping the nickel literally all the way around the world if you're just adding to the C02 issue? Buy a used VW diesel.

  • Dusty Battle Royale
    Dusty Battle Royale 17 days ago +5

    this dude is just incredibly funny

  • KidCaddy Soulless
    KidCaddy Soulless 17 days ago

    Sorry I threw up in my mouth a little bit it’s just an over glorified super Prius

  • ajay Bryant
    ajay Bryant 17 days ago

    Did you go to san dimas high ?

  • Josh Josh Spangler
    Josh Josh Spangler 18 days ago

    Really insightful and informative vid, but the host IS REALLY F***ING ANNOYING! Seriously man, just give us the info without all the faux 90's music video host wank.

  • Joe Zegers
    Joe Zegers 18 days ago

    T H E T O Y O T A C O R O L L A

  • Christopher Ross
    Christopher Ross 18 days ago

    Dream Car: Datsun Sunny with a Tesla Swap!

  • Tyler Evans
    Tyler Evans 18 days ago

    Lotus does, however, have great experience cobbling together pretty sweet rides from common rando parts so, not the worst way to go (def arguably not the best either).

  • Todd Orr
    Todd Orr 18 days ago

    Lotus evora bro. Luv the show though

  • Area of Interest
    Area of Interest 19 days ago +1

    Autopilot...??? Not a single word about it???

  • SlendisFi Universe
    SlendisFi Universe 19 days ago

    Tesla cars so far have no future in Finland...

  • Aldrich Corwyn Carvajal

    Nigga tesla do not buy ay teslacar jongk