• Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • FLIGHT VIDEO: thexvid.com/video/2alu5DxVFVI/video.html
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  • Marsh Fam
    Marsh Fam 3 hours ago

    When flight said the stiff arm thing miles brown hella traveled😂😂

  • Shaquille Oatmeal
    Shaquille Oatmeal 4 hours ago

    Why does he not layup! He always goes for 3-pointers which he misses every shot. If he practiced layups he wouldn’t be to bad 😂

  • Mylls xp
    Mylls xp 8 hours ago

    bro y u always doing flight stuff stop milking his clout its just sad react to someone else

  • Ashley Marshall
    Ashley Marshall 11 hours ago

    Who else wants to see flight and lnu one vs one

  • Noah Segawa
    Noah Segawa 20 hours ago

    “Stiff arm clear as day!” 🤣😂🤣😂😂

  • DannyBside
    DannyBside 20 hours ago

    16:17 Cash just doin' what we're all thinkin' lmao

  • Landon Slate
    Landon Slate 22 hours ago

    I could beat flight one v one

  • Jenny Roth
    Jenny Roth Day ago +1

    What it do flight crew STD flight team stand up

  • Joshua Romero
    Joshua Romero Day ago

    “This dude haven’t even hit puberty bro” - Cash

    HUEEY Day ago +1

    We talk about how flight sucks at dribbling...
    But the lack of defense.....

  • Jansen Breitenstein

    Miles Brown’s arms are as big as flights ego he’s jacked

  • iAmHaza
    iAmHaza Day ago

    7:18 that shit naaasty

  • Yeet !!!
    Yeet !!! 2 days ago

    Flight is a horrible person

  • james farr
    james farr 2 days ago

    Flights jumper looks like Shawn Marion if he released it a little higher 😂😂😂

  • stormzy
    stormzy 3 days ago

    Just Like SOLLUMATI,s camera man said to flight GATORADE SYMBOL STRONG

  • Ahmad Thomas
    Ahmad Thomas 3 days ago

    He say he not the scammer he ads 15 every time unlike if I’m lying

  • Mahad
    Mahad 3 days ago

    Aye cash bruh lemme vs cash in a 1v1 I’ll beat him 3000%

  • Moist Nugget
    Moist Nugget 3 days ago

    "Stop watching these videos, you dont even know who Flight is"
    *Flight tackles child after losing*
    Sigh *click*

  • • ItzBumble •
    • ItzBumble • 3 days ago +1

    Dont u hate when people say like if u agree

    Dislike if u agree

  • Aibz
    Aibz 3 days ago +2

    he needs to change his name to fall

    RUBIKS COOBS 3 days ago

    Dang! They both suck a lot!

    RUBIKS COOBS 3 days ago

    Don’t you hate it when people say like if you agree.

    Like if you agree

  • Luis Leon
    Luis Leon 3 days ago

    On me i would bust flight and im 13 if flight come to chicago he should do a 1v1 against a subscriber and i would bust him

  • The Truth
    The Truth 4 days ago +1

    Flight: I put my all into it
    Cash: you trash 😂😂

  • Korban Nelson
    Korban Nelson 4 days ago +1

    I would clap flight

    MICHAEL PERALES 4 days ago

    Flights form should be a crime

  • Meet Johnny boy
    Meet Johnny boy 4 days ago

    Yo im white and have never played on a team but i'd drop flight off and make him look like that kid. He'd be on the ground just like him. Bring me out to play him. 😂💪

  • Josh Dulay
    Josh Dulay 4 days ago

    miles vs. donj 😤

  • Nathan Peck
    Nathan Peck 4 days ago

    You need to stop talking at first and get to the video

  • Miles Sutherlin
    Miles Sutherlin 5 days ago

    Why he shoot like thaat 😂

  • Carbon Brackets
    Carbon Brackets 5 days ago

    That kids head bounced off the floor man. Dam near got concussion and this man flexing 💪🏾. Don’t even pick him up😔

  • Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen 5 days ago

    Cash: CHODDLER!!

  • Joshua Lewis
    Joshua Lewis 5 days ago +2

    Flight runs before the ball is released from his hands

  • Kendall Mckinney
    Kendall Mckinney 6 days ago

    it was really 9-8 not 9-8

  • Jovhs
    Jovhs 6 days ago +1


  • Jacob Gutierrez
    Jacob Gutierrez 6 days ago

    Anyone else notice kids jerseys says brown not james😂😂

  • The Real F.O.E KJ
    The Real F.O.E KJ 6 days ago +1

    Tell dude tall ass to play me I'll dub him

  • Jack Wagoner
    Jack Wagoner 6 days ago

    Flight flexes in miles after he tackles him while not helping him up 😠😠🤬

  • Jodi Zissler
    Jodi Zissler 6 days ago +1

    15:54....this man shot like 4 times and still missed them all😂🤣I can't even with this dude

  • Jack Wagoner
    Jack Wagoner 6 days ago +1

    Miles is still really good but he's fourteen and cant shoot above his chest

    • Nikki Willians
      Nikki Willians 4 days ago

      Decent handles but at that age he just too short to hoop seriously not that he needs to

  • Moon Shot
    Moon Shot 6 days ago +1

    They mine as well have done a 3 point contest

  • Gideon Michael
    Gideon Michael 6 days ago

    Did flight film some of this on an android

  • G.O.A. T
    G.O.A. T 7 days ago

    Who. Noticed that 13:50 cash's green screen was the same as the paint in the wall

  • AR_ Peen
    AR_ Peen 7 days ago

    Flight took it way to serious

  • Harry connor
    Harry connor 7 days ago

    Why is flight shooting threes he’s taller just layup

  • UneasierKnight
    UneasierKnight 7 days ago

    Cash Vs Flight boxing match please

  • Lior Leshem
    Lior Leshem 7 days ago

    im 13 and can bet almost anything i would beat flight

  • Joshua Hernandez
    Joshua Hernandez 7 days ago

    I bet I can beat flight

  • Jimmy Spill Pinch Productions

    flight is built like a kid with those noodle arms lol

  • Redux
    Redux 7 days ago +1

    Im 13 and i can dunk if i ever 1v1 this dude flight he getting this work

    • Redux
      Redux 6 days ago

      Cooking Sauce i swear to god ive been playing ball for 6 years and been training for a long time jm 6foot btw

    • Cooking Sauce
      Cooking Sauce 6 days ago

      You can dunk? Lmao ight

  • Resurrection
    Resurrection 7 days ago +1

    I play soccer mostly and sometimes basketball and Im better than flight😂😂😂

  • tranell2009
    tranell2009 8 days ago

    So nobody knows this kid, that he’s on the show blackish. He’s a tv star put some respect on his name

  • Mycajah Revels
    Mycajah Revels 8 days ago

    Flight on the court looks like a giraffe on roller skates

  • Ralph Paschall
    Ralph Paschall 8 days ago +1

    Flight needs to squat. Go to the gym

  • Lol Its me
    Lol Its me 8 days ago

    dis dude is LeBron James with Steph's jumpshot

  • Kylan Hasselbring
    Kylan Hasselbring 8 days ago

    When flight uploads a lvl video I don’t watch it until you upload cause it’s more funny

  • James R
    James R 8 days ago

    Y does the kid even guard him at the 3 line

  • Luke Smialkowski
    Luke Smialkowski 9 days ago

    That dude is a fn discrace.He’s not trash,he’s the whole landfill🙈

  • Ben Woollard
    Ben Woollard 9 days ago

    I just can’t believe that flight is going soo try hard and it’s just a 13 yr old